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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 1, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

a t i THE APAIR COUNTY NEWS H OOtUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY VOLUME 6 YNOTICE Executive the Democratic POST OFFICE 1 y THE W 0 R L DS F A I R LINE 1904 i M KOSSLLI Postmaster week days 700 a m to SjO p m DIRECTORY CUouir Co0TThree Beaiion 1903 yearThird at oclock P 1 M L01WE5VELEt The moonlight falls the softest is now announced that Mr J In Kentucky to attend to other Pierpont Morgan representing the comes of test Circuit Judge Wvr Jones meats for the Elec ¬ American Tobacco Company has pur- ¬ The summer days vr Aaron Commonwealth I AttornoyNH In Kentucky Miller on the 9th day of May 1903I chased the most valuable tobacco lands tion SheriffF W Friendship is the strongest Circuit Clerk JL Coffey Said Primary is held for the pur- ¬ in CubaThis Loves light glows the longest Monday In each month pose to settle the claims of the va ¬ OOUJITY OonMPirst however was merely one of Yet wrong is always wrongest Judge T A MurrelL rious candidates for State offices the Incidentals Mr Morgans visit > County AUorneyJalGnnettJr In Kentucky would respectfully ask all Railroad construction in the Pearl of and OlorkTR Stalls Lifes burdens bear the lightest K f Conover Jailer Democratic candidates for the of the Antilles has been booming for Aaiessor B W Burton In Kentucky fice of Circuit Court Clerk for this some time Up to date Canadian urreyerR T McCaffree The home fires burn the brightest county to appear at said meeting enterprise represented by Sir John SuptW D Jones School In Kentucky Oorbner0 M Buwell and let their wishes be known to Van Horne has been paramount in While players are the keenest Repilarconrt second Monday In the committeeNM projection When it was OoomT the work of Ctrr Cards come out the meanest each month 0DEC found that a good many more millions JudseT O Davidson The pocket empties were needed to complete the principal TEAMS AND STAVE MEN WANTED AttorneyGOrdon Montgomry In Kentucky MarshalraTFlQwers Wanted 50 good stave makers and transportation lines Mr J Pierpont The sun shines ever brightest Morgans attention was called to the sawyers steady work at good wages OHUBCH DIRECTORY In Kentucky also ten good teams Can insure ayears fact and very naturally he became The breezes whisper lightestwork Address Colonal Stave Works interested Morgan to With Mr PRESBYTERIAN J W Hutchings Manager Cawood become interested means to act In Kentucky BnBK8TIlM8TMBTReT Harlan county Ky or Pennington Plain girls are the fewest pastor Services second and fourth Sundays Gap Va Consequently he proceeded to Havana a m enlY la each month Sundayschool at9 Wednesday Maidens eyes the bluest to look over the ground On his arriv- ¬ Prayer meeting every Sabbath Their little hearts are truest was night EGGS FOR SALE al at the Cuban Metropolis it In Kentucky From pure strain single comb Brown variously announced on unimpeacha ¬ METHODIST Orators are the grandest M Metcalfo Leghorn single comb Buff Leghorn ble authority that his purpose was Jo BumwviUJi BTMHTReT E pastor Services first Sunday In each month Golden Wyandotts Buff Rock In Kentucky buy up all the transportation lines on Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer MRs E B LEACHMAN Officials are the blandest the island to float the Cuban loan of meeting Thursday night Greensburg Ky In Kentucky 935000000 to purchase the combined BAPTIST Boys are all the fllest tobacco interests to syndicate the FOR SALE BeT GBBBKBBUBO BMBBT Danger ever nlghest One second hand sawmill at a great sugar syndicates still retaining up his castor Services third Sunday Ineach month And taxes are the highest sleeve several other plots of equal andayschol every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer bargain Write to cir call on Sleeting Tuesday night In Kentucky magnitude In the Interim theinscru ¬ J H CHANDLER Campbellsville Ky table manipulator of millions took The bluegrass waves the bluest CHRISTIAN CAUFBBLI8TIUB P BEld W K Azbill In Kentucky Joseph H Chandler Campbellsville over the former residence of a Spanish Pastor Services First Sunday In each Ky is agent Yet bluebloods are the fewest for the counties of Adair grandee indulged in the delights of Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am month Co and Taylor for Gaar Scott cocoanut milk and played soltalre Prayer meeting Wednesday nighIn Kentucky Richmond Ind manufacturers of Then Mr Morgan having arranged Moonshine Is the clearest tLODGES TbresbingMacbines Traction mount By no means the dearest the destinies of Cuba to the satisfacand plain engines all sizes The And yet it acts the queerest machinery made by this old reliable tion of the tobacco trust and tbe railMBeguI COLUMBIA LODna No 114 Fand A celebrated company is unrivaled road trust took the first train for In Kentucky Fri lar meeting In their hall over bank on each for efficiency durability and all quali ¬ Washington where the necessity of an lay night on or before the full moon In The dovenotes are the saddest month ies that go to make a strictly firste session of congress was duly Im- ¬ In Kentucky outfit at prices that are reason ¬ pressed upon Secretar W D Jones President Roosevelt and The streams dance on the gladdestable and on terms that are liberal COLUMBIA OHAPTBB B A M No7 meets Before buying do not fall to call on me- it Isjnow announced that Unofficially In Kentucky Friday night after fall moonJ at Campbellsville if you cannot I will the fact no longer is concealed that Hip pockets are the thickest V1LBKLt H P some to you if requested Everything the visit of the great Wall street king Pistol hands the slickest W WBsanenaw Secretary fully nd his careful serious presentation The cylinder turns quickestJo H CHANDLER of the situation In Cuba and in finan In Kentucky YETIHERY SURGEON The deed to the land on which the clal circles during his house confer- ¬ The song birds are tbe sweetest LindseyWllson Tralniig School will ence with the president yesterday has In Kentucky be located has been made and the pur ¬ had tbe deciding influence upon thee The thoroughbreds are the fleetest chase price paid The plans for the chief executives opinion A special In Kentucky building have been adopted bids are Congress will be called in being received and the contract will session of Mountains tower proudest be let at once The contract price of the early fall Thunder peals the loudest Great are Mr Morgans possessions the building will have to be paid In The landscape is the grandest installments within the next six and they embrace Cuba the United And politicsthe damnedestmonths and unless people who have States government President Roose In Kentucky Pollevil splints spavin or subscribed pay up th subscriptions Fistulo once we will have to borrow money velt congressIn short the earth WITH APOLOGIES any surgical work done at fair prices andple dgetheir notes to secure same The people are no longer in it for J The railroads are the fleetest guarantee satisfaction I am fixed to If you are loyal to the cause pay up Pierpont Morgan is Town In your subscription at once and dont News care of stock watt for the settlements to become trains the neatest ST > ORENSHAWx due Pay at least one half of it now In Kentucky BRAIN LFAKS By order of the Executive Committee J4 mile from Columbia on Olsappoln tment If you wish to travel fast Only a poor sermon satisfies every¬ N MTurr Treasurer Use the Henderson first and last I have Pit game eggs for sale For bodyAdversity is the safety brake on You dont want your time to waste prices write Thats the road that makes lithe W H FLOWERS vanityGossip haste Bliss Ky 2tT thrives only in a field of To and thro Kentucky I am ready to do Black Smith I STOVES AND RANGES LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY ICESH7RDW1RE THE BEST FARMER Where is east west nsrth or south The best farmer is the man who does all his work faithfully and upon honor He puts thought into everything he has a good word for everybody even tbe man who beats him at his own business He cheers the world with a smile every where he goes He grows old slowly He can do this because be never frets never thinks mean thoughts lives on the best his farm produces and sleeps bet- ¬ ter than any king that ever sat upon a tWACoffey ¬ throneHis and girls sing and whistle about their work His wife is just as happy as he is His horses say Glad to see you the moment he opens the door in the morning Ills cows know that something good is in store for them when he comes into the And this man lives everywhere S t itE itake COFFEY sale Mrs W F Jeffries PRODUCE Columbia Ky The man whose children are not glad pay the highestcash prices fort see him when he comes home In the Country Producj delivered at evening Is not tn be trusted any furth ¬ Columbia Will pay from 8 to 22c for r than you eau throw a barnyard by wool My store is connected by teleE the gate tnae throughout the county SUI LEWIS Cubia joy over the ratification of the reciprocity treaty by the United States Senate is pathetically orema o mature The Treaty must again go to the House before lo becomes an accom pUshed agreement and there is no as- ¬ surance that it will be satisfactoryas finally ratified Under the most fa- ¬ vorable conditions it will not become work FF ICE over Russell operative for a year What the shrewd Murrells Store Columbia Ky protectionists In the Senatehave re- ¬ ally done is to secure ibe delay fur which they have striven from thebe ¬ ginning leaving the ultimate fate of WITthe treaty as uncertain as ever I will 1 C S GRADY ¬ iDENTIST 30 SO NAT HOTTER c cpWHOLESALE GROCERS and COMMISSION An Illinois woman horsewhip ¬ ped a man who was trying to m ry her daughter He has some MERCHANTSI IxmisvllJe fir TO 35 KentuckyJ Hrmstrong 3entts t 1fmbrc BSItiftan tilfMtI 1ijJJ1 > rilfr I listenersThose who have suffered are best able to feel Clean politics will come when honest men assume control Trouble is about all some church members give the preacher Satan never wastes time on tbe owner of a wellthumbed Bible A corrupt city government is pos- ¬ sible only in a city full of hypocrites There is too plenty of room at thebottombnt the company is not nearly¬ t so selectThere is something wrung about tbe Christianity bf tbe church member who takes no interest in politics Some people think they are growing sentimental when in truth they are merely in need of a liver regulator Tbe longer a boy Is tied to his moth ¬ ers apronstrings the nearer ho Is to success when be does cut loose When men are as true 1hemse1vrs as their dogs are true to their masters this will be a much better world to live 10The best knowledge Is knowing how to appreciate what we have and how to get along without the tnlngs we cannot possess If the flowers that grow on the graves of the dead had bloomed in their lives the world would have been made better and brighter Nothing makes a man feel that be Is growing old like finding out for the grst time that be can no longer chin himself on a horizontal bar There always will be mea willing to Rive dollars to learn that the pea is rJ consolation he might have had her fora moth inlaw The way the Senate expedited business at the extra nession would make it8eom advisable that Con ¬ gress bo called to meet an extra Bsion entirely hereafter < J ii 4ji FARM IMPLEMENTS + VULCAN PLOWS AND Repairs for the South Bend Plow Saddles Bridles Harness and Strap Goods Field Seeds at the lowest market price for the BEST Headquarters for the best fertilizer at the LOWEST PRICE Studebaker Farm Wagons Come to see us when in COLUMBIA Wm F Jeffries Son PATTERSON HOTEL KentuckyI ¬ ¬ JW SPECIALTY == Are you wearing one of the Kentuc- ¬ ky Worlds Fair building souvenir buttons If not why not They cost only a dollar each are attractive and you are aiding a good cause when you buy one The Kentucky Exhibit Association wants to build the State Building at the Worlds Fair in St Louts next year from the sale of these buttons and other popular subscrip ¬ tion plans It hopes to devote the money received from the business ele- ¬ ment of the State to exhibits as the J States products and resources in the main exhibit palaces of the great ex ¬ position Every person who buys a No better place can be found than at the above named hotej button will have The satisfaction of knowing that he has an interest a lt ia new elegantly furnished and the table at all times suppliedwith a money Interest in the Kentucky tho best the market affords Food Stable in connection Building at the Fair Scientific Shoeing FOR SALE Eight nice milch cows ing of any kind from horse shoe 200 hogsng to the repairing of the fineBtII J H SMITH vehicles 1 willmake a specialty Font Hill Ky of shoeing horses with diseased FOR SALET w o thoroughbred hoofs and guarantee satisfaction Shorthorn bull calves Good ones My shop is located back of livery Call on W T DOHONEY Give ask Barbee Robertson Columbia K me your work Ply moth Rock eggs at 2c each for 4 = 3+A barDJ ¬ Ia Empire Corn Drills doesHe ¬ warranteda he Who Is he any way MASONICE I MIA PR- ¬ f Y GffEENfFTJRNITTJRE 4t s ENT1Q7C PaperPictures cleanestI r IlIJJA < Il IIIA DtVJIJIjVJ 1 It arrange Primary NUMBER 21 There is nothing of the spirit of sensational indictment in wnat Mrs Julia Ward Howe has to SlY on the Nos 524 526 and 528 W Market Street subject of gambling among fashionable girls It Is calm and dispassionate and founded as seems clear on observa¬ THE PROGRESSIVE STORE tions which Mrs Howes social position enables her to make for herself That she has abundant opportunity for good seeing the extent to which play mayI be carried every one knows and this of course lends weight to what she Home Telephone 8189 Cumberland Tel says and secures attention from a class which would treat with indifference such a statement from an outsider Very humanly and very sweetly does Mrs Howe base her plea for a changeon the assumption that few persons Bacons Old Store 425 to 429 Market Street really are willing to acquire cruel gains through anothers losses When they do this Mrs Howe seems to imply very diplomatically It Is RELIABLE GOODS LOWEST thorough thoughtlessness and all that such offenders against tho law of being kind need is to realaze the offense there Is With just a few realizations of this generous faith public opinion will do the rest Such gentle and wise reflections as those in which Mrs Howe indulges recognizing both sides and all sides of the question are more efficacious in the end It seeks than onslaughts as those of Colonel WattersonBoston Transcript for th Islande purpose of appointing officers and Monday InJanuary third Monday In May and Third Monday In September APRIL 1 1903 GAMBLENG AMONG GIRLS Mr J Pierpont Morgan has been JUDGE MULLIGANS FAMOUS POEM Committee for Adair county to looking around in Cuba As a result IN KENTUCKY meet at the Circuit Clerks office of his casting his eyes windward he on Monday the Oth day of April has apparently annexed the whole To pike hours COURT T MR MORGANS POSSESSIONS 1904 KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY to1Ye FROM INDIAN TERRITORY HEALDTON MARCH 12 1903 Please find enclosed One Dollar for which continue to send me the News It is just like getting a letter from home We have been having a great deal of rain during the winter and one heavy snow Roads are almost impassible John W Yerkes says that under no however we are glad to get a good circumstances willbe be a candidate + deep season in the winter for it inva riably Insures a good crop here in the for governor Certainly not The commissioner of internal revenue is no WestThe Indian Territory is Improving bog He knows when he has bad very fast the country is being rapidly enough and that a bird in the band is settled by whites and it wont be long worth several in the bush Some fool until Pour Lo wilt be confined to his like Deboo may KO up against the tbree hundred and twenty acres of nomination but wise republicans will land while white men will own the give it tbe cold laud all aruuud and between The land ton Democrat iuihis country Is very productive and U H Henuln r of Wayne county will be in the near future one of the leading agricultural States of the whose announcement for the demomuni nation for State Treasurer Union Adair and Russell counties are cratic well represented iu tuls part of the was made many mouths ago and who country thousands eleventh district demo- ¬ crats hoped could win a place upon the REXROAT SB next State ticket bas decided to with ¬ Elder Smoot got quickly into the rom i h e race Somerset business of recommending candidate draw Journal for Presidential appointments and his zeal in this line seems not to have been Grover Cleveland is going on a jour- ¬ affronting to the Chief Executive Mt ney through the Western States He Smoot is a very influential man in the probably thinks it about time to learn Mormon Chuicb and has done a great something about the country be used deal in inducing other men to practice to preside over While he was Presi- ¬ polygamy but while he does not act dent it was said that he had never ually have but one wife himself he been further West than Buffalo is in the full fellowship of the Administration establishment and the SenJohn D Rockefeller drew 8 ate Since Our generous toleration of 000000 as his share of the Stand the views and practices of the Sultan and Oil Company last quarterly of Sulu perhaps we could extend noci dividend While his brother Wil less gracious consideration to aaau EDITOR NEWS JKJVjeSTOJfiiN KY J B PATTERSON ro s if tdDort1andOre shoulder J whose ffiendliness to harems Is only etifetfc a lai d lon irncipie 1I t ft = > 7 t < oo < d liam drew only Blh hke the besii j 8 000000 tbalb 4T f Los Angeles Personally Conducted Tourist Sleeping Cars are run by the WABASH LINE Leaving St Louis every Tuesday at 220 p m for Los Angeles and San Francisco reaching Los Angeles on Friday mornings and San Francisco on Saturday mornings following Leaving St Louis every Thursday at 900 a m for Portland Ore reaching Portland on Sunday afternoon following Every attention given to passengers en route F W GREENE District LL PMnaier Aftnt LOUISVILLE KY 60 HUGHES ca Lr BLINDS SASH DOORS It t tl IU7 l AND All Kinds of Building Material rJ WRITE rOR ESTIMATES S 47 But i r 1 t 125E Mtu1 S fhE LOtS t c it KY v Jfl j 0 7 v 1 1

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