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Image 4 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 06, no. 04, 1932

Part of Kentucky alumnus

x. f “' ew H! i. I G it i L , A- g ·‘ . ‘%i?§ 1 4 KEN·rUoKY ALUMNUS. _ · The administrative duties that as it is, and particularly in vielw telrliologgr aiindi so can, must go ;____ n L i l _ of modern developments, needs t e w ere 0 n a p ace. .· EY 3 ¥ are plaqed upqq courts" Smt€S’ (imm results of education. It needs the Kentucky is 00¤ff0¤f€d by P · i- i ` ty and mumclpal Omcers ele S0 inquiring mind and the problems m¤€1`OUS p1‘0blemS. The Drogre , great that they have n° time to which confront industry after all which we will make in the fri; ’ ‘· W01‘k at the f¤¤d¤~m€¤@¤1 facts ¤¤· are not problems like those oi the depends upon our understanding _;j I i i · deflymg many D1`0b1€m$- Y€’¤ thi? nineteenth century, but rather so- these problems, and the understar if . ig Y solution of these problems depends cial problems whose solutions re- ing of the problems depends up- _ i , UDOH tht! k1`10W1€dg€ of the facts quire the gathering of information, the gathering of the factsvandr ~ Q Duel ; 3 and understanding them. A state the analysis of it and the testing or analysis of these by the mquir · { appeare . ` ; university ought to b€ the ZQGIICY the conclusions by extended ex- mind. The UI1iV€l‘S1l3y Call be and cations, V ° i through which the people of the perience. of assistance to state ofhcers, ffl Univers _` c0mm0I1W€a1iDh can COm€ i1'1li0 the The University of Kentucky has members of dlf'Y€1`€I'lt cal1lr·j;_{ ni Asssl H; . knowledge of th? fF¤\Ct$ ¤b0¤@ i`€· maintained for some years a Col- throughout the State, and it sha opportu - E ` · S0¤F¢e$. economic Dmblems mid S¤· lege of Engineering. The purpise of be called upon more and moreq i`-‘ g;.»_—; credit { 1 ` cial questions. In many states some- that college is not so much to de- ten to deal with questions involw McLaug { _ . thing of this sort has b9€I`l done. velgp technical me;] but to lay 3 inthe gl‘OWbh of the COH1I'I`lOI1W€a1‘ Ccmmil ` — i ' but in the lone run a great deal broad foundation so that when me In the nineteenth century iz : _pub1ica1 . — { _ G m01‘€ will have to b€ d011€ if W6 3.l`€ student graduates he will have had possible to get along falfly to her i fi to deal with the problems which discipline, training or mind, and without technical lonowledge, w Q i confront a state. an attitude of curiosity toward the in this century it is the f0un· ·her gift l li Mr. Hoover made a remark about problems with which he may be t1on_of progress and growth. her by . . three years ago to the effect that confronted. This school has been inquiring mind must be put to r; ;C1ub.· i z ? l the reason why industries in the highly successful in placing its grad- upon our state problems, social, _, Actin J ic 4 ` United States have advanced so uates in industries but unfortunate- nomicnlegal, and technical. Thu rsuggest, » ` f far has been due to the recruiting ly the student must find his em- education in use. It is the aus. _has'do; I . of these industries from college stu- ployment outside of the state. In to the relation of education to versity _ ., dents. These students have brought other fields the University of Ken- dustry. _ _ ' Y i into industry new attitudes and on tucky prepares students to enter ·*An address delivered in Lo _ { i I the whole, a higher type personnel industry as well as the professions, ville at the annual dinner ot E il » · than could be secured from any but those who are trained in the Southern Division of the Amer;E _ ollegel { S other source. Industry, complicated fields of chemistry, physics, bac- Mining Congress. March 1*7. lsll lgher ( i J L J A 12-p - 2 , “" , »g .standard » • . égletics, l ‘¤ ·* ‘ ;-@ecomme i l Reunion And 1907 Class . Q j `{fjgtommissi , ·~r!~—~ Nearly it I Depression or no depression, the dence pertaining to class reunions Those of the 1907 Class ivho·i;§;% 1;';$eI¥ { i 1907 class of the University of Ken- unless they are anxious to miss written Howell Spears, signiivég d by D L ii tucky will `return in June with the what we know will be the best time their intention to be present. in ., 1 isqion ‘ P largest enrollment we have lever they have had since leaving the are printed below as an incenyi l {Ulm ? i had from any class. Out of an or- campus. We are quite sure that they tor your returning. We are Highug i iginal class of 71, nearly fifty have will be very envious and regretful that. you will not be able to ions We § pygmjggd that thgy would bg here if they do not return to their Alma commg back when you see r _»» Shorte- ‘ Q with bells on when the curtain goes Mater in June. many are·return1ng from one ci ames ; if up for the programs of the annual Think of the fun they will miss. 21°¤€· Thmk how many th€l`*_jge _,E1m{m l reunion. Isn’t this a record of which All of the reunion program, the b€ to ¤`€DY€S€Il€ the eleven Ban SL = . many classes will be envious? class luncheon, and we are plan- who have their reunions m ‘]*e?§ Abolisl, $ I Accordng to Howell Spears, act- ning to have an unusually eventful Howell Spears, Viola Lewis. i§l—g>;_ Y ing Secretary of the class, he has program, something for the amuse- Crenshaw, Charles Mahan, \lig'% aREduc( ` { heard from fifty members of the ment and entertainment of every- D. Nichols, Elizabeth Wallis._gg~ én€m1 ‘ class. Out of the fifty, forty-iive one present. We promise that no Hart, Swift Parrish, Lewis Returr ` are sure that they will be here. The one will be bored by a single tea- meyer, Josh Reese, Stanley Abohsi · i ‘ other five are anxious to come. but ture of the procedure. Roger Ammerman, Bob Acker. Elie . Ehmm · due to the difficulty of distance. And can you imagine any thing Denham, Dave Estill, Louise Kf‘§jg§ .SchEdl g , · they are not sure that they will be that will give you more of a thrill feld, Logan Lewis, Goldye Laiggg glual Sm . · able to make the trip at that time. than to come back and meet fifty Mary Leokfidge. Jack YHEGY. ii Om _ . · Two members of the class, Andy people whom you have not seen for Brown, Copus Donan. Anlllligfl am°i1_ ‘ ` ] Craig and Clarence Fish, are de- 25 years? Those people who were Colemen, Jim Stigers, Boston U§§ um§l°· , ‘ ceased. Seven members of the class in school with you, sharing your son, Go1·don Summer, DonFig§.; th1€t.1 l have not been located and we are joys and your sorrows, friends you Branson, Alice Crawlev, Beef dedlgt { ’ l in doubt about finding them. Seven made who, though still loyal, you er, Ina K. Smith, Flora Gviiggggbit bl s ; more are lost but we believe that may not have seen nor heard from Fritz Rankin, Red Woodwalegggig mist °‘ i [ we will be able to locate them be- for many years. F. Scherffius, Perrin Rule, Dr ‘ { fore June and have them here with Recent visitors to the campus from Webster Bennett, George G. Setiliije ge ath E i us at that time. Seven more of the the class of 1907 include Slim Den- Jim Dumps Carse, J. W. Tll°Y;€,; ed b - members of the class have been lo- ham, Logan Lewis, Jack Yager, Bos- Mary Bagbv. J. M. Sprague. M En if { · cated but not heard from. They ton Lawson, Gordon Summer, Beef Grunwell, Walter McKinney. pedal; i ·» have ignored all correspondence and Brewer (Major B. E. Brewer), Flora Towery. ble f · 4 * . we do not know whether or not we Gordon, Minnie (Walter) McKinney, The following are in doubt l·‘¢?f·*~ ie Q · shall be able to make themiwrite Ben Scherffius, and John G, Allen. returning but will try to be {at P 1 S g to us before the big celebration. All of them, with the exception of Brown McClelland, Mildred ,Thg¤S . ‘ · However, we could advise them to John Allen, will be back again in Florence Maddocks, Phil Sll¤“Yig;,;§ N , i § wake up and answer all correspon- June. John G. Allen, A. M. Kirby. ¤ . · , ,.4 ag ,. 1 l { . i ,·-, if · ·»· . ' ‘ ’

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