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Y oman e SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1880 T HE A DVANCE HE D VA N C E See page B1 Wednesday H August 8, 2012 In God we trust Ky Ag Commissioner James Comer celebrated improvements at Ballard County Fairgrounds Vol. 124 HHH #32 Neighbors Unifying Ballard County focuses on bringing county together by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman Front row (from left to right) Peggy Meriedeth, Assistant Secretary Ballard County Fair Board; Christina Peterson, Field Representative Senator Rand Paul; Florence Lanier, Secretary Ballard County Fair Board; Ag. Commissioner James Comer; David Smith, President Ballard County Fair Board; Steve Cooper, Magistrate, Michael Paper, District Director, Ed Whitfield; Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard; Representative Stephen Rudy. Also pictured: Ronnie Fondaw, Ballard County Road Supervisor; Renfrow, Magistrate; Dee Hazelwood, Magistrate; Lynn Lane, Ballard County Clerk; Janece Everett, Field Representative for Ed Whitfield; Anita Bugg, Ballard County Emergency Management Director. by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman LA CENTER- Agriculture Commissioner James Comer met with state and local officials this last Wednesday to celebrate the funding of the new concessions by the Department of Agriculture. This was just one stop for Comer as he was traveling the western Kentucky counties to meet with farm leaders and county leaders to see what he can do to serve farmers in this area better. He started the week in Fulton County and made his way through Hickman and Carlisle County and on to Ballard where he said he met also met with 4-Hers. Several city and county leaders were present at the Fairgrounds as Mr. Comer presented the Ballard County Fair Board with a represen- tative check for $100,000 from the Department of Agriculture for renovations done to the restrooms and concessions at the Fair Grounds. Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard told Comer, “We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this.” State Representative Stephen Rudy said, “This is a great thing. It’s just one step in the process to get the fairgrounds where we want them.” In response, Mr. Comer said, “Thank you for how you have invested the money here.” He said county fairs take a lot of volunteers. Comer and his wife are among the many volunteers who keep county fairs going as he said they both have helped with the Jaycees. He said, “We, as a department, support county fairs; they give a sense of pride in the community.” Comer said the Department of Agriculture considers agriculture as economic development. He said the department supports the county fair program, and that’s why they made the stop at the Fairgrounds in Ballard County. He said, “We want to see fairs continue to grow.” Comer also added that the Dept. of Agriculture supports the young people that make up the FFA and 4H. These groups are considered to be the breeding grounds for future farmers. He said, “It’s good they grow up showing cattle like I did.” Comer ended his visit by saying, “I appreciate Ballard County for being an agricultural county.” He also said he, along with the Department of Agriculture looks forward to working with the kids. Congressman Ed Whitfield visits Ky Veterans and Patriots Museum by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman WICKLIFFE- Congressman Ed Whitfield, Representative of Kentucky’s 1st District, visited the Kentucky Veterans and Patriots Museum in Wickliffe Tuesday morning to present a flag that he had taken to Washington D.C. to be ceremoniously flown over the capitol in honor of the museum. Representative Steven Rudy, House District 1, was at the presentation along with several city and county officials. He told the crowd, “I want to thank Sandy Hart for her tireless effort in giving the apprecia- Sandy Hart showing Congressman Whitfield a picture of the airplane manned by a Tuskegee Airman nicknamed the "Cool Fool" who ushered Ballard County native Dan Price to safety. The monthly meeting of Neighbors Unifying Ballard County (NUBC) was held last night at the extension office in La Center. There were several new faces at the meeting, including Norma Pruitt of Kentucky GRRO. She was at the meeting to show the group the new brochures Kentucky GRRO has recently published. Its focus is on promoting the Kentucky Great River Road Region. Pruitt pointed out some highlights from the brochure, which included a color coded map of the region that spotlights points of interest, attractions, and eating establishments all along the Great River Road. Businesses and attractions from all over Ballard County are listed in the brochure. NUBC members’ interest in the KY GRRO promotion of Ballard County is overwhelming as it is the group’s goal to unify all of Ballard County. NUBC member Jerry Pace, who serves on the Economic and Industrial Board in Ballard County, said, “We’ve got to concentrate all of our businesses together.” Pruitt’s promotion of the county certainly does that. “If we all act as one, we will be strong,” said Pace. Pruitt also expressed great interest in tying in Ballard County with the other counties along the Great River Road so as to promote the region and bring in more tourism. West Kentucky is only one stop along The Great River Road, which includes 10 states along the Mississippi River. She said, “We are trying to figure out what we can do to marry up with these other regions.” The goal is to bring travelers into the West Kentucky portion of the Great River Road. While here, they will want to shop and check out local restaurants and other attractions. Pruitt said, “They [travelers] want to see our hospitality. They don’t want to be on the interstates.” For more information about KY GRRO, visit, as well as like them on Facebook. NUBC discussed several upcoming events in Ballard County as cooler weather is coming. This time of year is very busy for the county. Some of the events the group discussed included: the Blandville Rural Fire Dept. Trade Show (Sept. 1st), the Harvest Festival in Wickliffe (Sept. 8-9), the annual Drake Lake Festival (Sept. 15), Barlow Days (Sept. 21-22), the 2nd annual Corvette Ride (Aug. 25), the Ballard Bass Club Tournament (Aug. 25), La Center Day (Oct. 6), and Wickliffe Mounds National Public Lands Day (Sept 22). Jerry Pace updated the group on the Farmers’ Market. He said the “Back to School yard sale” went very well. He is still focused on the Farmers’ Market truly becoming a focal point of Ballard County. He looks toward the Market becoming a destination where people, particularly businesses, would want to come out 3-4 days a year to set up and give the community a chance to see what they have to offer. By doing this, people will get an idea of all that Ballard County has to offer, thereby, making a trip to Paducah to buy products that are right here in the county unnecessary. Pace also reported on the progress and growth of the Market. He said Rick Sutton is in the process of donating more land adjacent to the land he already donated, which now features the new parking lot. In the future, it is the goal of the market to include bathrooms, and a green house where the Ag students and 4-H participants can come out and grow vegetables. In other NUBC news, Tommy Fletcher is slated to begin painting a mural for the Ballard Rural Telephone Company (BRTC). Fletcher is the artist who has painted all the other murals at Celebration Plaza in La Center. In an effort to ensure that all Ballard County residents have the opportunity to attend NUBC meetings, the group decided to hold the meeting at a different location within the county each month. NUBC meeting are usually held the first Monday of the Month, but due to the first Monday of September being Labor Day, the meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept. 4th at the Wickliffe City Hall. Everyone in Ballard County is invited to attend. Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard presents Wickliffe Mayor, Chan Case with a check George Lane, John Salonimer, Earl Gidcumb, Sandy Hart, Marshall Penebaker, and Congressman Ed Whitfield Photos by Sam Paul tion they [veterans] need.” Earl Gidcumb, WWII Veteran and volunteer, at the museum introduced the Congressman. Whitfield, a veteran, who served as a 1st Lieutenant in the 100th Division of the U.S. Army Reserves, said he was speechless in regards to the museum. While presenting the flag to Sandy Hart, who spearheaded the conception of the museum and its subsequent opening, Whitfield spoke of the sacrifices of those who serve in the military. He spoke of the “men and women willing to dedicate their lives. Friends and Family sacrificing their lives as well.” He said, “A lot of people will be inspired when they come and see this [mu- seum].” Accepting the flag from Congressman Whitfield, Sandy Hart she didn’t have the right to accept the flag. She said, “God’s at the top of everything.” After presenting the flag at the museum, Congressman Whitfield and Representative Rudy made their way down to the waterfront and viewed the newly constructed pavilion. From there, they were led by the Patriot Guard to Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site where he spoke with Carla Hildebrand, park manager and Norma Pruitt, representative of the Kentucky Great River Road Association (KY GRRO). Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard, who serves on the Board of the Kentucky Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MRPC), recently presented Wickliffe Mayor Chan Case with a check for $511.89 to help with the Harvest Festival from the Kentucky Mississippi River Parkway Commission. County Clerk Lynn Lane also serves on the Kentucky MRPC. 50 CENTS • THE ADVANCE YEOMAN • PUBLISHED WEEKLY •  50 CENTS According to Viniard, the Commission presents the Harvest Festival with a check each year as the monies are designated for a city along the river. Viniard said funds are divided equally among the four counties along Kentucky’s section of the Mississippi River Parkway. The monies are then distributed to festivals or events to promote tourism along the river. The Mississippi River Parkway Commission is a multistate organization, which works collectively to preserve, promote and enhance the scenic, historic and recreational resources of the Mississippi River, to foster economic growth in the corridor and to develop the national, scenic and historic parkway known as the Great River Road. Information for this article was taken from http”//

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