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Image 7 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 06, no. 04, 1932

Part of Kentucky alumnus

~ ~€ 5 . KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 7 i i Alumru News I }1`0l1I`lC- `= 5 _ ;0uma_ -V Combs-Peters seph Warren, Gen. Israel Putnam student at the University oi Ken- { __ Mr. and Mrs S _L_ Combs, igi and. of Gov. William Bradford. tucky, is the winner oi a $3,000 .§ enemk Desha mad, announce the mauiaga Lieut. Matthewsns a member of prize for a philosophical book, "In i ,.y per V ‘l.° ·_ of their daughter, Lola, to Mr. the MaYH0W€¥` S0¤1€tY of New York Defense of Tomorrowf according to g ~ 6 Limb; i - V Frank C_ Peters, Springfield, Kyn and of the Phi_Delta Theta. He Dr. F. Paul Anderson, dean of the ·2 ‘ ut the, j;. Q January 30, 1932, in Newport. The 3tt€¤d€d the University of Kentuc— college of engineering, University of g ‘ levancé marriage was Soiemnizcd at the ky. and was graduated from West Kentucky, who has received a copy 3 ~ W and e` home of the Officiating minister, Pemt in 1928. Wh1i€ there he Was of the book. E ‘ V · y e—», ; R,ev_ B, F. Foster and me attend- S€·<=r¤t¤n# ¤f the Dieiectic Swetv- The prize was awarded by John > . sg.; ants were Misses Elizabeth Duncan He is e member ¤f the H¤WitZ¤r Aga-r New York president of the . “`“°““¥ and virginia Daugherty and Mr. and P°i¤t€F b°aTdS· and manager National Arts club and judves ° hemw William Woodruff. Of the tennis team- HB was bom were submitted in the arts contgst E §§1&.d0T. The bride is a graduate of the ir} K€“°;‘°k¥ aild cfmles from a Mr. Bowden is a native! of Pilot l ` I Vander; University of Kentucky, a member pmneer amlty m mls stam Oak. Graves county. ~ - 5 mu, or the Alpha Gamma Delta sewn- 36 Weddmg Wm take Place * * # , L scm, ty and was proniinentl in camgug SO ‘ , , _ Daughter Bern _i ‘ activities. Mr. Pe ers a so at en e . . . 3 1 the University of Kentucky and H=*~m¤**¤¤{ [gm'? Named t° P"°S°°“*·° HL1:/&'in;?[?n· 1`€5S'V§‘ al; rlgigxggg i and thi was *’· member of Sigma Nu fm' State Cnmmal Cases congratulations- upon the birth of Y l H mark. ternity. The state’s prosecution in crimi- a daughter Betsy Frances Feb 6_ , A checked The bridal couple left for a trip nal cases before the state court of Mm paymel. was formehy Miss my been through the north before going to appeals will be conducted during Helen Holsclawy Lexington Lexmg. , make thei1· home in Columbus, O.. the next four years by H. Hamilton · it . I i im. twig where Mr. Peters islin fbiésinesjs. Rice, young Lexéngton attorney. Shirley JO Davis X ; V ao “ih·i; ' They have a wide circ e o rien s w 0 was appointe assistant to At- l l msllgritt} to wish them happiness. tcrney General Bailey P. Wooton. M§gWSth@2m;§0ffr;l§% {gin Jomliig 5ugg€ST€ i; * M1" Rice began his new duties Davis. formerl iof Lexinltone are i npioatiri Chapman and Vinson Preside when Attorney General Wooton the érents Of; wht bag dé h 4 ' V . Over House took over the office from former mr pbom Sundalgl Fxébruagy ygag » can rr r For the first time Since Champ A“°*`“"" Genem J· W· C"‘m‘“"°k· the general hospital! there whoyhas ·‘ * » ·· Clark was speaker of the house 12 H6 already has Prepared 3 number · ’ . ion mt r _ _ f b_. f t. th .d f the been named Shirley Jo . schedule ?. Years agO· 3 Kentucky Democlai Q U? S Suppor mg· ·€ Sl B O Prof Davis is a raduat of the ` E asm mi ; presided Over that body _ This state in appealed criminal cases. He Umvelisit of Kentick B d f . I ma Ter ;. honor, in met, was not singuigig is the only member ofthe attorney Several gms was _nSt Séman E OT .i laihed ti " but was meted out to two members g?n€}`a1S Stan ?“€“d‘“g tO the Hsh mage before lomm t rin gg- - V. from the Bluegrass shams criminal prosecution before the ap- bor to become agmeg bz H? th;} f1_htb,.. —. Congressmen Virgil Chapynnir of Deliete court . English department fglml/E 0 · _ 1 g ` j_ Paris, and Vinson, of Ashland, A graduate of the University of , * , y' { ; _ ,, ii . _ both were invited to sit in the Kentucky College ef Law in 1927. j l dd Sneakers seat while the house was Mr. Rice has been practicing in U` K' graduate M”d° Dm g . 653 to it discussing the important recon- Lexington as a member of the Fay- Accoldfng to ¤»¤¤<>¤¤9¤me¤t I`€‘ Q · lmed . ;v ¤: struction finance c()rpoi·3_tiori bil1_ ette County Bal` ASSDCi3lii0Il for caved fiom Bgthgl Jumor C0ll€g€’ · le i,. A Democrat can preside only when the past five years. Prior to his Russeuvma Mawm ·B¤k€1‘· umvm" · I IB? _Q that party is in power in the appointment on the attorney gen- Slty graduate, has been elected i , 918 t§,.ni¤§§?i*s house and this has not occurred eral‘s staff, he was associated with demi Of the ¤¤11eee by the board 1 ‘ ‘€_ ` Since Champ Clark presided, the law firm of Forman and Fo1·- Of m“St€€S· r agyni i.. ' ° ’ man. with oifices in the Security * * * I ' uepacieqei, Wiid1'iek—Ma.tthews Trust building, Lexington. VVhile Wedding Announced ’ iéate COI. George Albert; Wildrick_ Fort in the college of law he was a Mr. Atonasia de Riancho, San- _ Zatsgl ,0Z}?;¥§_ig Bragg. N. C., and Mrs, Wildrick member of Phi Delta Phi, honorary tiago. Cuba. and Miss Amparo Pe- j °au announce the engagement ci tneir legal fraternity. He completed his rez, Cierrfuegos. Cuba, have an- · J lei daughter, Miss Carolyn Newcomb academic work at the University 0f HOllHC€d their marriage, which i Flexi WZ-$;$iEi*’1 Wildrick, to Lieut, Church Myall Kentucky, after graduating from took place on January 4, at Cin- i ;ld‘.S Matthews, U, S, A_, son of Di; and University High school. cinnati, Ohio. Mr. Riancho is a , acm?} ‘ MPS- Edwin Matthews M3.y5ville_ As a member of the Young Men‘s junior in the college of Engineer- . ile er ~ Kentucky. Democratic club of Fayette county. ing, and has been associated with 1 Offense _z Miss Wildrick was graduated Mr. Rice has been active in a num- the Spanish club in its work. i `Ot but f1`0m St. Mary’s School, peekskiir ber of political campaigns. The bride has been employed for . COaCgt;eg;*$_ N. Y. She made ner debut in Bos- Mr. Rice and his wife. who was some time as a Spanish correspond- A r Vm’ $011 Several seasons ago and is a Miss Mae Alma Crutcher, are mak- ent in Cincinnati. · . . day m€mb€1‘S of the Junior League of ing their home in Frankfort at 106 _‘ ' ‘ _ l NL ingI(Zi§i§%· that City- She is a granddaughter Wilkerson street. His father is J. Grehan Appointed Council — mix, Of MTS. Warren Putnam Newcomb Hughes Rice, of Lexington, Chairman 1 ,Omm0d0,t§tj 21 and 0f the _late Ggn_ and Mrs, " * ' _ The appointment of Prof. Enoch * Bhand .EAt§1`a·!`{i Calvin Wildrick and Mrs. Rebert Bowden WMS Grehan as_ chairman of the ath- _, Season 3;%; .VI§’1id1‘1ck. She is a niece of Mrs $3,000 Prize letic council to succeed Dr. W. D. ; _ the Sausage.; Omtid Armstrong and of Mrs, Robert w Bowden, professor of Funkhouser has been announced ‘ §’d But ?h2·r1€§ Frost Aldrich, Boston, She social science, Youngstown College. by Pres. Fra-nli L.` McVey._ Pro- ‘ ¢ ge' 15) S a dU`€Ct descendant of Gen, Jo- Youngstown Ohio, and a. f01`U1Gl` f€SS01` G1`€il&1‘1 1¤ this 0&Di1C1ty W8S ·

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