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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 11, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

in i iI TT btt c > e COLUMBIA VOLUME XII F EiiTIRESULT Columbia Made an Even Break at 1the Chautauqua But Lost the fe L Trophy Cup pv Gplumbia Base Ball team made a trip oL ebanon Tuesday Aug 3rd to J1 Chautauqua series the winner playI fourjclubs Columbia Campbellsville Greensburg and Lebanon to receive a i L I acciI straightL1 was won by Campbellsville but in justice to the Chautauqua Umpire and the Club they won fairly The schedule was so arranged that rii r game they had an uphill fight to make naoVto win from Greensburg and Camp bellsville then play the 4th straight game Saturday the 7th to decide the winners The long series proved to bet much for the Columbia team It had the deciding game easily won until the fatal 8th inning when every player that hada chance seemed to fall down Mr R H Martin familiarly called Uncle native of Campbells ¬ yule died in Central City Muhlendburg county one day last week He was eightyodd years old and when he left Taylor county about twenty years ago he was the best known man in it In 1864 or 5 he was married to Miss Sophia Wheat in this town His wife and sev eral children survive him He was a devout member of the Methodist Church and he was also a zealous Mason The interment was at Central City two hun dredMasons beingin procession There was not a church edifice in the town large enough to accommodate the people and the funeral services were held at the grave conducted by Rev Overton who had known the deceased many tr Boba J manager inspired the s asreivcdthe boys gave three cheers which was responded to allover the AUGUST 4 Lebanon defeated Columbia in the first game at the Chautauqua by the score of 10 to 7 Part of the Columbia team got rattled before the large crowd in the first and 6th inning long enough I 1to let Lebanon win the game i The score by innings T 123456789 RBE r V Columbia had a hard fight to defeat i Greensburg in the second contest but come out victorious by the score of 8 Yid7r 7v 123456789RIj006100100873 Columbia EL Greensburg 0051001007134 Battries for Columbia Holladay and t I infitd- Battries for Greensburg jBpri and Cox Guinn Wil AUGUST 6TH Campbellsfellean II 6 by batting the sphere to all cortferafo the lot when hits meant runs I > r inningtW no or mnmgs njn Columbia took things easy the gameI 3456 I RHE 789 6 3 1 0 0 0 0 x 1 216 1 pbellsviile 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 6 13 6 l Batteries for Columbia Judd and RoSenfield Batteries for Campbellsville and Sanders s Wil gettt FridayC AUGUST 7TH t 4i lt1o 2in favor of inning with theColumbia whe- score ntoisurpjise of everybody t Columbia Ilgerrors and before the amcoulcl settle down Campbellsville nac0i3e nevertheL p 10 sandwoIi the game trnsMie inning Campbellsville 3 hits So igban readily be seen that it was hotfib pitchers fault Judd was pitch ittg iji c game even with the team goiti I ttop o Ii 48 CoIunVbia Campllsvile0 i 0 10 O 0 RHE 7 12 ttl 09 1 0 0 1 0 10 x 12 10 6 BatHei for Columbia Judd Hind man idRoetwfleId 1Bit i ff rCainpbeIllyilll Wood d j 1 1 JYt jZt tt f1if r > 1 I parIty I For Sale r T A Good Home For Sale A complete saw mill and threshing Pea Ridge Fair Saturday Aug 14 worthy man one who will make a clean race The district is close but the outfit consisting of one 15 H B Case IMy residence on Greensburg street in Democrats think they can win over traction engine and 28x50 inch Case Columbia is for sale The dwelling The following premium arrived too separator and one No Ii Deloach saw contains ten rooms between 2 and 3 MrDulworth late to be printed in the catalog but rig all in good running order Will go acresof ground good water and good same will be placed in the proper class at a bargain if taken at once Call on outbuildings some fruit Win sell at Farm For Sale Hughes 61tSpecial by Boston or address E S Rice Holmes Ky a bargain J R Johnson Some excitement was created in Co Quanah Texas Halfmile race for 40 3t 392t Columbia Ky Jn eastern part of Adair county Ky lnmbia last Sunday afternoon when boys 16 years and under 100 1J miles northeast of Tarter post office town and Josh Montgomery 392t Good Farm for Sale ForJSale 100 acres 65 in cultivation good con ¬ swore out a warrant for the arrest of The other day Mrs Grider an aunt dition balance in timber lies well five Lilburn Bryant who he charged with My farm containing 150 acres lying One rubber tired phaeton not used an attempted assault upon his daught- ¬ of Mr W C Grider this place heard room house barn and other outbuild ¬ on Casey Creek Ad ir county is for but little one twohorse wagon in good ings 5 good springs orchard and good er Mary J Montgomery whoislt her reel going and went to see the sale 50 acres in bottoraV There is a repair two good workhorses v years old The accused is aged 15 cause A large snake had crawled on out side range Price 1000 For in- ¬ reasonably good W L Walker residence t 392t formation call on or address SheriS Patteson and Jailer Tarter went the wheel starting it The snakecoujd Jake Chelf Marcus Tarter out and arrested Bryant who gave not get off and the neighbors were call ¬ Casey Creek Ky > Bargians Tarter Post office Adair county Ky ¬ ed in and for several hours watched the bond for his appearance here tomor row when an examining trial will be very remarkable sight the snak keep- ¬ Free Tuition Now isthe timelto get bargains ih A few days ago between Sano and given the accused and the facts ing the wheel going for nearly a half day second hand buggies surries stand the Russell Springs Denny Helton broughtout All eligible persons are entitled to who lives in Adair county and Saul free tuition in the Western Kentucky hops and poultry wagons at S F Eu The Russell Springs Fair Association White who lives in Russell county got We are informed that there is much 392t State Normal18chool The Fall Ses ¬ banks Shop dissatisfaction in the Walnut Grove closed a very successful meeting last into a difficulty and White was stabbed sion begins September 7 1909 Write The Pea Ridge Fair admission 20 school district and the second school Friday afternoon Quite a number of Helton escaped into this county and up President H HCherry Bowling cents for adults 10 cents for boys and ¬ was opened Monday morning The con Adair county people were in attendance to last Saturday he had not been ar Green Ky 3921 girls for information All day program finishing with ductor of the last named school will be and they report many interesting rings rested The trouble occurred in Rus a ball game between Gradyville and paid by private subscription This is a There were fine shows of cattle sheep sell county A Bakery For Sale Columbia bad state of affairs and a reconciliation and hogs and the outside shows were r should be brought about The district very attractive We learn that the was reported here the first day of It Charley a little sonofJMr and Mrs We desire to sell our bakery It isa school proper has been taught about Association made some money the Russell Springs Fair that there was paying enterprise but we have decided Bob English who lives near Milltown four weeks Our informant who lives a great deal of drinking on the grounds We are reliably informed that a man and that there had been several fights to engage in other business and have fell off a fence recently breaking one in the district and who has children in of his arms in two places schoolage says he has no objection to named Bennett who lives in the Parties from Columbia who attended not the time to devote to itJones Hudson RockI say there was no truth in the statement the first teacher It is something else Lick Hills in the southern ProfA H Ballard will handle the Columbia Ky 403t that Drought about the dissatisfaction this county killed a rattlesnake The crowds were orderly and that everyDudgeon stove and will have a place of day last week that measured 5 feet and body had a nice quite time t Have a Tailor make your clothes business in Columbia An advertise7 inches in length It had 21 rattles Farm For Sale suits 1600 and up Trousers 5 and up ment will appear later This is perhaps the largest snake killed Teachers Wanted Fancy vests450and up I will be at in this country formany years I desire to sell my farm containing The BurksvilleJFair is now on The The demand for teachers who have Columbia Hotel latter part of August 175 acres lying in Russell county one Monticello Brass Band is making then been trained in the Western Normal The School of Music mile South West of Montpelier ina music and the attendance throughout is greater than the supply The Fall good neighborhood Good dwelling1 Persons desiring a full course in Voi Session opens September 7th Write Mrs John A Caldwell who lives in the week promisesjto be large eight rooms all new and all necessary cal and Instrumental or Public School Cherry Bowling toe Milltowri vicinity presented this President H H outbuildings The farm is welll water- ¬ music will enjoy unexcelled opportuni ¬ An infant child of Mr and Mrs Ky for information relative office last Saturdayjjwith two very fine Green ed and is in a fine state of cultivation ties in the Western Normal tomatoes seedless THe two weighed James Hardin whollive in the Knifley Write for to free tuition 392t j country died a fewdays ago a victim Will give some man a bargain A special information l three pounds Address H H v great deal of valuable timber on the Cherry Bowling Green Ky of whooping cough Henry Nunn of Burkejsville who Mr 392t G M Stevenson There will be a SundaySchodl rally farm was charged with being implicated in TheJamesShelby show will be OIL Montpelier Ky 40lm Eld Leslie Bottom has just closed the killing of Tom French which oc ¬ at the Methodist church the 5th Sun ¬ a meeting Mintonville A great deal urred last year at Burkesville was day in this month An interesting pro ¬ the Fair grounds during the four days A 2500 Suit Free of interest was manifested and there given a trial at Tompkinsvifle last gram will be rendered and every body of the fair Severaljnew features > will be added were fortythree additions to the week and acquitted There was no is invited WITH EVERY ORDER TAKEN Church In a note to this paper Eld proof against him as we understand The Flying Ginnie with all its musi¬ Dont forget the Pea Ridge Fairheld BETWEEN NOWiBAND JAN 1ST Bottom pays a high tribute to the peobeginning cal attractions will be on the Columbia judge H C Baker will convene a on the L W T S grounds 1909 FOR A SUIT OVERCOAT ple of Mintonville Fair groun9tduringhts four days special term of the Russell cir uit next Saturday at9 oclock Several OR FANCY VEST I TROUSERS premiums have been added During the Fair which begins next court next Monday for the purpose of attractive mules and plug WILL GIVE AWAY A NUMBER The thoroughbreds Tuesday the News office will be kept trying Henry Gowan for killing Lozier tfHE ONE HOLDING THE LUCKY sold his farm near horses will do their parttrying to break Mr John Combest He thanks he can try the NUMBER WILL BE ENTITLED TO almost constantly open for the purpose Dunbar Columbia to Robt Hatcher and Wm the record at The Columbia Fair A 2500 SUIT iREE ISERMAN of transacting business All persons case in two days Smith for 1315 Mr Combest will Remember that the James Shelby THE TAILOR FOR THE MAN WHO who are indebted for the paper or for look up another place infthis section jobworkare requested to call and Mr Green Bell Smith purchased of CARES show will give twofree acts in front of Mr C R Payne last week the lot up ¬ make payment The James Shelbyshow will give two the grandstand each day ofthe Fair on which the Payne Planing Mill is lo free exhibitions everyjday of the Fair Mrs Eliza James who many years Mr Horace Bybee of Breeding kill ¬ cated also the engine boiler and some A threshing machine blew up at An S ago resided in Columbia with her husThis above will be worth all it will cost ed a rattle snake last week that car- ¬ other fixtures the consider ation being you t tioch Monday breakingla negros leg gate who was band Rev John James at the ried twelve rattles and a button and 1150 and injuring several otherjpersons pastor of the Baptist Church died in was full four and half in Paris Texas a short time since She length The snake was discovered Lost We have a few hats that we will The Russell County Teachers insti ¬ was 80 years old and was a native of while crossing the public road tute will convene at Jamestown Mon ¬ A bracelet plain gold band between close out at ai greatly reduced price Kentucky Only a few famlies reside Hurt JEubank It day the 30th of August ProfR R in Columbia now who were here when It is reported here that a difficulty Moss of the Lindsey Wilson will con- ¬ Columbia and Russell Springs Finder Mrs James was a resident please leave at this office occurred between two men at Ono duct itIf you want a Season Ticket for the J Fair call at The Paull Drug Company r Russel county the day James Shelbys Mr H Kei Walkup will please accept y V Attention show exhibited at this place and that There is mu h more money hung up the thanks of The Adair County News or atJVI Cravens DruglStore one of them WMseriuslysh t We by the Columbia Fair for cattle and force for some very excellent apples v Iserman the Tailor will be in Golum On account of hickory coming in slow failed to getany particulars1 hogs than the average ounty Fair and bia soon Don6 order your Fall cloths the Bassett Hardwood Lumber Cpmpa I breakes its own record on this line Season Tickets for the Columbia Fair s you have seen his line Mrs Jane Wethmgton who was the fly has decided to cease operating here are on sale at M Cravens DrugStore until i r Montgomery the first of October In the meantime I wife of ifi N Wethington dfed athfer Elds ndZT and The Pall Drug Co B rnito the wife of Garlin Leach J theywantall the timber they can get home on Ca ey a few kys ago Williams closed an int r elihgmeetitig dausrhter t2 They are now paying the same price about fortyfive yearroia and at rje hiivKrJChurch Cay county Fix up ydtitcoit aiidiiiiuIei If you Aupuat for hickory logs and Jumber delivered IShews and thetunral were ilastweek There w re 19 additions The Columbia Fair offers i have good oncsi You cant afford to miss the Pei at Columbia that is being paid at the cqnductedby Father OShea Theiterpton of Rev W > AGrant the premiumS l tf j V Ridge Fair next Saturday railroad News 6flast weejcj FoR SAIJ Q RENT My residence on number of Columbians A very large shiaaldr have ijeenicrditedofhe WitT1Hl S the giins at Lebanon > Weill Cord wood wanted iati the H Columbia Bonier Hf ightai Cdlumbia Kyi Pea Ridge Fair next Saturdsy Haweeville > No briCk kiln 382t I 40 t i not uiiderte togetallthe nmedd i > S i> i IYt itC 4J 1 t 392tI i ff > I TailorlL 1 ¬ > feet j < orebynnLflg3I 5Gts t- recentIly The foltowinglpremiums were offered too late to be printed in the catalog 512 Special by Mrs Junius Han¬ dock best sixjtea cakes made by a girl under 12 years 50cts 45 12 Special by Dr Garlin Gris som for the dog that can eat the most 25cts at one time t 12to 4 Mr J A Dulworth of Camp Knox great attraction quite a number of first was nominated in a Republican Con ¬ class actors being with the show Al ¬ so several animals including a very large lion will be on exhibition Pea Ridge Fair Next Saturday h The score by innings r I I H L Campbellsville Ky I I AUGUST 6TH j > J J 10135 Batteries for Columbia Young Judd and RQsenfield For Lebanon Lutes and Craycraf a large quantity of the Blue Jim Coalas good as ever used in a grate I also keep other grades and make the price as low as possible Givejme you order for winter use and remove it at your leisure C F Mantz34tf ¬ 3200001017107Le- 410004100 The management of the Columbia Fair Association has arranged with the James Shelby Show to give two public acts inside the Fair Grounds each day during the exhibition This is a Roley R Grider Freedom W M White Union > J R Crawford Columbia A R Kasey Columbia L T Reeves Columbia J A Johnston Elroy J S Rood Cane Valley J9 F Turner Mt Pleasant W JLeviMt Gilead Dr Menzies Mosbys Ridge W I keep J F Roach Good Hope F J Barger Pleasant Hill Z T Williams Ringf The Blue Jim Coal Gr ensburg W H C Sandidge the 7 40 Columbia lost to Campbellsville by accident Our boys had the game won then threw it away We do not class the Columbia team with professionals but the same misfortune that befell our boys struck the Louisville Colonels a short time ago They had a game won easily from Indianapolis but in the ninth inning they went to pieces and Indianapolis run in nine scores getting the decision While the errors made by the Columbia club resulted seriously and was very muchregretted here by the entire county the boys are all alive and are ready to meet any ametear club in theJState Preaching Next Sunday t grounds t Still in Notice All Graded School Tax that was not paid on August 1st is now delinquent and subject to a penalty of 5 per cent and I am compelled to close this mat ¬ ter up by August 15th Persons owing this tax are hereby notified that unless settled by August 15th your property will be advertised and sold which will add more cost It matters not who you are or whether it suits or not this tax is certainly going to be collected W B Patteson S A C 40lt NUMBER I loyali Columbia Valuable Farm For Sale J x T met 1 couragement he and the team received g from the Rooters at the Chautauqua and the absent Rooters at home who in a jI banon I Va f l U1909 AUGUST I r 39lmColuthbiaKy appreciatedi I on taining about 100 acres Well watered and plenty of timber Good house barn and crib Lies f mile from church and school house For further particu ¬ larssee WF Neat or Frank Hard wick B T Neat ¬ 2 I con- ¬ I T By agreement of tne heirs I will on Mr W B Patteson Sheriff of Adair county receiveda letter from Indian ¬ the 9th day of September sell to the highest bidder the farm of Wm Hend rickson deceased containing 180 acres and lying on the waters of Casey Creek was a crime a number of years ago The 1 12 miles from Clementsville and 3 12 writer stated that John Morgan had as ¬ from Roley The land and improvements saulted a girl in Indianapolis about one will be sold then the saw timber seper year ago and escaped but that he had ately Then offered as a whole and the just been arrested in Wheeling Va way it brings the most money will be ac ¬ andwould be brought to Indianapolis cepted Sixty acres are under cultiva ¬ for trial Mr Patteson looked over the tion while the remainder is in timber A record here and failed to find an indict- ¬ good 6 room dwelling and all necessary ment against John Morgan He com- ¬ out buildings plenty of good water mitted an offense here just what it and an ideal home Terms of sale If was we not now remember We do timber is sold separately cash will be know that JVlr Jo Hill was Sheriff at required for it the landor the land the time and that John Morgan resist ¬ and timber if sold together will be 13 ed arrest and made his escape from the cash the remainder in 6 and 12 monthsJ I Hendrickson county 3t Casey Creek Ky Farm For Sale good for II have aCreek farmGreensale lying of River fl 2- inquiringI ye8rsI > I WEDNESDAY Arrestedin Wheeling Last Sunday was the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Christi- ¬ an Church founded by Alexander Campbell The day was appropriately observed here Addresses were made by Eld Mont Gabbert Religion one Eld Z T Wil ¬ Hundred years ago Hams Dr U L Taylor Judge Junius Hancock arid Eld Tobias Htiffaker followed Eld Williams spoke of the progress made by the organization Dr Taylor took up the life and character of John Sweeney Judge Hancock gave a sketch Qf Raccoon John Smith and Eld Huffaker tonk for his subject How should ve ih men who All started the great Movement five of the talks were full of interest and were heard by large audiences ¬ r message to the pnnip oIrebI Gone To Ills Reward Secure a Certificate Urder the law the Western Normal has the power to issue the Elementary Certificate the Intermediate Certificate and the Life Certificate which entitle the holders to teach anywhere in Ken ¬ tucky for two years four years and for life respectively without further examination Information as to the at once The Chautauqua people are to be high ¬ amount of work required for each cer¬ ly complimented for the manner they tificate will be furnised when desired conducted the series of games Every Address H H Cherry President Westthing was carried out to the letter of ern Normal Bowling Green Ky 392t the contract Too much praise can not Desirable Property For Sale be given Mr Al Murphy of Louisville who umpired the game according to Base Ball rules and was the supreme I desire to sell my residence and boas of the game at all times farm attached The dwelling located Manager of the Columbia Base on the Campbellsville pike just beyond Ball club Mr R H Durham wishes the bridge and in the corporate limits to express his thanks to the entire of Columbia It is comparatively new team as to the manner the boys con and contains 10 good rooms and there ducted themselves while on the trip are all necessary outbuildings There jHe says the managers of the Chautau are forty acres of ground in fine state l qua complimented the team very highly of cultivation It is one of the best > Said they were as gentlemanly as could homes in Columbia S D Barbee ii > KENTUCKY COUNTY ADAIR One Hundredth Anniversary OF THE SERIES ii I f fF < i JQ ieek > terio 2a > JY tY > J r iffDl Wjt w4 I I > 1 I lt f II j i CI e 3 i oJ > 1 V r+ 0 t r e r R l J 11 01 l< ff < 4 i > I r 4 0 t >

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