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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), July 12, 1957

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

-- o' Tj 0 gDDlGl II II Jl i, it iti f I I I rn ' . ill iI JEFFERSON REPORTER, Friday, July 19573 12, i ' OF THESt: NEW STORES AT mm mmm BITTERSWEET SHOPPING Lonarah uiati CENTER a (V) , PRESTON HIGHWAY, j?roin SOUTH OF 0K0L0KA .. (Opposite Southern High School) UUUU PDD2GGS No Obligation Drawings Saturday, July 13, 6:00 pm, X-51 1 Deluxe 3 TRUTONE 26" 10" BICYCLE PORTABLE TV GRILLMASTER GRILL 128" WESTERN AUTO WILL. r 8:ii ELECTRIC WITH Davis PATTERSON'S MOTOR FOR ALL! SOUVENIRS ASSOCIATE STORE A .i 1C0 Nylon Tires DU PONT BAKERY PREMIUM SAFETY . . . PREMIUM TV . GROCE'S SERVICE.. PHILLIPS 66 We Give S & H Green Stomps at no premium in PRICE! SERVICE STATION o, 0 USUDWMD h NEVA GlMVSU lower most tires! OLD FOR YOUR TIRES r plus tax and recappable tire : Free Cake & Coffee ' T than RAYON O 7 TODAY! ly 6:70 x 15 Reg. $28.00 DISCOUNT AT. BITTERSWEET SHOPPING CENTER Ac-tual- priced Birthday Cakes I. A c?zn 9 to 9 ' Phone ' MOUSE PAINT SPECIAL Ik H i. . WIZARD HOUSE PAINT .... Reg. $5.45 gal. GRAND OPENING 21-9-65- 94 Ex-tr- 0 I aal-B- a HALF GALLON BORDEN'S ICE CREAM 2 STORES v- -3 PLUS OUR OWN VISIT PATTERSON'S BAKERY NO 1 65 color a perfectly blended! hiding, coverage. 11 color plua aparkling white. Fade-rssltti- ; DAILY EXCEPT MONDAY -- One Given Every Hour! Nothing To Buy Register. - ' u gol. MANY OTHER VALUES (0)(0)2 VTJooOgpdd Acnfi DELICIOUS BANANA NUT CAKE AccccSafio Cilcro 4477 Pork Bird. BITTERSWEET 8HOPPING CENTER OK. 9 5196 Home Owned and Operated by Roger Wlgglnton 'oGLaUDeb SGCTlTGD 3D3U3 SHOPPING BITTERSWEET CAR SLUGGISH? Um oar FREE ENGINE EFFICIENCY TEST. Tains the latest electronic Instruments, this test will scientifically analyse the overall combustion efficiency of yonr car in a Jiffy and YOU will see at a glance bow well your car engine U performing. It i ABSOLUTELY FREE there is nothing to buy! ' DIAGNOSIS " If yonr car Is sot up to par and you are interested In knowing EXACTLY what Is wrong with it, we will accurately diagnosis whatever at moderate cost. This diagnosis Includes comtrouble it may bare plete check of carburetor, current and voltage regulator, ignition output, timing, cam angle, coll, condenser, and combustion. It also is done with mechanic. the very latest electronic instruments,- - by a specially-traine" REPAIR s, We ara completely equipped to perform all light mechanical including ignition work, tune up, brake adjustment and rellning, master cylinders, and other light repairs. Place your car in our hands and LET US DO YOUR CAR WORRY. d - ser-rke- ING FOR YOUl I7'3 PZIlfOfMt'CS THAT COUNTS! ca,r 75' CENTER QUICK CAR WASH 75 Covers the outside of your car and includes wiping off the glass and chrome. We are able to get you In and out In ten minutes and to charge ONLY 75c because we have an automatic car wash machine which saves Machine Qulk Wash does not include any time and labor. This tar removal, polishing, wiping with chamois, extra work on tires, or cleaning inside. However, we do get 90 of the f dirt for only. the cost I When we finish with your car, U will be "neighbor clean" that is, your neighbor won't be able to tell whether you spent 75c or 1.50 to have it washed. $130 WASH, TOO Machine Qulk Wash, we also are proud In addition to the Car Wash, which includes all of the of our regular $1.50 Super-Dupe- r car, inside and out, and the usual finish work (no extra charge for tires). If you use our 75c Quik Wash service, you still may want an occasional $1.50 Super Duper Wash to get your car thoroughly clean, inside and ouL white-side-wa- ll one-hal- white-aidewa- i" has FLITE-FUE- L, THE No. l top-quali- ty ll sa,8!2nef

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