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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 10, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Daily The Jeffersonian 3 Courier-Journ- al months and The Jeffersonian one year, only $1.75 Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian one year, by mail to any address . . $4.50 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, February 10, 1910. Vol. 3. No. 34. daughter Liza lives with us." "I did not know you had a daugh three or four years Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year we would have had consolidated schools for the whole county. The presentlegislature should pass a law that any district in any county School Question Again Raised By that wm suppi ement county aid by donating the ten acres and an added Some of the Important Points of Horace W. Moremen. tax, and then if any county wanted Our New System. consolidated schools they could have them. Another law should take the school commissioner of each county Says School Beard Made A Mistake is No out of politics by requiring each one H. A. Hummel, Division Chairman. Gives Buiiding Model School For Jefferson who oilers in an3' county for school Extracts From Speech of Hon. county within two years from actment of the law: the first to be at ter." the county seat. The High School "Oh, vesl Liza she's been married furnishes the connecting link be three times. Her first man got killed tween the rural schools and our state the. Inn and Tells in the coal mines in Laurel. Then university. Not to have had such Exercises Beautifully Carried Out Friend Calls at she married a man in London and he heretofore has been a glaring defect of Former Home. died down thar. Then she came in our school system. Country boys at St. Edwards. here with 9us and married again." and girls had no opportunity to pre "Do you like here as well as you do pare at home for entrance into our in Laurel county?" universities. Until recently Ken- New Wife of Old Confederate Soldier Compares High Altar and Many Other Furnishings "I do not know that I do; you know tucky had only about a dozen high every tiling is so different. You Jefferson County People With "Them up of Artistic Desig- n- Happy Day for schools, while other states of similar commist-iouerttake an examination ladies here make a ten minutes call, County Timely Suggestions. wealth and population had about two Thar in Laurel." the Congregation Sunday. J. A. Sullivan. when the candicacy is announced up. and your hostess all dresst-hundred. that would at least give a state cer sometimes serves a teeny little cup Under the inspiration of our ne.w tificate. Let the test be fitness not of chocolate: you call that sociable. laws the present year marks an epoch Valley Station. .Tan. 31. There if By Miss Mamie Clore. Why. down thar in Laurel we are the candidate is a Democrat, a Some of the most important points in the educational advancement of A large concourse of St. Ed ward's were $40,000 placed by the Fiscal One of our callers, at the Inn. this welcome to go in a caliker dress to Court of Jefferson county at the dis- Republican, or an independent and of our school law briefly explained: our state. Three hundred and eight people and friends and visitors from week, was an old friend from the our neighbor's, and put our feet posal of the eight gentlemen compos- at each election everv candidate take These facts have been told and re- new school houses have been erected Louisville were present at the solemn mmmt.iins of Laurel county, but who under their table and eat baked ing the school board of Jefferson this examination. Another law should told, and yet it is important that n Kentucky the past year. What and impressive service of the dedicaHer 'possum and sweet taters a week if county to be used so that the cause be that there should be no third class they be not forgotten until the lesson does that mean? It means that one tion of the new altar and the other nnw resides in this county. is an old Confeiierate soldier. we want to. Here the ladies ride on of education in Jefferson county certificate: second class is bad enough. which they teach is learned and school has been built for every day in furnishings of the new sanctuary on husband The trustees ought to be required fully appreciated by all our people. the year excluding Sunday. These last Sunday afternoon. At the celeThe writer asked her where she was electric cars if they are going to the could be best served. These gentle to stand a county examination, but In thirty-eigh- t Now, our living now? She told me, she and next station plum in site. counties more than school houses have been built out of bration of the silver jubilee of St. men and the County Superintendent old man were living on Miss Jose and women folks down in Laurel think had absolute control of this fund. if the county commissioners are put 20 per cent of the native white money collected under local levies in Ed ward'slast October quite a number Uiaa T.ncile's nlace, but they had nothing of walking five and ten miles Right here I will say that I am sati- in a column to themselves, marked voters were illiterate: in eight, more the various counties of the common- of beautiful donations were made to school commissioner and the teachers than 30 per cent, and in one, more wealth. A large number of the it. and now, after several months irnnc to Alabama for the winter, so to London. I never saw a steam car sfied each one of these nine persons now she and old man were living on till I came here. Now. honey, those were actuated in what they did by are qualified, this is as much as we than 25 per cent. Or in other words, school buildings have been repaired spent in remodeling the entire sanc tr Fmnk's idace. and he was a cart wheel hats you ladies is a wearin' what was thought to be best by each can ask for now. The faculty of the in these counties this large number during the same year. The buildings tuary. these have ali been added to it State should be the examining board of white voters was able to determine have been where most needed. and the result is. indeed, beautiful. this winter! Each one of you tries to one of them. powerful good man. in every instance. husband see who can get on the biggest. It's the right of suffrage only by the Whitley county leads in the number The sanctuary has been greatly en"How are you and your There were four propositions offer The boys and girls are the hope of emblems upon the ballot. while every- enough to give you delicate ladies ed. One to increase the of new school houses built during larged and those who remember the making it this winter, salaries of The General Assembly four years the year, thauumber being twenty-thre- e church of years ago would hardly of the spine. Down thar we the teachers, and another to length the state and world, and if we pay culture thing is so high?" recognize it now, it is so beautifuliy "Well, me and old man is doing don't have no liver troubles and no en the school term. In the start taxes we want the money to do them ago by unanimous vote in both considerably well: you know he makes tuberculosis hospitals. I never heard there was $8,000 set aside for the the most possible good. Let's talk Houses established a system of nor189 of our constitution pro- and tastefully adorned. Everyone is Section mal schools and these two schools vides that no portion of any school enthusiastic in their admiration of and peddles his large wooden spoons. of one till I came here. Why, Miss, purpose of sending the graduates of the matter over. Very truly 3'ours, last year instructed more than 2,000 tax shall be given or used in aid of it, and the pastor and people have The ladies all say they are fine for the water is pure as crystal and the the county schools to the high school Horace W. Moremen. he and air which blows through them thar in the city. teachers in the art of teaching, at "any church, sectarian or denomi- reason to rejoice at what they have mixing cake and sich Then an average price to the common- national school." accomplished. I had a corn patch a piece last sum- pine trees on the mountain side The next proposition was to build The new high altar in white and oil one consolidated school in the county, wealth of about thirty-fiv- e mer: we never had nary a horse in takes the place of your Many of the counties have levied WM. G. JOHNSON dollars each. Most of the chilri it: we just hoed that corn. I raised and calomel here. long at times to as an object lesson, the county to purposes a tax as high as gold is one of the most beautiful ever for local 18 bushels and he did as well. That get back down to old Laurel, whar I furnish 812,500; Mr. J. B. McFerran iuckv live in rural communities and 20 cents and some as low as two seen in any of our small churches, has kept us in bread all winter. My can sit in one of those little homes to give $5,000 to the building and he One of Jefferson County's Most Respected attend rural schools and these cents. The amount to be levied is and in richness of design and artistic on the mountain side, eat sweet and Mr. Atherton to give $1,000 schools, as everybody knows, have left entirely to the direction and workmanship it can not be surpassed. and Beloved Citizens, Passes Away each taters and smoke my pipe in peace. for running expenses and equipments. not been what they should be. To judgment of the officers of eac It is the gift of the pastor. Rev. Dr. At His Home Near Fern Creek. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. You ladies down here kill yo'self and I also offered the board ten acres of make all schools, and especially the county; they can levy as much or as Theo. H. Reverman, to the church. bring on wrinkles and disease, trying ground on which to place the needed rural schools, better, to lengthen little as they please, from one mill The two side altars are smaller, but of the same artistic design. One is Advertisements under this head One Cent to Keep up wun tne iasnion ana yo buildings in case Valley Station Fern Creek, Feb. 7. William Guth- their terms, to increase their at up to 20 cents. word. No ad taken inr less man im. neighbors. Why our ladies even wal should be selected. The above is a part of the addres the gift of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Gregg, Johnson, one of our oldest and tendance, to better train their teachrie to London with our sunbonnets and The board did none of these, but most respected citizens, died at his ers, and to arouse a greater interest made by Hon. J. A. Sullivan, deliver the other the gift of Mr. and Mrs'. Sale. For gingham aprons on. divided the $32,000 amongst the eight residence near Cedar Creek church, in them among all the people, has ed at the Kentucky Educational As Adolph Schmitt and Mr. and Mrs. "But I must go:I have a day's walk school districts to be used as the on Monday, Feb. 7th. He was in his been the sincere desire of all school sociation, and taken by H. A. Hum Chas. Schmitt. The large art glass ApplV tO J. W. bv,d Ci vT.nnist IlOStS. window is a most beautiful one, repHLASKKSBAKER, Route 14. Jeffersontown. before me. I want to go three miles district trustee of each districtshould seventy-fiftyear and .would have legislation and of school efforts re mel. beyond Worthington to administe see fit. I suppose resenting the crucifixion, and is the cently in Kentucky. it was all used to reached the three quarters of a cen For Sale or Exchange -- My German to a sick lady. " gift of the Reverman family in memIn Kentucky the county is the unit build new houses and repair old ones, tury mark next September. Junior. This horse is Coach Stallion. Carl TOTAL LOSS. ory of Theo. J. Reverman, father of 'But, my good mountain friend as two of the trustees had already Throughout all his life, until a year of county government in the conas fnnr vears old next spring, as handsome the present pastor. The two side a picture, and a well broke horse. I am eo- - your advice and wisdom is equal to let contracts for buildings for more or two ago, he had been a very hard struction and erection of our high windows of the sanctuary are the of the horse business and will sell the wisdom of Soloman, and is worth than their part of the $32,000. At working man. He was always a man ways and other public matters and ineout Fire Destroys Dwelling and Contents of gift of Mr. Daniel this horse reasonable or exchange him for a hot dinner and a cup of coffee; you any rate the school terms have not of intense religious convictions and should be in school matters. Lehan. in memory rtairv cows or other stock. I also have four must eat something before you go.' Dr. E. R. Palmer House Belonged of his parents. The el Under the present system each was always a pronounced advocate of been lengthened, nor the salaries of mares, all good ones. coming tuary lamp is the gift of Mr. and Mrs. "Then I will take a cup of coffee the teachers increased. to Virgil Snowden. morality. He was always a man of county can levy as much or as little hroke. that I am offering at reasonable Zachary Zehnder. The beautiful vel prices, frkd reiss. Aroca, Ky.. or address please, and no sweetning in it. WTe question before the board strong convictions and sometimes in for public education as it pleases The real vet carpet is the offering of Mrs. 46 Fourth street, Louisville. Ky. mountain people like it straight." in using this money was and is shall his zeal in the advocacy of what he and every dollar so levied is spent in Mary Savorri Levi. The communion As she walked away, I heard her we continue the district system, or was sure was right he may have ap the county levying and collecting Harrod sCreek, Feb. 8. On Friday jack: brood mares Pnu say, "yes, it is all so different. Law inaugurate the consolidated school? peared a little harsh, but this was the tax. Our constitution requires night at 11 o'clock the house occu railing, like the altar, is almost un and colts. Will take tuberculin tested fresh that all money levied and collected pied by Dr. E. R. Palmer and family rivaled in beauty, being of white and cows. hogs, mules, baled hay in part trade county is more prosperous, but it is They chose to continue the district due to his intense zeal for righteous 4 or time with bankable note. T. c. BRINLEY. not near so nice and sociably as down system. It is for the taxpayers to ness as against unrighteousness. The by the state for school purposes shall was destroyed by fire, the entire con gold and ornamented with clusters of Anchorage. Ky. wtiar determine if this is the best way for controling torce ot his lite was re- - be distributed per capita among the tents, including a very valuable libra wheat and grape. It is the offering in tne mountains 01 of the Brohm family. The smaller Kentucky Seed I always had a little tobacco patch them to spend this money. It may be igion and he was guided in all his school children of the state, regard- ry, a total loss. For Salk-- A furnishings were from Call and the gals go out and dig ginseng that part of the $8,000 will not duties in life both socially and in less of the counties in which they nriu with rliscs: fertilizer attachment. The house belonged to Virgil Snow tion in general, and the the congregalinens on or address JOHN T. JONES. Route 17. An and yallar root, and the men have be used as the county graduates business by it. A false measure, and reside, or race or color. But there den and was insured for about one altars were prepared bv the for the SUtra chorage. Ky. whole sides of houses covered with may not all avail themselves of the deceptive packages of fruits and is no such requirement as to money third of its value. Dr. Palmer and of Mercy ia Louisville." A beautiful coon skins, we all have lots ot opportunity ana some gold chalice win not go other products were an abomination collected by local taxation. The family are staying with Mrs. Mildred congregation was also presented the For Sale a three year old unbroken with a card bearing He believed in the proper school money collected nmW the J. Wilhoyte for the present. horse mule. LTJD M. BRYAN. Curab. Phone money. Last year the phonygraph more than a month or two and drop to him. inscription from a member of the Ky. man came down thar in his wagon to out. So there may be a small part ot training of the children in the home, levy of the Fiscal Court or town the Jeffersontown. congregation. the mountains and I'll declare nearly the $40,000 available at the end of the trusting God to fulfill his promise council may be distributed forschool The large congregation that was one Petition Railway Company. For Sale Two brood sows, two shoats,mar every body bought a phonygraph." present for the dedication wen-- in. year in case another 20 cent levy is that when they were old they would purposes according to the judgnw fresh April 1st: one new This is a type of the old mountain made. I am told the Fiscal Court not depart from their youthful train- ment of the local board, giving as Messrs. Roy Sims and George Long, deed, elated at the beauty of the sancket wairon. E. V. SPROWL. Cumb. phone tuary and eers. o many mission colleges are has no option in the case but must ing Jeffersontown. much or as little to the different of Ashville, are circulating a petition afternoon. the solemn services of the The Rev. Henrv B. among the residents along the Bards Around his death bed stood his five schools, whether white or black, as of Louisville, officiated, as Laced Wyandottes. One being established in the Kentucky grant a five, ten or twenty cent tax For children, every one of whom were they regard just and proper. Our town road between Fern Creek and sisted by the Rev. Father Rempiri.w nen of show birds for JT.OO single uirasi.3u mountains, it is giving the young as the school board chooses. V mrs FRANK BRISCOE. Buechel, people of the mountains a taste for Transportation to and from school f aithfulSunday-schoo- l teachers. He new school law provides the right of Mt. Washington which offers a right and the pastor, Dr. Reverman. The Ky. better things. Education is causing seems to be the greatest objection to took only small interest in politics, local taxation to each schooldistrict. of way, wide as may be necessary, to Mary'schoir augmented by that of St. City Railway Company and urges most church, Louisville", rendered a to rise in life. We know full the consolidated school. This is suc- but served one term as Magistrate The district can thus supplement, if the excellent musical program. itv.d irA irood work mule. A. B. DitA- - them well in education there is power. cessfully met in the schools visited many years ago. He was a ruling El- it desires, for its own purpose the this company to extend the Bards-tow- n After the singing of the Magnificat Jeffersontown. VO Cumb. Phone. road electric line on to Mt. the altar and ali the furnishings of And it is making true men and wo- by the der in the Presbyterian church for amount it will receive out of the er.n (iood cow: fresh April 1st. men. Too many look upon the school committee appointed by the more than 50 years. Washington. It is reported that the the sanctuary were solemnly blessed. county treasury. The General Asboard to investigate the work The Rev. Father Constantine, of St. E V. Sprowl, Cumb. phone. mountaineers as a wild people; and ings and popularity of the consolidat He leaves two sons, Edward A. and sembly well knew that in many railway company proposes extending Donuace cnurcn, Louisville, preached p.u Salk-J- 30 Scholarship in Creager's know nothing of his better qualities. ed schools in Indiana. From the re Jacob T., who lived with him, and counties the people might not desire several of their interurban lines this for the occasion. He explained the year. use ot the altar to offer sacrifiee tn The solution of the mountain prob- port of this committee the school at a bargain. Apply at this office. district three daughters, Mrs. Alice Young, to raise by county levy the amount God in religious service as it has hepn lem is through the mission school. system compares about as well to the of Bowen, 111., and Mrs. Maria Rat-clif- f every district wanted or need to exdone in the earliest ages and also the For Sale Standard bred Single Comb Many are crying unto us daily, consolidated system of schools as Fire Destroys Dwelling. and Miss Maggie Johnson, of this pend for school purposes. It therethe r.irhnrns Eirirs. If interested write practice handed down from days as 'Come over and help us." In this old reap hook does to the self C. Christmas, 1104 Bardstown Road. Louis The fire which destroyed the dwel- early as those of Solomon of blessing binder place. He also leaves one brother, fore provided that anv necessary 3lM5t. land ot plenty let us not turn our in the harvest field. The consolidat Moses F. Johnson, and a sister, Mrs. additional amount might be raised ling of Miss Maggie ville. He Frederick on the belonginsof the sanctuary. nnnn omplimented the conereiatinn backs upon them: give them an op ed school does away with by local taxation or vote of the the Heady road January 29, originatT. Bates. the small L. portunity. The boys up in the twenty or thirty pupil school with a "Blessed are the dead which die in people, bo under our new school ed from a defective flue. A small their zeal for the house of God. and For Rent. enerosity of those who had furnish- mountains today are the coming teacher only able to get a third class the Lord, that they may rest from laws the county board of e very county amount of the contents was saved, dthe meansof makinirthe For Rent House and truck ground. MISS men of the state, and will be the certificate and the red hot stove their labours; and their works do fol- in the state may adopt its own plan. but many valuable articles, the sav- so fittingly beautiful for the abiding EMMA SNYDER. Jeffersontown. great men of Kentucky in the with the children next to it burning low them." oiesseu sacrament. One of the best provisions of our ings of years, were swept away. pirtce oi the day will lontr be remembered tuture. new school law is that it requires the There was no insurance on the proper- as the epoch in the history up and the ones back in the corners For Rent Barrickman Homestead, near of St. Edtoo cold, and teacherand all with the establishment of at least one first- - ty. Miss Frederick expects to re- ward's church and one of the hapHnrrnd s fireek. Jefferson county, Ky. 165 piest days its pastor and people have acres, more or less, with all improvements Routt, Feb. 7 Invitations are out cJass County High School in every build in the spring. headache, on account of poor ventiSuccessful Examinations. ver Known. one year or more. Possession given of land lation, and give to all hygienic sur announcing the wedding of Miss Ida at once. House and barns. March 1. Terms It is announced by Supt. of Schools roundings and first class equipment May Robinson to Mr. William Robert on application. LOUISVILLE TRUST CO. Orville J. Stivers that the following and all the teachers with first class Talbott, which will take place WedHeal Estate Dep't.. Louisville. Ky. pupils successfully passed the county certificates is really the only wav to nesday afternoon at 2:30 p. m., Feb. examination and are entitled to en- give each and every pupil an For Rest Storeroom. Apply to J. W. equal 16, at Cane Run Presbyterian church. ter High School: Ada Brooks, Pop- show. No matter where a consolidat These popular young people have Jean & Son. Route 15. Jeffersontown. lar Level school: Ruth Wetherby. ed school is built, it sohuld have no best wishes of their many friends cottage. Roger Waters, Preston Schrader, 1908 tUpi ForRest . Wanted a gardener to garden on shares: Beulah Miller, Thomas Durr, Morton less, than ten acres of ground. Event here ran tnrnish all cround that is needed. J.C. Blankenbaker, Middletown schoel; ually the consolidated school will INCREASE YOUR PROFITS LESSOH YOOR LABORS Would You Help BRUCE. Jeffersontown. Ky. become an industrial school and the John Fegenbush, Buechel school; boys and girls will be taught handy The ladies of the Jeffersontown Jackman, Jeffersontown work, rudiments of agriculture, Fob Rest Four room cottage in Jeffer Mayse cook Methodist church to make a success BY USING TE son town. - ABE PITTENGER. Jeffersontown. school. Ten out of sixteen that took MACHINERY. ing, etc. I he lady who is the Super of an oyster supper? Well, they will the examination were successful. nieuuenL oi nicago schools ine Anotherexatnination will be held the says if the girls were taught to a supper at the parsonage on cook have Fertilizer and Corn Wanted. second Friday and Saturday in May, and cut and the night af Feb. 22, 1910. This is make their own clothes. Planting: Attac1910. there would not be so many divorces. the "Red Letter Day" on the cal Waktkb-- A farm hand: must be good mfrtt- Jeffersontown school, which for the The boys had just as well learn cook- endar, and there will be an exercise hments furnished er; single man preferred. past several years, except last, has ing also. POTATO bv the little people, in memory of when desired. Homestead fertilizer. For Sale tailed to have a pupil to finish the ' In the Louisville Times of Nov. 27, the "Father of Our Country." The Jersey Bull Service fee $1.00. H.L. GOOSE. ,34 course, played a good part in the ex 1909, is an PLANTER The band that plants the crop in article on the education of proceeds will be used for repairs on aminations this year. One passed convicts. The fact of the business the parsonage, which is needed badly. modern potato culture is the Iron Wasted All the young men of the town w successfully and several others, while Come and lend a helping hand. 33-Hand on this machine. It is faithwill plant more Potatoes and is tbat they ought to be educated spend their leisure hours playing billiards a ful and perfect in its accomplishmy tables. No swearing or gambling is tol they did not get the required aver- that they will never become convicts. plant them more accurately ment. Asplnwall Potato erated. Barber shop ia connection. Fred age to get a certificate, will be en Every public school in the state, asJ fc Birthday Celebration. than any other Potato Plant tf titled to enter High School. Miss Planter No. J. Prell. Jeffersontowa. soon as possible, should become an V Mrs. Fred Hunsinger celebrated er on the market. As the machine is entirely automatic no second man is require Adah Brooks received the highest Wafted You to remember that R. B. average of all the others. She was a industrial school and should have the liter birthday, Feb. 3, 1910, at her NO injured fingers or dust blinded eyes. It will plant a greater range of sc bible read, each day a chapter, as it home near the Taylorsville road. Evans, the tinner, is still in business in Jeffany other planter and with less friction. W ersontown, and will have plenty of berry pupil of Miss Louise Owings, of Jef- is the foundation of our civilization Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Aloik buckets on hand this spring. Also tin rof- - fersontown. which is also to our cred and of all the morals we have. The bert Hunsinger, Mr. and Mrs. Edward We sell Aspinwall Potato Cutters, Planters, Sprayers and Sf7' lmr. guttering and spouting. Place your it. The examination was extremely consolidated school would do away Winand, Mrs. Mollie Hoke, Mr. Fred order now. difficult and those that passed de- with rse tf the need of sending to the high Hoke, Mr. Sidney Ragland, Mr. Roll serve much credit, as well as their school. This $40,000 ought all have Ragland.Mr. and Mrs. Will HunsingLost. teachers. been put into consolidated schools. er, Miss Julia Hunsinger and Mr. Lolt or Stoles One female Collie dog; It would have put at least three in Charlie Hunsinger. A fine dinner light sable in color with white around neck. Don't you read a restaurant's bill the county, supplemented by the was served and all present wish Mrs. INCORPORATED. Preston and Jefferson Sts. Liberal reward for return to DR. FORREST LOW ordering? Don't you ten acres Hunsinger many happy returns of BOGGESS. Bashaw's Station, L. 4 E. Rail- of fare before M- and voting an additional tax. In the day. read a store's ads before buying? way. MOUNTAIN CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL LAW DEDICATION o cod-liv- er 1 1 1 h 34-- 1 . three-year-ol- d 34-- 1 ions: 34-- 2 two-hors- e 34-- 2 34-- 1 34-- one-hors- e 34-- tf West-erma- SALE-Sil- ver 34-- 1 ir 34-- 4 34-t- '. V 32-t- f. 34-- 2 Robinson-Talbot- t. 33--2 POTATOES a Money Making Croc Four-roo- 33-- tf UP-TO-DA- 33-- 2t The ASPINWALL 3t I Southern Seed Co n:

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