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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 28, 1963

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

;0 IU $lOf WHS OL' BOOKS: TEASIKG Oxl 'aUT3LT'G . MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher .County, Kentucky, Thursday, February Vol. 55, No. 42 28, 1963 School board rescinds order on redistricting Jenkins hospital to close Sharon Heights Hospital at Jenkins, one of the oldest hospitals in Eastern Kentucky will close its doors March 7. An announcement sent to The Mountain Eagle said the institution was closing "temporarily." Sister M. Evangelist, administrator, declined to elaborate on the length of the closing or on the hospital's reasons for closing The nospital has been operated by the Sisters of Divine Providence, a Catholic order, since 1948, when Consolidation Coal Co. , which had built it, sold its Jenkins holdings to Bethlehem Mines Corporation. Observers in Jenkins said Sharon In earlier days, an inclined railway (foreground) led up the Heights has had a charity lead hill to Jenkins' Sharon Heights Hospital, one of Eastern Kenof 35 per cent or more for' many tucky's earliest. The hospital will close next week. (Story months and cannot continue to at left). operate with out more money. Paying patients mostlv are using the new Jenkins Clinic Hospital or the Miners Memorial Hospital at Whitesburg. Sharon Height s Mount Mary sister institution, and proceeds will go to pay the Whitesburg High School stuHospital at Hazard, has been dents will present two one-a- ct wav of the cast of "The Hunger-ers- h struggling under the same char-i- n plays at a special performance to the state drama festival burden Mount Mary anin Lexington March S. Tuesday night at the Grade nounced it also will close but School auditorium Hazard residents have raised One will be "The Hungerers, " ASIAN FLU STRIKES about $25, 000 in pledges and by William Saroyan, with which contributions in an effort to keep tlie students won' a superior rating More than 200 cases of Asian tie institution open. at the regional dramatics festival flu have been reported in Letcher The Miners Memorial Hospital at Hazard lasfweek. County the past week, according Association has announced it The play is directed by Elmer to the county health department. will close the Whitesburg HosBanks and' Anne Lewis, teachers Charlie Hall said Sanitarian pital, the Hazard Miners Mem- - at the school, and the cast in140 students were absent from cludes Paul Price, Angeleon Letcher School on account of pitals at Middlesboro and McBlair, Barbara Adams, flu, about 50 were absent from James Dowell on July 1. The associaFields and Steve Yonts. 5 or 6 each Jenkins schools-an- d tion rpnffirmprl ire inrntirtn tr The second play will be "A in the Fleming-Neo- n and Whites;e the hospitals aca'.n this Way to Provide', " written by burg areas. LI J A 111 1CU1V Banks and directed by him and lCUUl Doctors are not required to rehe Kentucky legislature that Mrs. Stephen Combs Jr. The port cases to the department, so he association reconsider its cast will Include Judy Carroll, there is no count on the number ecmnn Sue Lewis, Coy Holstein, Steve of adult cases, Hall said. The If both hospitals close, Letcher Yonts and Ty Hall. disease apparently is widespread .nnnT' UII tla lair i.nth nlt Sherry Conatser will sing during among adults also. jenuins Hospital in intermission. Physicians advise bed rest, asperation. Admission will be 50 cents, pirin and fruit juices. Student play Tuesday 1.11 The Letcher County Board of Education has voted to drop its proposed shuffling of school board district boundaries. The beard, in a special called meeting held last Monday afternoon, voted to rescind its previous redistricting order and to leave district boundaries as they have been during the past few years. 'The bond's action came at a special meeting, called by Board Chairman Kerney Day. Day joined Ray Colli is and Arnold Hall in voting to undo previous board action and to leave the distiicts alone . The board's action came on motion of Collins, who said the boundaries old school district had constituted a reasonable division, with each district casting approximately the same number of voters, about 1300 each. redistricting, The proposed Collins said, would have given Kerney Day's district a large number of votes, about 1600, but would have cut Kern Whitaker's district to only about 800 voters. Collins made a plea for unity on the school board, saying it is time to call a halt to the business of rule or ruin which has been the hallmark of Letcher County in recent years. Collins said he could work with Sanford Adams Superintendent and other board members on any matter that is for the good of the schools. He remarked that in any dispute there usually are three side, my side and the right side." "And you don't spell Collins said. Hall al o called for unity saying t lat at the present time there is nothing to keep him from voting to renew the contract of, Superintendent Adams, assuming Adams works in har- dispor-tionate- sides--"Yo- ur' ly mony with the baard for the good of the schools. Superintendent Adams declared his willingness to wcrk with Collins, Hall and Day on matters affecting the good of the school, but remarked that harmon require', cooperation from si" persons--all five bqard members a we-Ias the superintendent Collins told Adams that ' sincerity in declaring his willingness to cooperate might well be tested by whether there is a suit to force redistrictingof the school system along lines laid down a few weeks ago by school board member Dr. B.F. Wright. "You can keep a suit fror being filed if you want to," Collins told the. superintendent. Neither Dr. Wright nor Board Member Kern Whitaker attended the special school board meeting It was Wright, Whitaker and Board Chairman Day who had voted together to pass .the original motion for redistricting, despite opposition from Hall and Collins. The redistricting would have deprived several nundred voters in the Isom district of a vote in a school board race for the next seven years. The action created a storm of protest in the Blackey-Iso- m area, and this protest from voters apparently led to Chairman Day's change of mind and the meeting Monday in which the redistricting proposal was abandoned. l Book discussion set The second in a series of book discussions will be held Monday night at the Letcher County Public Library. The Rev. Charles Hansel of Neon is leading the discussion group, which now is considering the merits and meaning of Huxley's novel, "Brave New World, " a modern classic. Al-do- us ' 1 v BPjjjjj 3 Even the worst weather has some compensations, and one of them is the sight of Pine Mountain, towering above Whitesburg, gleaming In the last rays of a winter afternoon sun. No one who has lived in Letcher County very long can escape being captured by the mystery and majesty of the mountain, ever the same and yet never the same as her moods change with each drifting cloud and ray of sun. (Eagle photo). snow-cover- ed

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