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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 16, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

accord fUned as V.1CDCM nonr: cr us vcrj) CD Ey the blstilng of the upright lhe cily li exalted, but It is wicked. bf Hit mouth over-throw- of n the J c c ESTABLISHED JUNE ; 1CD7 irefightero Abandon Plan To Cooperate discussing a program whereby efforts of all forces might be correlated. R, Davis McAfee, attorney, speaking to the Court on behalf of the volunteers, said that investigations had revealed that no additional reduction in insurance rates can be obtained by reason of the operation of the Jefferson County Fire Department. He explained that by complying with rules and regulations set up by the Inspection Bureau, volunteer units had secured rate reductions and that other units were working out compliance schedules calculated to lower the rates in their respective communities. The Firefighters organization submitted a written report to the Court, outlining proceedings of their negotiations with Chief Thompson and consultations with Inspection Bureau representatives. Fcr I Irs. Gcsrgs Hclio P.-T.- h, HUSBAND Jeese L. Duncan looks on while bride to cut wedding cake. They were married April 10. Sunxhins Briri Hew Sf::!z::n County 10 tiers To its LQwliris ExHMi In ::l Sbw ta 4. P.-T.- P.-T- A Uncle Sam Says KENTUCKY TO BE HONORED AT NATIONAL CATHEDRAL Washington, D. C. April 13 The State of Kentucky will be honored at Washington Cathedral on Sunday, April 18. Prayers will be offered for the government and people of the State and Kentucky men and women who have served the nation in timeof war will be particularly commemorated. On Kentucky Sunday the flag is borne in proces- sion with the national colors. Each state in the union is honored annually at Washington Cathedral in the nation's Capital BecardleM of whether yoa approve the new look In fashion, every one of my nieces and nephews certainly U In the style with the new look la security. Eow do yon acquire this kind of look? There are two great automatic plans, both snre and convenient: 1. If yon work for wares or salary Join the Payroll Savings FUn for baying United States Savinfa Bonds regularly. This Is the only installment plan. I. If you're in business, or a profession, or living on an np at year bank for the Flan. bond-bnyl- nf Bond-A-Mon- th Classified Ads Bring Resultsl J V. S. Triuury Dftartmtnt Predictions are for the Ohio flood River to reach a stage at Louisville by Sunday. Little and big creeks, rivers and all sorts of water courses have been raging the past week. Chenoweth Run and Floyd's Fork have been as high, unofficially, as during the 4937 flood. Hope rose again in the breasts of lowlands dwellers, as the sun rose Thursday morning, promis ing a recession of the waters and a new drying out process to permit tillers bf the soil to "dig in" again and resume the spring planting. Spencer County's capital, while in the very act of starting on a flood wall for protection of the Taylorsville residents, was bed sieged again by its twin enemies, Salt River and Creek. These streams ironically swelled over their banks, with, as it is hoped, a final of "You can't do that to us." Work on the flood wall was halted and another time of moving began. 42-fo- ot age-ol- Bra-shea- jes-tur- e, GUEST SPEAKER COMING FOR C. E. MEET SUNDAY Guest speaker at the union Christian Endeavor meeting Sunday evening, at 6:30, at the Christian Church, will be Miss Mary Virginia Bloxton. Miss Bloxton, a student at the Baptist Missionary Training School, preparing to become a missionary to Cuba, will tell of her work among Spanish speaking people. Ill OINEWTORK By Carl C. Holm New York It takes all kinds (and a whole lot of 'em!) to make the Big Town what it is and here are some statistics as gathered by Louis Sobol, who seems to know: The 8,000,000 people in the city's five boroughs include more Italians than there are in Venice, more Germans than in Kiel, more Irish than in Cork and Limerick combined, more Russians than in Stalingrad, more Jews than in Palestine. . . . It has a waterfront of 578 miles; 1,785 churches, 20,000 eating places, 188 licensed dance halls, 1,200 cabarets and 4,445 theatres, 200 public and private hospitals, and four municipally sponsored colleges; Its 17,000 cops each average 4U arrests a year; 1,900 of its uniformed firemen served in the last World War and 33 were killed in action (while 26 who stayed home were killed fighting fires); it manufactures 90 per cent of the 100,000,000 dresses turned out for America's women yearly; The Travelers Aid Society helps an average of 340 visitors a day who have lost their way, their memories or their money; the city has more summer vacationists than Atlantic City, more winter visitors than Miami Beach and 57 per cent of its residents were born here! Local cattlemen are among the first entrants in the Third Annual " BouTbon Beef Show according to EHOWN-iiOODinformation received from Buck Rash funeral manager Ct the! At eij! t o'clock fiaiurday eve ning in Christ Lutheran Church, show. Miss Lillian Brown Show offers $5,000 in pre- Jeffersontown The of Mrs. Y miums and will be held December 8th and 10th at the Bourbon Stock Yards, in Louisville. The entrants from this area together with the number of cattle entered are: Skyline Farms (R. H. Shipp, Mgr.) Prospect, 7 head. "Robert Lee Byron, Louisville, granddaughter Fred Haag and Mr. Orville B. Moody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moody, both of Jeffersontown, were united in marriage by Dr. J. E. Stomberger, the officiating minister. The bride wore a gown of white satin and net with a fingertip veil and long tight sleeves that pointed over the hand. Her full skirt ended in a long train and she carried a cascade of white gladioli and stocks. The matron of honor, Mrs. Floyd Cook, sister of the bride, was gowned in pale green marquisette and carried pink carna- head. Bottorff Bros, Goshen, 31 head. Annewood Farms (C. R. it J. R. Bottorff), Louisville, 24 head. W. L. Lyons Brown, Ashbourne Farms, Prospect, 3 head. Norman Dick, Jr., Prospect, 20 head. Millstone Farm (Mary Meyer), tions. Anchorage, 10 head. Mr. C. C. Moody was his brother's best man. Before the ceremony, Rev. A. D. Ellison sang "O Promise Me" and "O Perfect Love," accom panied at the organ by Miss Mary Baumlisberger who also played the wedding march. Mr. and Mrs. Moody have gone Renegar, Mr. and Mrs. Edward with their three children, Ruth, to housekeeping in their new Robert and Sue, of Maryville, home at Jeffersontown. Tennessee were in Kentucky over SHEPARD DUNCAN They were with the week-enAt 4 o'clock Saturday afterMr. Renegar's mother, Mrs. C. A. Hummel at Jeffersontown and noon in Jeffersontown Christian Mrs. Renegar's father, Mr. Rob' Church, Miss Elma Dell Shepard, ert Hall at Buechel. They visit daughter of Mrs. W. T. Settles of ed other relatives and friends in Jeffersontown, became the bride the County, before returning late of Mr. Jesse L. Duncan, son of Mrs. A. H. Duncan of Louisville. Tuesday. Rev. Lloyd L Roach performed Mrs. W. T. Settles left Thursday with her parents, Mr. and the double ring ceremony before cut Mrs. H. B. Tipton for little Rock, an altar of palms, white flowers and lighted tapers. Ark. and will visit with them Given in marriage by Mr. W. T. for several weeks. Settles, the bride wore a street-leng- th Mrs. L. K. May entertained at dress of powder blue crepe dinner Saturday evening in honor with pink accessories and car of the birthdays of her son, Rev. ried a bouquet of Brlarcufl M. B. May and Mrs. May. The roses. guests included Rev. May, Mrs. Mrs. Clarence Thurman, mat May and children of Mt. Wash- ron of honor, more gray crepe ington, Misses May and Jo Buch- with blue accessories and carried anan. spring flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hikes Mr. Clarence Thurman was moved this week Into an apart- best man and Messrs. W. D. ment at the Easum Place on Wiggins and G. P. Kolter served Easum Road. as ushers. Miss Bonnie Brooks Mrs. Lula Baker and Mr. and presided at the piano and Miss Mrs. Leslie Blankenbeker were Peggy Folk was soloist. After a short wedding trip to dinner guests Friday evening in Cincinnati, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. are making their home at Meyers Clark and family. Grove, Ind. Rita Radcliff and Peggy Ann Out of town guests for the Frentz left Wednesday afternoon wedding included Mr. and Mrs. on a four-da- y tour of Washing- H. B. Tipton and Mr. and Mrs, ton, D. C. They were accompanH. B. Tipton, Jr., and two sons ied by Mrs. Gilbert Fulkerson of Little Rock, Ark.; Mr. and and daughter of BuecheL Mrs. J. H. Settles and Mr. and Rev. W. F. Huddleston was Mrs. W. G. Young of Bardstown. e called to the bedside of his brother in Flanagan, Illinois, last Friof Mr. Edward Schreiner, day and returned home Monday Louisville, announces the engagewhen his condition seemed much ment of his daughter, Miss Dorimproved. He was accompanied othy Mae Schreiner, to Mr. James on the trip by his sister, Mrs. W. S. Hartzell, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. SherriU of Springfield. Stanley C. Hartzell, of Pittsburgh, Rev. G. P. Dillon, who occu- Penn. The wedding will take pied the pulpit at the Methodist place Friday, April 23, at 8 P. M., Church Sunday morning and at the Van Buren Baptist Church. Mrs. Dillon were guests at dinner No formal invitations will be in the home of Mrs. L. K. May. issued. 1 d. Kjdwie Fta I a vr .. 1 ; two-year-o- ld . George. Dieruf announced that plans ".' ' are in the making to extend the present store room to increase its present size 100 per cent, the object being to give room for e- x- l pending the present business and v to make possible the adding of ",V aaauionai unes of merchandise. ' ; ; It is proposed to convert the ' second floor into modern officebuilding space. With the added floor space to be provided, the . new blueprints will call for sev- - '" . eral offices, which, the new own- - ' ers says, will be equipped with modern conveniences. ' ' - , ' . Younger Woman's Club Meets Monday Evening aments. Anchorage has produced three Ine-aplays and expects to have n elimination night on April 20 to determine the best play and he one that will enter the recreation tournament in the high school division. Fern Creek has produced two plays and .other jchools have been working with more than one group in order to give as many youngsters as possible an opportunity to take part in dramatics. This type of recreation is developing tremendously in the county and no student lack for an opportunity S'.ould field. Remember the nights of April 21, 22 and 23 for some splendid entertainment. Come out and see your boys and girls perform. Suitable awards will be given to the winning casts in both di- MR. AND MRS. ORVILLE B. MOODY visions of the tournaments and LUTHERAN CHURCH, AFTER competent judge! will be selected. . Yc ' Mrs. William S. Kennedy will be hostess Monday evening, April 19, to the Younger Woman's Club ot Jeffersontown, which meets at her home at 8 o'clock for the reg- ular monthly meeting. The program will include a les- son on textile painting and elec- tion of officers will also take place. All members are urged to ct A. Pa W. C. Dieruf, Jr., proprietor cf the Dieruf Hardware and Imple- ment Co., announced this week that he has purchased the Mai::, ' . Street building in which his busi- ness is located. The lot, 195 feet deep, and building was purchased from Clyde ; Ar-ihu- Lc:zl aI -- Mrs. N. E. Goodrow, Louisville; r, three nephews, Brent Wolf, Clyde and Jesse Fabel, Louisville. . Take Marriage Vovs at Church Creek for the central and western part of the county in the high School division.' Fern Creek High School will be the site of the f .ato in the high school division. 1 liddletown in the eastern end bf t ie county and Cane Run or Mill Creek in the western end of the county are the tentative sites for the grade school division with Middletown to be used for the Iteof the grade school finals. Several fine one act plays were by the recreation grtfups in (tiven schools last year and this year's program promises lome fine entertainment. A small1 (harge of 10c will be taken to ay for transportation and other ncidental expenses of the tourn- Although, , because of a heart ailment, the health of Mrs. Katie Brentlinger Hoke had recently been impaired, her condition did not appear critical until last Saturday, when she died unexpectedly at her home here. The end came at 7:39 P. M, shortly after Dr. J. A. Bishop had called to see her professionally. Mrs. Hoke, the wife of George A. Hoke, member of one of this community's pioneer families, was a native of Louisville. The couple had lived here since marriage nearly 50 years ago. Mrs. Hoke was in her 78th year. Since youth she had been a member of the Lutheran Church. Besides her husband, survivors include: a sister, Mrs. Phronia Bishop; two nieces, Miss Hazel Johnson, Lakeland, Fla., and couimr Every Friizy ci C1C3 ' Tournaments for one act plays in both the high schools and grade schools of Jefferson County will be sponsored by the Jefferson County Playground and Rec reation Board on the nights of April 21, 22 and 23. Site! for the tournaments have' not been definitely determined, but the tentative sites are Anchorage, in the (astern end of the county in the high school division and Fern Funcrd Riles Hsli Funeral services were conIn reporting the findings relaTuesday afternoon, tive to the overall situation of ducted chapel, by the Rev. W. at Myers F. fireflghting facilities, to the Fiscal Huddleston. Burial was in Court Volunteer Firefighters, Inc. Cemetery. reviewed the past two years' experience. Stating that they had attempted to work out a system P.-T.Convention In of fire protection for County residents during the period that Psducah Next We:!: would Justify, in the eyes of the Inspection Bureau, reduction in Kentucky Congress of insurance rates. Convention is to be held in Firefighters contended in their April 20, 21, 22. report that the County Fire DeA special coach (or coaches) partment had proved to be a "hindrance rather than a help," will leave Seventh Street Stain its manner of organization and tion, Louisville about 8 o'clock methods of operation, which was Tuesday morning, for the State the reason they gave for having Convention. The delegation from the Fifth urged, from time to time, changes numbers about County Department's op- District ia the erations, they regarded therefore 105. Many delegate!, net going as futile any attempt to correlate by train, will drive their own the force, since efforts toward cart and other! are going by bus. Among the Fifth District delecooperation, had failed. Pointing out that tome com- gates are Mrs. Charles T. Shetton, munities in the County, main- state president; Miss Mary May taining their own volunteer fire Wyman, state safety; Mrs. Harry departments, have met require- D. France, state Juvenile protecments of the Inspection Bureau tion; Mrs. Elmer K. Robertson, and have secured rate reductions state program; Miss Bernlce Bell, for their constituents. Recom- state library; Mrs. William J. mendations from the Bureau have Netherton, state bulletin editor; been given other communities Mrs. Karl Bader, Fifth District and, through compliance, these president; Mrs. W. Frank communities are also' expecting Aton, Louisville Council presirate reductions. Having gone into dent; Mrs. A. W. Metcalf, Jefferthe matter of rate reductions son County Council; Mrs. B. F. thoroughly, Firefighters told the Abell, first vice president of Fifth Court that, "We find that no ad- District and many local presiditional reduction can be obdelegates. tained by reason of the operation dents and other and inspirational An instructive County Fire Deof the Jefferson session is expected. partment." t Carrying, as it would, "a conby the Yenawine New Owner siderable degree of control County Department," members of the Firefighters group deemed Smith Appliance Co. it "unwise" to enter into any cooperative plan, fearing, as they Ernest E. Yenawine, owner of said, "that the standards of opElectric Co., 3805 eventually fall to Yenawine eration might the present standard of operation Frankfort Avenue, has purchasmaintained by the County De- ed the Smith Appliance Co., 3928 partment." And if such proved Frankfort Avenue. to be the case an increase in Mr. Yenawine, a Frigidaire rates could be expected. dealer in St. Matthews for 12 The report stated that follow- years, purchased the entire ing the inauguration of the equipment and lease from RobCounty Fire Department diffi- ert Smith, former owner of Smith culty was experienced in obtain- Appliance. ing voluntary contributions for The present Yenawine Electric support of the volunteers, to a servattributed the fact Store will be retained as which was ice shop. that much publicity having been Beginning Monday, according given operation of the County resulting in the con- to a large announcement in Department, clusion on the part of many this issue, Mr. Yenawine will beCounty residents that the County gin selling, regardless of cost, all Department could take over and appliances formerly displayed by dd the Job. The report says, how- the Smith concern. Sale will be ever, that two years' experience held at 3928 Frankfort Avenue. has convinced a majority of the residents seeing the two systems in actual operation that, "The County Department, as presently constituted is inefficient and not competent to handle the Job. Thus it is, the report declares, that the Volunteers are now "having no difficulty in raising the necessary funds to operate and improve our present systems." Declaring that with an outlay to date of more than $200,000 and with the prospect of an annual operating cost to exceed $200,000, the County Fire Department is failing to prove itself a good investment tq the taxpayers. 16, 1948 Tcifciito Si!:s Fcr Drczitis TcMn::i!3 Wedding Cake 'Wails Culling that the different elements For several weeks County. Chief Claud Thompson and representatives of the Volunteers have been TO ALL JEFFEncon All III D2FIII2Dirr. COUtJTY IjEVSPAPEIl Declaring that, as for them, negotiations looking toward a unification of the County operated fire fighting forces and the volunteer units were off, Volunteer Firefighters, Inc., told the Fiscal Court, at its Wednesday afternoon session, could not agree. or cmvics if JEFFEnCOinOWN, KY., FRIDAY, APRIL imu v. YEAL3 A Uzlh dut Ccstly Experiment " . ', V -- club. Mr!. Evan! had the devotion. On April 24, at 10 A. M. a district LEAVING CHRIST meeting will be held at Shawnee WEDDING. COLOID ECIlATIC:? High School A motion made aci seconded to help fix up Fern Creek School grounds if needV; - ' Although I wa! unable to ai- tend our theetmi ihi! month, I : was told the hostess, Mrs, Ra6k?f, served ft very fleliitfttl t-- h. Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. . ? gave the lesson on arranj 3 K ' in Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, and New York City. Special cars carried the products on passenger schedule. In Lexington there was a special processing plant with facilities for ice cream parties and for cheese making. More than three hundred milkers, mostly students from the University of Kentucky and specialists from the Ken- '. of the recreation period. Our May meeting will be I ;U t. at the home of Mrs. James t.-- -t . Publicity Chairman, Mrs. Mc- - v .j. uuien. . ' JEFFERSOlfTOWn Jeffersontown Ho fa e make Club will meet at 10:30 axii.Jv Tuesday, April 20 at the hom3, of Mrs. Marshall Floore. The lesson will be on "Aran ement of Furniture." THE ECHO TRAIL HOI makers' Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Leo J. Schuler, Preston Highway, on Tuesday morning, April 20, 1948, at 10 - Amateur Show, Dinner Ai Fern Creek Echccl An amateur show and chicken dinner, will be held at Fern" Creek Grade School, Friday evening, April 30. Sponsored by the school's P. T.A., proceeds are to benefit the '1 library and playground. The amateur show is divided into three classes, vocal solo, instrumental solo and ensemble. Three prizes will be awarded fol each class. Serving will be from 4 td : 8:C-p.- m. with the amateur show starting at 7:30 and continir until 9. i' people this week, but v back in the saddle next Mrs. Vivian I -- out. n, April has boon set aside for the annual Falls Cl:":i ( up Campaign. Mrs. Charles P. Farnsley is caneral c! :': LouIstUIo. and V.u Anna K. Evans for the Couji;?. 0 .. 'cir" tucky Experiment Station aided in getting the daily milk supply 18-3- -- c-- cessories in. the tame, .. 3 Mrs. A. Klusmeier had I 6hi i T le . . SEATONVILLE ultra-traini- In 1947, 2,050 persons were killed and 7,000 injured on rural highways. In the country, walk on the left shoulder of the road and wear white or carry a light at night I r , Our regular meeting was held at the home of Mrs. A. C. Rucker. The. meeting began at 10:30 A. M. Seventeen members were present. Miss Anna K. Evans and three other visitors met with our w PROMINENT CHURCHMAN TO SPEAK IN LOUISVILLE It was announced this week by J. T. Robertson, president of the Louisville Christian Civic League, that R. B. Pietsch, Chicago, had accepted an invitation to speak in Louisville April 21. Fietscn, one of the outstanding Christian laymen of this nation, will address a business men's group at the YJvl.C.A. at 6:30 P. M. . HOMEMAKERS It dozen-bott- ; ;, be present. "The Voice el the Cornmnnirf At Harrods Creek, March 81, there were about 25 boy! and few know it but the lata Dr. girls present Miss Lilly Mae A. Scoveil of the Kentucky Brown is doing a wonderful job Experiment Station, Lexington, building this community up. Old an expert hi dairy cattle' hand- Dame Nature is calling the young' ling and history, was authority people into the sunshine and for the statement that the late wide open spaces. Miss Brown is James B. Haggin of Elmendorf doing a swell job in this comStock Farm fame had as a voiced munity with folk games. This is ambition the milking of six thou the favorite hobby here, with sand registered Jersey cows a singing included. day and selling their product, At Berrytown there were about raw milk, not pasteurized, at a 35 boys and girls present The fair price and slender profit In "foresters" held their meeting fact he really wanted to make the with Miss Betty Jean Graves Blue Grass Region of Kentucky presiding. Mystic numbers were as prominent in modern dairying played with no one solving the as it already was as a thorough- problem. Folk games and singing bred and fine horse center. was the balance of the session. Rated in Bradstreet's at at At Griffytown there were 40 least 81 million he had made his boys and girls present. Swings, copvast fortune out of gold and folk games, music and club meetper in California and Nevada and ing characterized the session. from successful Investments in At Jeffersontown, Saturday, valuable minerals in Peru, not to April 3, there were 25 boys and speak of elsewhere. He had visit girls present. James Helm, Eva ed and been impressed by the Simpson and Mr. James Wilson big Hood dairies in New England were present. We enjoyed an the evening of quiet and active which supplied efficiently great Boston area, and the Bor- games, folk games and music. den plants in New York City and On Monday, April 5, at the JefYork State." He had ferson County Armory, an instiseen extensive distribution in tute under the very efficient California and in Chicago. He tutelage of Mrs. Ehlers, a reprewanted Elmendorf to not only be sentative of the National Recrethe "Showplace of America' ation Board, New York City, was which it became, but to excell in m progress. The council, wnicn dairy products, milk, butter and meets every' first Monday night eggs. in the month, was scheduled to Dr. Scoveil induced him to try meet at the Armory in conjunchis plan out .on four hundred tion with the training school. The cows a day, which were milked committee members became so regularly the old fashioned way engrossed with leadership trainby hand but under strict su- ing that the council meeting was pervision of health officers. The forgotten. milk thus obtained was sent in Every community was represealed cans by overhead mechan- sented here. There was a large ical carrier to the sealed bottling attendance. The results of this house and there bottled mechanwill be more efically without human hands ficient leadership. touching until ready to place into We have missed you little containers ready to be sent on their way. Milk, butter and eggs were supplied from Elmendorf daily under special contract to hotels and the better class restaurants "up-Ne- ; ' c sa,

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