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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CALLED MEETING OF THE E,-ECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES August 27, 1917 The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees met in President Barker's office, pursuant to call, to finish busi- ness interru'3ted by the meeting of the Board of Trustees, Au- gulst 16. The following were present: Chairman Nicholas Messrs McKee, Johnston, and Doctor Marks. The regular order of business was taken up. Under the heading "Unfinished business" a report made by Acting Dean Roberts, of the College of Agriculture, to the Executive Com- mittee June 20, 1917, and at that time not acted unon, was taken up. Recommendation 1 of Dean Robert's report, which asked for the transfer of E. J. Gott from the Experiment Station to the Teaching Division as Instructor in Bacteriology, to have full charge of this work, wan adopted. Recommendation 2, that Doctor R. L. Pontius be designa- ted Acting Head of the Department of Diseases of Live Stock, was approved. Recommendation 4, that J. 0. LaBach be made Head of the Food and Drug Department, if by July lst, R. M. Allen had not signified def.nite intentions to return to the Experiment Station work. The Board instructed Acting President 3oyd to write further to Mr. Allen, asking for a definite reply to a former letter written by President Barker, on this pointt Recommendation 6, that J. B. flutson be appointed as In- structor in Farm Management at a salary of $1200, indicated in the schedule of salaries was referred to the Budgeting Committee and there acted upon. Recommendation 6, that Miss Linda Purikell be appointed Instructor in Home Economics at a salary of $750 per year, was adopted. Number 8, recommending that the salary of Judge Lafferty (five hundred dollars), paid by the Exneriment Station as Legal advisor thereof, be discontinued, was referred to the Budgeting Committee and there acted unon. 1he action of the Oudgeting Committee up6n said salary was that the same rule that obtain- ed in last year's budget sh8 uld continue in this year's budget; viz., that of Judge Lafferty's salary, the $500 referred to be paid out of the Experiment Station funds, and the remainder out of the University funds.

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