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Image 1 of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), December 13, 1866

Part of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854)

y ADVERTISING BATES. (JMICI No. 'A2, TLli.MS OF fwo itollin ;i ) ear Jjtkkkt, lill'TlON'. draMoer S3oL ih li in ADVERTISING. or . Cm oue MUSte 18 li ;. Each TUree aooafu bii: month. Oiu- - r h-- - - - - 3 insertion-- $ - insertion l aihlitio-.ia- NEWS rousasr l . CYXTIIIAXA, KY., DECEMBER VOL. XII. Hi G0 - We an Btapafsd to ssasntl all kiiuU of BOOK, PLA.IN AND FAiCY 1H 60 NO. 13, 1866. In 00 From the Louisville Courier. . Cynthiana News Job Office, BtJCH AS u:i-- . Business Card. Hand Bills. Vfcdti ic anU, Circular, Ball j . TtekeW, Blanks, Tarty Ticket, BUI Head, iYiiiu.T;ii Ticket. Poster, Labels, l'rogr I 4--1 country, and we do hereby pledge him Pen and Soicsors. our most earnest support in all his Our Next Soveraor Dr. BuchCovington. Scott Co. Ivy. constitutional efforts to accomplish1 The Catholics at Indianapolis aranan. LARGE lot hi Store, mid for sale at making preparations lor the erection the same. MAirnx i. t. . 4 Resolved, That we do in (he most of an immense cathedra! in that c.ty. 37th. I3f tf Since t lie fust announcement ot t!:c & unqualified terms, denounce the con-Saianrea of immense qnantitaea of wishes of the best, truest, and most WHISKERS!! WHISKER! duct and proceedings of the last Kad- - whisky, and several extensive judicious democrats in our State, that Dr. U ). M':kN OoswMUi thcjrraatcsl ical Congress in its gross and flagrant leries have been made in New York Pr. Buchanan should he ihe next thnttlator la tbe world. ffl force Whisker grow on thr smoothest nee usurpations oi power in violation oi an.t isrooRlyn recently, by revenue governor ot Kentucky, the suggestion a.vLivUA jjl.uuuuat. DEALERS IN i llatasHMn t WHOLESALE Sample for r known to tail. the rights and privileges of the Con- - officers. lias been so extensively approved, and wilt free to an one deairetu of testing IIox. E. M. BarjCB. The claims oi Institution of the country, as leading to s Deplokabi J There have been seems to meet so cordial a support, that E-eAddres, BEEVES A CO, rk. liberal and high toned gentleman revolution, anarchy, and a tyranical teen marriage, in Winchester, Clark 7S Nassau St. lSGi-ahemicals we have entire confidence in its sucJkuz. Drugs. Medicines, Kew York cily. cess. We believe, in short, that Dr. should not be overlooked when the despotism, and destructive to the best county in one week. Paint, Oils, Varnishes, Win- Buchanan will, in all probability, be Democracy come to make their nc- - interests of our Republican svstemJ i ' v3 A "MISS TENNESSEE'S, sco"n: the nominee of the democratic State count and reward those who lune and it persisted in, must ultimately L mLX;v"l' ( was arretted Dye Stuffs, Pure convention, and that, it there should been taithful and zealous in their dead to consolidation and ruin. dow Glass, 5 Resolved, That we reocommend Z be any serious opposition to him, he cause. Mr. Brace has eminent claims Wines, and Liquors, Perfumery, will sweep the Slate by such a major- to some Office of honor, trust or profit, to said Convention the name of Hon. a P00' visue I her children in s' but especilly to one ot the two former R. II. Stanton, for nomination as a us has never been known P1 Toilet articles, andFancy Goods. ity in any State election. in as his private fortune renders one of candidate for Governor for the State A Pnvate Mter lrom "don say 'ot Kentucky at the next August elec- The people have long been depriv- the latter a matter of indifference. Secretary Seward's dispatch to Sir. Gth & Kajlln Sts. ed of toe privilege of electing a chief He has probably done as much as any Ition. X.E. Corner of I"r.eilrick ftuce, in regard to Fenian V large and very respectable num-magistrate whose principles they could man in the country to aid those who Stand.) they will move were in prison or suffering from the ber of delegates were appointed ip jj0UWm'i awakened a beligerent heartily approve, and (Miller's Old 1 neei in ioi uircica. on r to rpuriKPn lho r.nnntv in thn. Sit.,t With entbuaism when they have an caiailllUes o war. have been mentioned to him that a Democratic Convention. At the recent nrass convention appartttnity of placing the reins oi COVINGTON, Ky. at Vicksborg, len, Dndlev, U. S. 7 Resolved, That we do most nosi- government in the hands of a true Democrat was imprisoned for his opinio ns sake and he ministered to him tivelv condemn and most bitterlv de- - A- - an invited guest, offered the fol Kentucl;ian-on- e who has never wavered or (altered in allegiance to the con- with no stinted hand. He ;pent hi nounce tho mmim MOMd K tb lowine sentiment :M I'he true Consev- private means lik 3 watei for the re- present member of Congress from the ative element of the country the stitution and to his native State. a ill nan an I tliAnsaiuLi Af mIi !Hh Congressional THE WONDERFUL CHILD District of Kentnc- - fibting men of both armies. The men who have long been pro lief MAGNETIC LIFE ELIXIR A letter from Orleans, of the latest scribed and positively ostracised- in tical prisoners and prisoners of war ky, as being in direct antagonism to Have in store and keep constantly on Kentucky will rally to the support pi bad cause to bless Ins bounty. This the express will of the people of said mail, savs : "From l,000,')00 to 100,- CLEANSING THE BLOOD lias been, like them, under WSa not done with ostentation and District, and in hostility to their best 000 bales is tiie estimated extent oi AND band large stock of every article in the one who the cotton crop of the South by both the Irowns of arbitrary power, and who parade, but he made use of almoners, 'interests. the Complexion. Drag line. warranU'd fresh and pure, which has Beautifying 8 Resolved, That in view of the ap- - planters and factors here. It cannot suffered tedious imprisonemeut and the recipients of his bounty often ;this Elixir has Met with Tli great tmeaem for his fidelity to the great charter ol did not know the source from which proaching Congressional election' we possidly exceed the the great amount to put ir before the public, and they oiler to the trade at Induced Die relief came. As the office of Lieut-- ' cordially present the name of the Hon. named n jrV u a fair trial, ami ir win all I ak American liberty. thi r.', i.iii:mMid itself. It will leluo e all While the unprincipled Burbridge enant Governor is one of honor more Joskpii BL Alkxandkr to the favorable t wji rretify the fclnnial of leam-tha, . lias been expelled from the State by DARK spurs, MOTES, PIMPLES profit, it would be a fifing trib-- consideration ot the Democracy of the jn,r m Loaisiana and the many adinir-utEl 'ON THE FACE to 3Ir. Rruce's generosity and )th-- 9th Congressional District, and most ANY LRlTTb FICCSI the withering scorn of freedmen, Ins ew of Raphael Senimes, late Admiral Ofi BODY, or virtues to nominate him for it. I heartily recommend him for nomina- - 0f t),e Confederate States navy says victim, Duvall, .receives the highest nri will crivo tin eoiiinlexion a clear and reward the freemen of Kentucky had know of no man who would grace the tion as a candidate lor Congress, to the r,e Xew Orleans Crescent, to lean, healthy color, and if directions are properly y then to bestow, and his other victim, position more admirably than the sub- - Convention that may be held for said! that he av is appointe P at a recent ( followed the kiu v ill become almost Orders from Druggists. Physicians. District. Buchanan, whom he threatenen with ject of this notice. OS Watt kxows. meetini; 0f the Board ol Supervisors The properties 01 tin- - syrup are pwrcij Merchants. Painters, and others shall at summary death cr banishment, will Inch resolutions were adopted as The above we copy from the last vegetable and perfectly harmless, and have a fine Iuisiana Slate Semlnarv, expression of the sense of the tlssor of Moral Philosophy ana Kuglish ot the Kentucky Gazette, all times receive prompt and careful atten soon be in a position in which he can Wuw.lvrfnl Elferf upon the IJrcr. extend or withhold elemencv to crim says the Louisville Courier, andwe are meeting. Literature in that instiution. And elean-iii- , the system of all other iin- -! tion. and at prices which cannot fail to On motion the meeting adjourned and restore a person to purine-inals like Burbridge when they are in prepared fo indorse every word said QCcSales were made by Major Ilibl-ePERFECT HEALTH! I). K. WEIS, Chairman m behalf of Mr. Bruce, lie is a man the grasp of the ofhaaded law.-- . at the farm of Mrs. linen, near The properties and composition of this M. M. Tf.aoah, Secretary. 186C. Sept. tThu ever the right conies uppermost, of clear head, tine judgment and won half Wm cheater l4 acres at 91 I Mrup were made kii(wn to me when a child -- - . And eve' done." I derful zeal and energy, and would be and in a lain ant Mate, sine' whieli cash, balance in twelve months. have made mnatant Be af it in my practice. The earnest democrats of Kentuc- useful and efficient in any position HJT We have, say the Sehna Bold well; cattle rather low; and from the great raceeaa have bad in its ky will rally to the support of Buchahe might be called noon to filt monger. :it last the official vote of the Horses 11 years, thought, proper to lancausa In' usf for the stock hogs bought sA ) perhondredj great States of bring it before the pvbllc CiUEENSWRE, GLASSWARE nan, remembering how he upheld our During the war his munificent liberal- - five late elections. the isUnion cast at stock cattle at olc. Lex. 0 sir I til It as lollows: banner in 1864, when all wasdarkand ity to the soldiers from Kentucky, the Coal Oil, Coal Oil Lamps, PeCFARKO Om.y Bv Hon. John Bku The Kanfcville hopeless, and by that movement se- both sick and well, won for him their DEM. hsr. Cutlery, cVrc. S S TEN N liSSEE, Table MI 91.401 cured the recognition of the Kentuc- (gratitude and admiration of all who Bfaar York, asaiss Banner says: The many Irienda of tam Tin: IHHEAT yianolia Bnlldillgftj Madison 10,031 ky democracy at the Chicago conven- 'knew of his lavish expenditures. Tbere ShfcJyv,fa' JGfjS Hon. John Bell,ol lennessee, will Clairvoyant and Magnetic Doctrcss, ji :.:.(; KY. tion. They will recollect to how he is no man wnc nas so man warm imllana No. .V22. West Fifth Street. lltaois pleased to learn that the venerable January 18.1MB. isaiai CI N IN NATL OHIO. 103.319 statesman is in the enjoymejalei unu-an117.i:.s bf.uw mvxm, raised the flag and 'ed the movement friends among tiie returned soldiers llliuola, good healt'n. He is at present of i860, which gave the democracy and their relatives, and his nomina 1,1UUl For Saif By ALL DRUGGISTS IX tiiki fiir'i rinii i, 'in vwiii'tr i.t I im, unquestioned control of the State. tion would add strength and populari- UNITED STATES. Dein-The presence ot Sueeeuor to G. W. McDotmold, JOHN D. PARK, Inm Work and occasionally lliey will not allow such signal serviGeal Ageht, ces to pass without recognition; and, inated. ami Walnut s.. Watchmaker Warlh-We- st Corner Fourth And Jeweler. although lie votes, will show how little truth there Ci.vciNNA Ohio. may not have asked or March 0i 1806. Weseebv our exchanges that Mr. is in the assertion that the Democra pirit of the youngest. Corner ."th and Madion sts., Covington, Ky. 'sought anything from the people but Bruce has been strongly solicited to Remarkable Young Lady. It is a curious Qlnstratien M the "oiistantly on hand a 'oniplete aaaoi toaetit their approbation, they will take pride accept the Presidency ot tbe Mays- - cy are living out or becoming a feeble The Magnetic DoetreM Hw Tenneaeee. j of tin . Jewelries. Watches, silver and plated in giving hio an opportunity to disW onderful Child, aires tell a different strange notions prevalent 4in fwnce lias who era called the ville db Lexington IL 11. Co., as it is ..r.r m reference to the Emperor Napoleon i, on ware, line table cutlery, eVC Atti established an lniinnajy in play the same wisdom and decision in believed his energv and skill would 423, near Nonml. when- she (auua rv 18, lsuu. that among the workimrraen of Faris. Fifth st.. No. the chief magistracy of the state soon secure the eom4etioa of the he consulted on all matters pertaining Divstiuptivk Fun:. The well known there is a story that he has been dead to life and health. She will give inform- -' which he has shown in managing its work. In his decision we doubt not hntolat hvnnrl friniht and wna nrvwuitAil at thii " m v attoa f lost ar stolen at on fly, identifying J othhe will deter to the wishes of his popular and accommodatingi friend, " review on Monday by a well known the peraea or aeraoni concerned with no Corner of Russell it Pike streets. political movements without any er reward than imprisonment and tnnuli eertaiuity assrarcehj to leave a doubt numerous tnenas who desire to see Gov. Herndon, was consumed by fire, rent maker. There are three men in COVINGTON, KY. if their quilt, ami. when required, will r him m another position. I have leaaed the BUiatou llousi- fori terra ,)M Saturday morning last just before Fan's, it seems, who very closely re- into an nnconachwM atate, and travel to every of years, and will be pleased to have the old Dr. Buchanan is not a man of any ' dav. It caught in the kitchen, and semble his majesty one being the jart ot'tbe world. aiu huiit up her will pef Iriendi Of the houae eive me a call, ami all T Dispatch. T r leinmg County 7TT From the tell bitter partisan feeling, prejudice or son, dead or alive, and through soon eltendeu over the whole edifice, tentmaker in question, another a t. of my old friends ami the public generally, iMnlrinjrfjrtend their situation and Though bold when boldCmOCr3.tlC and will endeavor to attend to their wants passion. iu.6GtlDf oonanmlng the and a large woodranger in the Bum de Boulogne, l guaranty to make market affords. giving them At a meeting of the Democracy of paajtof the iurniture of Mr. Hopper, and the third the keeps af a dancing in all case she undertakes, can- - hyhave reduced the best tbe two dollars per ness is accessary, he is eminently cauthe fair to tious, conservative and forgiving. Jle Fleming county, held at the Court the landlord. Several of the boarders mom at Moat Farnasana. aom extracted, root ami bram h. without II. E. BOSWELL. or iain. orone droi of blood, ni dav. has probably not an enemy in the House on Monday. .Nov. Jilt h, lor the suffered small losses. There was no januarv is. 19M. hours, l'araly zed from fourto twenty-fomember of Banks, the General world, lie would perform every duU purpose of appointing delegates to the insurance upon the property. persons made to walk in from three to nine Loss, J:. IfcDANIEL, congress from Maine. Hewasjecent-l- y lavs. and all Other diseases treated with the with judicial rmpartiaHtyand eye sole- Democratic State Convention, to be estimated at l,.v U. Maysville arm pame aneeeaa. aneh aa liver eomdaint. em- charged with drunkenness, which ly to the public good, lor sueh has alin Frankfort, on the 39d day of letin. nananVon. tits, heart dtaeaoe, night andhear- S. EINSTEIN, Agent, he bitterlv denied with the assertion ways been his character lor the many Pebmaiy next, on motion of Hon. restored. a. id all di- ase that flesh t heir in to? years that we have known htm, and, Jos. if. Alexander, D K. WtU was apSoitiikrn Am. The Observer gives that if it coul.t be proved on him, he All letter- - amnaptly answered, and medialthough he is a true representative .0 pointed Chairman, and M. M. Tcawak, a glowing account of the great' Fair would resign his .eat. Tl.e proof has NI) Dealer in Cloth n r. Gentlemen's cine sent bv express when required. . Lexington, and been famished, which convicts lnm of now progressing the democracy of Kentucky, his nomi- Secretary, in inuati. 1'. O. Box Fiiruishmg Good. IIat. &t s Orunxness. Iving Owiujr to her extensive practice. No. 27 Dike gtfeet, Covington. Ky. nation would not aggravate the,,, hrw.t which will close witha calico ball. ba- - been compelled to secure tqC Te:ilic-e- e Oct. 4th, lsWJ. A rumor is current that a huge lion ity of northern radicals, for even Hor- statement Of the objects ot the meet- - ThO Observer says that the entire peo11. IVoodhulL aartrleeaof r. v W. W. SMITH ace ( Ireeley, Chief Justice Chase, mi. i. Anril 20, 1S0U. ing, on motion of Hon. Jos. M. Alex-- j ple of tbe State, man and woman, boy is roaming about in the hills of 11 Bryant and Quincy are so well 1 the following gentlemen were and girL the old and the youthful with son and Crawford counties, it is said & acquainted with Ihe genial philanthro- anpointed a Committee on resolu-- ono accord have thrown their every that he has been seen several times 1 tCJ H WHOLESALE GROCER py of his nature and thV sincerity of lions, viz : endeavor into the scale, and declared recently. iBououessa ne nas escaped Mm Street Paris, Jfj. his patriotism, that their political hos T. L. ( iiven, J. E. Smith, A. E. Cole, that famine should not find a lurking from some itinerant menagerie. Con- COMMISSION MERC II ANTS, tility would be modihed by t .eir res- Dr. l ft Samuel, S. F. Armstrong, II. place upon the continent as long as siderable excite::n !n prevaih in the Hampton & Wiggington. NO. 12 PIKE STREET, reported tins where it pect for the man. PKOPrtlETOKS. K Soulev, Marshall McCann. F. K. God gave a harvest to the blue grass, localitywas seen. is New Albany wild OOVINGTON, KY. No man in our country has been Davis, Dr. J. InJ. fields of Kentucky. beast to Foreign and Domestic LiquorsProctor, Dr.J. A. O JpOur Omiiihiis onveys Leilger. more absorbed in the consideration of Bannan, Amnion Jones, and Stamper caud from the Hail road Depot free. March 22. 1st Ijnjr Apart men t ctuiiinoditms location Krom the Ouenshora Monitor. v.. .. p,.nT.T,,u JaaaaaAl matter.: that concern the public Dickev, who retired for deliberation, d ientral. and within ane anoura of the Ti,e uderest in the reviva.s JjOlPen, of this county, shipped last and the general interest and pro- after which Ihev reported the follow-'- . 22, '05. March Depot, m lrogess at the Cumberland Fres- - WfJtk N Xew YorcafiM ateet and cow, gress of society. His defense of the ing preamble and resolutions, ON m weighing respectively 2,750 and 2.1 slave holding states, in the form of - Merian and Methodist churches Wiikkkas, Hie Democratic State CenM. MOKK?. KOSSKK. T. memorial to the legislature of Ken- tral Committee ot Kentucky luveap-itln- s clt.v continues unabated, and a lM)llIuls. Mr. H. Uice shipped al MEW EOSSEE & MOREY, tucky, was the most thorough and per- pointed the 23d dav ol Februarv, 1 SOT, nwmuei inn e aire.u.v pioiesMons. s;Une rjmetwo steers which weighed fect vindication that has ever been for the holding of a Democratic Con-- ! Wpni tbem several ol our best young 495 pounds. The New Torkeis may AND WHOLESALE AMD IIETA1L published. Much as we have admir- vention, at the city ot Frankfort, KylCltiaens. well smack their lips in anticipation ed the productions of ..overnor Ham- for the purpose of nominating a can-- j Soniiuuuf HalBF. The Russellville of a feast on such meat at Limstasaa, AMI INVITE the attention of the citizeus mond, Kdwmd Fisher and Prof. Bled-so- didate tor Governor and other State Herald containes the proceedings of a True Kentuckian. ylithiaua and vicinity, to the General Commission Merchants, they are not to bo compared With officers; therefore, meeting at which a Southern Aid So-SKLMA, ALA New & Fresh Stock of Groceries Dr. Buchanan's memorial as an exRROAD STREET, 1 Resolved, That we, the Democracy eiety was organized for Logan county, Drs. Righter & iiuiray, At the house lately occupied by .1.11. tv II haustive discussion of the subject, and of Fleming countv, in Convention as-- ; , ni:ri:i;i:NrKs: on Pike afreet, near the Ilan- W. Shawhan, abont opening an OttV In 11 1111 ii.iiui 4 ucvig wi.if niiiii logical any of facts. sembled, do approve of the time and .1. C. GItAHAW & CO. kin House. (W off r ttc Tiie lc- ItST NATIOAI. HANK nl'l'u nn,.i. VE for rhc pm w.i 1.U1..-- lv,. a document: could have been place of holding said Convention, and If such JOI1N T. HOGG. ,.' habitants Harrison. BourWu an of Selni.u Alabama. March 22. 18GG. placed in the hands of every voter, duly endorse the purposes of the same. ates with whom he was gambling in bW countiea the lieuetH of C3F A pouts for tbe bale of IVeatern Produce Logan county, on Sunday las The May .".1 SCO Homeopathic Practice, twenty years ago, it might have done 2 Resolved, That we reiterate the .n.l oK eabllfthini; in conn, tlon tfierewfth much to allay the rage of fanaticism niMtM oJ lir vnwiiln mna murderers are still at large. innio"'i' Mrand h ive averted some of onr nation- addopted bv the Convention assem- 9n M Street. , T AT E Magnolia II m-gM al calamities. Kentucky has produc- bled in the city of Louisville, on the ,lowu irom u,e jomewhere to Tlr y iur o STANDARD letween Pike ami Sevanth, Covinpton. , U a, t .. has Judge of a Federal Comt m Ala- ed no more intellectual man than Dr. 1st dav ot Mar last, and upon which - hwatwl Kentucky. This house in the o Buchanan, and she owes it to herself we won so glorious a victorv at thM bama, and who was never suspected ta l.hsh..l. livma m a u. t. central portion, with lirstela aceommod- . iiitaiac ran wminPt a'ions. It has recently been renovated and ot having an extra quantity ol brains hylraons Lto make use of his abilities. 1(.Upr. As a last August election, and. we heartdv n Ww (Mails of ya.- fiirub bed. with the best of furniture. delivered a charge to the grand torna. wh,u akdkaa. aiiU a iiasnraamaa writer he has all the vigoi and power recconunend them as wise, pat riotic, The table will be furnished with uverytuiutf Of Al l. K1N1S. which he goes t:is Market affords, ihancei moderate. Cotton IVan:- - and Frames, Cotton. Hay and Jot Dr. R I. Hrcckinridge without his conservative, and purely Democratic, jury at lluntsville, in of f),w ,,.,,..,,, lir:i,tl,., W. W.SMIT1L ,lt ot hls W;l'.to jounce in favor of aa ;. l,ar Presses. Warehouse Trucks, 1V, fierce intolerance and fickleness.' lie 3 Resolved, That we heartilv en-- ' July 4th, 1S60. Baggage Barrows, Copying amendment He Straugers vtsltbie (Jrnthiaiia ortlia ba- is judicious, profound, and original, a aorse t bo policy nf ihe President of tIie Constitutional t Paeasea, Ibt. :'' ' - "l',,r fhQrt A Mi T1L 0MMjn wanted fox i. rommoUiu tint verj ionieaj ,,,is natural leafier in the realm of thought the re IlltMl:ktilM,jn, A., in EAIRBANKS. MORE & C0.4 and opinion, and it is to be i egret t ed storeUnited States of His efTirts to and'j'110 should be and tried lor om, u ate yuUilaai, Ky. n ni. the Stales the unity dress O. T. Buarey, CitFtiiliiiiigBiddeford, 125 Walnut Street, WOatoiartw that he has not more of the ambition peace and harmony to "destnicted tioason. Maiite. , February 1, '60 12m Ciudmuiti. SALT SALT JOSEPH BURGESS, JIM Bt-p-t. or-fii!i- : ' of a political leader. Hundreds have made, their way to high positions with less than half his native abilities. Hi s nomination from different quarters has been a spontaneous tribute to his worth which will be ratified in 18- 67 by the linal decision oi the vox populi, vox Dei. URGES. - 1 in-- tliir-tln- " jel f ?!f T T Ken-tack- y 1 - - I I I i . n i ClllClIIIiatl ' 1 e 1 oun-tr- NV er L' r, I -. e J. StibljERS. 1 -t Mes-whic- h I . al (Jhas. Asmamin 1. urt I " - MavaHfc-fhrmrhrki- nt " I I ab-e- nt . athere-abHiperma-aeatenr- Tlo-wil- post-ollic- et 1 ur Bul-hel- Tailor, Merchant Al-lr- es A 2.17-2- Mi-- d i I - I I . . HILL CTATU I A Dan-crof- SMI II 1 . . - K liFr , wel-iar- e Kail-oa- PIKE STREET THE RAMPAGE GROCERY 9m Urn irri-ande- r, t, GrROC E.KS to-wi- t: aw PRODUCE STORE r e, ( ,a ol-...- , (M ' t Planter's House. j c di-o- FAIRBANKS n i" . . 4 rlwZ - 'W Ag.-n- h, t i- .,l . li-o'r- . I lt; ,,,. If I:1 - 1 an-este- I n- n- l . -

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