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Page 24 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.9 n.1-2

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Their Contributions." The gust speaker at the meeting ws Prrof. Nathaniel Calloway of Fisk Uni- versity. A science exhibit at Central High School and the Louisville Municipal College was held by this conference. The exhibits were very attractive and received much favorable comment. The science club of the Louisville Municipal College entertained the conference with a social follow- ing the luncheon. GLADYS J. SPAIN, Chairman ARMAH WILSON, Secretary ENGLISH TEACHERS' CONFERENCE The English teachers of the state held their annual confer- ence on Friday, April 15 at Cen- tral High School. The conference was divided into three sessions- the morning session, the lunch- eon meeting, and the afternoon session. At the morning session, Mrs. Nancy B. Woolridge, the chair- ,man of the body, presented Dr. Benjamin Brawley, Professor of English, Howard University, Washington, D. C He used as his subject the theme of the meeting-"Our Racial Literary Heritage." He stated that inter- est in Negro literature has in- creased, and that publishers are more and more interested in works on the Negro. Particu- larly did Dr. Brawley call atten- tion to -the danger that lies in the present movement to do away with the classics and modern languages. From the -standpoint of culture of our young people, he stated that we must support the humanities. After the address of Dr. Braw- ley, Aurs. Hpzel Browne Williams of Louisvlfle Municipal College led the group in discussion.: At this time many interesting prob- lems connected with the main address were brought up ano dis- cussed. Immediately following the dis- cussion the council members left for the Lyric Theater to witness the drgmiAtic pontest under the supervision of Mr. Blyden Jack- son. Two groups from local schools comnpeted for the prize donated by the Lyric Theater. One cast was from Madison Junior High School under the di- rection of Mr. Blyden Jackson; the other cast was from Central High School under the direction of Miss Minnie A. Taylor. In commenting on the contest, the judges praised the excellence of each group and stated that the decision was a difficult one to make. Mrs.. J. S. Jackson, Lincoln- Grant High School, Covington, graciously presided at the lunch- eon meeting. Twenty-five per- sons came to enjoy the delight- ful lunch and to hear Dr. Braw- ley in his fin4 remarks. Mrs. Jackson thanked the honored guest for his visit and spoke of the inspiratipn that his address had given to the many teachers who had heard him. Miss Viola Smith, Bate High School, Dan- ville, and Miss Louise Matthews, Central High School, Louisville, also praised Dr. Brawley for his enthusiastic talk. Before leaving, Dr. Brawley spoke highly of the English Teachers' Conference and commended the splendid piece of work it is attempting to do. In the afternoon session, the chairman called for the reports of committees and the awarding 4

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