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Image 4 of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1843), September 29, 1852

Part of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1843)

y 4 OUUKASHUUUIl FAKTNEKSI1IP. H. D CflO ATE, gmT?vrm JOSEPH POTTER 6s JOHN ADAMS akd MANUPAC WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, 79 Focbth Snave this day formed a partnerebip for the WAKE, itriit If I Piano Locisvillb, Kv. Tuningand ilpurpo-- of manufacturing Jefferson Foites, street, F.ctmy on Kepairina.diC. ICOUTE. RAILROAD AM) STEAM. h uOJl CINCINNATI TO BOSloA, have prices by this route, ami are prepaied to receipts upon produce through in quick r:ri;Ki.KM v j. CAUD. OLD SADDLERY ESTABLISHED 18 WAREHOUSE! W, II. STOKES, M. LAl'UiM. T. M'BCmlK, Moo. I T.J Late of Pittsburg, North hide, neai Fourth. We will always be pleased to Late Latham SUCCESSOR & W. AND see our friends and customers. The liberal patronage IN H. LATHAM & McltURNIE, that we have separately received from the Lou.svi.le Wholesale and Retail Dealers in ton COACH AND SADDLERY HARDWARE, Afaia Ae. MERCHANTS, public lor past yeais, induces us to unite our efforts to FORWARDING dt COMMISSION WATCH liW, Clock, Jewelry, Silver a loni-oet- e lUAIX AM re'ivlos dilv fioiu the ii..ncfa.;tu erR transportation Ware, Fancy Goods, nad Watchmakers' peae.ami Kierit a continuance oi inesame, mrwmcn nia C&nalani Railroad, and New lines via, Pennsylvae are ever thauKful. locK of Hardwaie. .Merchants, builders, and Yolk and Erie Rail- I wouiuiBiormjM cusiomer.or tae late t,m MxtprlaU. No. 4U8. North aide of Marketst. and 10 aediae public la general tiat oavingpurejaaedx., N. B. We hive several fine instruments on hand. road, northwest comer Second and Walnut streets, A my brother in the above business, 1 wiiicoutinuetn ort HI find it to tneir iiuete-- t part cU Spadr. couirc T between Fourth and Fifth, ( first door above Fifth) Lou- . tn of m ta!ishd jt.nd . cheap lor cash Tunica done in any part o the city for Cincinnati. uiv assortmei t. co. f ormer extensive slock, I have now in I.UKAT KAfTfcllN AND NOUTllaiUN UNI- isville, Kentucky. CouUuuo to keep a saportoxa.aortfl.eBiI HUhets, Anvils, Vices, Bellows. sel d'f Shovels, i aim no uumoug. Rrerenec$.D. Leech & Co. (Leech's line), H. Graff additions to the l lnthe above branches of business. ,i0r and allgoodseiubrace-&c. TED hTTKJ MAIL liOl'TE. Matlock. Ciuwb rjAHK undersigned beg leave to call the attention of the Pii & Co. (Union line), Forsyth & Co., and Baker c ForSnuet. is. Merchants and tuanuiaciarers wuuid i.od U to theirtnterestta examine ny stock for. ear Pnk in'" "I I ber m wind we TVTKW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD, in connec L citizens and public generally, that they are now reFRESH IMPORTATIONS OF syth, t ittsburgi F irsyihdi Baker, Wheeliu;-- , Marshall haaaa aud allordersfrom adiatat lbp,fcr ceiving iresh supplies, and are offer In 2 the largest and wi;beat.endedtoaslf madeinporaon. liea.ns, liom 2 h) to tion with the Cleveland, Columbus, and Ciuciuuati ocwl d.w have on huJ Ft-:u- t Haliiert, Clifton, Atkinson ot Co., P. 8. Barber dc Co., Hailms.,1 nogs. bestselected stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver sale Ijw by 0. L. Adams at Co., Stewart oi Son, and Anderson, weibimS R. J. OHM SB Y, Mc Lane & Co., Louisville. Pasjenpcrs leaving Cincinnati by the morning Ei press Piste, Fancy Goods, and Watchmaker's Materialsever mvl7 dlv & CO., G. W. BRAINARD Successor to kicCium v Johnson. au21 I rani, uritve at Cevelanda'. 6 o'cimck, m .connect,' offered in Louisville, and at prices not to be undersold west ol the mountains. Ladies and gentlemen in the A'o. 117 Piurth Slrett, ,T--t with the Oiiiicd Mates Muil Steamer- svCA HAVE mst recelvid, per loine, aireci irom city and trom abroad, as well as our city and country A. Queen City, Capt. Richards, or Alabama, Capt. Pease, customers visiting the city. are respectfully invited to European ntanura:tu"ei, their spMng l.nporta- ao- - 530, coaaca or main aso raiao STasaxa. Haulier, J.'u. c. miroa J ForDunkiik direct, without landing, connecting with cailand examine our stock. A rich assortment will al JfJTtioi.s of Musical mercr.a. dize. sucn as olB ways be found to select from. Our stock consists In part LOUISVILLE, KY. Viol ns. various numbers and stiles, from tVic to 80. 457 Miin street, Louitrille, Ky. the moinh.g Kspiess Train inch ainvcs in fie very WALLACE, LITncoW As CO., Proprietor. Guitars, with and without patent heads, fioiu " all lepoMU it Kentuck)Money pie evening, in advance o! any other rouie, of the following goods, vizi iSTKK&Si tiloa be withdrawn al pleasure . out lotto) tleep beiwten Cincinnati ni Stv ioru. Ladies' HPd gents'Gold Hunting Watches, full jew- low up. io WALLACE, LITHGOW & CO.. would re e oil ne Guitar Cases, of wood and pas'e board. eled; fBT Through ticket can be had at the all the cit.ei.ol the UnueoStatesfurtiLsh. jspecifully invite dealers 10 this market in tneir Violin do do. Ladies' Gold Hunting, enamelled; do also in small -. diauaii to auital the lowest rate, Great Britain.anu Littie Miami Railroad Company, Broadway, near rront aiine ot their large and well assorted Violin Bows, all prices, from 25 cU to 6 each. Do do Anchors, full jeweled; all part.of Europe and ireet, CincinnaU. rreiuiuaon prepared for the cumin ' season I" AM Do Screws, Tailpiecea. Finaerhoards, and Bridges, for emDracirstock of Goods,new low receiving my FALL STOCK, which will b. the do Lepines, both English and Swiss; wTl8u9m P. W. STRADK1, Ticket Agent. d The Batk Note, Stock, snd Bullion lusiuesstiauiiacted way of Cookiug, Par geverytning in the 1 my .lue that ha. ver before been imported into thi. market. 1 w.,:d ,nv,.e bestselecUd stock of violin, violoncello, and double Do Silver Lever Hunting Watches,fulljeweled; trad! terms. m, cTd customers oiu&e Bur-ne- t lor, and Heating Stoves, ror wood and coal. A iso, fine i uning iiamti.ers, Tuning Forks, anu men Do do AnchorsaBd Lepines; luFtiiei particulars apply to L. b. EMott, Collections made on al. joints ii raicta that Canm.t f;- - in in enameled and plain Mantle Grates and Mantle Pieces, Suui.i...7 .Uvn..i.Uti.iiiics Patent Heads fur Guitars, vaiious prices. be besttrade thatcomeitocur market. My stuck emhracests. fol.oug artlcitst Do Ohio. Ear Rings, Bobsand Drops; House, We ate the agents of the Fiautere' Bank of Tecnes-ei.aa- l Hollow ware, Do? Irons, Wagon Boxes, Tea Kettles, Guitar Pins and Screws. Gold Gauze, Fob and Vest Chains; (HAS. Ml fcT, Puo't. K. . & R. K.K. Skiitir-gare purchasing her notes at alilimcsatone pel Saddle Trees; Tacka Sad Irons, cVc. We also keep a full supply of Furnish iV Y. Ri 'lng Wair.; Ros'.n, flu boxes. t eunerior French, German, and To Miniature Lockets, double andslngle; M. B. KpicLDis. AgH.ICurt.and ft., Coach Laces; t,r,t. iiscouiit. Bridle Leather; Morocco Sktca; ine Goods, su b as Tin Plate. Wire. Cooner. Hlor.n Buegy A merican. dui Fine Gold MiuialurcBraceiets and Pins; O &er Tennessee Mor.ej bought at marketratei. Coach Lamps; nd Pig Harness Lea;a.r; Patent i0 lHAStKADTOHV, Fiutes, American and Imported, (variety,) from 40 Tin, Sheet Rivets an JLed. AnUm.ny, Ziuc, Spelter, tio; Do do StonesetUreastpins.ingieatvtrletyi Hog Skins; Stirrur-s- ; Nartb and .South Carolina, Georgia, Alalwine, VirSheet Iron. Tinmen's Macu .es. Hand Tools, Kbaei koJ - Od C'.othti'.ic pr.pss; cents to j0. Gold Slide and Seals for Fob Ribbons; k A3. 97 THIRD STREET iNotes purchased at low A lies aud ginia, and aii Eastern Calf do; all of which we are offering upon nuch terms as Situ; liaiEras ilcnnLEIs; violin strines. all nrices. from 60 cents per bundle to Do Cuff Pinsand K ysin sreat vaiiety; JylOdM Goat do; Trunk BoarUj; cannot be othetwise than acceptable toall vim favor u- Buckles; fate. 1 r jck I,. i, Italian, French, German, Venitian. Ac. Gold and Silver Pencil and Thimbles; j Mai. Iron, Ac., Ac Piush.cs; Threads; Guitar Strings, nude expressly for tlie Guitar, of su with their pUron lge. Havingsupenor facilities for mans 300 dozen gold Finger Rings; ufacti ring, an l buying our goods from first hands, we Also, keeps constantly on hand general assortment or Saddles, Brtdiea, Karneescd Trnr.t perior strengti and texture. 25 do Cornelian Finger Ulngsand Ckarms; ufacturmg establishment, auJ for sale, tnr lo lin are thus enaole l to sell low, and believing in the small N.B. AUordertrremftif attended to t vioionceho Strings, assorted. ing iotof iobcco,aU of which ha been m t !e from the Diamoud pointed Gold Pens; sell !AW profit ant quick sale system, invite these in wantofbar-gamContra Bass Strins, piin'.e. Goldmnd stiver Spectaclesand Card Cases choice Ke'ie'tuus of Missouri, Teiireste, and to give us a call. No trouble to show goods. HarpStiings, KnglUh and French, superior. Kentucky Lea', viz: Silver plated Forks an l Spoons; febC Together witu the lar "est variety of Sheot Music of Head Ornaments, Silver, Shell, and Buffalo Comfes; 100 bcxes CC Missouri Pounds; our own and Eastern print to bs lound in the West. 1W do Masioimm cV Co s super Fecrar a.esi; Plated and Gut Fob and vest Chains; MODEL ESTABLISHMENT AU of w hirh we offer to ihe tiade, country dealers, Do do Breastpinsand Rings In great varl 75 do AND IN do KK Pound Lump i oacso; schools, teachers, o i as favorable temis as can be ety; do; do 1' 0 do do FF do coj do 1 Wade 4 Butcher's Penknives, Razorsand Scissors; ooiameu nasi or West. With a variety oi r'ano rones 6 nn) do do No. from the most ceisbra'ed and best known makers in this do; do do rort Monies, need anusns purses; da do 12 country. do G. W. BKAIN A RD eV CO. do; do Pine Prench Mantel Clocks; do HB do Sole agents f ir J. Cliitkerin?' Piano Fortes, do d;s do CX) Yankee Clocks, all sorts, sizes and shapes ; do nK MEN AND BOYS' CLOTHING MANUFACTORY. & Je26 N i. 117 F.nirth street, Mozart Building. Combs, Brushes, Razorstrops, and Lead pencils; do H. Lansfiars'.'s B Pound Lump; TTfU tnrlt th nf.ii..n of Ihl! nilh.lC tO OurSliPrior Manufacturer Skirting, Harness, Bridie, Sole, and Band Leather; tl?o all Lisdi o Lump looacco; BnurTBoxes, Needles Guitar Strings: do da HARDVV home-madA. WUITKLY, LOCKS and BU1LDESV MnDKKT Fine Coraland Glass Beads, In qreat variety, tc.itc (V) d i rnninion Pouads; of Moroccos, Padding, and Seating Skina, Clothing also made to order on the shortest notice, an will s'lrt'y be In store and for WARE. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Every article is warranted as represented at N.B. And in preparation constantly on hand V'e up ia LOUISVILLK, KV. of the best materials, and in the most a'etOJ boxes ettra nue h lf po md-?- , put& CO.,neat VACLmapiificture and keepLOCKS, superior BANK, the time of sale. Clocks, Jewelry, cVc, carefully repair 494 Main north side) one door from corner i Mtrrti-i:l MUSSKLMAM Wiil attend prompt, v to all professional business en IKO' SAFK Watches, 03ickage,ly ft ca" 0'i FASHIONABLE STYLE, rv and uoun's.wi. silts st.,be een .iin and Market. SJhM. AHOtTSK. and STEAMBOAT BPLLS fur ed. Old Gold and Silver bought and taken mexchange trusted to him. jy2J AT MODERATE ANlI I'MFUUM PRICES. HiiTki. OFFICE Fifth tired, o?poiltt the Court- - flout. P.S. Always open from 7 o'clock in the morning i.Uhel and Lung in the best manner, and at the fnortest until t o'clock lnthe evening, Sundays ezcepted. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Cloth?, Cashmeres, mrl dlv JUtl.K '. ti.4 TlliL.fc: A CO., m notice. Vestings, and Trimmings Tor Oothicrs, Country FRKISNZ HKRGANTZ bo2S Mat Merchants, Ac, dec, die., die. retnrcedfrom the Eastern cities with a fuil upiiy of every:i)cg Ir. my fee, 1 ITA VIG TKOTTINU AND RACING. res-- cl "v KKKt consUutlyon b ind a guei&l assortment GLORIOUS NEWS. lle?Uon of Goocstefl'rs cit7t:i jf Um;i, M ncincs, uniicii. ouigeon's inttru- i: C:.lwhd purchasesat Manufacturers and Merchants vis.if.n-th- e rr-jamkm i.. r.urr mi tasen MESSRS. COHEN, GLASER. 6V CO., the eis:i.laa:ton of making their time afui iug tr.em that my STOCK lsiaeheat selected se'sefors letbis the rer- Race Course, and is MAIN STRKET, AT 479 the above named establishment iu solicit The Most Important Discovery yet Kade. the Oakland neut., Gassware. VNinlow ulass,, . , ,niui j . T S always onen for the reception of visiters, where one wnn ir.e ousine'S. jmiuS uye armsues and Brush-tivii.5 making preparations lor a week' inga share of patronage, invite a consi.'.eiati n of the u... iv .!, P fa c!'nollc,-?etby TANNEKS.snd ail who have used it. to be superior to tey l .Trotting and Racing, to come off inducements which they offer, the supeno make of their vnico t.iey o.lcr at ioeral prices lor casn or J. f ihe priprietors cau be found ready to supp.y an I'lIIL.UIl'WS West, which 1 r l)c.ier reotvne Miniature. Their necu- "DOR Carpenter. Brush Makers. Book Binders. Cabi u October next. Tne same stab'es that were ptesent at garments, being all manufactured under their personal in would do well tow.ll sell as low asany other houe in the city can sell an inferior art c e. Ss.iti.ersia oiet iriih i 1J per call and eiamioe it, M they catcot obtain snr hsn ar'icie at t.iy .r. T r:ice net Makers, Housekeepers, UrugsUts, Ac. This the last meeting, with the addition of several others, superintendence, and positively adhering to the one such lur urraniien.ent til light, and long expericucc m iu Mi 'stock com REAL ESTATE. nusmess, to which ai'.d their splendid Apparatus, and a being a Patent Glue, in a Liq iid state, always ready for will be upon the groun I, a d i'l readiness to contend for price system, wr.ich, iu the Clotning Trade, is a feature Mlther: Hog prises the following Skirting. Harness. Bridie. Sole, black and rovwtt tij.Me Fard saJFrref , Calf Skin; Lac'ns, acd Paddins Skms: Enameled Lea.bcr of entiifly new. They beg to explain that they will brin j purses which will be offered. ors: L beoff;reJat puS ic auction, opposite discerning people will aee the advantage or calling on use, requires no fire; it is free from smell, and will keep the various lib-tWl btau'.i-fliquid in any Climate; it also acts as I'emeut lor wood li nue notice win be eive.i oi tne nice in", ami a rro- - to leai upcu ihe business an experie ce perfected by ac- P.wkes; Webbings; Bitts; htirrups: Buckles: Whij s;!!e Trees: ;ae:e;tv.i Jiouiti-TracSa uriar, Octob;i 21. i'J l.ein to secure a good likeness, combined with a hi-- F rr y Lindi-ig.o4fr TrimniiMss; Spring; A xles; Bar.ds; Coach Lamps; Coach L.ce-- ; Kuaer, Enamel, ..d Oil Stone. Chiua. Glass, Iron, Marble, Paper, or any sub. graiume of the Races and Purses will be published in quaintance with every home manufactory picture. t iotb. v'-timportance, Dtniik, and Cloths, on in: ea..k K ad to Charle- UaJ JLc. fc B. are receiving new cases from New York stani e;as a paste or gum it unequaled; Its repu due time. VV. and personal visits to the European manufactories, and Ji30dtf 7 - divide J iuto 7 lots; rang eg iroin 2 to Ikave a Bne assortment of all kinds of SADDLES, BRIDIES, HARNESS, acd TEUNXS of s verv saa- - anl oy ticai.v giving tue most scrupulous atteution to every few clays, of the veiy i.icest quality and finest fin- ration, wherever it has been introduced, is of the first av.o. returned from the order as a savin; to Mechanicsis o1) er vable at first s ght. the requirements of their customers, they hope to eusuie style.whichl wilUclUower than they cau be purchased Lithe city. AT, on tie nvi.l" sn J f?a ish. Oi.e of the pioprietcis has Alio, 69 seres or duiing which time We oTer liberal inducements to Hardware m c, station to themselves a laigs amount ot patronage. AGENT POR THet BOSTON BELTING COVPAN?. em road divided into lots varying roro 3 to7tarel. Eist, foere he spent seme rnortna, the most complete ers. Druggists, Main street, third door oast ef Twelfth, an l guarantee it to cost less, by India Rubber Bands of ail width; of GOTHIC ARCADE, Ia:'.ia Rubier Hose of a'' Vtesi Al". acre baoi oil tie effi:rson.i:ie and fca era he matte a number nowselections fiomthe larfcert and best per cent , tnaii common ordinary uiue. we are makii;20 181 Main street, between Fourh and Fit:h. they exhibit Louisville, Kt., assortments, and India Rubber Packing of ail sites: road -- d.v. jeJ Into 1 lo.s, varyin? t.owi 3 to U acres. N B. Vr hiveengiged Mrs. Marcus, and William cxtenlve arrangements for this Fall Trade, and count! Allof which I will sell at prices taatcacuot fail to please. Orders amended toon the snortt of stock ever beforeen in Louisville. Laud lies . ne nn;e a.iJ a half io.ii Je(T'ro.i vine. This merchants win do welt to attend to this Immediately and Joseph Child?, as Assistant Managers and Co., duo The -- CRAYON." or VIG ETTE DAGUERREO.TlalVi'strrrv. Also, 2 B ick H uses 1 oa L t hi Jrff;, B-- , populous towns We are establishing Sole Agents in SMALL, HTSAM ENiI.NKi, been Introduced torsc'l Departments, who solicit the patronage of tneir Ind. For Jescriptioa ee adver nesnents m TYPE, has lately and beautiful, and by W. be seen which throughout the United States. Sold a'l Bottles of three in to be must friends. au3 ) d3m . luay bs had o Win. .s something new jriu v.on pumping, printing, milling, fepi.l: of Pruare-sSUITABLEfor for all purposes where three or can only be procured sizes, and also by the Gallon. Small samples sunt to an , The above Pictures Jcffirion aj preemted it Ba.S.c iruerof i uiga:id Fra-.- t sir:-e:sDig. J. C. DCIIUIN, ol B., for ey have purchased the exclutic rtjAj naitof the Unitsd S ates, carriage free. power is needed. Owing to the simplicity of con vtile, waeie a p atof ihe tan 1 uiy bi seen. Also, the British Furniture Polish, In bottles of three in 9 months. for Jeffertion couc'y, the process emg patented. tenders his professional serv'ces One tniiacasii, one-tui- .J struction, thispattern of Eninecan be aforOed at prices Pert.cuiar attention is called to their collection of spe- sizes. Country iderhiiams. attend to the above. Apply greatly oeiowtne usualrates. callaud examine berore RESPECTFULLY Louisville and public genera'iy. 5116 & cimens on exhibition at tneir Gallery. Aomittince free. early. He Coi.a-ierniLLirs New uu. !Vorfh Hide, his practice to the treatment of Whira fcBErH x7 THEy purchasinpelse.viiere. 4 Cedar-st- ., au3 !3.n near E. Z. WEBSTER, Children hill price. Vtk of A. Wt;un, dec'J. eS dtd Admr'x e I lie sub.criber is aiso ininu'acturina an improved Swelling, scrofula, or King's Evil, Acne and Chrome MANUFACTURER OF AND DEALER IN CIGARS. SNUFF, SMOKING I. B. WEBSTER. RiieumatiS'ii, Ulcers, Sore Legs, Whitlow or Felon, Morticing Machine, and Apparatus for N. B. likenesses of Invalll or deceased friends taFistula in Ano, and Piles. He invites especial attention AND CHEWING TOBACCO, HAVANA, CUBA. FLORID Ir. and sheet iron workers, and attends to all kinds o ;N the ken at the shortest cotue by loavL.g the address to his cure cf Fistula in Ano. He discards the obbingin bis line of business. jy21 dtf CONNECTICUT SEED, AND KENTUCKY Gallery. use of ih. Knife and the Ligaiwe. Patients are not restricted iu their diet, nor prevented from attending to Ac CO., -Jf. IV. CAKAL LINE TO BUFFALO, AL3 therusual avocations. steam Planing "villi and HiiUder Warerooms, to Cltielnnnii, Jiall CSOfflce northeast corner of Jefferson asd Floyd CHINA, WOODEN, MEERSCHAUM, Steaia per aUihe, CLAY AND PIPES Lumber Yard, .Sash, Door, and Blind Fac-- : Liue la LaaUrlile. streets. Green Street, between Eighth and Ninth, GERMAN AND SCOTCH tjiijj tory, Flooring Mill, Dry Goods, Starch, fcj'.iii BOXES, LOUISVILLE, KY. are prer.ared to eater .ntn contracts for mer. References. lifi. L LOUISVILLE A&JL and Soap Boxes, Mr. S. Wilson. MarKtt street, between First and Se gcr.cuiy deiiveiabie tt tnu city, bl have recently extended thelrstock North tide of Main, between Finland Brook ttreett, cond: Mr. Thos. F.atman, Third street, between Walnut THEsubscrlbers theirfacilities for manufHCturing.and Te. low lales, fri m Ne Yolk. G and Chestnut; Mr. Joep.i McWilht, Main street, be. respcctiuiiy invited to can. examine stock, and J. C. BUi riLES &. CO., A ft I. Is prices. TnaPKl for lib-r- al Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Manufactory. Loii, Kv. e are prepercd to do all kinds of MARBLE WORK.atthe Cai aland K. K. ii;ie. extended ta me heretoJore, 1 hok e fora continuance of the api?, now teat ue reci;rj- theIr n AVrew i3d2:n undersigned, bjildersand practical mechanics tween Firstan l Second, at Mr. Slepard's Coach Shop; WAREUO USE, 132 northtiie MnintlrtetJtliceeuSitt shortsi possible notice and at Eastern prices. at.y ettended in the new locality. irQ3 d 1 wf'l MONUMENTS, the city of Louisville , have examined the work Mr. Thomas T.Norris, Market street between Hancock MARBLE MANTELS, TOMBS, ana. meeenin; ulSheiby. fjel dotwtfl JOUN C. DURBIN. sVtlcLB v 11 SCHOOL. HE 1H S I ONES, and building work of every desenp. FOUNDRY. Seventhtlreet.between Mainandthe River, manufactured in the extensiue Planeing Millof Messrs. much pleasmay be needed, from the finest A new lot just re undersigned offer to dealers in their line one o J.N. Breeder! .it Co., of this city, and with"tie materials WATCH S Kev. It. M. t'bapniaa A: Ueory .loore, I.. L.. D. tion of such quali'ieses ure bear testimony tothe excellence ot ITALIAN end EGYPTIAN M ARBLE tothe common PAlNTINt;, tiJLIH.M., A 4 . largeBtand most ceived.of various styles. Gold and Sil 2J PER LIMESTONE. Tnis lest description o. be found at any jne house complete assortments that can used, and the work done by tnem. Tiunr builders' INDIANA ver of most approved makers, which su iicriters ie ;irpied to scr.'e. in the r..-.s- t in the western country , com. wareroomsc ntain a very .arge assortment of Doors, - oeuod uu Montlay, 23'.h of Stone isthe most desirable and bestadKptedtorcuilding Institution rpHlS , V;w-- W my assortment very complete. prised, in part, asfollows: t,.l kuJ wotkn:ai.-:IK- e Mi 7l makes ir.arrrr. anl X Auga-l- at tne a w cn joihoo i, oj Fif a attrtct, nurrio-.e- of ai.v Stone foundin the West. Window Sash, and Vjuetiau Abutters, which we j most Celebrated Kitchen Range, for wood or coal, caiefullyetamtned.anJ do not hrsitateto say that have LicJein stj.e, p. air? a...i 2rCoiat:s iictie Fainl-- I with v.ew kir.Lt nd Cne.u.,, between they C52fiA&S3o) Warranted to give satisr-- tion by V UO., A. We are enabled to furnish everything In our line at Our ing, Sii', Banner, n. I n !a.:i evei y i;cr;rtiou ot t. . , and tltler. 1 hccuuiaie ul Inseveral sizesi VVM. KENDRIGK to ccueine..ce, (jjielur.-price uiuc blower than when we sawed and manufac Htoamboai and fTotel Stores, (wroughtlron,)! rge will bear favorable comparison with any work of the P, ETWEES FIFTH AND MAIS STREET, Pvntii.g. itLl:ou y.4 to oletis SIX TP, K"SpeciaUtteution jlven to Watch repairing. kindthatwe have ever seen. The perlect machinery struction wi.i a icgjlar n tb Scbooicourse, in tured by hand. Cailand learn prices and obtaingreat -tor Feiiit.i-sizes, capacity to cook for 600 persons; mil Gil Iti. au7 ol an bar pa ins. .ic. Oud Fe.lcw.', at.4 used by these gentlemen will make as good work as any cluin g, iu iJii'ou 10 the eie.iie.-i.hiLoai.vltie, Ky., Air-tig- ht tons of 1 cu perai c Kt a;ia, cVc. Cook tove,(MissLes:ie's)gottenap Kngii-- u education, Cict win receive the luiuute titen-tioTEMPLE GWATHMEY, hopeto receive share Theby us expressly for western use. TblsStove stands doueby hand. ThtnkfulforpiFtfavors.wo DI Vei!:.ou.a:,ui2C!u! io on er and p cn har.-- lU IN LI tnem in eviry, a course of of puMic patronage. aa ciKnUi ROBERT STEWART, PAPER WAREHOUSE, unrivaled wherever used; rAYNCY ANU STAPLE UitV UOOIM, ffifc! every it.-c-i puun of ..t io I purposes; ol an ii.cuitiira biUk xna'he.iiai.cs adequate to ail D. NP.VIN A Co S. SHREW ALT, 110dtr Letteis tor ins, nunhiri pprtiau, D..stt:ifo-type-, Premlnm Cook sstovea, various sliesandpattercs.for AMI ct ui and uioiicm uisto- y, njt fjige ting mat ol our r tea GIDEON SHRYOCK, wood and coal; I i lc.use rinirs.c: evtr, cV couuuy; ul reauii g :nd cocvcra ioi.n ou general sci FASHIONABLE Cl.OTIlINU ESTABLI8UW. rtzt, CYRC jv84 dtf Aactloa nod Cousvul.aloa .tSerrhttuta. JOHN M. DEL PH. A,.-f Jtyir.and ftotiein. Vci ent ! Hentine ttoven of nil Ulnd. 6, 7, 9, andlO-plat- e ts 'il VV 2;cjt. ence and a couie it stuiy in tne c.Cieiu lanuaves !lhNT. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A.GO'A'DV.I.juisv lie. 1 a: MUogai.. tiid rfoMcwt'ud. We wi rr.i o re Cue .1.4 Stoves, 20 different sixes; WILLIAM C. WEBSTER. GEORGE KIRK toiiiiuinsuia'-- e a i a tins Jtinauds ol uteiaiy and proies-iWHOLESALE AND RETAIL. oel st A. I'XitrtY. PniialJ'?'-.!So. 11 New p a'es.old hiun ts, a; shwii .ci Oil ii:i foursiies, new and beau. Parlor (tove.,( i e. A co. is: ol elccutionary readiug lor tne ie. STA1SL.L', SFROULE 4 MANDEVILLE, AKD MrrvhaU'.k, loa. li.aclblCi. States for tiful pattern; w it ue tjuuutna ny or. M., legird itd (tcrrs in SPECIAL AUCTION NOTICE. ARB the sole Agents in the United Powder; Superior B eaching ; aant of Mgcs, wi. iiu am to aiv- - ns 1 c.n te ie or- onkey,nad On Fifth stbket, Maim and Mibrit, Ironloar.fwith a large andFranblln Wtove.; to c.-- p joiM wt ulitictsio sustained by au'.nors o! repute. COKSER OF FOURTH ASD MAIS STREETS IIY n. A ANotloaeero. Victoria Mills Celebrated Writing Paper; deiir,ge.s!icie, ami at :fce aa Together handsome assortment of all t::i.e -- tt i.ic.r Kd Maihei nucai bian.l es generally 1e23 in t t. Wane LOUIsVILLE. KY. NVlTEall persons visitlnn the city of Louisville, to and se'leis ot Russell do Superior d do; BUYERSthat our re j:iUr iln ciimliie will please take or Eupubiua iian.ed in a it'.: n.i net, i..u cu i ui-- J by me d:v . M,. t npniin. the cus-ic- s w.u 1 ca l at their extensive es'ablisfcment, and examine the latest and most fashionable MANTEL GRATES, siies o: ;ne Genesee do do Printing do; nn:e. io ive tU:c v'm. r.u ictciciice to their tr.elr mprib assortment of fine Fastilonable Clothing, enameled and plain. a:i vri.i oe coud ctc-- oy Hr. iooi r'ttney and Steyle Ura iiaudt. Ha. ni dps, CuLerv, Lcticn. Tiy us at Rawlins dt .Sous' English Tissue do; i iLuu t:tci, Also, a complete stock of Tin, Copper, and Sheet ttcci lo tne pruCt.ri Dei i. on li.e illeraiure ut 1U1 u Ojods, ma C:en"emei.'s Furr.isriiiiE Goods, of the best desciip Iron Ware.Japaoned and Planished Ware, Arc. and Cowan dc Co.'s English and Scotch Writing Paper, Courier ol .a.iiURting lt:c acquiieuieut ol ihe tio ever offeied in this market Our facililics for ob iu a v e will give They are also agents lor the principal Papei Manufac I). A J. WRIGHT 4 CO. constat emroymett 11 gioil Kjio.e. 116dtf tir.Dou.ul li.",.-:rso- l K lainii e Goods aie ut h a to enable us at aT to of turers in this country, and offer for sale by ; vaa-to a Gduer and C the most cu ari:.oiiiei. an j the loruiStion of habits o - i fer he choicest and most faslnona lie styles of garmert Liiiort, Null, O.siioire, extensive and desirable stock of Paper and Pa; er HLKY Ot RANDALL. AI, FA LACK, active ludM. y w ii oi ni tne r.asisupon wuicbti.o o'clock. And iuno s.u uj m inn ai me ioesi Materials that cau be found iu this or any Every FaiatTaloasiss, at o. tLi bc.bvHJl wilt dcpe-- i i. aud u itt.oul inatiiiiji e irainicd to he as i'iicr. ! Arm and Swtd lland Furniture well made as It made by our bet Northeast corner of Fifth and Jefferson other country. LIMjOLA Ia. CAU DIE Y, UN a re; idty , i; Mert auy pecious ,'ionnsjs i.buu .( ch hant Taiicrs. AVCI 7 nbinuiT 1 ney occupy the large and commodious l ioo Clock rriHB proprietors would return their acknowledgments Warehouse in be .ne ci.oc.v O: to ie.n er caca diy's buce -MANDEVILLE. 8PROULE No. 1 J3 Third st., n xt door tothe Post Office, Bel3 . . no 11 Cliff street, no. frs Cit.T street, No. 91 Beekman X to the public for the liberal patronage hitherto ex ""cu up ic iar3e warcnous-o- n al-- j v. an rri I o.. r u3 u3a lencttc to muti y for the il-ialof a;i j VQ tended them aud respectfully solicit a continuance of street, and the Lofts over the large Iron Stores,7 and 8 f,reet, adjomiuj ou. coui.tiKg-n-om- , LOUISVILLE, KV., u c A rati Via ween romT" of new aud second hand Furniture. Cltffstreet. the same. Exctnnlve Agent la thl. city for the L of Mr.Spen.-eexclusively to be supplied with the wi.i.lov.ite bis tl.ue U1T "CJ. Dobyii Their Bar is and will alwsrs Their busineis is strictly wholesale, aud Writing Pa- - L0u.r ItHK proprietors beg leave io inforpi their customers ,,, t ollri41.-;u.o b'!esa,aud .lUousigcueuU I. su line public in general, that they are now ready choicest LIQUORS and WINKS of every description, Fitk'a I'altnt Air Tight Metallic Burial Cases. pers are sold by the Case only. 'D having agency oldest vii.tigs, together Their extraordinary Gtatcsand Castinps ,. NO.isU dic'itreci.over K.tls'e Jewrlr) Store, Loa o furnish Stoves, low as any houre ol every destrip . and of tnemost approved With CIGARS ef the fPHh mbscribcr, wnith u ihe exclusive inventionfur the Goods, botu foreign andlacl.lties enable them to offer ail ts Buieac- Ky. ni couc-ctio- n nvs no any other auction Hie greatest above i:uses, of the West of the Moun-'hips- best and domestic, at the lowest Possible . . ' 1I a ion, bt pi'ices as , . Row, Xeinpbis.Tcnn. . o. 1. nouikC id inu city. 'i Having joii ed the patteir.s of the First Street Their B1LL1 A KD TABLES are as fine as any in the age lor ti.e dei.d, would c li the attention ot the public prices, I I'euter Jo I Ligra i:u.M Camp street, c Ut.eaiia, l.a. Furiiiture at .'weilm? houses attenJed to 7r Paper made to order, any me or weight. Liberal adFdurn'ry with those of the Falis City Foundry, enabies United States, and their rooms agreeable, and furnished to their great fu crionty over the coruiiion woe d Ccrtin Maguire's old t Lard Uiva.i., do sa'ea, Comet Camp and canaUtree'.k.f frmu now iu ue, for all Eeasons of the year, Vault puiposcs, vances ma le oa censigamenis of Paper, Paper Mikers' nr.v.iintlr.xiid on fs'T.i.l us to have a full ar.d complete atsortn.cnt ol Stoves, with eveiy Imaginable convenience. jviO ily New Ji icana, La. be tUr"Co.!?i!iiiieiitao.;c.'.t.i,aiul ci.-- advances ma le eve. stock andother merchandise. Grates, llollow-ware.anptttrrso! sll kinds for small The best BRANDY, WINE.-s-, oic, can for had ready transportation, beauty, style of finish, S"d duiabuily ooiuci Foon.Uo.uJ Cr.catnnvitreets.St. LoaiSjMo. medicinal They are unrivaled, and wherever they have Lec-- intro bottled, and are especially recommended McDERMGTT, K'cGRAIN &CO. The highest market price paid In Ca3h for all kinds of to auy aiauunt. Jl A IT By clinei ul ...c tioic esLiLiisn'.if.iilt 0J lo V.ork.We are the exclusive manufacturers ol the purposes. nolOtf S.O. HENRY A CO .Auctioneers. duced it lias been to the total exclusion of all othei Cor Rags. B. mv27dtJanl AT RAM. We f esjtl-ul.can procuic sucb icl.:res ts i.mtt pica-e- . A fine LUNCH will he dally and regularly served from fins: their curt oeiug uo more thtn good finished wood "Kentuckiau," "The Stove,"aiid the "Quern City."f. ;au2ii'.l!j .kM AkCf ACTO.T A Jn rHCLHtX LUuVA.VcO. oliciiaca;i. AUCTION SALES o'clock, A. M.,tilU2,M. CcfTins places them in the reach of all. IIAKUAINSI UAICUAIN4- Orders for Job Woik can be lett atNo. J couriii SfraMrj av.on ti.Jt tirtu, Ao. it. may rely upon All persons visiting the Crystal Palace Iu addltiou to tii se eleeant air tight Metallic Cases, I stteft. ANOLUWO.N Ac CO. BY IN BOOTS SHOES AND BROGANS e a.5r,(.aii be RV at a.. li:.. receiving the best attention, and being always furnished have all kinds acd sizes of leadymnde wooden Coffins, lylO All orders promptly attended to. Main $t., Let. Fifth and Sixb, LouisoiU. Ky. ''r5t:Jtaiia oeiajortaieui.s oi Ma'.ueejauaFurtisa. Liquors, and Cigais. The tame manufactured of the best maieiuls, and by the bjit with the best Wines, AT EVEKHAKT'M, E. CRUTCH PI ELD & CO., est. quality served to all no exceptions. workmeu of the city. 1 piedge myself not to follow the No. 172, North tide t iret . bs'ueen and Fourth. rilHEitteution of dealers Is re.ectfu.iy in v.ted tooul u'iS steamboats in tee W Feather Beds; iiavivo f.urcaa.icd the large, ai ! y, "X2JSL. LOPK & flAMBRIGHT. L. M. EVERHART, Deaierin Boots, Snoes and --L regular Auction Sales oa every T L K.iUAY and Malttea an2renlaw old plan of extortioning, but will sell lower than any othrecently j couiuio.;. jus M-Do t ultou do; Pi. lews; HOUSE OP EXCHANGE AND BANKING during ;he er house of the kind iu the city. My prcritsou both Me upied b Mutlnew Leacu,and situalua uu tu. t Brogans, No 172, Market street, North side, be THURSDAY A. M., whentall, coiamencing on each day Batting Co; Cotton iui we will a eueral as rtg3l tween Third aud Fourth, has on hand a flue as at 10 o'cloct tallic and wood Coffins thall not exceed that of any other SrniDRIr;.-5lulu, ul jiiKct aud Second stieets, (havius u u IIL 1 1 IIINt;! Oc CO. Suuck do; Mess do; 1 am prepared to attend ruentof DRY GOODS, BOOTS, SHOES, BROGANS, kind or business. iunetais with sortment, consisting in pail as roiiowst ti'anc tu eacbstreci.jaie pre,.Hieu to t ui.ej Hair do 1 lijo bbis Loaf, Powdered, and Crushed Sugar; Curled lialr Piilcwt; FFICB HOURS, FROM A ND APTER NOVBMBBR Mens itie calf 000 ts; elegant Hearses, trid will turniah any number of carrla-ge- s LaJes' Silk and Worsted die See our.special ad vertuieuient lor eac n days' sale. tiny aud KK) bags Rio Ci ffee. Straw Bo.fctcia, Ai.dcstrtT-UotSdoj 1ST. H A. M. TO 4 P M. noil Do do Kip do; Termscash. THOS. ANDSKSON di CO., ; Gaiters and Half that may be desired. Peisoual attention given to And transact a.iututi fciuda ul oosiucss in tbelrine. Aioii-unMo 4 7.1 do; bars; do Java. Jamaica, and Ceylon CcfTees; Boys' do Caif do; sepldtw Auctioneerstb busiuess. I can be found at all hours during the isiaiLfc 3.: caieluu) selected, Toeirstock of PortableCotdo; S5U pscVagcs Green and Hlaca Teas; hiugic Cut Mattreaaes, la Do do Kip do; week, Sundays, or night, at my warerooui. Ladies' French Mo. Boo. aua they are picparca to keep tiorek by i:ie day , ivcek, fV) TenUfor Caii.'orr.tios, dc. Plantation Molasses; J. L. C UDR Y Youths' fine Boots; tees; aull iv wtf jr3f3a THOSE who are In want of a nrat dfslen fot oi year ou rcajuuco.e Lcnue. 1'ucy uavccoiiaiantty on j N.B. sale o: hire ; Car; ru sad Cur do 25 do Sugarhouse Mens' Calf Sboes; Bussins do; Iron Railings, Verandahs or Ualcstradinft, w lil hand uauusui.i e ami litu BY DANIEL 11 KATUN, tainsmadeto order with neattes acd dspaUS.Xat. 40 4 do Plantation; do; T1IK IIYimtMVVIIIlC Boys' do do; Enameled A.C., do; do well to tall at the Railing Shop of H.J. M KA D, ung iDj Cloth titteu .own. between Second and Third, Marltt Second street, between Walnut and Chestnut, is H t do Sugailnuse do; Youths' Calf shoes; Kid do; WntcL tney umuaciui s bull excursions. Tnelrrl Jtug a here they csn be furnished with pla.ii or lancy Kailirgs j 150 boxes Vuginia, Kentucky and Tenn. Tobasco; open again for the reception or patients. The oiuer ipt ociptiy atter.Jedto. Children's Calf Shoes ; AT 9g O'CLOCK, A. M. Enameled do; Hoi.ex o.ik wort:iy ot ecoiiinieu'Iaiion, and iney ftssuit at the low t prices; also, merchants' t'.ookcsse?, Iron DF.VINNtY- HA.vL'lt.2m do Window Glass, assorted sues; remaikable success of hvdroi.atl.ic treatment duringlast Servant's do TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS of every week, win j JylOitf do; Ladies fine Congress GaDoors, Shutters, and any kind of Iron Stairs put up in a mal tney are tuair l.icuasaud iL.e u'jI.c 60 do Star Candles: season, in a variety of diseases, gives assuiance that the sold at auction a goncral assortment of llouie Buckskin Gaiters; . iters; mi Half Gaiters; masterly manner. Cellar Gratelng and all kinds in e ei) rei'ecllo do a capital 75 do Summer Mold Caudles; will be visited this year by a large number establishment uo; Boys- ao holdan.l Kitchen Furnituie, Groceries, and Dry oooJj, House Smithing done with usual promptness and dis misses uo uo do; a.ivery Capt. JOSEPH 1!. CKUM Vv i.LL, Taovaiarca. 80 do Rubin Soap; of patients. cVc ., ckC.dxC. SiC. and ail articles consigned lor sale uo commission ill H. J. MEAD, Third st., patch. And tr.. in rite attention lo then ciat Uf hmest. l.OoO bags Cotton Yarn The proprietor would, however, call the attention 0 rr!y3 dAely two do'.rs ponh ol postofTice. t'luciiiuall- jyHdif The public are respectfully inviied to call and 3ee th he well attended to. Also, sales or Real Estate, and! 12U do Carpet Cham; the friends of Hydropathy to the fact that the early goodsand prices,and I know 1 Furniture at dwelling. CarBreakrast at 5 A. M. tor passargers cansuit them. j tut 67 5xl do Cotton T wine; Spring, before the hat Summer weather commences, Is i. X. JfiOI.1. RLFERESCESt jylOdlf WIU inAMUFAiJl the Cars. L. M. EVERHART. 1 article t 130 ba!es Batting, No. the most favnrablo time tor hydropaihic treatment. Dr.A.Baldridge.LouiavUie. R. P. Levering, Cincinnati. A. Out) ke-- s assorted Nails and Brads. Main anl Market, JTeJS oarlkiJre!, A large number of B ithing Rooms, for warm and cold i . Banks, 110 Dr. W. A. Kelto;?. COUNSELLOR AND a 1 AT LAW. I'll) dozen Buckets; baths, ai a aiso connected with this establishment. OVISVI M.X.) (TSSOLDSSTSTAHDIN Rev.R.M. Chapman, J. Murphy. ATOOhE ck AMPt.fa.LL (iprcu.e's oi.l statu', W aVe. 9 Court tluce. 95 do small Buckets; For further particulars apply at the establishment, or Pauldi Murdock. J'26 ter street, a.ccp ou :nil a c SPKOULE &l MANDEVILLE, ttd 2i do blue Tubs; of the proprietor, on Second street, benaving associated at the residence P. POPE and J. U. Jr.ui.1, wed selected s9oituicct ol boat acd bar ton,u.vcg 25 nests (9) do; tween Walnut aud Cnestnul. No. 487, Southeast corner of Main and Fourth streets. temcives toe.ner under t,.e h.ui of fOl't. & wlilvU tuay be ic.i- 20 do (3; do; K. CASPARI, M.D.. Proprietor. al; ihaCouiuol Lou. . lie. mrl6 dtf J tuL.1, Hin p:c;ic law in Sweet Oil, Wholesale aud Retail Denier. In Sugars, ie Fiuus, 100 pro s Matches; tjuiiiie. n coutiJeu to eiuur wul receive the piotnplai-teullo- b Vint (.i, to John R. Hall dt Co.,) Prtieivea, 61) d.'ien Sbfker Brooms; of beta. THE NEW WIU JIANCFAC'TOKY, M.lo-e.Cai.u.cs, Siups, 17) pickaces Nos. 2 and S Mackerel; COACH MANUFACTURER, offer for sale our new stock for the fall and bttL., Curiants, lou rise, With a fTie assortment of Cot ton and Hemp Cordage, trade, comprising in every department the East side Third street, between Market and Jefferson, Pickita, tiuOiUiy, XaCKeici, Madder, Ind go. Pep,-er- , Spice, Rice Ginger, Saleratus, newest and richest styles, and unsurpassed ia variety Plain FiuiU. Loi!itra, Sup. Carb. Soda, Venetian Had, Spanish Whiting, 8pai -Loelsviile. , nd extent by any similar establishment ii the South or, every description 01 ish Brown, Rosin, Nu mes. Cloves, Chocolate, 8ar. A ri a West. No pains have been spared to rendet the assort, Efcjfc- - Where c.ty be touu .M. iutl, Raisins, biucb.S, aud lines, Putty, Al'um, Krimstoi e. Saltpetre, Epsom men:, if possib e, more attractive than ever, and wovthy niaUc .u uefashionib:e Carnages, Coaches,most Buggies, - j I .IsllpS, Vtrn.ace: a, ew York h.kce., THE CANAL aud KiVek, icares reaaoaabest siyie, aud for iaie on the Salts, Cinnauioi:, Glass Jaisand Flasas, Lemon Sirup, the inspection of every merchant or purchaser viaiting ble terms. Colored Sugars, ia..ctij., dai.y, Ibnuiug in Ccnni.'.iOil wit!' Blacking, Caddy. Raisins, and s general assortment of the city. The several departments are asfollows: faib.,c.c. Ice. ClUoil. Bica.uci anu Prvpe.lcra om tae Lakes. itrf"A li orders promptly executed Nuts, Currants, rVC, Brannies, Wine., and Domestic at Albany oi lioy. U. cuwaiit Dre.a Goods, Repairing douewiiti dispatch and st the lowest' In fact, eveiy. hing necessciy to Liquors of ail kinds; constantly on hand and for sale by ji eucn uual ;u:.y insured. Car.o H. T. URD ck CO., Bar Stores may bs 'cdec1 JOaEPU HlllliUa. Consisting of the richest black, brown, olive, and blue rates. Among their Pro iieto.a Kica.CLAft- - Co., New York (P. L. jyil dtf rene2wdiwtf AS invites the attention ofhiscustomer? Sixth street, between Main and Market. sel Cloth Dress and Frock Coats, aud black Doeakin. and Pur Uiard, Dupuj c 10. 1 BiUy ; STfc.kSBa.kO ek CO., ti.daio. to his newly in vented VENTILATING fancy Cassimeie Pants. A 1. tome U.aiuita IV uo; apply to cut riciiuor DIAMOND WiGS, warranted not to shrin k : (thoc e who SHELBY COLLEGE, Tests! Tests! Ih.i.ipagu so; RiCk, ( Slip New York; Co., ul aaveworu Wigskuowthatthe gieatestcomfortina Vig BELL AND BRASS FOUNDER. Peach EHRLBYVILLE, SHELBY COUNTY, KY. Uo; dt Co., lot rMer, Aibany; A. We have the richest and most msgnlficent styles of isin one that will not shrink at all,) besides, they are so Water Street, between F.rsland Stecnd, Aiuencaa L yraisikas ik Co., corner From aud Dock SU., clcef a resembl&nceto nature as to defy detection. And coj black Si K, Saiin, Cashmere, and Cassiuieie Vests; also, Int'.itution hat neu been New Yoik Uoj Loal.vlllo, Ky. every desirable style of Party Vesta. buffaiO; io er able gentlemen to see the effect, a large assortment Curls, Bandeaux Cherry Churches, WHERE the Wigs, Scalps, Braids,every kind can be IS prepared to make t!o; A'aTKiftS, Ja., Tclctlo; ifcs'.ways kept for Inspection, sny one of which, Ifap Hair Work of thlrts! Shirt..' A. Gcikti, Poctcr In Philosophy, (late Principal of found in Old Bourbon WhUky; Monoic.:a do; Steamboats, 'Taverns, die, 01 a. aud o. . MiTCHaLL, ClCClunall; proved of, seves the purchaser both time and trouble, as abundance, and made In apprcved workman, Fine Linen snd Muslin Shiits; fancy Linen and Muslin hoLanu Gin; toim. Lo; superior tone, of which he keepsan ..sortuiecl aiaik poca iges i'. k W. Line,' and ship dally from hese elegant specimen of Wigs cannot be found else-nei- the Liuuisviue Classical institute,) president, and Pro- ship. and as cheap as they could be got in Philadelphia ' So.;-i- Coei.lit. S.ip, Old Buigunjy port Mine hand. Vora. Also, a spiemtld assortment of Ladies Wigs, fessor of Latin, Comparative Grammar, and Modern or New York, is on P iurth street, nearly oppositethe Shirts, with and without collars. Hoss and Sa'.tScrews. Oil Globes. Cyl Pure P011 Juice; LP M.dclis; Uader.hlrt and Drawer. urrrciiUt oy i:ua ulc u never deleyedfor wantol Halt Wigs, braids, and Curls alway son hand and made Languages, Etkvkkson, M.A.. Professor of MatUe-matus- . Methodist Episcopal Church. Call and see. Kev. John Chau.pagi.e, Ciret, and ii.ln,, Wire; fac.uu a atleiiUon, sw.d contracts aie strictly ai ut order at the shortest notice. febl2t)tf Fine Silk, Shaker Flannel, Anglo-SaxonE.D.NICHOLAS. Wool, Inder, Guage, and Stop Cocts, of every size;. Natural Piulosophy, and Astronomy. A gene:.; fc4.ii.cnlct I in.'.aud ictaCCO; tici'tilo. Combs, Brushes, Perfumery, Gloves, and a general Lambs' Wool, Merino, Canton Flannel, and Cottou copper Kivets, spelter some r, and Bias, cast- Col. K. W. Mubo.k, Graduate of West Point, Pro Togethei with ail aiticica u.uhl.v acl in Lw(ccr Stoiea. Wcuivet-eeappointed agent for the above Line, tae ortn.ent of Fancy Goods, of the latest importation, JOHCPfl iTlEUEL, Shirts and Diawers. festor of Practical Engineering, Surveying, and Field jOT CAiif paid ror old Copper and Brass. Tbcy resettlulty it v lie tc. ti to taj anu txacLO aioreadv to make cvkutiu ana receipt through :o be louna at tne above establishment. anl WATCH MAKER AND JBWELLER. and Work. Gloves! Gloves! tne 11 stock, as they aie ceti rrnme-- tc cd ou acicu mo. (or produce acd e oi cer y liescn, tlcn. Jvio itf G. NICHOLAS, No.85 Fourthstreet, Importer of English, German, and French Gkokob Schbne, M.A., Professor of Greek, Hebrew, MUjI.K Oi OAMPyihLL, dating tein... Kcaeu.bei tLai icnipctKioi: is 1; jelbd&w bet. Mainand Market. Louisville, Ky. and German. Kid, Silk, Cashmere, Buckskin, sad Berlin Gloves; of WATCHES, fine Gold Huntinc Patent VVkll St., between Mai., and river. JtGOhE dt I AJUr LLL. 41 N. B. Pesonn residing at a distance, and wishing to tpl tiade. 1U0, and JEWELRY of all Cravats, Suspenders, Cotton and Merino Socks, Umbrel WaTCHES, Rev Gaouo Bkcritt, Chaplain, and Water strett. vu uoor nom cur. cuua. lorwaru cruets tor wigs, can taKe the measure or their Belles Le 'res, ogic.aiut Mental and Moral Professor of inds, Market from SIS to las, aud Carpet Bags of every style and quality. street, between First and Second, (oppo. Philos- phy. itONti, ceadsin the following manner, which willguarantythem TAVLVU Ai Ai SPKOULE & MANDEVILLE. sel ALFxiNDti Scvuk, M. D., Lecturer In Natural His. ktethe Bowles House,) Louisville, Ky. BTLAJIBOAX AGAiACY. a perfect f.t, vix: 6l Katmomd, Tavi-otory, Physiolopy.Gooloey, and Chcmistty. var Allordeis of repairing will be doneln the nicest TO COtTHTUY MEECHATiTS. 1 st. y easure round the head, say from SO to 23 nches. s. caar I. m. ataoaa..... 4S1 .lotn Mrett, Rev. Johx W. Vsmabls, Instructor iu Drawing and snd best tyle, and at the shortesttime possible. 2'1. Measure from the forehead tothe nape, 13 to 14 do. Painting. subscribers are now recr iving their fall lmporta. IN hVr.Ki DKSCkiPllON OFLADIK& yilO dly THB of HARDWARE, UTLERY, FANCY and 3d. Meaiuie from cut o ear across forehead, 11 tola do, DEALERS Furmsumg i.d Hmbt Ham., Instructor In Music. mud (aeacral a onaaUaloa ear toearacrosicranium, lit 013 do, 4th. il easure froir. VARIETY GOOD.GUNS, PISTOLS, kc , imported itaasaboat la, FI It EI F1KK!! FIKI!!I! William Vncr, Instructor in Gymnastics. uioes, Ci avals, bniru. Hosiery, niloi aat trwatsiag Bar Address as above direct front Eagliih, Gerniau, and Amciican manutac-tuters- . STEAM B'J AT, anl GARDEN Hkiidkerclnc:, buici.dci t , (auea, Tiuns. Caipd raKPABATOBV FIRR, nude extensive arrangements for HOSB. Hav. DirilTMIIT. 1 LoiiaviLLB, Kv. the manufacVen,Li.n;i.'.Oncik,ccc Dr. A. Guenti, Piincipal. Bags, Lne Preserves,, , Merchants buying in our city or passing through will No. 164 vtaur stieet, between Wal' tad Lamb, aud severalof the aforementioned Pro- ture of the above articles, I im onv prepared to fill all NATHAN WHITE would respectfully Inform his John JkliB and the public in general that he has rented find it to their lutei est to call a.. d txainlue our goods aud OFFICE, th building occupied by Parmcie. orders ror Rivi ed Hose, and which I intend shall be fessors, Assistants. CAMPBELL, J. M. on Main street, between Second prices before luakiug their purchases. All business entrusted to them 1I1 be pioii.fUj al. E The Academical course will, In eveiy respect, be as made of the very best material au I workmanship, equal a large ILAGBI T, JOHNSON 4 CO., ter tied to. Practical Kooler, Green ot , uoar tne Theatre, cornpiehensive and as thorough as in any of our eastern in qu Uity a'vl less In price thin the Eastern manufacture, and Third sr rests, wr.ere he Intend) to keep a large and South side Main, oetweeu Futa aud sixtn sU. They respectfully solicit a star of public patiocag. at mv on Fifth street. varied supply of every style and fashion of the best Lot-iuniversities. Kr. u21 d6m made FURNITURE that the Western market can pro03" To casa buvrrs a lioeral JLscouut. J. R. WINTER. A Superior Observatory, with a splendid and powerrul aaraaaacis: purchased the Intetest acd rlchts In Ky. George We'iby,Louisvuic ; Fonda A Morris. do; WalLouisville, Aug. 1, d3.a duce. He has Just received a lot of Ottomans, SociaMatiiematical, Philosophical, and Chemical a It U a ai.picpaiitil iivc ln.uu6i. ici.e.p a on Godk HAVINO dc C. M. WARREN, gives bis persons, Telescope; aof the first order: a Library of more than lace k Llthgow, do; Coi. Win. hum it, 00; bles, reclining ami barbers' Chairs, Sideboards, Sofas, Apparatus, V and j..u-- e fiuladelpiila attention to his business. He is pie pared to execute all dliliined to ev about "these diggins"ihtJ. R. WIN TER dressing and plain Bureaus, Secretaries and Book Cases, 9. l Co., Uo; Milier tm McGij bis, do; lael 4k AlkiliSOd a great variety ol other has at this time and always keeps the lar. and Baitnaoro al reduced rates Call and see a Uatol work intruded to him at short nonce, and with the bett five thousand volumes; and the student uncommon valPorwardme M;rchant.Steaicboa; Murdoch, LiuciBiiati; Sou'.hcate, hawtben 0 uable epp. lances, afford to adeeslsiockofgood TRUSTS and HOUSE card and centre Tables, plain and enclosed WashstamW, maleiial out prices andGeneralAgent,N.lo3Coiamerclalaow,o, Isaiah Dickey ui Co., Pittsburga; C spt.J. PianoStiols, COLLARS cn hand, that is to bs found in this city, or beth Rocking mahogany, rosewood, and walnut Eliza isvi!le,Ky. C. BUCKLES A CO., These Composition Roofs have been fully tested, and vantages. Chairs, aul a very Urge assirtmentcl P. M. lucker, llauibtaig. IckB.; Al4i.i.ei ot This College unites wib the highest snd intermediate West of the M untains, and that he sells cheap for cash found supeiior to ail others a gainst the ravages ol FIRE: Abel.tfcfor O- - LKECH V CO. Donahue, Savannah, l.a.; Terr) da Price, Faatport, Chairs and m.ioy other articles in the state or lorwaid and when ptoperly put on, they are ontirely water proof. departments of a t7thorough Academical Education, a or city reference. W.ds C.Fellowesdt Co.,Loutvllloi Miss.; J.G. Kobihem. Fultva, uo; Col. J. H. fcii.11, N. B. All orders from a distance promptly attended ness, which, when finished, will form one of tho best constantly on hand for sale. regular School for mining Civil Angineert, and prok-eien- tt B3"R-fine mateiials ke pt do; Benedict ck Carter, Tuscumbia; V. A. Rogers ck Son, Decatnr; Cenptoa assorted stocks of Furnit ire in the Western market. in industrial pursuits. to when accompani a 21 d8m by the cash. uJl ( B.iiilAwlani James May, Pittsburg; He hopes to meet with as many of his old patrons an l A Patterson, do; U11111 k GuuierstUte; O The Modrrn Foreign Leneuaset are not only taught Hewitt, Norton dt Co.,NewOrleans the public general! v, as can make it convenient to rive Greenwood, do; C. Gonkin. Tlottncc. sell (juBinity, quality 4t pricei to snil the times. new supply theoretically, but also practieillv. In WATt'Hlif! Uatrhe.! A Ludy,B:rd& Cfcwi'.ly, Cincinnati j lje2J hiraacall. NATHAN WHITE. I TTT'AT ALL MB1LS TUB GlRKtS LaBSDAOS, BXCLr. fjK lust reteixed. comptiniiK in part feH SIdtf A YVOUls IO TUB Tavlorek Hopkins. St. Louts. Fifth opposite Caart-IIoax- o. StVBCT, IS SPOXBB AT TUB GbkMAM TABLE; TO! FrBNCH . AT TUB FkCNCB TaBLK, NATIVES Of GERMANY AKD ALL kiercha. ts. Saddlers, TV fl NEW MILLINERY. THE RESTAURANT has been refitted ed at plent-urJjp SPRING IMPORTATION, a Faxraeis France presiding, and native waiters attcndino. By the V- - old Hunting Chronometers. gTrT a in magnificent style, and is constantly sup MRS. B. D. NICHOLAS r and Tklrd. to purcba-- e HUKSK COL- - I t 043 51 ala Street, JOHN .IIAONK"?, ilerchaa' Tailor, various this arrangemeut the Student, in a very short time, acHunting and open faces, of plied with every seasonable luxury. Gold and has lust received a due stock IV 1 1 1 ocs-TTt v- - " 1 quires a power of speaking the Foreign Languages BOWLINU AND BILLIARD of superior A'.72 Third street, next door to ha Dm.erst 0Jle. L.tRS. bi.d U g.eatiy to tr.eir suvatiUge by -' O. MATHERS most respeCcfuliy informs Mefrlcnds ryleskCd escapcmenls, sll warranted to give tatiaXec with fluency. altka SALOON is the most capacious In the city, fitted up in IHAVKUtely returned from the city I New would sa:e and customers geuersily.ihut iiissto k mice largest Uoii. 1 he Veitrafiry School is underthe immediate charge superb style, and furnished with the very best of AUeys aud Re'.a.l Tiuok and I01..1 Finely o( WSf. KENDRICK'S. Call and examine t Sf a York, and am now receivings large an I reneral Wbol of Carpeting of foicj.u In tae West, with eveiy of Dr. Gukmix himneir. All pupils boaid with aud live and Tables. J. K. WIMEK, rr'SpeCiai attention given to Watch lepaiilng. assortment of SPRING aad SUMMER GOODS. Band domestic maoulacture; with oiteroeautiiul goodsmost acgl ii.n Oa Fifth St., In Dr Guentt'a own family. Maia acd Kivr. ; JULEP SALOON has been entirely refe24 consist! n ia part of superior Broadcloth. 1 elonging to ray Lue, redder it o&e of tue fiueat and The ensuing session will commence on Monday, the modelled, arranged lu gorgeous style ., and supp'led with plain and faucy Vestiuis; Silks; Linen Diilliots, AND fco.iip.eteesta.lisiiiu.enu in the country. 6th day of He; tember next. the very best of everything. An elegant and vailed Such ss Bonnet', Ribbons ek; NEW WATCHE9, JEWELRY, Ac. and reel conn lentthat l cangivo atislcuor LOCK YuVU vWX IS1 Tne I showing wa pirt of my stocs. cow on handi LUNCH, a la mod, commencing at 101 o'clock each For rurther particulars spply to Dr. A.GUENIZ, Flowers, Silks, Satins, and lu style, material, workmanship, and fit. lioiu the fcaaiem cities, I In you want a good set of COLLARS lot )our hoi MS, Koyai Dillon, and Taj.eatiy Carpeticgs; HAVING um reiumed new supply of WATCHES, President of Shelby College, Suelbyville, Ky. day. SAMUEL HYM AN, all other fai cy articles apper1 have constantly on hand a general assortment o to s do; English biusseis warranted act to huit, call at Jy29dtf sel dtf Proprietor. tain rg to this line. which have been JKWFLKY. asd fclDVBR-WAK- h, Gentlemeu's Furnishing Goo Is, such aa Shirts, Draw exUaneavy do; In fre JKngiuVa 2 ply aud J. R. WINTFRS - Her customers, and Ladls care, of the latest styles, and are Mieeieuwtth special ers, Socks, Cravats, Collars, Ac. WboVaal and Rttau esrrrvy, riety; In general, are respectfully APOLLO II ALL. HKUl'CKU UATfCS. Clothlag, 1 have oa band a small stock ol Heady-Madoffeied on reaeonab'e terms by ana wer. Filth s:., au2t "fra Bxtrasaoei Ingrain Carpetlngs, to suit alitastes; jX TONS. J. P. LASSERRK, respectfully ael6 Informs the invited to call. WM. KKNDRTCK.7I FonMh st. my own manufacture, which 1 will sell air.ducec DESPATCH are delivering of Ora ho Giotn, of all widtas and prices; KASSON'S Few Yoik at this city at 1 Ladies and Gentlemen that be has prices per 118 commenced his regular class of Louisville, and Masters, PAPfaU UAAUIAVM. Caeckaad pialnStraw Matting; augs; DoorMats; Tea and Coffee sets; ts., and making very quick time, for Misses' ejT) KlCVr Ki A ! Persons wanting articles In my Una are respectfully in 'pHOSB who have be ha. been written waiting for my aew stock. Flo jr oil cuih.or every variety, quality sad price. and will continue to instruct as usual, every Saturday, LOOK Hera, Udr!-Wh- at Forks, Fpoons, Ac, W Pitchers, Goblets, Cup sepll J. C. BUCKLES & CO., Agents. Tne above i toda were b iugnt by ins subscriber in by your favorite author. Head and report vlted tocilland examine mv stock before purchasini X Paper Hangings vau tow b surpcled. 1 am from 9 to 12 o'clock, A. M and 2 tn 6 P. HI. 6zC.,of latest styles, the most of which sra made and Hearts, or my Brother, elsewhere, aa I feelcoundeut mv goods aad terms wii prepared tocoi pe'.e with any houa iu ti ruj bc'.h la peraos fjr CAhH, aic. win induce mm to sell them to oi ler,aid warracud good Silver. book, Cf Several new Dances, Quadrilles, Fane Dances, this Colonel; entitled Heads the dangerous consequents svlt. My ana shall be to sti.fy and retaiscustomers. cneapsrtnan say otuer house in t be city. the price of Paper and Hanging, and th antcKrtai illustrative of the NOTICE. WM. KENDRICK. and Wani-- s, will be taught se24 received, and al The latest O. MA TH arts. 613 Main street, of the feelings, r.ther than to xc!ted. I hot about Gold sad Silver taken at highest cash prices. 0Grarly application la desirable fot the benefit of the of yielding the the impulses piudeneo. This Is a temui. work don byfashions are regularly to any done In th which th work Is ecuaewy by put haaiug at par. ring ma warranted equal between S.ond and Third. aplS listening to THB subscribers having purchased the Confectionery pupils. dictates of would be pracusiag or Mr. M. STEVENS, corner ol ably cle vea work, and Its title well explains thecharac VTATCnESi t'LOCHH ANU JEWELUV. Second snd Jefferson streets, will continue the business oniwTbe Gentlemen's class will positively commence tar of the book, a the whole story hmgs upon the stri'a StOTe. Thankful fortheliberalpatronageheretoforerecelved, O Mondsy, September 13. 1352. and continue every -THE subscriber would respectfully Inform hi' at the old established stand. Their Confections, Fruits, Monday, the wayward, headstrong impulses or the bead, I hope by continued efforts to pleas tor eta ia toy preea No. 2 Firra traa.T, bbtwbb M.ta aso and WedoesJay Evenings, from 7 between affectionate, high, noble, and CPv friends and patronsthat he is prepared to repair Preserves, Jellies, 6Vc., sre of the best qiality, and they o'clock Tuesiav,past 9 o'clock. ones customers and make man v new onea. p21 H- and the bAKalMiN. P. D. CHOATB. IhOs. until half Watches. Clocks, and Jewelry, at pledge themselves that as none but the best workmen the heart. CeeLjrfa Lam?, Watchet.ani Jewelry, Lamp 0 latere aarPri vete classes, or private lessons attended by an of We predict a tremendous sale for this work, ss it Is moderate terms. He hasalsos line assort. are employed In their Bakery, and Candy manufacturing Voter of Jefferson County. To & CO., of at J. P. aaa Fane Qio&t.ani. your JBWKLRY, WATCHES, and CLOCKS on department that they shall not b surpassed by any p'yiugattha Apolly Hall. oropposite L.'s residence on book to take into meet of .M MISSION MERCHANTS, Caaal sad Ki'ro4 SUterWart, 4r., Jefferson street, south aids, Governor the Odd Fellows' lamiiies.illustrated, and Is Just the house of the k nd in the city. IN accordance with the proclamation of the respective Maisi aaa MaaatT, which he invites the attention of Ptovs. Ageats, aad Broketa ia Cottoa, Kentucky, you will ensemble at your Tt Fovbtb Families wishing anything may rest assured that they Hall. netld6m fVarietles copy.J ayiiotf 1 hi day received aud for sale by LOUISVILLE, K.V. place, of votii g, ou Saturday, th ib'b day of Novem stons. Ac. will receive as good an article by sending aservaut as CO. C. HAOAX B. Allworkls warranted for one year. Rooms, oer 1852. for the purpose of electing au!9 S Reprentatlve S they E A opposite Apollo Main st. , between Third aud Foui th. Larj addttiOD lave teea Si It e21 J. J.HIB8CHBULL, St., bet. Mam and Matset. If THE came themselves. in CongreM to fill vneanev occasion I f th lesig 1CB CREAM SALOON Is cdoI and airy, and (LATB PBARL ST. HOUSE.) c k ol Third try Paiai fctasaiB.. gT rLTUU NOLL'S CITY BREWERY, ration of the H.;n. H. Marshall; and th ofTl.ers of lb Borders, Fue suau. 10 wh: a:i ledow Fapcr. AC , v In m those fond ofg.od cream, maybe sure of getting it purt W V. ptTUAUEU, 6crees, Cigara election appointed by the County Court, will ar-l4.00,000 line imported Havana UA K by who PAI.ACK. SIXTH STREET, BETWEES MAIN" AND WATER. . CUSTAL. 1600 Brandy, fins old Port the calling on SPENCER,tne cityprides himself on bciug THB subscriber would most respectful! yl nfonn with my toimer supply, makes my aia naveaivci) Just r.calv ad aud for sale low at to be opened at th places of vottxg their best cream maker in supply of that bis frtends and the public in general, that he has iuiornis the Citisen piie. These yiuti J :.' ue: rpHE abo. m.a B. WORCH A CO.'S, ors:loc(s on said day. and proceed with the nam as dl wUl ecrnpar Pseeis loi OS Fan, tiles and Partiea supplied with Confections, Wlnesj also, nto lot of thoe old sup charge AFRESH 11 house, snd rert'ted and furnished JL oi L Miisvil.e and vicinity, that be tias taken a taken tho above fvrabry sot dim Corner of Bullitt snd Mala st. rect.d by law, and raak du retnra accordlrg to law, clauses ol buyers can All orders the suited, Irrmthf txtia. and wOltonunus i lor Cigars, test received and lor dispensation st the Creams, Ac., IsWe arecity or country.larga share of t in a style second to none In the Wast. The location of the old eiabUsbs l City my band, aa khsiiffoi and without aeltyi ss promptly filled. thankful for the corner of Filth and Jefferson Ueets, ky s one Iv In the city, being on Third street, bepiiced t th lictst elvsl are tbs busmese In luiuts. H. slso keeps n band s supply ; WM, O. STEWART custom already bestowed, and hops to merits contuiu. tween of the bestMarket, Jefferson county, this Ut Bepumbr,i8o3. CO., se?3 LUPE dt HAMBRIGRT. Ma in and JOHN CsVSlSArZ, and within one hundred yards of good BEER, MALT. HOPS. and FEEH YKAil, . . J. RONALD. nd Bo ance ol the sums, If. B. A fresh supply of Yormnta Goals; GROCERS ANDTBA DBALSBI ef tho uiailboataud Madison packatlandlnf , jr.TtTaaTlat.(btwAiaaiaaii4itAikts . tod solicits tot patron f of U Pbl;c- - I .iY, i' J. .'rf, til WE ISEUGAXTZ :. fc rorlati e. k. Bi .r, c. rd TO E. No. 445 aua jin II. STOKES, IMPORTER ST., UETWEEX l0 MUSICAL I!STUIJIIE3TS, ,a EOWARD STOKESj Warehouse of the Eagle Foundry, No. 445, corner of Main and Fifth streets, f A. hjiui,!iiii..u ripe. l.JI4. kLITIIVKr ITlountlaft, Mii "u ttti. Vtu 4c, ta fffrsiSlIlL lkehoriettclt. mm JOHN WATSON, IMPORTER DEALER OP CINCINNATI! Saddlery Hardware, Harnssa Mountings, asdCcach GOTHIC ARCADE. tc, STOV. IIAKIfl Wholesale and Itetail. THIMMINGS: of sine, SCrN. vauli trim. a., I,OUlSVll,I,i:, Importer aud Dealer In SndtHery Hardware, IInrne Trunk und Couch Triiaiiiiu- t Mum rillll A SliTII, LOLIH VlLLE. KY. ,6teriia . Ac f. fs.acTCKi. itiiii, niii DEALER ail CO., IIUTCIII.X P. FltCITZ, of Fourth LOUISVILLE, KY. i3 J"t Webster's Dnsucrreian tiallery, PtTElIT L.ltIJtU (iLl'R .J i. AD.UiITRATOIt'SAI.K sa .Ic. rfiureso' f dc. jut C. SI NO Machinist and ITIanufacturer oi pr JOHN F. f jto ,Bdat.uua,iS,2 W.tln. nil JOli Plain street, between Third and ronrth, No. a6 eci KaslAfl'H BltCEUEI STEAM MARBLE WORKS, KaXltd WHITE SNUFF FRENCH, WE STONE &c, dc. It ATE FOUUDBT, STOVE ANI Kua' y.ym, , THE III. l.Ol'l LEAF. oa THE th3IO. Ttti.s, AUCTION 1IOIJSKS. rV Tfaf J& IT"! UOViV M, "BOLIIttI .i . FIELD L1VEUY pui, i; 'in Dagacrrean (laliciies, street. J. 'A,,, c:. ti. HOHV tin tiitinsi i Fn'i u'.suirij..nw tf lE It TAKE It. .liusl, n TitfX ' J "'. li f Llll - - ,7 t? iVt Foiie' in: J rj rate Foundry. Tails City Stove v. ei, Ton, ft tKlXI cini SALE bitwiis II CO., itiiii, Curr i 1.. Lis.riAl t liit.vt: THO. tNi AHLSill.itM. Tirl NOTICE. oyy J ltxre. TH u,la, UAlLliNG IIOI'. liarhanari, llHilJLVi: AUCTION SALES, niillUtE ON ON ln.iae., .. Ifl JLULI, l'tlt'L: til $trttt lttii UKUAUU Ai UOl 1.L, ttUs, THE UttEAT CLOTH IXG HOUSE. I'? JOEI'H iM WF. 1852. ON ilADOOX, Kt. j3?J GSlCnuL P,u5e Lrr Caiaua Fouu t t FINE CLOTHING. hhti:k. litUY au piAstfc:: at si juiisi t " h!'. 5i, K AIL. r. faculty. 0 jj .e also. ii lv . I.vr Jlsji (Succmuii to t C2i NEW FURNITURE .ti, WA R COMPOSITION iaOOFIAU! nuiti E - il 0 0 lIOOItE A CAll'Bl.LL, Aoi, Jacrckaai, f Pil sill. io nippnt. villi, "lift Vl, o;, fet i. tiillo. 3iom:rtEAi, i. .. airmiuii ECLIPSE FORSISIIIAG HOUSE f? fiit.u, lUAttBLE HALL. rtret, J. G. MATHERS, fcrl.tra ifratd ISjaiJJ f JjJSr T. l Wlg. un tj .cy .mn'iii'i.f- JHlLLIXEItr 6 f GOODS. y! r i. UlllUNCHsl aalal lu tetteu il.n 11 f iTtJj :7 blin DUAVnKN ,c., IF ew l01d LAMP ST ICE. Tlae Fifth Street l'npcr Mtiti jjii E. WEBB. UOWUKU lessee, r tuAverv Aftt;.hter 8tsst, sirsn the a. T It I. I It HOTEL, Proprietor. a te PAP CI isptivt biery, tlfdtA lodo; . !. aithaeylcririaiirtutc witss falls SdLLt JjMatf ker's septilor BOtsrs, L ' POWJriITQ SRO, j .14 . W4J Muktstrst(T.ouifTUlal&7. ".4tT stt Mttddcwt fhsriff Jtffcrsoa soau'T. Hagla. Mr (. lw.

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