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Image 1 of Bourbon News, August 2, 1904

Part of Bourbon News

c A J r fi tir v f TUB BOURBON NEWS TH E BOURBON NEWS essentially a paper for the Pure tone it is a Pit Companion in the Family Circle IS I > IEVERYBODY7 Reads > NrW BouRROr3 S It cause it contains all the news goes alike to the humble and great t F SWIFT CHAMP Editor and Owner Printed Every Tuesday and Friday 4 t PARIS BOURBON COUNTY KENTUCKY FRIDAY AUG I Lexingtons Semiannual trade Event A if t Cut Price Sale I Lwenbarfs midSummer R I Just a few words in explanation that you may understand the full meaning of this moneysaving opportunity Twice each year we hold these sales for the purpose of clos ing out as nearly as possible all spring and summer stock It is a plain business prop osition that we sacrifice firstclass merchandise rather than carry it over ¬ ¬ Mens and Boys Suits 10 per cent Discount Straw Hats 15 off 50c line 44c 100 line 89c > Cool Underwear i 200 150 line 128 line J 78 Fancy Hosiery20 per cents off Negligee Shirts50c line 44c 1 line 89c One hundred Mens Suits Light Night Robes 44c 1 50 line 1 23 2 line J 65 regular J 0and 1250 value put in one 500 II 1 8 < I D 0 I s The Garth Fund Greatest Bargain Sale of Several months ago THE NEws directed the ttentiQn of its readers to the fact that the committee in charge of the Garth Fund had not loaned cut this money We understand that afte so long a time the money was finally loaned the bulk of it to the county but we also understand that the interest for the short time that it has been loaned amounts to practically noth ¬ ing and that the poor boys of Bourbon to whom the fund was donated for educa- ¬ tional purposes must suffer the ensuing year It is said that there Will be no money for new applicants as the principal cannot be touched pnly the interest must be used This is a matter that should be attended to in the future and let the de ¬ serving young men of Bourbon who are entitlecftd this money have the benefit of it i All This Week m at uwm ffiroj e Dry Goods and Shoe Department Li i 11 Established February r TWENTYTHIRD YEAR I i nv > PARIS KENTUCKY 1 5 678 mw w The Deerng 1 What MITCHELL Says L1 A SherwlnWlllloms Paints Cooer the Earth The The SheriolnWtlllams oIL J Do You Use Paint Cover the Earth Paint I Most of lie world does and most of the worlduses THE SHERWINWILLIAMS PAINT 4 Its made to paint buildings with inside and outside Its made ready v for the brush Its made for home use 1 I and for practical painters too Its pure lead pure zinc and pure linseed oil mixed by specially made machinery V I want the people who read this paper to know that I sure have the best eating candy in Paris The chocolates I sell you for 40 cents per pound cannot be any better I If you pay 60 or 80cents you are paying for the fancy packing of course I have candy we sell for 60 cents per pound and it is strictly fancy and fine but I want to have every lover of good candy to try my 40 cent creams always strictly fresh Dont forget to send me your orders for the only genuine Blue Lick Water I am the wholesale agent for j the Springs Co and can fur r nish it fresh at all times Yours truly i x 1 factory manner and with less than one third the expense of hand GUttiti I 1 jd fa 1 1 THE CELEBRATED WHITMAN GRAND The SherwlnWilltamM Paints Cover the Earth 434 Main Street THREE NIGHTS and Notice Garth Beneficiaries i Bro Houseparis Ky r CING Howard Dorset i i I COMPANY i ¬ during the past year JOHN T for money expended COLLINS CLAUDE M THOMAS EMMETT M estimate on Lincrusta Walton and Burlap CHAS COOLEY wall hanging 514 and 516 Main Street 5aprr COALsWe handle the best of Jellico Kentucky ank Blue Gem coals DICKSONCommissioners This July 29 1904 STUART t I Bluegrass Beef WOODFORD Special Rates The L and N will sell tickets to Cin cinnati acid return at one tore 235 Aug tender juicy bluegrass beef from Margo 5th only Account Marco Polo Tickets len the butcher 262t good for return Aug 6th a E H BINZEI Agent ATTEND Freeman Freemans Benefit D S JORDAK Ticket Agent Sale of Shoeg beginning tqday Why eat tough beef when you can get i > fJt ft 2tf j 1t 1 1 < ii r I at The Golden Giant Mine A Thrilling Sensational Western Thursday evening night ladies will be admitted free when accompanied one paid thirtycent tickets ticket The number of will be limited to 200 and must b e secured at once for they will not last ¬ ln Singing and dancing specialties mov pictures and the De Vans their acrobatic dog act Will be given between the acts making the performance con ¬ tinuous Prices xb 20 arid 30 dents 7 TAYLOR BAIRD Up =to = Date Grocers ¬ RB HUTCHCRAFT Commencing Thursday night August popular HowardDorset Company will open the Grand Opera House Little need be said in praise of this excellent company they having played Paris be ¬ fore and always gave the best satisfaction of any repertoire company that visits these parts The opening play will be The Golden Giant Mine a Western drama depicting life in Colorado during the time many rushed West in search of gold Specialattention will be devoted to scenery in this piece making it realistic in all its minor details Friday night the grent laugh producer will be offered viz The Man From Mexico This play has been presented by Willie Collier in the best theatres over the country and it was in this vehicle that gave him prominence Mr Gep W Howard Paris favorite commedian will portray the part of Benj an Fitzhevr and is a part that is a part that is more than fitted to Mr Howards style In The Two Orphans Saturdays matinee bill Miss Flora Dorset will essay Louise the blind girl and will no doubt aided by her charming perso alI ity do full justice to thepart ties consisting of singing and moving pictures and acrobatic acting will be interspersed between acts On Thursday night opening evening ladies will be admitted free when accom ¬ panied by one paid thirtycent ticket The ladies free tickets will be limited to 200 in number Seats on sale tbday at Borlands c I < l c We will be Headquarters for Joe Giltners Peaches Crop better than ever be = fore Vegetables daily t BAIRD 5 tjt I I ThPSBO E TAYLOR I r > ben You Buy a Rafte t WhY not Buy the Best TUE OSBORNE STEEL SELFDUMP RAKE STANDS AT THE 1 HEAD A FEW OF THE REASONS WHY Heavy Angle Steel Axles Roller Bearings Reversible tiesTeeth revolving on cold rolled dump rod Double Hub Suspension Spoke Reversible Steel Wheels Wheels theOSBORNE See PEED DODSON i f i 4 f < l 1< t i c i tr r AMUSEMENTS HOUSE Is displayed by many a man enduring1 pains or accidental Cuts Wounds = The present beneficiaries of the Garth Bruises Burns Scalds Sore feet or But theres no need for it Fund are notified to meet the Garth Fund stiff joints Commissioners at the Citv School Build ¬ Bucklens Arnica Salve will kill the ing in Paris Ky on Tuesday August pain and cure the trouble Its the best 25c at 9 1904 at 9 oclock a m They will Salve on earth for Pile too Presenting Four Royalty Plays bring with them the text books used dur t Oberdorfers the druggist Prices The Reach III the pastschool year upon which they will be examined and will also bringwith Call on me for an PAPER HANGING OPENING PIAY them their vouchers Or Help along a good cause by patronizing this on the llth of August You can reach the grounds on the Interurban An auction of merchandise contributed b the merchants of Paris will be one of the features of the Hibernian picnic Every one should attend The admission fee is only 25 cents i I 1 I Hibernian Picnic THURSDAY AUGUST 4th Wonderful Nerve 1 = r Bank Row North Side W H Rousey who escaped jail at Dan ¬ ville last October after having been sen ¬ tenced to twentyone years in the peni- ¬ tentiary for killing Sam Mastin in 1902 has been arreste in California and will be brought back to Kentucky pricestf SATURDAY MATINEE COMME yw JIB Wilson 9 your wagon with cash and quickness at our elevator Call 84 both phones for The SherwinWilliams Paints Cover the Earth CA DAUGHERTY PRESSES FOR SALE BY CovingtonO 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Paris 010100000 2 Hits 6 Paris 9 Errors Covington 3 Paris 5 Struck out by Cooper 13 by McBrann 2 Batteries McBrann and Gamble Cooper and Sep UmpireJameS Attendance 550 highest MITCHELL OPERA HAY are unequaled for durability ease pf operation fast and perfect work 4 CB I t JJ Wheat Sacks Its made foryou operated by experts j Is built especially to cut Hemp and will handle the crop in a more satis Escaped Prison Recaptured All Goods Below Cost I I enthusiasm Manager Thomas is to be congratulated for his indomnitable work in bringing such good teams here to contest with the local boys and any game arranged by him carries with it the assurance of being a contest of the attendance of all interested in the great National sport The score was as follows 234 ir q Great Game crowdbringing 1 1881 x 1004 2 The ball game Sunday afternoon at Bacons Grove between Paris and Cov ington All Collegians was by far thebes game of the season The Collegians are an excellent aggregation of ball players and the manner in which They backed up their pitcher would be a credit to any league team The best of teams some ¬ times lose and in this instance their de ¬ feat is no discredit Their pitcher Mc Brann pitched an excellent game as the score indicates Paris only securing five hitsoff his delivery In the field the Collegians caught every thing that came their way in fact made several brilliant catches and pickups of hot grounders In the seventh inning they executed very neat doubleplay that brought forth much applause but however they could not win in the face of the masterly pitching of Cooper who struck out thirteen men Cooper is pitching magnificent ball with a deceptive outcurve great speed perfcct control and excellent judgment He has proven himself holy terror against all comers his record in the last three games being fortyfive strike outs Paris played quick snappy ball from start to finish tying the score in the second inning and in the fourth going them one better They like their opponents made several good catches Watkins catch of a hot liner while covering third base being the star play of the afternoon The game was an undecided contest until the last man was out in the ninth From the fourth inning to the close of the game the play was intenselyexcitingand local fans and enthusiasts were on their ps and qs and with a man on third in the ninth and only one run needed to tie the score Cooper with hat off and inspired by the demands of the occasion struck out the opposing batsman ending the intense ififl c t

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