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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 3, 1941

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

(;,i'A.'!.YJ.-vr- ' ,,S-:r- f - " ;- .- - MX VOLUMHi iO. 34. - WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 3, 1941. NUMBER 32. Night Watchman Is Dewey McKnight SHELLIE LEQUIRE IS CANDIDATE Mrs. Elizabeth Kiser Commodore Craft in Harlan Co Announces for Justice Killed FOR SHERIFF OF LETCHER CO. Passes In Lynch Asks for Office of Cumberland District Justice of the Peace Harlan, Ky., April 2 Earl year old Chandler Elizabeth Fleming Kiser, daughter of Mrs. Mr. Dewey McKnight, of the Coal Cumberland District No. 4, is night Jones, watchman of Mary-Hele- n Corporation, died in Harlan hospital at 2 p.m. from bullet wounds in the head and chest after being shot down before a union picket line at Coal-goo- a early Tuesday morning. Bill Gibbs, Kenvir, alleged member of the picket line, is being held in the county jail. Jones was shot down about 5 a.rn., soon after United Mine Workers' pickets invaded the Coalgood camp in a successful effort to prevent the nonunion miners from entering the mines. Gibbs was arrested by ofat the mine drift-mouficers led by Sheriff Herbert 54 th C. Cawood. Sheriff Cawood said Gibbs admitted firing on Jones as the latter walked up steps to the mine. Sheriff Cawood declared that a rifle and three pistols, one identified as belonging to Jones, were taken from Gibbs. 30-- DR. MOORE TO ATTEND 8TATE DEN'TAIi MEETING Dr. and Mrs. Lee Moore are leaving Sunday for Louisville where Dr. Moore will attend the State Dental Meeting. They will return on Wednesday night. Mrs. Dora Back Dies At Carbon Glow, Ky. After more than a year of suffering with internal cancer and complications, Mrs. Dora Back, wife of Carson Back, passed to her reward in Heaven March 17 at 9:50. Dora was the daughter of James V. Caudill and Susie, former Caudill Branch residents. James now resides at Carr Creek where he works for the Carr Center school. Dora's mother preceded her in death several years ago. Twenty-fou- r years ago Dora was married to Carson Back, who had come to this county as a young man from Quicksand. To this union was born ten children, two of which preceded the mother in death. Carson and Dora were never separated from each other in all these years with the exception of a few short periods due to employment of the husband away from home. Many friends were very much worried over the attitude of the wife and mother toward the life after eternity, and only after it seemed that all hopes had vanished she said she was ready to go and gave the family council about taking care of the three smallest children. A great concila-ftio- n in a trying hour. Besides a host of untiring friends Dora leaves the following relatives to mourn her passing: E. Carson, her devoted husband; Edgar, located in Washington, D. C, U. S. Army; Estill; Mrs. Edna Bryant; Mol-liThomas; Lulu; Sam; and Nellie, all home with their father: the father, James W.; Brothers: J. C, Alpharetta; Dave, Wiscol; Sisters: Mrs. Pauline Hampton, Ligget; Mrs. Bettie Caudill, Carbon Glow; Mrs. Margaret Adams, Jeremiah; Mrs. Ettie Caudill, Carbon Glow; Mrs. Lena Warren, Sibert, Ky. Edgar was called and arrived in time to see all 'the family together before final separation from his mother. e; T..PP announcing this week for Justice of the Peace on the Republican ticket, subject to the primary election to be held in August. Mr. McKnight is a farmer and truck driver of Partridge and is well known in his' Section of the county. Mr. McKnight states that he expects to see all of the voters in his district between now and the election and will appreciate any and all support in his race for Magistrate. j I. B- Ritchie Passes In Lexington Hospital - I. B. Ritchie, well known Letcher County business man passed away at the Good Samaritan Hospital on last Friday afternoon. Death wss due to heart disease and complications. Mr. Ritchie had been in drvllmng health for several years but had become only seriously ill for the past i month or so. In his early life the deceased married the former Miss Patricia Morgan of Leslie County and to this union were born two children, Jessie and Kathleen, who with the widow survive. Mr. Kitchie is also survived by three children by a former marriage. He was a member of theJ3aptist Church and also a member of the Masonic order. The funeral was held in the Baptist Church on last Sunday, Rev. L. O. Griffith being in charge. Burial took place in the Mayking Cemetery. The Johnson Funeral Home had charge of the last rites. Mr. Ritchie was rated as one of our finest citizens. He was always liberal and forward looking, being ready and willing at all times to help those in need who were worthy. He will be greatly missed among the Whitesburg citi- nnrl Rupna 'RiirVi.nnrirm Chandler, was born in Bakers- ville, N. C., May 30, 1886 and passed away at the Lynch Hospital Monday morning at 7:50 April 1st, age 54 years, 10 morlhs and 1 day. Fv.r a number of years, Mrs. Kiser lived at Jenkins, Ky., where she was well known and loved by a legion of friends. She leaves to survive her departure her father, Mr. Lee Chandler of Kingsport, Tennessee; one daughter, Mrs. C. L. Copley of Lynch, Ky.; two sons: Lloyd Fleming and Martin W. Kiser, both of Jenkins, Ky.; one sisterMr3. W. H. Stone, Kingsport, Tenn.; and one brother. W. D. Chandler of Fleming, Ky. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church, Dunham, Ky. Wednesday afternoon where an extremely large number of friends gathered. Ministers in attendance at the ceremony were: Rev. Din-- .' gus, tfev. Beeler and Rev. Price. Pall bearers included! Roscoe Miller, Flovd Hall. Charlie Gamble, Hugh Ellis, Gorman Gamble and Arthur Childers. uioral offerings were many. Burial in Dunham Cemetery. Johnson Funeral Home was. in charge of last rites. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Letcher County, subject to the action of the Democratic primary, Aug. 2, 1941. All my friends know that I am a working manJike most men in Letcher County, having 30 worked in the coal mines for twelve years and am now employed by the Baker Maytag Company of Neon. 5 Deaths Are Result I am not going to make the people a lot of wild promises, and won't say that if elected I'll make you the best Sheriff Of Harlan Coal Strike you ever had; however, I do solemnly promise from the bottom of my heart, that ifclected there won't be any fee grabbAs we go to press violence ing officers in Letcher County, and that all law enforcement and that I'll do my best to make you has again focused the news will be upright citizens, spotlight on Harlan County a Sheriff you'll be proud you voted, for. I remain sincerely yours, with five men reported slain and six others wounded. All SHELLIE LEQUIRE the deaths were due to the Neon, Ky. strike which became effective April 1st 30 Huge Gathering At Mrs. Mallie Blah-Die- s Jenkins Ball Park at Blackey Martin Burklow zens. Martin Burklow, the twenty-seve- n We extend sincere sympayear old son of policethies, to the widow and the man Tom Burklow, did in bereaved family and relatives. the Fleming Hospital Monday Miners from all sections of On March 15 Mrs. Mallie 30 after a lingering illness of Southeastern Kentucky gath- Blair passed to the Great Beered at the Jenkins Ball Park yond at her home in Blackey. E. W. Combs, 79, about eighteen months. by his wife, for a big celebration of Labor Mallie was the daughter of the He is survived Dies At Jackson Gladys Hudgins Burklow, his on Tuesday, April 1st. The late Elijah and Sarah Adams parents, two children, and sev- inclemency of the weather of Jeremiah, and has many Mr. E. W. Combs, 79 years eral brothers and" sisters, and spoiled what would have been relatives and friends left to of age, died March 23, 1941 at other relatives. an otherwise gala occasion, Lower Rockhouse. Jackson, Kentucky. He was The past summer Martin but despite intermittent show- Several years ago, while very the son of the late Henry and spent several months in tire ers a number of speakers were young, Mallie was married to Mollie Grigsby Combs,. Clay-hol- Sanitorium at Asheville, N. C, heard and a part of the pro- Emmett Adams. The wedding Ky., a brother of the late returning home for a few gram was carried out success-iull- did not prjve to be a happy Alfred Combs of Lexington, months, then spending the last Loud speakers were one and after some years MalSewell Combs of Richmond, six weeks of his life in the placed at several points and a lie again married, this time Wm. Combs of Bardstown, Fleming Hospital. number of soft drink stands to Steve Blair, son of Hiram and B. M. Combs of Jackson, He was well known and lov- were placed on the grounds and Jane Blair of Blair Branch on Rockhouse. Ky. He is survived by his ed by his many acquaintances to serve the public. Unfortunate circumstances wife, Armina Barnett Combs, in the upper end of the counone of the separated his sister, Angeline B. Young, ty where most of his life was The crowd was on last her from ever seen the park husband in the fall her 1934 of Anco, Ky., and his children: spent. The funeral was held largest disorderly of conduct pre- when he was taken by the Astor Combs, Lebanon, Ky.; Wednesday afternoon at the but no vailed and peace and quiet force of the law. Since that Ky.; Ersie. Kilbourn, Clayhole, .i i j - loe xi Baptist church at Fleming, i me uruer - r me Marie Bishop, Lambric, Ky.; Reverends L. O. Griffith, J. S. seemea ohighways wereuj.well time Mallie has had a hard day. The Mollie Whitaker Dixon, Let- Bell, and Isadore Childers of- patroled by a number of State time keeping her little floch together, Tandy Richard, the cher, Ky.; Winnie Jett, Letch- ficiating. Policemen stationed for that only son by the first marriage er, Ky.; Henry Combs, Lam- An obituary will follow in purpose. was given a comfortable home bric, Ky.; Elixabeth C. Wilson" next week's paper. Mr. Milton Hall was master by her mother until her death and Amanda Nicely, of Dayof ceremonies and did an ex- when he was taken in with ton, Ohio. He and Mrs. Combs cellent job, considering the the rest of the children at were married 54 years. For the Blackey. past few years he had made foul weather. Dr. P. E Sloan 30- his home with his on, Henry, During the several months To Be Away at Lambric, Ky. He was the New Opening Hour 'suffering, the people were father of thirteen children, ' good to help in as many ways Temporarily thirty-nin- e At Kentucky Theatre as possible and after the death grandchildren and Dr. P. E." Sloan announces twelve of Mallie the relatives have the temporary cl6S7ng ol He was a member of the BapThe management of the Ken- taken the children to care for his dental office in Whites-Dnrtist Church for 48 years. Uncle tucky Theatre announces a ard rear to manhood. Tandy We received a call Ed, as he was called by all new opening hour for the eve- Richard Adams has returned from the War Department who knew him, in passing has ning shows, to be effective to the old home nlace where for active duty. He wants brought sadness to many many from this date until further he will reside with his uncle, to thank his patients for friends in Letcher County, as notice. Mr Thomas says that Orville Adams. The brothers their past patronage, and well as in other counties in matinees will not be affected of Steve Blair made arrangehas left word that he will Kentucky. To Mrs. Combs and by any changes until school ments to care for his children. his office "as soon other members of the family, closes for the summer vaca- Mrs. Lina Amburgey is caring as he is discharged from we offer our very deepest tion. Evening shows will begin for Vinson and Murphie while service, sympathies in this time of at 6: 15, which is an hour later Kdmond Blair is caring for grief and sorrow. than they have been opening. Lawton. e, y. . 3 great-grandchildr- gt ri" Dr Tom Jennings, Former Letcher Man, Killed In Car Wreck Many were heard to lament Thornton, Ky. and speak generally of the March 23, 1941. After having been urged some ol my good inends, both , , m carwreck near hi Republicans and Democrat, to t Chrt-oTenn' on seek the nomination for Jus- tice of the Peace in this dis-i- r' manv years he aT1. his irict, No f, I havp dpeirtpri to; For family were residents of county and the JTr n' Sft.'SSlSin01!"1' VZZr0i To voter and talk with them before the election. Your support will certainly be appreciated by me. Your friend, COMMODORE CRAFT. 30 Robert Bruce Hall The funeral services of Rob- ert Bruce Hall of McRoberts was conducted at the McRo- .fe and the Whitesburg Co., his children going to school in the city schools and Stuart Robinson School at Blackey. Dr. Jennings and his family made many friends during their stay here who are all deeply grieved at his untimely death. According to information he was critically injured when his car over turned several times while he was making a call and it was so badly damaged that it took some time to extricate his body from the car. He was rushed to Clinton for first aid treatment but was later taken to St Marys Hospital in Knoxville where he passed away Tuesday afternoon without regaining consciousness. Dr. Jennings was a Captain in the Medical Corps during World War I and was a brother of Congressman Jennings from the Knoxville District. He is survived' by his wife,, one son, Tom Jr., who is married and resides in the city of Knoxville; andihree daughters; his brother C. Jennings, who is congressman, as well as many other near relatives and hundreds of close friends. We never had the privilege of knowing Dr. Jennings but according to some of Letcher County's most influential citizens he was a man one would be proud to number among their friends as he was a very civic minded man and always took an active part in all things good for the community and was a member of the Presbyterian Church, of which he took an active and helpful berts church house by Rev. Robert Regan, pastor of the Missionary Baptist Church, and Rev. Porter Brewer, associate pastor of the Free Will Baptist Church, on Saturday afternoon, March 22, 1941, at Interment was made at Fleming. During the service the minister in charge read the following: -OBITUARY Robert Bruce Hall was born in Soddy, Tenn., May 6, 1876. He died in the Jenkins, Ky. hospital of bronchial penu-monMarch 19, 1941 at the age of sixty-foyears, ten months and thirteen days. Mr. Hall grew up in different places in his native state; and there he married Miss Vica Harmon of Virginia. This union was blessed with six children: three boys and three girls. One of the girls died when she was about two years old; and a son, Bruce, died at at Flemthe age of forty-tw- o ing, Ky., August 7, 1938. Mr. Hall's wife died in McRoberts, Ky., March 2, 1930. In the summer of 1930 he married Mrs. Alwilda (Gib son) Johnson, who passed nart away the next year, leaving t Dr. Jennings received his no child from this union, education at Vanderbilt and On July 3, 1933 Mr. Hall was was a graduate of the College joined in wedlock to Mrs. of Medicine at Nashville. Julia (Newman) Greer. This Many from Letcher will atunion was blessed with three tend his funeral and burial it daughters. is thought at this time. He had lived in McRoberts, Mrs. Lee McClure of this city with the exception of some is a niece of Dr. Jennings. 30 periods in Virginia and Fleming .since about 1914. His work H- - Y. Brown, Smoot, was usually that of a repair Will Be Candidate for man. During a meeting conducted Justice of the Peace by Rev. Ben Powers at the Free Will Baptist Church in TO THE VOTERS OF McRoberts in the spring of MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 1939 he made a profession of NO. 3: laith in. the .Lord Jesus Christ I have decided to announce as his personal Saviour. He myself a candidate for Justice was bright and happy in his of the Peace in our district, testimony for Christ and never subject to the action of the wavered in his assurance of Republican party, August 2, salvation, 1941. Most of the people in He was a man of many fine our district know me, and the qualities;- - especially was he ones who know me best know a devoted husband and father, that I will not promise the anectionate and true m his people things I can not do. family. He was also a good I was a candidate for MemneighDor and mend. ber of the County Board of Mr. Hall leaves to mourn his Education and served as your loss his widow, Mrsi.Julia Hall board member for four years. and their three little daugb When I made that race, all I ters: Bobby Jean, six years of promised you was that if I age; Willas Dean, four years was elected, I would do the old; and Deloris Ann, two best I could. I am going to years old; and fronV'his first promise you m my "race for marriage two sons:, Galen and Magistrate, if I am elected to Aaron, both of McRoberts; serve you as your Magistrate and two daughters: Vera, now for the next four years, that I Mrs. Ed Carver of Wayland, will do the best I can, as I did Ky., and Grace, now Mrs. before. As your board member Moses Adams of Hemphill, I got for our Magisterial disKy.; and his to trict two new school" houses whom he was a loving father: built, and four new a3oitions Ruth, Ralph, Raymond, and to school houses. Every school Junior ,Greer; besides many house in the district got some other relatives (Continued on back page) one-thirt- y. ia ur -- step-childre- n, and-friend- s.

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