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Page 73 of History of the anti-separate coach movement of Kentucky : containing half-tone cuts and biographical sketches ... / edited by Rev. S.E. Smith.

73 of Tennessee, and in so operating said railroad the defendant is engaged, and has been for several years engaged in the busi- ness of a common carrier of passengers and freight throughout the whole extent of said line. Plaintiff makes all the foregoinag allegations part of and applicable to both the following parat- graphs: "Paragraph 1- "He further states that on or about the thirtieth (30th) day of October, 1893, the plaintiff and his wife, being then in said city of Evansville, and desiring to go to Madisonville, in the State of Kentucky, purchased from the ticket agent of defendants, at its depot in Evansville, two full, first-class tickets from Evans- ville, Ind., to Madisonville, Ky., and paid him therefor in cash the usual fare-to wit., the sum of - dollars-which tickets, duly stamped and dated, were then delivered to him by said agent and entitled him and his said wife to be carried as first- class passengers in a coach or car provided and furnished suit- ably for passengers holding such tickets from the station of said railroad in said city of Evansville to the station of said railroad in said city of Madisonville, upon any regular passenger train of defendant passing through said station and stopping for the purpose of receiving and letting off passengers. He further states that he and his said wife did on that day, when the regular passenger train known as the " Providence Accom- modation," was getting ready to start from said city of Evans- ville to said city of Madisonville, got aboard of said train and entered the coach usually designated the " Ladies' Coach " and took seats therein, said coach being the hindmost car of said train. They state that soon after said train started the con- ductor thereof, who, as the agent of the defendant, had tle charge and control of said train, came into said coach and de- manded from plaintiff and received from him the said tickets for him and his wife, !rind in lieu thereof gave them checks or coupons, showing that. they were entitled to so ride upon said train as first-class passengers to said city of Madisonville, and Ihey did so continue to ride on said train and in said coach and occupy the seats they had originally taken without molestation or interference on the part of any one until said train entered the State of Kentucky, at the city of Henderson, when the said

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