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Page 522 of Travels in the American colonies / edited under the auspices of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, by Newton D. Mereness.

TRAVELS IN THE AMERICAN COLONIES Tuckabatchie 17th March 1772. This Morning I sent my Servant to the white ground with a pack horse for McFall to take to Pensacola. that Emistisiguo was gone to the Upper Towns and as soon as he had returned they would come and see me; the Day after I had Received this Answer a Mr. Vanden Velden a Cracked brained dutchman, Clerk to Mr. Mackay came from the little Tallassies with a message from the big fellow: wherein he said that when he had a Talk to Deliver to you He went with it himself and if I had any Talk from You he Expected the same Compliment paid to him and that he was going to war in a few days. I looked upon this Message to be Velden's own as he was very Solicitous to know my Business here; on Account of some Talks which the Merchants in Augusta has sent to the Upper and Lower Towns; about the Lands which the Cherokees gave to their Traders; this man is Employed in Rideing about the nation with an Interpreter; On the 22nd I went to the little Tallassies where I met the 2nd man with whom I went next morning to the Hickory ground about four miles Lower down the Coosa River where the big fellow lives; I stayed with him most part of the day but could not give him your Talk on Account of the people present. He Acquainted me that he was going to war in four days and as soon as he returned he would appoint a meeting of all the Upper Creeks, he likewise desired that I would give him a letter desiring the Inhabitants on Mobile River to use him Civilly in Case he should have Occasion to go that way; in the evening I set out with Mr. Cornell and 2nd man and went to the Cool- limies a Small Town upon the Tallapuse River about Twelve miles distant from the Hickory ground; at and near this Town lives most of the Idle people and Hunters which Complaints were made against at last meeting at Pensacola, which was the reason of the 2nd mans Comeing here to speak to them, Next Morning The Wolf King and a head man Called The Setter came to this Town and made a Complaint against one John Pigg a Trader for Stealing five Horses, Pigg acknowledged to be concerned with four other persons in Stealing four of the horses. I ordered him to restore the horses that was in any of their possessions and to pay for what might have been sold or lost by him and his ac- complices; As I have no authority to punish ofenders of this kind I cannot oblige them to punish Indians unless they please, but shall do all I can to persuade them as Indians will certainly make reprizals if they cannot get their own, in the evening the 2nd man returned to the little Tallassies as did Mr. Cornell and self to this Town. On the 25th I received a letter from the Morter 522

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