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Image 2 of 1986 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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2. 6. General Action A. Personnel Changes Dr. Stroup 1) Salary Roster effective 8/1/85 2) Listing of New Employeees 3) Listing of Terminations 4) Other changes B. Registrar's Report: August 1985 Graduates Dr. Stroup C. Recommendation for Acting Vice President for Dr. Stroup Student Development D. Recommendation for Dean of the College of Business Dr. Stroup and Public Affairs E. Recommendation for Director of University Dr. Stroup Information Services F. Resolution of Appreciation Mr. Beasley 7. Recess for Committee Meetings A. Academic Affairs B. Faculty/Staff Affairs 8. Committee Reports A. Academic Affairs Mr. Frymire 1) Statement on International Education B. Athletic Dr. Henley 1) Report of the Athletic Commission l C. Faculty/Staff Affairs Mr. Lynch 1) Statement on Employee Assistance Program D. Finance Mr. Nichols 1) Parking Regulations Fines 2) Post Office Box Rental Rates 3) Authorization for Disposition of Surplus Property 4) Academic Computing Support 5) 1986-88 Biennial Budget Request E. Other Committees 9. Report of the Alumni Association Mr. George Long 10. Discussion A. Alumni Network with Legislators Dr. Stroup (Plan for building support for Murray State) B. Council on Higher Education Strategic Plan Dr. Stroup Minutes of the Meeting of the Board held June 24, 1985, Approved ยท Mr. McCuiston moved that the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board held June 24, 1985, be approved as received. Mrs. Strohecker seconded and the motion carried. Report of the President President Stroup introduced Willis Davis, President of the Student Government Association; Joe Dyer, President of the Staff Congress; and Dr. Dick Usher, President of the Faculty Senate.

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