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Image 1 of 1986 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS Murray State University September 7, 1985 The Board of Regents of Murray State University met September 7, 1985, — for the summer quarterly meeting, in the Board Room, Wells Hall, on the campus of the University. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m., C.D.T., by Chairman William E. Beasley. Reverend Clarence Helmich, Pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, opened the meeting with prayer. The following members were present: Mr. William E. Beasley, Mr. Richard L. Frymire, Dr. Melvin Henley, Mrs. Irma LaFollette, Mr. Andy Logan, Mr. Wendell Lynch, Mr. Jere McCuiston, Mr. Frank Nichols, and Mrs. Virginia Strohecker. Mr. James W. Cooke was absent. The Chairman stated a quorum was present to conduct business. Present for the meeting were Dr. Kala M. Stroup, President of the University; Mrs. Patsy R. Dyer, Secretary of the Board; Mr. James E. Cofer, Treasurer of the Board and Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services; Vice President for Academic Affairs James L. Booth; Vice President for Student Development Frank Julian; Vice President for University Relations and Development David Perrin; University Attorney James O. Overby; Director of Development Don Kelly; Assistant to the President Cathy Cole; Dean of the College of Industry and Technology Ken Winters; Dean of the College of Education Janice Weaver; Student Government Association President Willis Davis; Staff Congress President Joe R. Dyer; Faculty Senate President Dick Usher; Alumni Association President George Long; members of the news media, and visitors. Chairman Beasley introduced Joyce and Bill Logan, parents of Andy Logan; and his father, Mr. J. L. Beasley. . Oath of Office Administered to Andy Logan ’Mr. Andy Logan was elected by the students of Murray State University to serve as the Student Regent inasmuch as the President of the Student Government Association is a non-resident student. William A. (Bill) Logan administered the Oath of Office to his son, William A. (Andy) Logan, II, whose term of office is July 1, 1985, through June 30, 1986. Agenda The following agenda was presented for the meeting: AGENDA ‘ Meeting of the Board of Regents Murray State University _ September 7, 1985 ' 10:00 a.m. 1. Call to Order Mr. Beasley 1A. Oath of Office Administered to William A. (Andy) Logan 2. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board held June 24, 1985 3. Report of the President Dr. Stroup · 4. Report of the Chairman Mr. Beasley A. Committee Appointments 4 5. Report of the Treasurer Mr. Cofer A. Financial Report for July 1, 1984 - June 30, 1985

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