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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 20, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

Ebair COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY 1TULUIIE 7 lIERE AND THERE POST OFFICE DIRECTORY Claude Alexander son ot the late A J AlexanJer Is dead n Woodford J M RUSSELL POSTMASTEItFour children ot Wm Burke or See BARER DEPUTY POST IASTER UT bastopul Pa were burned to death to 930 pm Office hours work days i30 3 In Willie Rosnf Marenlo Ind has not missed a day from school In 12 COURT DIRECTORY years sewfons a ycaThinl CIRCUIT COURTThrco and Bummer Spicer was held In 1500 January third Mondayin May Monday in ball for assassinating James Johnson third Monday in September In Breathttt county Circuit JudgeII C Baker Commonwealths AttorneY A AIIuddlertoa At Smythton PI David Kelley Sheriff F W Miller killed Shepherd Moore because the F Neat Cire tC1erkJ latter called him a whlte lJlgerlt Monday in each month The Catholic conference In Wash CoUNTY CouRTFirst A1I1urre1L Inltfln Is arranging plans for evangehJudge zlLion throughout the South County AttorneYrJa Garrett Jr Clerk R Stults Thos Martin a prominent young JlilerJ K P Conover was accidentally man or Morehead W Burton AssessorE hot and killed by Arthur Frank a Surveyorn T1I1cCaffrcc Negro School SuptW D Jones Last were there were 31 deaths from M RusselL CoronerG acute ecrebro spiral meningitis in seosad Mooooy in New York City each montSupt E II Doak has seat a circular EubankhJudgeJas G letter letter to each circuit and AttorneyGonlon Montgomery county clerk In the State notifying MarshaLG T Flowers Jr them that the recur m cboulls crowd ed to Its utmost capacity and can take CIIURCII DIRECTORY no more children until a vacancy oc PRESBYTERIANcurs AT A T NGENT President Roosevelts greatest trouble Is described as his habit ot going straight to his object law or no law combined with his favorite doctrine the larger gOOdII Mr Roosevelt is both an Innocent man and a remarkable men Legislaton Is too sow for him His Idea of government Is that he must be constantly doing some thing llehasldealswhlch are hinted at In hispublic addresses and the ob ject ot his Presidential life Is to carry them Into elfct ILls said of him by newspapers whlh are well disposed toward him though regretful or his reclpltency that he does things and then expalus that he did not know they were questionable from a law point ot view But he does not undo tbem The extraneous energy or the Preside nt has made him lopular with many thousands Jt petple They admire him as a manor sentiment and They Include a large class action who think that a president Is a god or had man according as times are good or bad during his adminstratiocwho think It the provlLce ot government to keep pEtJple out lIr their private dlfficulths The politicians are afraid or him They are In constant apprehension that he will do something dreadhl but they are overawed by his pOPularity with tllllUsandsur men v ho have votes and who do not hesitate to shift them It all their wishes are not consulted ard their champions placed at the front If Mr UIosuelt would learn hat those people who understand the real prlcCI pies ot governmentwho know what government Is furdo not want him to overwOk himself he would be a much better President than he Is Ilappice Is not the offspring or turmoil Let the Government go along quietly when there Is nothing parttcu Jar for it to doeven obscurelyand the people will trke care or them selves The best Government Is that which governs the least II Is an old fashioned motto built Isstlll the true doctrine There arc certain principles that are eternal There may be spasmodic running off after rlllse no tIons but the people hardly ever fall to getrlghtin the endClncln nati Enquirer I I I T T Crrxcourt e Buiu asVILLE STREEI Rev W C Clemens pastor Services reeond and fourth Sundays in every Sat each month SundayScleol at 9 3 In prayermeetinc every Wednesday nigHt TlIIXKLG ABOUT flow aces little Denmark where iVORTII bath land Is worth 500 an acre manage to capture the English markets from the F big United States The answer Is simply thIs They send men over to study English mar kets and find out the kind ot buttor BAPTIST that England wants these men then go home and make GrEEN5DURG STnsmPev J P Scruggs pastor First and third Sundays in each monlh Sunday that kind Instead of doing as the School every Sabbath at 9 3 In Prayermeoting Yankees didtry to educate the Tuesday night EngUhwaos appetite to the kind that Americans make In Denmark CnRISTIANCdairy mr n co operate and help each AMIUELLSYILLE PIRB pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in other In every pJsslble manner they each month SundaySehool every Sabbath al9JO have co operative egg sale houses and cooperative slaughter houses They In Prnyermeetng Wednesday night simply go about doing honest hard LODGES work and always produce a uniform METHODIST Lewis pastor STRBBTTIev F nunKEsvILLE Services firSt and third Sundays in oath month SundaySchool every Sabbath at S 3 In Prayer meeting Thursday night productRurai MASONIC Loom No 96 F and A MRegnler meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W M James Garnett Jr Secretary CotUMEIA Worid- 1J11ORTANT LA11 The General Assembly or Kentucky at Its session recently adjourned enacted a law ot much Importance touchIng the validity of deeds which wIll no doubt result in much confusion until purchasers of real estate have familiarized themselves with Its pro n A M No 7 meets Friday Ilomce Jeiries II P night after fun moon W W Drndllmw Secretary CoLUMDlA CUAPTBR THE visions JackofallTrades It declares that all deeds shall cousin a recital of how the grantor ac qured titled whether by deed will or Inheritance It by deed or Lonveydocefmru whore tits date whew recorded including detct boy k anl page It by will I hose w ben and where recorder and Jr ay llllaeritlllCt from whew It ptlJldS1 penalty of 25 flue upon the Jerk recrdlo any deed tJ ivlnJ well mnlsots avid invadd ttei the tvstrn merit I IIIIr Great cure should bee ext rclsed In the fit ur by dranghtamen else when there has been It cash payment made upon a deed Incorrectly prepared the purchaser assumes much risk This Is a much needed law for more litigation has resulted from Incolllpetent persons writing deeds than from tiny other source IShells HE Saws Wood Grinds Feed Churns Butter Runs Cider Mills Runs Ice Cream Freezers JUSTLY lUN1SIIElJ Runs Cream Separators The Laurel Hili schoolboy who cause near losn his life by an acci and other machinery dent some days ago has recovered The play ground Is divided by a fence He Is and this mischievlouslad pried up the fence and placed a prop between tae For This ral s arid poked his head the appertureIt costs nothing to keep when not in order to peep at the girls without working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per helm seen by ttllm In his excite For particulars ment however he knocked the prop hour when working out aod got hIs neck caught in a vice call on or addrelike grip between the rails As he lay Co on the ground squirming like a worm ssFairbanksMorse the girls discovered him and went for 519 W Main Street him with paddle and switches to ens KENTUCKY tire satisfaction before they releasod LOUISVILLE him His neck Is now all right but Runs Printing Presses Running the Press Paper S W Ii JEFFRIES SON Agts he Is yet very careful about taking a seat on the hard benchesHarrods burg herald IlE IFURSJ I yCANESGLOYES1 HENRY W EDDLEI PI- I 408WMARKET STLOUISVILLEK SOLE AGENT FOR MILLEns HATS SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS COMPLETE LlNEJOIINB STETSON HATS Stone Stone AttorneysAtLaw JAMESTOWN 0 0 UUUIidU KENTUCKY Will prRctice in the courts in this and ad joining counties Special attention given collections THE EGGTalk about Yank shrewdness said the traveling man I was Ina little tavern up In Connecticut not long nCI and a farmer came In with eggs to sell Tie transaction took place In the barroom ot the establishment The proprietor agreed to take two dl zen ald when the farmer come to count over the contents of his bas ket he found that he had twentyfive eggs Tbe proprietor wanted the extra egg thrown In for good meas ure The farmer didnt see it that way and they argued the matter At last the proprietor said hed take the twentyfive eggs give the man a drink and call It square The farmer agreed and picketed his money Now whatll you have asked the proprietor The Yankee farmer was ready with hiS reply Sherry and egg said heWash ington Post GOT If you intend teaching this year brighten up on the studies embraced in FOR SALEA house and lot near the the Public Schools Take the Normal roller mill on road leading to Fair course at the LindsayWilson School and E L Moss fear not failure in the examination Grounds tf l I KENTUCKY P H B2LD I NUMBER 6 t1UOHE E o BUGGIES BEST GOODS LOWEST PRICES Send for Catalogue BuildingLouisvill6 6ntUGKU vwtvvwii M EMLER m W COLE RECTANUS VPRES 400 IESTIMATESv 123 125 EMainSt LOUISVILLE 0 I keep a Fresh and Complete Stock of Groceries 5 Will Sell as Cheap as Any Man Country Produce Taken in Exchange for Goods Give Me a Part of Your Trade and Try My m 1 n 7iJGcet E J 1Squtpt X100 pcr C BTIOWSIm ivvirririrv I TOUCHED artI I I I CLEVELAND A A A A A A A A A A A menA I BROWNING 5 wi Every Town tins liar sponger smart Alec girl who giggles weather prophet neighborhood fued woman who tattles man who knows it all boy who cuts up in church few meddlesome old women thing that stares at wo COLUMBIA LIVERYMEN Splendid Vehicles firstclass teams safe drivers Our Stable at all tImes is well stocked with provender Your trade so licited Ulltrancewater Street Pcw outfits fOr all purposes IEGJ JHjIEill1Y n EW9 IIlIENTID < IKW 0 fI 0 We Keop a Full and Completo Line of Fresh Groceries WILL DELIVER Them to Any Homo Inside the Corpo rate Limits of Columbia PHONE 4G GIVE Us A rART OF YOUR BUSINESS stock law that is not enforc ed A widower who is too gay for his age > SlMANGE9 BIhUINl3ILi9o PLACE OF BUSINESS CORNER SQUARE OS AND o JAMESToI N STREET Pickett Tobacco Warehouse Some men who make remarks about women A few who know how to run INDEPENDENT the affairs of the country A grown young man who laughs every time he says anything PROPRIETORS A girl who goes to the postdf Oar Eighth and Main Streets flce every time the mail comes CHAS A BRIDGES Scores of men with the caboose W G BRIDGES LOVISSLILLE of their trousers worn smooth as Four Jfonlls Storage Free C A Bridges Co 4 Ky glassA man who grins when you OR JAMES talkand laugh aloud after he has said somethingEx OFFICE JEFFRIES BLDG MENZIES i St 6 ROOM Columbia Ky In a test case Judge James P Gregory decided that Revenue Agent Frank Lucas has no cause of action against State banks for back taxes on deposits c Brown Peoples candidate for Governor ot Fir dl advertises himself thus In the newspapers or his state Flttyslx years a ctizen uf this state A soldier under Gen R E Lee from first to last day Carries four Yankee bullets as a gentle reminder ot that great bloody struggle The friend ot M r the peope KILLING IN CLINTON COUNTY One CJlnton county man killed In stantly and another so badly wotnded that his death Is momentarily expect ed Is the record tf results ot Sunday drunks In wIdely separated part ot the county At Wautauora Rub York Ed Seldon and Jack Dully are alleged to have been drunk and boisterous ui the main street ot the tOWJ when Con stable William Seldon about ortyfive years or ageattempted to arrest them After temporiznl with the men f r awhile he tinaliy drew his revolver but hesitated toshoot In a rough and tumble fight for slme reason or other not even attempting to shoot the weapon was taken from him by one or the men A single shot was fired and the Constabe fell dead In his tracks the bullet having penetrated theheart Dully Rue York and Ed Seldon were arrested and brought to the j ail here Ed Seldon Is a cousin of the ol11cer who was killed It Is believed the Constable hesitated to tire on the men only because one ot them was his cousin On WillIs creek not tar from here Constable Jack Reed attempted to arrest Porter Farris and Bud Elmore both or whom arealleged to have been drunk lIe was knockd down and bad ly beaten his skull fractured and his race horribly bruised Furls and El more were arrested and are In the county jail here OTEOpfITJ1Y Consultation and Examination Free at Office 0000000000L oooe00o 00 0O u i Oo 0 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0 COLUMBIABY IS A BRICK BUILDING OF MODERN Architecture containing 35 new neat and well yen ilated rooms It is nicoly furnished conveniently located and is the best hotel in Southern Kentucky Accommodations equal to the best city hotels Three hood sample rooms for commercial men M H MARCUM w 0t- 0 0 0 Propr 000000000000000000 0000000 w 636w Spectacles i c P BRANDENBURG ateJeweler Market 0 Full line of Watches Silverware Etc LOUISVILLE KY I Clocks Diamonds and Jewelry Fine Watch Repairing All Work Warranted DRESSED LUMBER Millr The undersigned proprletlJr of the PlanIng located on Sulphur Fork desire to say that we are ready to deliver all kinds of lumber In the town or Columbia at the very lowest prices yve also keep upon the yard a large lumber which we will deliver upon All we ask Is to examine our 0 r ROUGHILUMBERf prices John W Morrisoll Seventy Japanese transports laden with trcops are said to be headed for Kin Chu north or Port Arthur I II Q RP BROWNING BROS i STREETCAR FACILITIES TO ALL PARS OF CITY ValuesI SQUARE O A COY i °o i unIW I Louisville Ky 7 t a tcig tn the Unitc0 i tatcsisv IYr GROCERIES 91 5 422 EAST MARKET STREET Above Preston 4 All Kinds of Building Material lIRITEFOR SOUTH SIDE OP I 5 < 15 < MANAGER Farmers Home Hotel Now i i THEO PRESIDENT c 5 60 AND HARNESS < 15A 20 SASH DOORS BLINDS SURREYS When Grover Cleveland was elected President the first time he was sitting In his office one day when Gen Alfred Ouendorff ot Illinois was ushered In tosse him said the Well Mr President General I suppese you have seen about every Democrat in the cuntry by this time All but ml substitute I tblnk replied the President I am looking for him every minute He made a tight bargain and got aU the money I had when he went to the Civil War I never saw him again until I was elected Mayor or Buffalo lIe ambled Into my ollice there soon after I was told him I supposed he was elected killed In battle but be said he had pulled out ot the war with his life was hard up and wanted 10 I gave SETElYCE SERJIOYS it to him and heard nothing more of A whining religion wins none him until I became Governor ot New Work Is the one cure for worry York He showed up promptly In Duut judge the nut by the burr Albany and borrowed another 10 Faith Is more than fear ot the Now I am President and between callers I have been watching that future deor all day Im really a little A double mind Is always a borrowed disappointed Here I am ready for one him ItA little seer Is worth a lot ot criti And the President drew from a cacism pacious pocket a crumpt d tendollar Duty Is the law or which love Is the bill and tossed It on the table In front ot him liftMan judges by OUr hits God by our vBII rORK JIUST SETTLE iT alms Constitution In a The Atlanta Piety is the opposite ot spiritual stroug and timely editorial warns the pauperism The cross Is a good ywul but a dl mocracy of New York ot the grave responsibility resting upon it In this poor sltuemergency It a New York state Flmnml of rhetoric make poor food convention Instructs for Parker says for faith no power on earth can thatpapzr Nothing Is conquered untIl self Is prevent his nomination it St Louis It It does notthefight for the nomina overcomeA snap has a hard catch In It tion has just begunand It Intimates somewhere no power or earth can tell where it Service for others Is the solvent or will go Voicing this same sentiment The our own sorrows Oaly a dead honor needs pride to Montgomery Advertiser nd The Norrepresenting folk Virginian Pilot preserve it diametrically opposite heretofore When justIce Is falling an excuse Is views on party men and measures a poor umbrella have recently had strong editorials Shutting theeyes to the daD er slJ Other southern newspaper are urging nal does not clear the track the same thing Indicating that a You cannot go forward without lean- positive and unequivocal declaration ing same things behind on the part ot the New York demcc Watching the other mans patch racy Is a nEcessity at thIs tIme for the will not keep the weeds uulof your harmonious action ot the party New forks instructs ns for Parker would own ConThey know too much about family be Immediately followed as the trees to have much reverence for them stitution points out by like action In nearly enery southern state which In heaven Nould mean Judge Parkers nomina The mao who makes a success at nation being sad Is not likely to have a chance New York pronihes to Instruct for at another jIbChicago Tribuna Parker and it It should the hope ot democracy will at last be realized and a fighting vigorous well dlclp VISION OF TIlE BRIGIIT SIDE lined organization will leave St Louis The optimist Is not In the ranks or tuly quipped for a victorious came the majority In this bright contra- pasgn There Is no need now or disdictory world of ours but even when cussing any alternative resultFrom he plays a lone hand beg a house full The Chattanooga Times ot company all by himself Bourse Cockran told Congress some lle Is not confined to any particular locality he heralds the sunlight on hat truths and Congress knew it the mountain crest or waits the fob Congress knows that the President tillment ot its promise amid the vines usurped its authority In Issuing the and viol ti tf the vales Courageous In recent pension extension order but al confident ot all And disappoint- the Republican majority or Congress ment has but one word from him also kno tvs that the order was Issued Better luck next time When the for the purpose or promoting Republicyclone sweeps the house awlY his can success at the polls next Novemconsolation isthe land Is left and ber and as the Republican Congress when tbeeartltquake takes the land men are Interested In that no less than In tberestill is It totot Ground where the President they condone the Presidents usurpation for the sake or their he can stand and shout Hallelula The Bepubll is In all a recognition or the own political fortunes There cares and responsibilitIes or Litethe can leaders decided that accession to thorns as well as roses but the song Is the demand for service pensions was somewhere In the sorrow and light Is expedient In this campaign year but It was easier to accomplIsh this by Imprisoned In a tear even in desola tion there Is redeeming hope and love having the President Issue an order than It woald be to pass a bIll through and future jy Congress Besides the Executive order Where Is the bright side In this would give them a chanceto attempt dally whirl of Life Itis often where to carry water on both shoulders hy at you dream It Is and where you look to once satisfying the pension raiders find It And to dream or It alone Is and at the same tIme quibbling to the country that no such pensIon exten sion would result from the order Courier Journal I APRIL 20 1904 WEDNESDAY t

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