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Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 6 "Say SPORTS FOOTBALL WILDCATS IN ACTION FIRST TIME SATURDAY BASKETBALL THE BOY STOOD UNIVERSITY OF KY. ATHLETICS ON BOOM Boxing and and Wrestling Tournament Basket- c ball on Card. Will Tie Up With Strong Lexington "Y" Team in Practice Game FIGHT FOR PLACES Saturday night In the University gymnasium, the Kentucky Wildcat basketball squad will have their 'first strength of matching opportunity with a rival team when thiSy tackle a Btrong. quintet from the Lexington Y. M. C. A. Coach Buchhelt may give his entire squad a chance to get into the game, as he is desirous of getting a line on the ability of his men before the Wildcats open the season with Cincinnati on the Cincinnati floor Janu- ary 17. The fight for regular positions on the Kentucky five is proving a hard one. Coach Buchhelt has material for two teams each of nearly strength, Saturday night will be and the mix-uhard fought from the beginning, as each man is anxious to make a good which will showing, and the dine-uface Cincinnati next Saturday will be largely determined from the results of this ganie. The "Y" team which will play the Wildcats Saturday night is headed by Carl Zerfoss, old "K" man, and includes such old stars as Dud King, of Lexington High, Bill Sloane, Carter Haley, Willis 'Haley and Howard Turner, who will make up an aggregation which will be a hard nut for the Wildcats to crack. Another practice game with the Y. M. C. A. team is scheduled for sometime uext week, probably Monday night, and the same conditions will also prevail in this game. Coach Buchheit has been putting his squad through a stiff practice since the end of the holidays, and when the season opens, every man should in condition and ready to begin the scrap for the championship of Kentucky, which was won last year by the Centre Colonels. Much confidence is expressed by Coach Buchheit and close followers of "basketball in the State in regard to Kentucky's chances for a championship team. Probably the best material that has been available for a number of years is now in the University, and from present indications, the 'Cats are due to get away to a flying start when tluey stack up against Cincinnati in the first game. p p program Is An extensive athletic 'TIs a fearful thing in college being arranged by Athletic Director To be tortured by a quiz, Boles for students of tho University, And to hear some grim Professor and opportunity will bo given nearly Thunder, "Take it as it is!" overy one who so desires, a chance to tnko part In some branch of athletic So wo suffered on In silence, activity. Each ono with his own affairs. basketball The "I have flunked!" tho Senior mutwill begin in a short time, tered, which embraces eight teams repreAs he staggered dow nthe stairs. senting 'each class and college in the University. Even more interest is beBut the little Freshman whispered ing manifested in this basketball tourAs it took his inky paw, nament than was in lnterclass foot"Isn't grit wlthi nthe spirit ball in the fall, and a spirit of rivalry Juat the same as in the craw?" Is running high among the various classes and colleges. Captains have Then they guyed the little Freshman, been elected by nearly all the teams, And they told it being game and the others are urged to get toDidn't work with the Professor gether at once and organize. And the Senior flunked the same. Another feature of the athletic proSimps. gram which will prove of much in terest to many students is the announcement of a boxing and wrestRAFINESQUE CLUB TO ling tournament, which any student MEET IN NEW ROOMS in the University is eligible to enter. appointPreliminaries will be held at ed times with the losers being elimThe Raflnesque Botany Club will inated from each contest until finally hold its regular meeting Wednesday the champion boxer and wrestler in night at 7:30 o'clock in the Botnay each class will be selected. rooms in White Hall. Important busand iness matters will be brought up. Many embryo prizefighters wrestlers are already working out on Among other things, the constitution the University gym in preparation for will be discussed. It is Imperative participation in the tournament, and that every member of the club be indications are that a large number present at this first meeting of the year. will enter the contests. tour-nnme- c A complete line of choice cut flowers always on hand. Corsage Bouquets a specialty. ON IT. We wero crowded by tho questions, Not a soul would dare to peep, For a quiz was on the blackboard, And the Prof was not asleep. OVERCOAT SPECIAL It With Flowers" John A. Keller Co. (Incorporated) FLORISTS PHONE 354. 327 W. MAIN STREET. J. P. BARNES, Representative. Brown Cordovan Shoes FOR COLLEGE MEN A young man usually picks out a Shoe that will stand for service as well as style. Here is a good one. t has just enough style to impress you with refinement. It is so unique in effect that it serves equally well for both young and older men. We recommend' it highly for its service qualities. Made on a long slim English last. Rubber Heel. Classic last. Price $12.50 GEORGE P. ROSS Main Street, West IF IT'S STYLE WE HAVE IT High-Clas- s Shoe Repairing Done While You; Wait ALL WORK GUARANTEED We also have a line of new high grade Shoes for men and boys. These are guaranteed to give the best of satisfaction. THE NEW WAY SHOP $21.Z Corner Short and Mill Streets first-clas- s FACULTY WOMEN HAVE A NEW ORGANIZATION The faculty women of the University are organizing a lunch club to meet the first and third Fridays of each month In the freshman Journalism room. The organization meeting will be held Friday, January 23 from 12:15 to 1:15 and all women of the faculty are invited to be present. "What was be Marking Tim. pinched for?" "His father let him use the auto for an hour." "Well?" "He tried to ride an hour in fifteen minutes." Houston Post. JKJC- gjcf'BflBBggggggggggggggl We recommend this garment to students as one of superior value you can't better the quality or the price anywhere this side of Christendom. Fellows, come in and slip one of these on you'll make a buy in less than 10 minutes. Come right along and follow the rest of the boys and get an overcoat that will last you all the rest of the winter and all next winter, too, xjBBBBLgggggV at lH 114 -- aa $21.75 United (tpifxmi INCORPORATED In Selecting a University For a college education, there are five things to be taken into consideration: 1. The men at the head of the 2. The scholastic standing and ability of the Teaching Staff. The location and advantages of environment. Equipment, buildings, laboratories-an- 3. 4. 5. Insti--tuti- on. libraries. Cost In ail these respects the University of Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky

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