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Image 40 of The Quarterly Bulletin of The Frontier Nursing Service, Inc., Vol. 23, No. 3, Winter 1948

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

l as THE QUARTERLY BULLETIN Y FILE 13 T i by _ _ A BETTY SCOTT, R.N. I am not a secretary. I have not had the proper training to be a secretary. I have never had the desire to be a secretary, and yet today I think I performed the duties of a secretary. ` Really Im only a graduate nurse, and registered, too. But then anything is possible in the F.N.S. _ Almost three months ago I arrived in Hyden to be taken up , I the hill and become a member of the nursing staff of Hyden I Hospital. I shall always remember that memorable ride up the hill in Sammys Model "A." The poor little Ford chugged and moaned, and her whole body pulsated vibrantly. If she got us up that hill I vowed I would stroke her radiator cap. We did . arrive at the top of the hill and without any mishap. Being much too interested in my new surroundings I failed to keep my i vow. (Frankly, I dont think Sammys Ford has a radiator cap.) A The following morning I found myself among the small , group that listened to the night nurse give the hospital report, I which sounded most unfamiliar. Then the new hospital routine grew familiar and I was shifted about from day duty to after- , noon duty to night duty. I assisted with emergency clinic cases, awakened the midwives in the wee hours of the night for deliv- eries, and stoked the furnace. Sometime in November my trav eling orders arrived. Wendover was the destination. There I A was to learn how to ride horses and drive a jeep in preparation Q I for district nursing. The driving lessons began the very next li day when Jean asked me to drive in from the mouth of the Muncie. We arrived intact at Pig Alley after having stalled _ some fifteen plus times. The horses all disliked me at first and lj at every opportunity tried taking a bite of me. We soon became I friends after getting better acquainted. Both lessons progressed kl ` fairly well. I can now back up a jeep, and retain a sitting posi- { tion on any horse in the Wendover stable. Two weeks passed before I was informed that I would remain at Wendover to be broken in to district nursing. Mac, _ the Wendover district nurse-midwife, proved herself to be an / ' 1 l

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