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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, February 15, 1899

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ViwarPWrv yjpwiTi r E a - dgricultural Jsfews anU ttewe FARM yVTf VQVVft Xpft l TOPICS UNDERDRAWING HILLSIDES II I KEEP GOOD BULLS AiMMAM4444444M44M444S THE at JTs T O I e LAMBS FOR MUTTON FARM AND STOCK 4444444444444444444444444444444444 farmers of Brcckenridge county should discontinue kosplng GOOD The rcBulta of experiments Kit ANY farmers whole land is rollng or hilly do not appreciate bulls on their farms Keeping grad bulls is simply COMDINA- - nttho Utah Station show the benefit that underdralnirg It would giyo them Iho soil JL You cannot depend upon llieir Bilious inheriting gambling is thin and thoy complain that tho water runs ou too rapidly TION FEED that nklm milk when fed In That is indeed just the trouble There is only n thin stratum on tho tho giod traits of the thoroughbred strain of blood that is in tho grade combination with grain makes a very will turn out to be as bad as the worst mon valuable food for h ga at all periods of surface that is permeable by waters and when the il lods come they stock More likely thoy carry every Winter mora or less of this surfaco soil into the valleys grels Get a good bull Itemember that a bull is half the herd If their growth put particularly during the below Wherever the subsoil of hills is clay an underdratn sunk individual farmers cannot afford to get good bulls follow the example early stages three feet deep will causa the water that comes to it to sink into tho of German and Danish farmers and form clubs for the purpose of buyimr good bulla to bo used for servico on the beBt cows Four EXCHANGE hvery farming communl the soil and bo carried ou by the drain instead of on the surface farmers whose herds aggregate thirty or forty cows havo no use for On very steep hillsides it is not best to dig ditches straight up VISITS ty should be a social nigh tho more than one bull Why keep a scrub for eight or ton cowbT borhood that is every farmer and his and down the hill A dlagmal course leading tho water across hill with a gradual descent to the lower part will ho much better Co operate family should be on good terms with his hill of neighbors and frequently exchange vis- Of course several drains will bo needed running parallel in a Honey to Sell Home much size and all may run into an open ditch ou the lower side of its This is a matter of great importance Many farmers who keep but a Bmall number of colonies of bees underground tho hill We dislike to run sldo hlll drains into a large but it is to frequently neglected More or less dirt will he loosened and brought down in sell all their honey at homo at profitable prices says an oxchange conduit the drains The covered conduit will often need to be cleaned So A farmers neighbors in the village may not always know what he TO KEEP To keep alt lepers out of will the open ditch but it will be much less trouble than the unJer has to sell and in Bitch cases the farmer has to work up his trade OUT meat first dip the meat In drain Wherever there Is a sudden stoppage of rapid descent there when he starts In to supply some now product The best way to ad SKIPPERS hot boiling water and let it will be a large deposit of silt and at such place a deep wide hole vertise honey is to give samples to those whoso patronage tho pro- slay long enough to count five j take it two or three feet below the tile should be made to be filled with ducer mBy desire Tho way to advertise is to secure email sections out and rub it well with a mixture of water In this still water all the soil brought from tlm neigius those that will hold n half pound or even less if one does not feel black ground pepper and sifted corn ahovt will he deposited and from this on the further side a drain that lie can afford to give pound or half bound samples away Get meal One cup of black pepper to two can be run that will take only tho pure water from the surface of the enough such sections to answer tho need cf samples and place them cupa of meal rub well while wet and silt on the hives at the opening of the honey gathering season When they aro filled label them and dlstributo them Following such hangup It outfit to be done the first 15y thus draining hillsides all the surfaco wash can he prevented week of March What conies down through the tiles will be very little except for tho samples within a week tho farmer will find purchasers providing first few years while the soil is settling After an underdrain is thus tho samples were of fine quality This sample system of advertising CELLULOSE The experiments ol the established in its position it undergoes very few changes Tho ef is largely carried on by merchants in the villages towns and cities When once a Maryland Experiment Sta fect ol frost on moist ground is to expand and deepen it so that it and it is conaidered a highly successful system PRODUCT tion show that the new corn product will absorb more water In this way the hilhside may be given as customer has taken honey from the farmer he is likely to become a this is the corn fodder with the pith re deepjjoll and with as much fertility as the best lowland with the regular customer The farmers in some sections take their honey to moved is much more digestible than advantage over the latter that it is not likely to be oveifhwed with grocery stores in tho village and cities and leave it on sale periodi cally collecting from tho grocery men fur all that ia sold and allow- either shredded corn fodder finely water which remains stagnant springs will he struck in progress of ing thf store men commission ou the sales In many sections of blades and ground corn fodder or corn On many upland hillsides husks It was also found more digestible undordrainiug or their may be springs that appear oven now on the New York and Pennsylvania bath these methods are pronounced than timothy The experiments state surface These springs ought always to be tapped Wherever there economical and successful that The results prove the new corn is a wet place in the hillside a little digging will probably find the product to be a valuable cattle and horse spring that originates it Sole or round tile should always bo used Chicken Duties Where horseshoe tile are used the edge of the food and in no sense should it be con in hillside draining The importance of a constant supply of clean water also for sidered a waste product tile are liable to be underminded by washing away the soil between chickens as well as fowls can hardly be over estimated It would them and in this way the drain is soon spoiled With sole or round seem nlmost unnecessary to allude to this matter but we have so of- on the soil beneath It TO A common method of tile there is no such friction ten utterly astonished at the amazing indifference Bhown in tills di- Many hillsides are too rocky for profitable draining and especial forcing asparagus is by transFORCE rection that we call attention to it When giving the chickens their of them it 1b pos- ASPARA- plontini roots to pome warm ly those that are very springy But on almost all breakfast their water dish is washed and filled all right so far but places to tho lower grounds OUS place when the shoots will sible to make short underdralna from wet perhaps in nn hour it has become lllcl with dirt or possibly as is II m ires in the rocks through find grow from the vitality stored in tre wliera in rocky soil it can often sometimes the case with some of us their dish is upset which is no great r part of tho rain roots This however ruins the roots and which it may pass to the vales below The worse however than if filled with dirty water unfit for use If If the moun- fall on mountains thus finds its way to tho seaboard A simple they must be discarded eternal vigilance is the price of liberty it is equally so of successfloods all the rain that falls it would method of overcoming this wastefulness tains streams brought in surface are now known This is shown ful chicken raising Look after your chickens a dozen or twenty make greater floods than anv that is to place half barrels over clumps of as bv the lieavv il ods that como when the k round is covered with ice times a day Go your rounds like a watchman if necessary every pile fermenting so that the natural escape through absorption by the surface soil is hour if not to do anvthinu for them to see if anything need to be paragus in the field and Am Cultivator manure about them when the warmth stopped done The mother does not always lay aside her sewing or her book from the manure will force the shoots and go into the nursery simply to pick her babe of the floor and Hog Cholera Buzzards Spread into rapid growth put it in bed again from whence it has tumbled out but she goes The common turkey buzzard is a harmless fowl dut does great there to see if it is sleeping peacefully and is all right Go out and This was brought to do likewisn oh chicken man or woman Go among your chorge Six good brood sows are mischief In the way of spreading hog cholera SIX average my mind a few days since with such force that I no longer have any frequently to see if they are all right It is a good deal of trouble enough for the SOWS ENOUGH farmer tn keep and they doubt about it A farmer on whose farm there had been no hog we admit but we do not know of any successful business that is not In fact this little world is full should be kept as long as they will rRise cholera for many years was attacked bv the disease in his herd and attended with more or less trouble six good pics Manage them ko they couldnt understand how he got it uutil it was suggested to him on trouble and you must bear your part of it Ex He had killed an old dog and thrown it in a ditch in the will raise two litters a year making in this wise pasture where the liQgs were using buzzards soon congregated there nil 72 hogs per year One man can raise Value of Tillage that many hotiu and enough corn to feed to clean up the carrion They had doubtless just left a hog carcass was loaded with cholera germs Thus they were sprinkhd of the Cornell Station g to show very clearly The experiments them to a 300 pouud weight Tlifse at that average prices would brinu JGOO or there and the herd cam in contact with them Of the success of that tillage is fully as important a factor in growing successful crops as even soil fertility For several years the Station has been making about o0 a month the year round on this vay of spreading hog cholera there is no doubt Potatoes were careful experiments in tillago and soil fertility hogs alone besides the revenue from Our Best Customers grown on nsoil containing less fertility than the average eol yet by hiB poultry cattle horses and sheep Of the lJ102Mn5 worth of American products exported last means of ca oful tillage and without the use of any commercial fer- which he ought to keep to use all the year nearly 1000000000 went to Europe nearly S0 000000 went to tilizer or manure of any kind crops hayo baen grown which are far nn tli farm rough teed the Dominion of Canada a per capita basis for our nearest neigh above the average of the State The crop raised this year is the filth 3 A O bors of iir50 for every man woman and child Our entire sales in one removed from the soil since fertilizes of any kind were applied South and Central Americi were only SI per capita Wo exported yet it ia a very satisfactory one The time for listing in a crop and to the Philippines 1127787 worth of goods cultivating it once has gone by I rf tho fattest lambs sent to market aro those obtained of Merino with Southdown saya Indiana Farmer Thoy are about as plump and heavy for their bizb as any bred although they are not tho largest Thoy oro generally desired by good butchers and vory often thoy will command fancy prices Their Southdown lineage will bo apparent in their black faces and legs and most butchers believe yet and with good reason that the Southdown is the finest Blioop in tho world But tho Merino contributoa many noteworthy qualities The lambs get their fatness nnd tenderness from the Merino and this greatly helps the lambs in tho markets Altogether tho cross pro- duces about as satisfactory results for the general breeder of lambs for mutton as any The lambs when two weeks old should be taught to eat a little dry food and this can best ho glvon to them with the hand Some- times a tempting dish can be made for the lambs a mixture of clean oats corn and linaood meal lu equal parts ground up finely and then salted nnd sweetened with n little sugar Tho taste of tho latter tempts tho lambs The ewes should also bo fed freely and with good nourishing food to keep up the flow o milk for it ia advisable for the lambs to have plenty of the mothers milk In a short time tho lambs will take their dry feed from a box or pan nnd then feeding thorn will be greatly simplified Ordinarily it is not necessary to get thetn to take dry food but where it is desir- able to force their growth and make them lay on fat rapidly this method will be round very sati8factory The lamba that grow vigor ously from the first aro the ones that pay in tho end and it would not prove n bad plan to adopt this method oven though one has no idea of forcing the lambs for an early market PROBABLY Wheat has been badly injured by eovero weather Bourbon county Bold 050000 worth of export cattle last year O A Montgomery of Ekion was in Louisville Thursday selling stock J A Carey of Glondeane was in Lou- isville Thursday with horses and muiea W A Baakett ol Guston marketed 102 hogs at Louisville Thursday and got Feed littlo corn to brood sows and on- ly at night to furnish warmth to the body Richard Hardaway of Irvlngtonwas In Louisville Thursday with a load of nogs ana cattio Parrish McDonald of Oliutonville sold to Thomas Henry Clay two hundred barrels of corn at 100 delivered J M Owen and John D Kcese have bought about 2000 lamba at five cents per pound Winchester Democrat W H Robb bought of R H Ware the past week 28 extra feeders weight about 1150 lbs at 4A0 Winchester Demo- crat Robinson Bros of Glendeane shipped 2it head of cattle to Louisville Thursday and received 4 per hundred on tho bunch At Louisville last week 1725 was A Sinful Waste paid per hundred for one he gjhead of The annual waste of manure on farms amounts In dollars to tobacco and crop averages of 10 to 11 thousands Only a few farmers have reached the point where the were made on large lots value of manure la appreciated Others are falling in line as the It is estimated by the cfluials of the years come and go When the country is so thickly settled that Department of Agriculture mat the hay every acre will have to be worked for all there is in it then manure crop of the United States produced in 1808 reached a value of about 400000 will be used as it should A common practice is to throw it into tho 000 river or haul it to a ditch and dump it therein and the first rain Colorado J W Riley president of washes it away and gives the value to a farmer hundreds of miles Cattle Co has just closed athe deal where- away by he gets 20000 cattle for fJ50 000 Most of them come from Texas and New Mexico About Legumes Corn is up to 2 a barrel in the local Clovers cow peas in fact all legumes serve admirably to balance market Several small lots have been corn fodder as a dairy feed The clover etc possesses the nitrogen- Bold at that price within the past week ous compounds which the stover lacks Tho manure resulting from Some predict that it will go higher still Versailles Sun a feed composed in part of nitrocjn composed plants in much more The Lancaster Record tells of a valuable in keeping up the fertility of the soil Then too the Garrard county nitrogenous plants do not drain tho soil to the extent that plants not sow for 2 50 andwoman who purchased a from her sold Bix sboats legumes do as the former draw their entire supply of nitrogen from for 25 She still has tho sow and a new litter of pigs worth 25 the air A California man has patented an The Breeding Season automatic stock feeding apparatus in which a clock a Even a small farm 80 or 100 acres ought to market a big bunch the cover of thereleasesbox weight lilting feed and dropping of fat hogs twice a year April pigs will bring good prices in Decem- hay down from a rack overhead ber or the first of the year The breeding should bo so conducted as J A Dudderara famous Durham cow to bring pigB in February and May Of course in Fdbruary the has just dropped twin calves again Bays pretty c ld and damp but if the sows have comfortable the Danville Advocate making three weather is quarters such as may be easily and cheaply constructed they are pairs and a single one in six years Both genders were represented in the last ar- not likely to lose any of the litter It takes attention then though rival Chicago will supply Europe with 10 A Preventative 000 coacu and bus horses They are to of all kinds of diseases lo which come One of tho best preventatives irom diflerent parts of Illinois and animals are prone is pure water The stagnant pond is not Iowa and will be shipped at the rate of dumb pure water by any means That greon slime is laden with billions 200 a week The first consignment left Pure water comes only from pure last week for London and Liverpool ol disease germs of every kind Messrs George and Carroll Hamilton sources jprings and deep wells Cisterns if kept well cleaned are of Bath county have sold their 1898 crop not so bad but are not bo good as aprirgs of tobacco consisting of about 200 acres Top Dressing and aggregating considerably over 200 000 pounds 7 pound Air Top dressing of sod in fall or winter for late spring plowing is Knowlef of at centa per was Mt Sterling the pur the cheapest and most satisfactory way of manuring for corn on mot t chaser farms Where the supply of manure is very large it may be good practice to plow under an application freshly made to the ground for Fifty Cents Guaranteed tobacco habit cure makes weak but it is poor practice for those whose supply of mauure is small men stroo blood pure 60c 11 All drup gists ITS YOUR LOSS IF YOU DONT ACCER7 THIS MAGNIFICENT OFFER u v - THE CHILDS BIBLE The Childs Bible and the Breckenridge News for One Year Contains tho narrative descriptive and other portions of tho Holy Scriptures in the words of the authorized version to which aro added more than a hundred pages comprising CHILDS HISTORY OF THE MULE And an Account of the Children of the Bible A FOR S200 Richly Illustrated with nearly 300 fine Engravings and Maps and handsomely bound in cloth and morocco with exquisitely attractive and charming new cover designs Size 8jxio inches Royal Quarto with nearly 900 pages GENUINE OXFORD TEACHERS BIBLE OjEAtTOfl Authorized American Edition AND THE Breckenridge News the Model Bible of the Nineteenth Century FOR ONE YEAR FOR S250 This Bible is far in advance of all competitors It novcr has been and is not now equalled any- where It is printed upon a papor of great opacity toughness nnd softness and agreeablu tone Tho Bible popsesses a Concordance Maps of tho Holy Land and helps in tho way of plates showing the money language animals and history of tho Bible This Biblo is in Morrocco binding round comers gold edged and patont indoxed on tho margin Th6 beginning of the flood fbfaa cubist iCW GENE8I3 V1IL The vateri aticage IWfofa Into tho ark because ol the wa CHAPIER VIII C1IKIBT ters of tlio flood I TUmm 4 TU fk ruMk m Arml 83 Imne turn I 7 ram md U mU It 8 Of clean beasts and of beast that Mi rtl a II TmUM are not clean and of fowls and oi every KuUi Wattj J fm 14 Mflilo II aiU OeJ rurw IM mrtX a tt44kt jniMJ thing that creepetli upou tho earth 0 There went In two and two unta Qod remembered Noah and aeKll n Noah Into the ark the male and tho fe AND living thing and all tho Eat14 male as God had commanded Noah cattio thai vxu with him In tho ark IBUOki biro uH This illustration sIiowb tho size of typo nnd tho style of pages This is positively the most valuable edition of tho Bible that has over been printed The Breckenridge News offers the Teachers Oxford Bibles asflP a Premium to Subscribers Sell at 2 50 per volume everywhere in the United States but the publishers of this paper offer it and a years subscription to THE BRECKENRIDGE NEWS for 250 GIFT OF 100 MADE TO EACH NEW SUBSCRIBER This magnificent offer should not be ignored Send in your subscription to the paper and an order for the Bible right now IT IS THE OPPORTUNITY OF YOUR LIFE THESE BIBLES THE BRECKENRIDGE NEWS i 13 75 CLOVERPORT KY u

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