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Image 31 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 60, No. 1, Summer 1984

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

QUARTERLY BULLETIN 29 Mr. and Mrs. Thurston H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Cramp l Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hewes, III Scheetz, Jr. I The Valley Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bell ` Mrs. F. Livingston Fletcher Mrs. Henry S. Bromley, Jr. Q Mrs. Philip Godley Mrs. Robert C. Ligget f Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Slack Mr. and Mrs. T. Baird Mcllvain Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Slaymaker, Jr. IN MEMORIAM We wish to acknowledge our appreciation and personal gratitude to those friends who, by including FNS in their wills, have made a continuing affirmation of interest and belief in the care of mothers and babies and ' g their families by the Frontier Nursing Service. Such legacies are added to the Endowment Fund. i MRS. T. FRANK DECKER Jenkintown, Pennsylvania i MRS. LANGBOURNE M. WILLIAMS { Rapidan, Virginia ( These friends have departed this life in recent months. We wish to j express our gratitude for their interest in our work, and our sympathy to their families. 1 MISS LAURETTE BECK Brooklyn, New York Member of FNS National Nursing Council MRS. HENRY S. BOOTH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Member of FNS Detroit Committee - Former FNS Trustee MRS. JEAN H. GALLIEN Cleveland, Ohio A long-time and generous friend of FNS ' ` MRS. MADELINE M. GAMBLE Maryville, Tennessee V Former FNS staff member it MRS. WALTER N. HALDEMAN r Glenview, Kentucky L Courier, 1930s (Jane Norton) Mother of courier Jane Haldeman Hope (1958) Former FNS Louisville Committee member , MRS. CLEVELAND MARCUM Lexington, Kentucky 3 FNS Honorary Trustee Former FNS Trustee and Red Bird Committee member

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