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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, May 24, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

tftlMB. XXXIX. K ' E THE f N Mat 24, l.Ct TJ. S G f A Vk D A Y, MAY ZET A '! 24, 1788 w L1GL?N ZTnM ??ned andSoIdh Jo JUST OPENED " and Fini.piSGSBRADF6D, at theirVRimwp Office in Main Street vhere fubjcrintiom at ,sfp- - Ann PRINTIkg in its different brands dine mth Care and Expedition lenftl 2f. each time aster and longer ones in proportion. received ,Sw?'V7 Watty and are znjerted far is. first time AND FOR SALE A tratft of land , FrtR SALE; ., ,4 on On the moll rcafonablc ferms, forCASH'or County produce, such as Cotton, Sugar, Linnen corn, or fait, by ROBERT Hie corner of Main qpd . PARKER the tf , cap-wir- e, es cream-ccldiir- t ed l.s. fpi-n- ts n, i t.30 HARRY INNES bar-iro- n Aken up by the fnbferiber Hv- ing oh cane run about five" miles from Lexington;" about the twenty-eight- h f April, a bay mare a bout thirteen hands and a half nigh, branded with IM and a slower dnuce ot tie ner iIimi der and IL on the near buttock and IM w.tlr a slower deluce on the off Also a srsv yearling horse colt, has a small flit.k down his face, his near hind soot vvhite, the owner desired to come and u.k. than .a."ry DAVID MITCHELL but-tov- k. from the luol'criber at the Surveyors office in this county on the ninth ultimate an Irdfi gray horse, sour or five y earmold, fifl&Jn hands high, neither docked nor branded, his tail long and tolgrablr thick alrrtoft vvhite, his main inclined to be gray; narrow made about the bieafi; trots very well and carnes his head high when mounted, he was very poor, barefooted all roun :, whoever takes up said lv rfe and delivers him to mr r, i) T ornas M 1VP twn dollars reward. Jfiyettc County May 2 788, ; 1 3830 - WILLIAM MARSHALL TWO DOLLARS REWARD gTrayed or lioien from the i'ubferiber living in Danviile, abou the 2.3'd of a Inuil oay mare five yeaib oid aoout thirteen uanos three Inches high, hasa fmailftar in her sorehead, had a bell on when file weht away, was Ifiod before, branded o,i the near buttock with a cross, whoever takes up and secures said mare lo that I get her again shall be d to the above reward. ... , ,i JAMgSSPILMAN leave that Cart to inform T. Mnrfh.ll my will clients, attend to their business in my ab'.ence, and April 29. 1788. H. MARSHALL To the Honourable, the Judges of the Supreme Court m Kentucky. Gentlemen. my sex and situation m?y have a perlonal acoaintance with you. and indeed have made it c'otibtful whether you have ever heard of my name, yet 1 am not whol- ALTHOUHH ly unacquainted with your charraftcrs : to ce'e brate which is not my present province; The public voice, through which channel have rcie ved jny information," has, I hope done oujufhccV setting 'hole, in fb fair a point of light , they now Rand; and ( I alk "pardon of the fafliionable part, of my sex) flattery I fincciely despise. You gentlemen have it very much in your power to fonn the pi inciples create the manners and fl.Tup an indchb'e complexion on the gene al character of this ctiflrifl. The important confequemes of performing this 'talk well, may,probab!y contimq on gent emen :o to a very diflatn make every fticceedng yearlicficft honour on ihe past, yofcr adlion.s continue cer to approve then; selves to the virtuous mind; "bhd when ybur ends'(for It must end) may it iecc;c the final approbation of heaven cJith and selves. A1; to the following visionary luggeftions, 1 have nothing to say: is the icnri nents ihey fey ate right they need no apology: is wiongit is'liotlfing moie th n may be always expeci'ed Li ihewanton reve. lesof a dieam, or ihe riiJ es I am gentlemen of an ungoveined immagination. t ydur unknown humble leivint March 18, 1788. SOPHIA KENTUCKEANA. ( ciiod-WC!o ye critics! nor your art abuse; fpaic the softness of a female mtife; Through uaftsof piofeyour envious rout purfuc; This puny c(Tay was not made for you : Y6 ne'ercan Iie on such aphantorii ihcme, For empty, like yourselves, t a' dieam. The clock (truest 12; & Horn his golden 'hronc, The sun. in full meridian grandeur Iloiie; O cr fhadelefs Peldsthc'ight wing-zephyrs (lev, lnti-tleAnd not a vapour tinged th' ethereal bh.c . Tir'dwith the fpindies unharmunious sounds. wheel s created loundc. Atd the y'lnmn thn h Mr: paiilpn s nnlinM i fft. ..., J o i IL'rtV U, Jf vvniic rounu me, ,co"iiy ruitnng Dieeze piay'd; ror winter yer, iiooj; 01c n.s nitrous wing, of sprlng: ive William Euck- - To check the No flowret ilar d unveil her fiiver gem, for three Neeroes D IT. J,u' nnn.'nl J"'-- " At.hI!1 uj.. pul tu; uc:n . James Rnrl'hnnncm AV-AJN- 'tt1-bu- thiead-form.ii- g -- Ome years pafl I viigin-wantonne- ban nan bonds and aster his dfath r remrnen one or mem on my giving him a bond for one in his own nam-hsome days aster, came ,tp me and' reported, he had lost the whole, at that time 1 paid him" and took a clear receipt againfl those bonds, and do forewarn all persons from takir.g an aflig'nment of any bond or bonds e;iven by me to said Buckhannan as I am c'pt orahe nime. I e WILLIAM HOY ma And pk.j qmbrio-pink- s rnK,,ri ..j jay brooding in upon a cammomile.rbclin'd my 'head ; 1'rom whole prclt toliage, bieathmgfiagran' ihere I Hently-lwc'iin- . . 'he fojL bed77. g tofc, AVhich sun!, my fens soon In to: t reno e. Methought an airy foorcd fyl.-- diew near And gently (looping, whii'peVd in my ear, ' Arise my Sophia; flumb'. ing female rise ; For April's ailds the ft; c; ; ; Heav'n's wand'ring lamps, have' flionc their nightly ' g . round, ' 4nceare t0 twinkle in their azdrc ground ED BI A powerful high blooded horse, will anci. this season .at the fubfenbers houie in Lxinnton, Ms price thirty fliil-lin'cash, o 2clb of meichantable tobacco, or 3001b t p jrk, to be delivered r L xing on, on or before the 20th. day ,. , i r. 'C 'ber f)ext v, , f was got by Fearnought au REDBIRD f gs , TEG X cp in(trusts, nor sport vain dream in vain ! Youn,. 1 gTrayed and narrow cloths, BROAD low priced cloths, coatings and fhallbons, Joans spinning, bu:kram, cordu-ro- s, velvet's, jeans, fustians, plated netal and mohair buttons, sleeve buttons, calico and chintz, fi.'k and pocket hanc 'kerchiefs, gauze and tiffney ditto, black and white maitre netj brocaded tiff.ev, Ipot-te- d and plain gauze; Nekton and ladies sans, gartering, binding, pins, writing and wrapping paper, large and small blai,k bo((ks rukd jind plain, wafers in boxes, knives" and loins' of various kinds; caning ditto, fciflors, razors, files, crollcut laws, shovels and tongs, eyery quarter from two to eight, gimblets, falling axes, carpenters hatchets, iron traces, flooring brads 6 J. and 8d. riailf, loaf sugar, tea, coffee, chocolate, pepper, ali'pice, ginger, allum, indigo, copperas, madder, white chalk, queens ware and other cups and' saucers, bowls, mugs; tea and coffee potrs, and red e ,ged soup and lhallow tumblers of various Alio a fresh ailonment of medicine, c amongst which are glauber salts, rhubarb and jalap powdered, ippecacuanha, tartar emetic, fpanjfn flies, extract of lead, of harts-horcalomel, ad and white precipitate, mercurial and itch ointment in boxes; Alio, potts, kettles, an affortment of dutch ovens, drawn out ror various purposes,. with many other articles too tedious to enumerate. ftf containing 1400 acres waters of the north fork of - GOODS Dull . ne Lexington the follpwing Afibrtment of fcrew-augr- SOPHIA s DREAM . Licking, Jying on the joad from Lime-fioto the lower blue licks; bsing Mays fettlerrient and preemption and includes Mays lick, good bonds on persons in this diftnct or on penbns in the Eafbrn part of Virginia will be received in paypH ment, and I will warran- Crofs-Strcc- VIZ. - than imported norfe, his dam wasa Janus, led slow and sure, his grand dam was creepii g Kite', so well known on the continent for herfvviftnefs ik hiqri, hnt OIIN M'NAIB. : Arise, and fkifF with me o're fairy mea'ds-' sweet sylvan fcencs, and v.fionary sliadcs: ' Or, wingd ftiblimc rise and traverse wrth me, ' 'she various renorisof airj caith, and Tea. She said : we mounted, I'ght as vernal ga'c;, When. Flora breathes her fragianceo er the vales : With wide ftrcach'd wing, cleft the unfeeling ur; Andfiiddenwcptour western hcmefphcie, , From where the' Atlan ic w.ifhes Georgia's shore surges roar'r To vvheie brpad Eiie's Ohio-Rec ofs-dream, with slack enrd reins, And hovcr'doc'r Kentucky's fruitful plains: Wdary with night," we took our station there, ,0n a strong column of collected aif. r I look'd, and focn an infant-towdefcry'dj Hcrftieets, and hou fes, throng'd from site to side' From side to side, my cuiicus eye purfu'd, And the with plcafure-vicw'd- , A motly group of men, this Rene dnclord, 01 ev'ry colom, age and sex compotMj mid-lan- d s f woil-varic- d '

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