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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, DEC. 16 1915, VOL. VIII. STATE KENTUCKY AT MEETING UPHOLDS ANNUAL BANQUET OE FOOTBALL ERNS ATTENDED ONE YEAR RULE SOUTHERN OF HOLIDAY ASSOCIATION iMoro than threo days wore added to the Christmas holidays, when tho Committee of Dcann decided last Monday that in compliance with a petition, circulated among tho students, there would bo no more classes after Saturday, December 18, until Tuesday, January 4. This ruling, which gives a vacation of two weeks and one day, was promptly ratified by the faculty and was received as a most appreciable gift by the students, especially those whose homes are at a distance. In changing the date from Tuesday 23 to Monday 20, the faculty has made one request that, every student be here on the morning of Tuesday, January 4, prepared to begin work and it is to be hoped that the student body will show their appreciation by granting tho request of those who ivored them. New Conference Includes Auburn, Georgia Tech, Mississippi A. & M., Tennessee, and Others Summer Baseball Approved. HUNTER AND DAVIS, OF T. U., ARE INELIGIBLE four years ago played about 20 minA now Southern Athletic He aption, to bo known as tho Southern utes with Texas University. Conference, which is a campaign body plied to tho association to allow him r to urge the rule, was formed another year of college football, but at New Orleans December 11. The his request was refused. Davis' eligi-Ilitwas questioned because of alcolleges which will form the new asleged participation in professional Unisociation are: Kentucky State versity; Alabama Polytechnic Insti- baseball. His request that the assotute, Auburn, Ala.; University of ciation clear his record and make him Georgia Tech., Atlanta; Missisippi A'. eligible, but they refused to do so. & M Starkville, Miss.. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn., and Clemson College. MISS MITCHELL TO Associa- one-yea- y All the colleges In the new associar rule, which tion are for the was voted down recently toy the S. I. A. A. Vander.bilt and Sewanee are the strongest advocates of allowing r men to play, and ate supported by the smaller schools and colleges throughout the South. athletic experts, however, are of the opinion that the new body will attract the larger number of colleges. The formation of the new association will not prohibit its members from playing any members of the old S. I. A. A., and the schedule for next year will not be changed. one-yea- first-yea- LEAVE SGHQOLNEXTTERM Is To Install and Manage a STROLLERS Home Economics Dept. At Bowling Green TO MEET d 'Dr. J. J. Tigert and Professor Ezra Kentucky at the L. Gillis represented New Orleans conference, and were empowered to join or stay out of the association. The student body and alumni are generally in favor of the new conference. question of sumThe mer baseball was settled by a comproattending colleges mise. Students which are members of the association, after one year's atetndance at the college will be permitted to play summer baseball with any team not recognized by organized baseball or the Federal League. However, the student playing on these teams may receive only his expenses and must have attained the scholastic requirements of the colleges which he Is attending. This rule replaces the one which permitted tho ball player student to play only on a team in his home county. much-moote- d State will use Freshmen against those teams which will play Freshmen on their teams next fall, Dr. Tigert said. Tennessee and Sewanee r men. both will probably use State is bound by a contract with tho University of Cincinnati not to use Freshmen in games with that institution. At tho meeting the two star football players, Hunter and Davis, wero declared ineligible for In football further participation games. Hunter has played three years on the Transylvania team and first-yea- Trail-Bylvan- PROMINENT No. 14 STUDENT BY STUDENTS, MEMBERS OE FACULTY, I ALUMN Coach Tigert, Judge Barker, Enoch Grehan, Dr. A. S. Mackenzie, Judge Kerr and Others Are on the Program. GOOD TIME AND "EATS" ARE MUCH ENJOYED Students, faculty members, friends of State University, alumni and football fans last night paid tribute to tho members of the 1915 football team of the Kentucky State University. The occasion was the annual football banquet given in the main dining room of tho Phoenix Hotel. The fact that the banquet was given on the thirteenth HEAVY COMPETETION day of tho month failed to prove a "hoodoo' 'and tho Wildcats added another victory to close the season by cossumlng tho "Eats,' 'their opponents in the final contest. The only thing blue about the banquet ,was the State University flag, which with the emblazoned white K, hung over tho center of the table, at which the Wildcats of 1915 and the Kittens, guests of honor, were seated. Evidence of the good feeling between the State. University of KenFORBASKETBALLTEAM tucky and Transylvania College was ably shown by County Attorney Yancey, who though not on the Process of Thinning Out program, was called on for a brief talk. After congratulating the WildReveals Ample Fightcats on their victorious season just ing Ability closed, he paid tribute to the State institution cleanness of PROSPECTS ARE GOOD their because of the gamerietftTVJfathletics. a:id.,the.: compe- spirit which they displayed during the Although tition has arisen among the candi- season when opposed to teams of dates for positions on the Wildcat greater weight and reputation. basketball team, Coach Tigert and as"State University," he declared, "is sistants, James Park and William certain to become the largest and Tuttle, do not expect great work from most powerful institution of learning them luntil after December 25, when in the State, as it represents the efSanta Claus has filled their stockings forts of the entire commonwealth, with candy and the accustomed con while the other colleges represent fections. When these delicacies are only a portion of the people. consumed and the men have returned "I feel ashamed of my State when I to State, after the holidays, real train- see the large sums given the State ing will be started. Universities of other States by their In the meantime Coach Tigert sin- legislatures, and then see the comcerely hopes that Santa Claus will parative pittance given the State Unialso insert several good versity of Kentucky by the Kentucky "eyes" into the socks of aspirants to legislators. Stato should have more Wildcat fame. money to aid in her development. A During the past week the thinning State's progress is marked by her inout process came to pass. Prior to terest in and expenditures for educathis time the gym was infested with a tion as well as for good roads. We stars, some of seem to bo spending the money for number of would-b- e whom either lack ability, aggressive- good roads, but we are certainly beness or something else, yet In tho hind in our expenditures for educabunch of the new faces left are sev- tion. I feol suro that if the alumni of eral players who appear to be strong Transylvania and that college are apcandidates. pealed to to assist In the cause of eduKentucky State has a very favor- cation by asking the legislature to apable season in basketball confronting propriate more money for the Stato it, Tho coaching systoin has been Institution they will do all in their strengthened over last year and tho power." addition of Couches Park and Tuttle Tho "Eats" went into the game last to tho rostor, will doubtless prove as night handicapped. They had been successful as it did in football. "stowed" or cooked so before tho start Captain Karl Zerfoss is tho only of tho gamo that they had to bo carman who is suro to "make" tho team. ried into tho playing fiold by the dusky Ho will eithor play forward or guard. attendants. Gumbert, of last year's team, is back Bouquets wero thrown tho members in togs and bids fair to display fightof tho football team, tho faculty, the ing ability for a guard position. Jim ithletic board of the institution and Sorvor, who played a brilliant gamo Coach Tigert by each of tho speakers. at center last year, has not shown up Tho gamo started with a "Kick Off" for practice, but assorts ho will be on by Enoch Grohan, paragraphor for hand aftor tho holidays. Dorrlll Hart, Tho Lexington Herald. Dr. "Sandy" who played two years on tho Wildcat Mackenzie made "A Tackle Buck" for (Continued on Page 3) (Continued on Pago 5) Ho-ga- n - honest-to-goodne- Miss Katherine Mitchell, of Bowling Green, a Senior in the Department of Home Economics, has accepted a position as instructor of home economics at Bowling Green and will not be next term. The in the University Board ofTrustees of Bowling Green High School voted to offer the position to Miss Mitchell at a meeting held last Friday night, and Miss Mitchell wired her acceptance of the offer Wednesday night. The position is to install and manage a home economics department in the Bowling Green public schools and entails a great deal of responsibility as Miss Mitchell will be in complete charge of the purchase of equipment for the schools for which several hundred The dollars have been appropriated. term of instructing will be for fourj months, from February to May, and Miss Mitchell will leave the University at tho end of the first term in January. By special permission of tho faculty, sho will be allowed to retain her Senior standing and will graduate with tho class of '16 In June. In the f years that she has three and been at tho University, she has completed all of tho four years' work with tho oxcoption of one term of practice teaching and sho will be allowed to substitute this actual teaching work In tho placo of tho other that she was to have taken at tho University. In addition to her high standing in all of her class work, Miss Mitchell has taken a prominent part in a wldo field of student activities. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and is also a member of Staff and Crown, tho honorary sorority for one-lial- (Continued on Page 3) Names of Applicants For Membership To Be Passed on The Strollers will hold their last meeting before the holidays this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, at which time a program prepared by the younger talent of the University will be presented. The meeting will be held in the chapel. The names of those who have made application for membership' in the Strollers this year will be passed on at this meeting. All who are accepted will be notified by the secretary immediately following the holidays. Any persons who would like to become members of the Strollers and (Continued on Page 2) i . A. 0. STANLEY 'AND BOARD MEET Familiarizes Himself With Affairs of University At First Meeting COMPLIMENTS Governor A. at tho meeting O. CADETS Stanley was present of tho Univorsity trus- tees Tuesday morning in their first session under tho new administration. VarlouB features of tho work were gone ovor for tho bonottt of Governor Stanley, who in order to familiarize himself with tho affairs of tho University went over tho budget in detail with tho older mombors of tho committee. Governor Stunloy paid a high on Pago 2) g 1

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