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Young Women's Christian Association, ca. 1912-1979, 1912

Part of Young Women's Christian Association, ca. 1912-1979

klgar80-88Inventory of the Young Women's Christian Association Records, ca. 1912-1979Archives StaffUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292 USAPhone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: Archives and Records Center1980Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the Young Women's Christian Association Records, ca. 1912-1979Contact InformationUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292Phone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: by: StaffDate Completed: 1980Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 University of Louisville. All Rights Reserved.Young Women's Christian Association, ca. 1912-197980-88Linear ft. 51.50 Number and types of containers 38 rc, 7 (.50) ms, 1 (.25)ms, and 1 flatYoung Women's Christian Association of Louisville, KentuckyNo online items. Must visit contributing institution. University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292Open to researchersThe copyright interests in the Young Women's Christian Association Records, ca. 1912-1979 have not been transferred to the University of Louisville. For further information, see the section on copyright in the regulations and Procedures of the Special Collections Library or consult a reference archivist.[Identification of item], Young Women's Christian Association Records, ca. 1912-1979, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville. Description: (Include information in this order: creator/producer, record title and types, arrangement, and if necessary, restrictions) Records of the Young Women's Christian Association, Louisville, Kentucky, ca. 1912-1979. 51.50 linear feet. The records were transferred in four shipments and each is described in a folder title listing, which is intended to serve as a preliminary finding aid pending the arrangement and further description of the records. This record group includes material which documents the legal, social, administrative, and fiscal history of the YW in Louisville, from the founding of the central branch in 1912 and the west end branch (Phyllis Wheatley) in 1922 into the 1970s. Record types include legal documents (constitutions and bylaws), board of directors and various committee minutes, correspondence, printed and published material, photographs, and financial records. Some photographs from these four shipments were removed and segregated into a separate photograph series (see control card). A portion of the records are in poor physical condition. The certificate of gift (dated February, 1980) places no restrictions on access. Access to the personnel records, however, requires the permission of the University Archivist.The four shipments received were:Accession 80-8: 25 containers including 16 records center boxes, 7 (.50)ms boxes, 1 (.25) box, and 1 flat box, totaling 24.00 linear ft. Box #17 is missing. This shipment was received on 2-13-80 and is located at 24-4-5 to 24-4-7 and continued on 24-5-1 to 24-5-7.Accession 82-73: 17 rc boxes totaling 21.251f.This shipment was received on 8-6-81 and is located 66-3-2 to 66-3- 4 and 66-4-2 to 66-4-7.Accession 82-6: 4 rc boxes totaling 5.00 1f. This shipment was received on 1-6-82 and is located at 66-1-1 to 66-1-2.Accession 82-55: 1 rc totaling 1.25 1f. This shipment was received on 6-17-82 and is located at 66-1-3.Summary of Significant Events1912YWCA was organized in Louisville at a meeting attended by over 300 people. A board was elected and rooms at 229 South Fourth were rented. A staff was hired and activities included religious and educational classes; physical fitness, noon meetings in four large industries weekly; maintenance of two matrons at railway stations to help traveling women.1913Summer camp opened for industrial girls. Other programs expand.1914Funds raised to buy the old Ford Mansion at Second and Broadway, with two wings added for expanding programs. A separate residence was built and the YWCA moved to its new quarters, debt free.1918YWCA operates a hostess house at Camp Taylor and cared for soldiers' relatives at YWCA residence.20Camp Chelan purchased and used to give industrial girls healthy, low-cost vacations. Camp later used for children, teens adults, families.1922Property purchased at Sixth and Chestnut for Phyllis Wheatly Branch YWCA.1930sYWCA worked with unemployed girls to improve their skills and train for jobs.1940-46Parties and dances scheduled for service men; weekend dormitory space made available for service women, swing shift (midnight to dawn) program for industrial war workers, both men and women.1957Phyllis Wheatly building closed and YWCA Branch moved to 2nd B'way.1958Building rented on Cecil Avenue for Branch activities.1961-62Property at 4303 West Broadway considered and purchased for use as the West End Branch YWCA.1963YWCA purchases the Henry Clay Hotel, 604 S. Third, and 134 residents move into new headquarters for Louisville & Jefferson County YWCA.1965Pool area at Central YWCA completed and swim program for handicapped children organized. Teen program included outreach work in Newburg and Southwick areas. Work with adults included clubs; classes; special interest groups; dances; special activities and events. The YWCA Residence was serving working women and students in the downtown area.1967Contract signed with National YWCA to participate in Job Corps-YWCA program, with young women trained in Job Corps Centers coming to Louisville YWCA to live, be placed in jobs and work until receiving a saticfactory reference. These girls, both black and white, were from disadvantaged backgrounds. Decentralized activities program continued at Newburg and classes organized in St. Matthews area.1968The Community Chest urged member agencies to expand services to persons from poverty areas. A special summer program for mothers and children was provided by the downtown YWCA in cooperation with the Department of Parks and Recreation. Day long Playschool at West End Branch provided care and educational activities for preschool children of working mothers, for a minimal fee. Program continues.1969Work began with women in the Beecher Terrace area of west Louisville.1970YWCA begins swimming program for children from inner city poverty area agencies. Residence began working with other local agencies and taking referrals of hard-to place women and girls. The Teenage Parent Program was begun with a special school for young, expectant mothers held on the second floor of the downtown YWCA building. The school was staffed by the Louisville Board of Education, with recreational and group work leadership and space provided by the YWCA.1971A Clinic was established in the downtown YWCA building to provide medical care for the TAPP (Teenage Parent Program) girls. Louisville Medical School and City-County Health Department provided the staff. In the residence, a contract was signed with the Department of Child Welfare to provide housing for girls between ages 17 and 21 who were being released from detention. First Summer Day Camp opened at the Central YWCA, 604 S. Third, for children age 6-12 of working mothers.1972Half-Way House sponsored at YWCA Residence by State Department of Child Welfare to house girls 17 and 18 years of age while they, as wards of the state, attend vocational training schools in the city.1975R.A.P.E. Relief Center opens at Central YWCA to provide whatever assistance is needed by rape victims and their families in the Jefferson County area. This program has received national recognition for its outstanding volunteer service. The Creative Employment Project began later in the year at Central YWCA, and places low income women in high paying jobs that are non-traditional for their sex. Counseling and placement are free and confidential.1977The Spouse Abuse Center opened in November. The Center provides shelter, counseling, referral information and assistance for women and their children who are victims of abuse. A Woman's Center began exploring the need for a department dealing just in Woman's issues. The first program developed was a Widowed Persons Service.Container ListI. ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDSHistories, By-Laws, and Constitutions22Ad Hoc Committee for Adult Education Program 1967-196819Articles of Incorporation 1914-19659Articles of Incorporation 196213Assoc. Bulletins History; Club Residence; Other; 1920s13Association History, Colored Work Conference 192113Association History: Newspapers 192234Board Meeting 195719Board Meetings, Reports from 1970-1973 (Bd. of Dir.)44Board of Directors - Installation Service 1965, 197120Board of Directors - List 1976-19774Board of Directors - Members of, 1938-197130Board of Directors - Members of 1944-195219Board of Directors - Past Presidents 1912-19759Board Reorganization 197119Brief History of Louisville's YWCA29By-Laws and Constitution 191519By-Laws-Board of Directors 195113By-Laws 1951-196313By-Laws Branch & Board of Directors 1912-193416By-Laws Community Chest 1954-196419By-Laws-Phyllis Wheatley Branch 1951, 196729By-Laws Phyllis Wheatley Branch9By-Laws West End Branch 196746Card File - Individual Board members ca. 1922-1972 & Individual Louisville Community Chorus 197419Constitution and Assoc. By-Laws, 1912, 1951, 1962, 196919Constitution and By-Laws, n.d. (post 1950s)9Constitution By-Laws-Suggested (Nat'l Bd.) Mar. 19459Constitution and By-Laws of the YWCA n.d.19Constitution and By-Laws-Official 197536Constitution - Louisville Association 195119Constitution - Revision 1966-196930Constitution YWCA 195113Council of Churches-Directory & Constitution 1951-195336Cratty, Miss Mabel - Biographical Sketch44Functions of Pres. & Exec. Dir. 1961-196513History of Business & Professional Dept. ca. 19334History of Louisville YWCA 1911-191536Laws for YWCA 195136Louisville Association Constitution 195113Louisville Association History - Old Meetings 1920-192224New Board Members (Biography) 1967-19789Objectives of Program 19699Organizational Chart 19679Our Decision Making Process 19644Pre-organizational Plans & Reports 1909-191223Record Series with Corres. Primary Categories-Suggested9Statement on the Nature of YWCA Professional Jobs n.d.9Story of the YWCA 185537YWCA Operating Marual 1962Minutes22Ad Hoc Committee for Adult Education Program 1967-687Advisory Board of Trustees Minutes 1912-19191Advisory Committee Minutes 1960-19611Advisory Committee Minutes 196143Annual Meetings Minutes 1937-197213Area Staff Meetings 196634Board Meeting 195719Board Meetings, Reports from 1970-1973 (Bd. of Dir.)7Board of Director Minutes 1939-19417Board of Director Minutes 194436Board of Director Minutes 19527Board of Director Minutes 194544Board of Director Meetings & Agendas 1975-19767Board of Trustees Minutes 1922-19317Board of Trustees Minutes 1939-196215Camp Chelan Committee Minutes 1956-196745Camp Clearing Committee Minutes 19521Camp Clearing Committee Minutes 1953-19541Camp Minutes 1953-195544Capital Funds Campaign Minutes 19621Committee on Inclusiveness Minutes 195513Conference on Religion & Race 196413Co-operation of YMCA & YWCA14Executive Committee Minutes 1961-19721Finance Committee Minutes 1946-19511Finance Committee Minutes 195214Finance Committee Minutes 1953-196014Finance Committee Minutes 1962-196914Finance Committee Minutes 1970-197214Finance Committee Minutes 19747First House Committee Minutes 191213Group Work Committee of A.A.S.W. 19541Health Education Committee Minutes 195214Health Education Department Minutes 1952-195914Health Education Department Minutes 1960-197012Louisville Area Mental Health Center 196230Membership Committee Minutes 1922-19237Membership Committee Minutes 1923-193014Membership Minutes 1957-196914Nominating Committee Minutes 1958-19731Nomination Minutes 1938-19511Nomination Minutes 1951-19551Personnel Minutes 1937-19401Personnel Minutes 1940-19511Personnel Minutes 1951-19521Personnel Minutes 1953-195642Personnel Committee Minutes 1955-196915Personnel Committee Minutes 1957-19721Phyllis Wheatley Agenda & Minutes 1953-195612Phyllis Wheatley Minutes 1959-196122Phyllis Wheatley Br., Comm. on Admin. Minutes 1957-19591Planning Committee Minutes 1959-19611Planning Committee Minutes 1960-19611Program Planning Committee Minutes 1955-195614Program Planning Committee Minutes 1957-196314Public Affairs Minutes 1955-19681Public Information Minutes 1956-195723Public Relations Minutes 1960-196821Residence Committee Minutes 1961-197016Staff Committee Minutes 1973-197510Staff Meeting Minutes 1967-196910Staff Meeting Minutes 1970-19721Steering Committee Minutes 1957-195912Task Force on Health & Welfare Louis. & Jeff. Co. Youth Commission 19641Teen-Age Committee Minutes 1953-195545Teen-Age Committee Minutes 1958-19699West End Advisory Committee Minutes April 196221World Fellowship Minutes 1953-196934Y-Teen Minutes & Roll Call 19601Young Adult Minutes 195545Young Adult Minutes 1956-1970Correspondence44Affirmative Action Plan 197927Alumni Group April 195028American War Community Services 1943-194527Annual Dinners 1940-195222Application for Solicitation, City of Louis. 1960-196522Architects, Henry, Sweet, and Judd, 1959-196022Association for Leadership Development 1969-197024Association of YW Worker 197636Automatic Membership 1947-194834Avalon Steamer 196011B & G Food Inc. 1966-197024Betty Olive Information Proposal 1970-197737Blueprints & Correspondence 1960's9Board & Committee Orientation41Board of Directors Officers-Installation Serv. 1918-192210Board of Directors Meeting, Preparing for the meeting19Board of Directors, Sarah Bundy Memorial 197444Board of Directors Correspondence 1967-197411Board of Trustees Correspondence 1939-195211Board of Trustees Correspondence 1946-195211Board of Trustees Correspondence 1953-195411Board of Trustees Correspondence 1955-195911Board of Trustees Correspondence 1953-196211Board of Trustees Correspondence 1960-196711Board of Trustee Correspondence-Boiler Replacement 19649Board Orientation & Installation 1969-197413Bridges, William G.Estate (Settled in 1934-1943)22Brown School, 197244Building Committee 197819Building Dedication, January 24, 196513Building Development Committee 1955-19569Building Developments Step-by-Step 19621Building Plans 19551Building Repairs/Rebuilding Corres. 1944-195836Camp Chelan Correspondence 1935-1938 #136Camp Chelan Correspondence 1935-1938 #236Camp Chelan Correspondence 195130Camp Chelan Material - Misc. n.d.11Camp Chelan and Sellersburg Correspondence 1942-194927Camp Correspondence 1945-194835Camp Form Letters44Camp Funds Campaign 196240Camp Photographs & Postcards - Dates Unknown22Campaign "Thank-You Letters" & Corres. 1963-197525Capital Drive Remodeling Finance #1 -#425Career Day 1974-197630Centennial Fund Contribution Forms30Centennial Fund Report-Forms & Correspondence9Chart of Relationship 19649Chart of Relationships National 19649Chart of Relationships & Staff 1964-196510Coffee Call Memos22Coffee Shop 1963-197122Coffee Shop Remodeling, 196321Commission on Women Workshop 197528Committee on Colored Work 192434Committee Training 195713Communism (Charges Against YWCA) 195212Community Chest Correspondence 194512Community Chest Correspondence 194612Community Chest Correspondence 194736Community Chest Correspondence 1946-194812Community Chest Correspondence 1948-194912Community Chest Correspondence 195012Community Chest Correspondence 195112Community Chest Correspondence 195212Community Chest Correspondence 195312Community Chest Correspondence 195412Community Chest Correspondence 195512Community Chest Correspondence 1956-195712Community Chest Correspondence 1958-196412Community Chest Correspondence-Request 195316Community Chorous n.d.5Community Chorous 1974-197519Community Chorous, ca. 197513Complaint Re: Closing of Cafeteria 195244Contractor's Bids - Remodeling 196424Convention Area Meeting 1977-197829Correspondence & Records Miscellaneous 1916-191715Covering the Front Desk at Night-Memos 197234Creative Wiriting 1960 - L. Snyder13Crusade for Freedom 1950-1951, 195413Cumerford Corporation 1967, 196815Day Camp Correspondence 197315Day Camp Correspondence 197422Day Care Committee, West End Branch17Deactivation 197513Department of Economic Security 195328Duplicate Copies of Letters & Reports 1941-194335Duplicate Copies of Letters & Reports 194328Endowment Fund 1922-192914Endowment Fund 1960-197225Executive Committee 1974-197822Experiment in International Living, 196825Exploing Foundations 1971-197713Federal Employees Solicitation 1963-196445Female Offender Resource Center 1977-197834Fern Creek 1971-197325Finance Development Explores Money Raising Event22Flanigan, Mrs. Memorandums-Jefferson County YWCA 196713Flood Information 1937-19451Fresh Air Camp 1954-196728Funds 19311Furnishing and Bldg. Information 1939-196326General Correspondence-National YWCA 1915-191626General Correspondence, Jubilee, 191626General Correspondence A-B, 1915-191626General Correspondence C-G, 1915-191626General Correspondence H-M, 1915-191626General Correspondence N, 1915-191626General Correspondence O-S, 1915-191626General Correspondence S-W, 1915-191626General Correspondence 1916 #126General Correspondence 1916 #226General Correspondence A-B, 191626General Correspondence C, 191626General Correspondence D-H, 191626General Correspondence I-N, 191626General Correspondence N (cont'd.), 191626General Correspondence S Misc., 191626General Correspondence S-W, 191626General Correspondence Headquarters 1916-1917 #126General Correspondence Headquarters 1916-1917 #239General Correspondence, Misc. #1 1916-191739General Correspondence, Misc. #2 1916-191739General Correspondence, Misc. #3 1916-191726General Correspondence A-C, 191726General Correspondence C-G, 191726General Correspondence H-L, 191726General Correspondence M, 191726General Correspondence N, 191726General Correspondence N-R, 191726General Correspondence S, 191726General Correspondence S-Y, 191726General Correspondence 1917-191826General Correspondence A, 1917-191826General Correspondence B-C, 1917-191826General Correspondence C-E, 1917-191826General Correspondence F-G, 1917-191826General Correspondence H-J, 1917-191826General Correspondence K-L, 1917-191826General Correspondence M, 1917-191826General Correspondence N-P, 1917-191826General Correspondence R-Z, 1917-191826General Correspondence 1917 #126General Correspondence 1917 #1a26General Correspondence 1917 #226General Correspondence A-B, 191726General Correspondence C, 191726General Correspondence D-K, 191726General Correspondence L-M, 191726General Correspondence N, 191726General Correspondence P-S, 191726General Correspondence S (cont'd.) 191726General Correspondence S-W, 191726General Correspondence (2 folders) 191828General Correspondence 194214General Correspondence 1952-197214General Correspondence 197214General Correspondence 197314General Correspondence 197414General Correspondence 197514General Correspondence 197614General Correspondence 197712General Correspondence 195312General Correspondence 195612General Correspondence 1957-195812General Correspondence 1959-196012General Correspondence 196112General Correspondence 196212General Correspondence 196312General Correspondence 196412General Correspondence 196512General Correspondence 196612General Correspondence 196712General Correspondence 196812General Correspondence 196910General Correspondence 1966-196717General Correspondence 197017General Correspondence 197119General Correspondence 1970-197326General Correspondence "Fern Creek" 197340General Secretary Correspondence 1912 A-J40General Secretary Correspondence 1912 K-Q40General Secretary Correspondence 1912 R-Z40General Secretary Correspondence 1914-1916 A-D40General Secretary Correspondence 1914-1916 E-M40General Secretary Correspondence 1914-1916 N-Z40General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 A-L40General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 M-Z40General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 A-C40General Secretary Correspondence 1919-1922 A-C #240General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 A-C #340General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 A-C #440General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 A-C #540General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 D-L40General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 M-P40General Secretary Correspondence 1920-1922 R-Z10Gift Memberships10Gift Memberships - M. Flanigan37Glass Co. Correspondence 1965-196622Gratz, Miss Memorandums-Jefferson County YWCA 196734Hanover Field Trip 196028Harrison, Maud L., General Sec. 1930-194313Health & Welfare Council Advisory Committee 1960s22Health & Welfare Council, Gen. Corres. & Infor. 1969-7113Health & Welfare Council Planning Committee 1959-196012Henry Clay Hotel Corres. 196310High School Rosters 196921Household Employees - Proposed Program 196812Inclusiveness Committee 195941Industrial Secretary Correspondence 1918-192241Industrial Secretary Correspondence 1918-192213Industrial Secretary-Dorothy Poole Naveaux 1947-195141Installation Service & Bd. of Dir. Officers 1918-192221Jackson Area 1970-197112Jeff. Co. Youth Commun.-Task Force on Hea. & Welf. '6517Jefferson County YWCA Corres. & Brochures 1967-197534Jeffersontown 19599Job Corps Center 1968-197519Job Corps 1970-197317Job Corps - Job Description & Schedule n.d.17Job Corps - Orientation, Brochures 1970-197217Job Corps - YWCA Correspondence 1967-197523Jobs for Advancement of Women 197423Jobs for Advancement of Women 197523Jobs for Advancement of Women 197612Jobs Now Program 1967-196828Johnson, Mrs. Lewis (Elizabeth) President 1925-193112Joint Celebration YWCA & NCJW 1961-196221Ky Commission on Women-Workshop 197512Labor Unions 1960-196925Long Range Plans 1969-197212Louisville Area Mental Health Center12Louisville Commission on Human Relations 196346Louisville Service Club (in building) 1963-197616Louisville Sport Commission 197622Louisville United Against Hunger, 197529Luncheons & Dinners, Notebook for, 1946-194910Membership Committee 196925Membership Committee 1974-197912Membership Correspondence 1936-195210Membership Drive 197010Membership Files - General 1967-196810Membership Renewal Committee 1967-196846Memo to Members & Friends, Fall 195310Memphis Conference April 196945Metro Correction Service 197922Metro United Way, Agency Review 197322Metro United Way Corresp. (Community Chest) 1965-197022Metro United Way Corresp. (Community Chest) 1965-197221Metro United Way Correspondence 1973-197424Metro United Way Executive Council 1975-197624Metro United Way Executive Council 1977-197841Miscellaneous & Gen. Secretary Corres. 191237Miscellaneous Correspondence 1915 A-D37Miscellaneous Correspondence 1915 E-L37Miscellaneous Correspondence 1915 M-R37Miscellaneous Correspondence 1915 S-Z39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1914-1915 A-G39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1914-1915 H-M39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1914-1915 N-Z34Miscellaneous Correspondence 1916(3 folders)29Miscellaneous Correspondence 1917 A-C29Miscellaneous Correspondence 1917 D-K29Miscellaneous Correspondence 1917 L-R29Miscellaneous Correspondence 1917 S-Z39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1918-191939Miscellaneous Correspondence 1918 A-F39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1918 G-O39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1918 P-Z39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1919 A-F39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1919 G-M39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1919 N-Z39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1920 A-F39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1920 G-K39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1920 L-Z39Miscellaneous Correspondence 1919-192235Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 193635Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 193735Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 193835Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 193935Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 194035Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 1941 #135Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 1941 #235Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 194228Miscellaneous Correspondence-Miss Moss 194230Miscellaneous Correspondence 1949-195139Miscellaneous & Bldg. Maintenance Corres. 1950s & 1960s44Murphy Elevator Co. 1971-197544National Boards Correspondence1Centennial 1955 - #11Centennial 1955 - #21Centennial 1955-19561Centennial 1957-19582Centennial Donor List1Centennial & National Fund Raising 19551Centennial Fund Y-Teen Penny Parade 19551Certified YWCAs in U.S.1Convention - Louisville, 1944-19451Convention - Invitation 1961-196217Correspondence - National Board 1969-197117Correspondence - National Board 1970-197128Correspondence 1930-193528Correspondence 194412Correspondence - 1955-196412Correspondence - 1965-196812Correspondence - 196917Correspondence 197222Correspondence 197222Correspondence 197322Correspondence 1974-197622Correspondence 1975-197825Correspondence 1975-197825Executive Bulletin 1975-19782Internat'l Reconstruction Postwar: Local Donors `471Internat'l Reconstruction Postwar: YWCA 194922Public Affairs, 1973-19751Reconstruction Fund Campaign - 194634National Publicity Council/Health & Welfare Serv. 195134National Recruiting-Professional Personnel 195618National YWCA Era 197514Neighborhood Youth Corps 1970-197134New Albany 197337New Albany 197337New Albany Y-Teen Registration 197318Newburg Suburban Center 196718Newburg Suburban Center 1967-196944News Release 197925Nominating Committee to Board 1969-197834Okolona Center 195928Open House 192413Open House 195713Otter Creek Park Council 1945-195223Park Du Valle Program Committee 1969-197134PeeWee Valley 195936Personal Basis 1936, 195112Personal Correspondence 1952-196322Personal Correspondence, 1964-197742Personnel Correspondence-National Y 1958-196942Personnel Retirement Plan Correspondence28Phyllis Wheatley Branch Corres. 1922-192422Phyllis Wheatley Branch, Staff Corres. 1952-195912Phyllis Wheatley Community Chest Corres. 195412Phyllis Wheatley Misc. 1956-196122Pilot Cities, Mothers' Prog., Corres. & Clippings '68-6944Planning & Zoning Permit 196137Pleasure Ridge Park-Y Teen Registration 73-7429Position for Shorthand Teacher Corres. 191722Pre-Convention Workshop, 1969-197022Procedures, Jeff. Co. YWCA, 1967-196814Product Report 1972-197519Professional Workers Association, 197423Program Committee 197123Program Committee 1973-197625Program Committee 197325Program Committee 1974-197625Program Committee 1977-197814Public Affairs Correspondence 1956-197123Public Affairs Correspondence 197223Public Affairs Correspondence 197321Public Affairs Mental Health 196521Public Information Louisville YWCA 195721Public Relations Correspondence 1973-197410Public Service Employees (CETA) 197510Public Service Employees (CETA) 197635Publicity Correspondence 1940s40Rape Relief Center - 1970s14Rape Relief Center 1968-197634Reconstruction Campaign Corres. 1946-194712Recruitment 196125Request For Information 1976-197721Religious Education Committee, 1956-195721Residence Corres. 1968-197510Residence Policies 1960's39Room Facilities & Layouts-Henry Clay Hotel10Room Rental Policies 1960s34Russian Class 196034St. Cecelia-West End-196042Savings & Security-Inactive Participants 1966-197042Savings & Security Plans 1944-197410School Rosters - 196942Savings & Security - Inactive participants34Sheltered Workshop 196022Sister Y Project, San Juan, 1968-196934Smorgasbord 1957-195934Southern High School-Y-teen Registration 197222Special Services, Downtown Day Care Task Force, 197224Spouse Abuse Program 1976-197822Spring Workshop, 1967-196810Staff Notices 1972-197334State Y-Teen Regional Clubs Conference 195912Study of YWCA 1956-195714Summer Youth Program 197625Sustaining Enrollment 1973-197422TAPP (Teenage Parents Program) 1970-1972 #122TAPP (Teenage Parents Program) 1970-1972 #228Tailoring 196213Thank-You Letters 1954-196922Thank-You Letters 1972-197710Thank-You Letters-Forms29Traveler's Aid Corres. & Reports 1914-191545Trips YWCA 1963-197145Trips YWCA 197245Trips YWCA 197345Trips YWCA 197445Trips YWCA 197545Trips YWCA 197645Trips YWCA 197745Trips YWCA 197845Trips YWCA 197925United Appeal 1975-197925United Way Agency Executive Council 1970-197512Union File Vol. 1 1963-196812Union File Vol. 2 1968-196913Union - Situation Nationals 194817USO Correspondence 1940-194417USO Correspondence 1945-194613Use of Ski-Hi by Districts YWCA 1951-195242Vacancy Registration forms National 1955-196317Volunteer - Training Day Sept. 16, 195928War Fund & Chest 1943-194428War Labor Board 19431Water Supply at Camp Chelan 1953-196121West End Branch Addition 1970-197121West End Branch Addition 1973-197721West End Branch Advisory Committee 1958-19629White House - Pat Nixon 197240Widowed Persons Services 197845Widower Person's Service 197940Woman of the Year Nominations 1975-197619Woman of the Year Nominations 1976-197717Woman's Exchange Planning Records 1955-195629Women's Committee of Council of Nat'l Defense 191729Women's Employment Bureau 1916-191718Women & Work Project-"Harry vs. the System" Script 197545Women's Workshop Registration 194934World Fellowship Corres. 196034World Fellowship Corres. 196045World Fellowship Corres. 196245World Fellowship Corres. 196535World Fellowship & Annual Meetings45World Fellowship 197045World Festival 196645World Festival 196745World Festival 196845World Festival 196934Woerner Jr. High - Y-teen Registration 198342YWCA Retirement Fund Correspondence45YWCA-YMCA Cooperation 1953-196617Youth Speaks, History & Correspon. 1953-1955Reports16Administration, Democratic Process In-Work Shop 195719Alternative School, ca. 19741American Camping Assoc. Reports, etc. 1955-195613Announcements & Reports from other YWCA's 1951-195727Annual & Business Reports 1922-194837Annual Business & Professional Reports 193643Annual Meeting 195243Annual Meeting 195343Annual Meeting 195443Annual Meeting 195543Annual Meeting 195643Annual Meeting 195743Annual Meeting 195843Annual Meeting 195943Annual Meeting 196043Annual Meeting 196143Annual Meeting 196243Annual Meeting 196343Annual Meeting 196443Annual Meeting 196543Annual Meeting 196643Annual Meeting 196743Annual Meeting 196843Annual Meeting 196943Annual Meeting 197043Annual Meeting 197143Annual Meeting 197243Annual Meeting 197343Annual Meeting 197443Annual Meeting 197543Annual Meeting 197643Annual Meeting 19797Annual Reports-191830Annual Report 1919-193027Annual Reports 1920-194528Annual Reports 193216Annual Reports 1952-195530Applications for Assistance 194022Association Review Committee Report 1969-197117Association Review 1975 #117Association Review 1975 #217Association Review 1975 Final Report & Worksheet30"At Home" Convention 194521Beecher Terrace Program13Bell Telephone Wage Survey11Birmingham Alabama YWCA 19637Board of Director Attendence Sheets 1938-196936Cafeteria & Narrative Report 19491Camp Chelan 1957-196119Camp Chelan, Reports on 1926, 193030Camp Chelan Reports to Community Chest 1949-195236Camp Chelan Sewer 194531Camp Chelan, Study of 19631Camp Committee 1914-1972, Reports of the1Camp Reports 1951-196330Camp Services, Studies of - 1940s4Capital Fund Campaign 1913-191419Capital Fund Campaign I 1949-196019Capital Fund Campaign II 196416Capital Fund Campaign-Community Chest Agreement 194723Capital Fund Campaign - General 196423Capital Fund Campaign - General 196423Capital Fund Campaign A C 196423Capital Fund Campaign D West End 196419Capital Fund Campaign, Gifts Reports, 196413Capital Fund Drive YWCA 195113Capital Fund Drive (Dayton, Ohio) 19541Committee Study, Survey by Miss Brunson 19581Committees 1913-1920, Reports of the (Misc.)1Committees 1955-1972, Reports of the (Misc.)28Community Chest 1925-193536Conference Material on Workshops30Conference Membership Council 1923-192422Convention, Boston, 196724Creative Employment Project 1975-197621Creative Employment Project 1976-197724Creative Employment Project 197819Crusade vs. Crime, 1968-196921Day Care Task Force Downtown 197234Decentralization Plan 19594Department Committee Reports 19124Department Committee Reports 19134Department Committee Reports 19144Department Committee Reports 19154Department Committee Reports 19164Department Committee Reports 19174Department Committee Reports 19184Department Committee Reports 19194Department Committee Reports 192022Downtown Study Committee 1971-197327Executive Director - Narrative Reports21Family & Friends United in Hope, 1975-197619Family & Friends United in Hope, 197613Fellowship of Reconciliation1Finance Committee 1953-1961, Reports of the4Furnishing Committee of the YWCA 1916 (Purchases)37General & Annual Reports 193437General & Annual Reports 193537General & Annual Reports 1936 (See Ann. Bus. & Prof.)37General & Annual Reports 193737General & Annual Reports 194237General & Annual Reports 19431General Secretary 1912-1914, Reports of the1General Secretary 1915-1917, Reports of the1General Secretary 1918-1920, Reports of the25Girl Cluos Information 1977-19784Girls Work Department 1917-192513Group Work Division 1954-196821Half-Way House-Dept. of Child Welfare 1970-197619Hannah Harrison School, Washington, D.C. 1955-196219Hannah Harrison School, Student Recruitment in Lou. 196922Health & Welfare: Coalition Planning 1970-197136Health & Welfare Council Reports 1943-19441Health-Education Committee 1953-1958, Reports of the16"History of Community Chest" Report 1917-194728Industrial Dept. Reports 1923-194316Information re: Red Feather Agencies 195613International Relations 1945-194613Interracial 1945-194634Installation Officers - Beta Gamma Chi Club 196035Installation Service for Officers 1946-194717Job Corps Evaluation & Instruction 197517Job Corps Evaluation Reports & Corres. 197517Job Corps Orientation, Instructions & brochures 1970-7217Job Corps Report June 197534Juvenile Court Study 195818Ky. Humanities Council, Women & Work Project 1974-197545Ky. Humanities Council, Women & Work Project 1975-19761Lunch Committee 1912, Reports of the1Maintenance Committee 1955-19581Membership Committee 1912-1972, Reports of the20Membership Report-Sept. to Oct., 197536Membership Reports-Annual 1929-193730Membership Reports & Budgets 1920s & 1930s19Metro United Way Report on YWCA, 197310Metro United Way - Thank you Forms13Minimum Wage Law & Dept. of Labor ca. 194020Miscellaneous Report 19362Narratives Reports-Monthly 1950-195134Narrative Reports - Exec. Dir. 1947-194936Narrative Reports - Exec. Dir. 1947-194836Narrative Reports - Exec. Dir. 1948-194929Narrative Reports - Exec. Dir. 1950-195134Narrative Reports - Exec. Dir. 195134National Boards1Centennial - Birthday Gift Guide 1953-19551Centennial - Press, Radio & T.V. Guide 19551Centennial - Report to National Board 1954-19551Centennital Fund Report - Welfare Dept.30Evaluation of Program 1933-19342Narrative Report 1949-19531National Fundraising Centennial 19551National Program Study 195044Questionnaire (One Imperative 9-6-72) 19722Salary Range - National Salary Studies 1950-195730Statistical Report 19352Statistical Report 1935-19362Statistical Reports 19372Statistical Report 19382Statistical Report 19392Statistical Report 19402Statistical Report 19412Statistical Report 19432Statistical Report 1944-19482Statistical Report 1949-19522Statistical Report 1953-19562Statistical Report 195720National Council of Jewish Women YWCA Program 1962-197234National YWCA - Program Conference13The News - YWCA Annual Report 192044Occupational Safety & Health Act of 197018Park DuValle 1971-197236Personal Basis-Membership 19361Personnel Committee 1953-1972, Reports of the2Phyllis Wheatley Annual Report 19551Phyllis Wheatley Committee 1955-1960, Reports of the2Phyllis Wheatley Report to Board, Monthly 19552Phyllis Wheatley Repair 1936-19552Phyllis Wheatley Reports, Monthly 19532Phyllis Wheatley YWCA Branch Study 194621Phyllis Wheatley Young Adults Committee 195430Program for Employment 193313Program Planning: Program Reports 195622Proposed Program for Household Employees Comm. 19681Public Affairs Committee 1955-1957, Reports of the44Public Relations Committee 1978-197923Public Service Employment Project for CETA 1976-197744Quarterly Reports 1971-197834Regional Conference - Blue Ridge 196030Report Jan. 19341Residence Committee 1912-1960, Reports of the2Residence Report 1951-19522Residence Reports 1953-19562Retirement Fund-Annual Reports 1951-57; 1968-7137Miss Rogers' Final Report for new Sect. 1930s37Round the World Reconstruction Campaign Reports n.d.37Flat Lists for General Sollicitation11Service Statistics - Community Chest 1958-196344Speaker-Ann Guthrie 194930Special China Fund 194725Spouse Abuse 197745Spouse Abuse Reports 1978-197925Staff Meeting 1972-197811Statistical Information 1957-196428Statistical Reports 1924-192928Statistical Reports 193111Statistical Reports 1942 (W. W. II Interracial Quest.)11Statistical Reports 1948-194911Statistical Reports 1951-195211Statistical Reports 1953-195511Statistical Reports 195611Statistical Reports 195711Statistical Reports 195811Statistical Reports 195911Statistical Reports 196011Statistical Reports 196111Statistical Reports 196211Statistical Reports 196311Statistical Reports 196411Statistical Reports 196511Statistical Reports 196611Statistical Reports 196711Statistical Reports 196811Statistical Reports 196934Statistics Health & Welfare Comm. 1956-195813Steering Committee 1958-19592Summer Camp Handbooks by Health & Welfare 1955-195613Survey Material 193937Swimming Log Sheets 1964-196637Swimming Log Sheets 1964-1966 #21Teenage Department 1956-1959, Reports of the2Teenage Reports 1952-195537Unemployed Club Records & Forms37Unemployed Group Records 193221United Way - Changing Roles 1971-197224United Way - Stat. Infor. Vol. 1 Questionnaires24United Way - Stat. Infor. Vol. 2 Questionnaires24United Way - Stat. Infor. Vol. 3 Questionnaires14United Way of Amer. Services Identification System Product Report 1972-197530Vocational Guidance, MA Thesis in, 1938-Gertrude Rodgers "A Suggested Program of Vocational Guidance for a Young Women's Christian Association Where No Trained Counselor is Employed; with Special Reference to Louisville Ky.," Univ. of Michigan 193817Volunteer-Training Day Sept. 16, 195917Women's Exchange Annual Report 1956-195729World Fellowship Report22World Fellowship Report 197122YWCA as a Christian Movement (Comm. Concerning) 1964-661Young Adult Committee 1955-1958, Reports of the2Young Adult Reports 1952-1954Personnel Records14Application for Residence Counselor 197214Association Personnel Policies 1959-197722Baker and Baker Employment Service 1969-197319Board of Directors, Past Presidents 1912-19751Caretaker of Camp Chelan 1949-195916Clerical Employees(2 folders)RESTRICTED16Clerical & Maintenance Duties (Old)30Contracts & Correspondence 1938-194330Correspondence 1939-194242Employee Memos17Forms & Procedures-Jeff. Co. YWCA 1967-196816Instructors(1 folder)RESTRICTED22Jefferson Co. YWCA Staff 1968-197316Job Classification - Comm. Chest 1952-195415Job Descriptions 1955-197114Letters of Employment (Contracts) 1966-197420List Board of Directors 1976-197716Maintenance Employees(4 folders)RESTRICTED16Personnel Files 1950-1970(32 folders)RESTRICTED42Personnel Records-Individual 1930-1973 RESTRICTED (94)17Placements - Jeff. Co. YWCA 1969-197136Policies 1945-194614Professional Applications Filed (Not Employed) #114Professional Applications Filed (Not Employed) #214Professional Applications Filed (Not Employed) #334Publicity Recruiting - Professional Personnel 195622Residence-Security Guard 1969-197014Resignations 1934-197242Salary Benchmarks20Staff 1972Miscellaneous Administrative Records34Associated Films Co.17Association Review Members Questionnaires 19751Bacteriological Examination Test Results 1955-195737Blueprints 196615Board Committee Lists 1972-197530Book Review Registration Sheets30Building Repairs Inventory 1944-195013Cafeteria Inventory27Camp Evaluation Material30Camp Material, Miscellaneous27Camp Stencils27Camper's Analysis 1940-195210Committee Set-ups & Thank You Letters 196924Cross Reference Files 197545Daily Record Log Book 1977-197845Daily Record Log Book 197845Daily Record Log Book 1978 #245Daily Record Log Book 197928Duplicate Letters & Reports 1941-194337Forms 196034Forms, Miscellaneous 196124Guide/Folder Tab Titles; Handout10Maintenance Policies24Managing Time Speech20Members Meeting 197230Membership Committee Lists 194036Mimeograph Material & Instructions34Miscellaneous Forms22Phyllis Wheatley Branch-Inventory Furnishings 1959-6021Project Director's Certification & Approval 197714Program Planning Evaluation 196922Residence, Vacant Bed Checks 1969-197022Residence, Vacant Bed Checks 1971-197213Staff Development Seminar 195925Training - National 1975-197810West End Lunch Program Applications Feb-Mar 197610West End Lunch Program Applications Sept-Oct 197629Women's Employment Questionnaires 191736YWCA Work Kit #1 194436YWCA Work Kit #2 195220Young Women Committed to Action Form - NationalCommittee Records9Adult Activities Committee 19659Board Committee Assignments 1972-19739Building & Equipment Committee 19659Camp Committee 19659Employed Personnel Committee 19659Finance Committee 1965-19761Finding Committee (Objective) 1952-19539Food Service Committee (objective) 19659Health Education Committee 196514Health Education Advisory Committee - Handicapped 65-699Hypotheses Concerning Committees Feb. 19629Membership Committee 19659Nominating Committee 19653Personnel Committee 1936-195113Program Planning Committee 19559Program Planning Council 196522Proposed Day Care, Ad Hoc Committee, 19709Public Affairs Committees #1 1966-19689Public Affairs Committees #2 1965 (objective)9Public Relations Committee 19659Questions for Evaluating Committee Feb. 19629Relationships of YWCA Committees Sept. 19619Religious Emphasis Committee 19659Residence Committee 19659Residence Committee 19659Speakers Bureau (List) n.d.1Study Committee - Survey by Miss Brunson 19589Volunteer Personnel Committee 19659Volunteer - Staff Relations n.d.9Volunteer - Staff Relations 19649What the Membership Committee Is n.d.9World Fellowship Committee 19659Y-Teen Committee 1965II. FINANCIAL RECORDSBudgets3Budgets Actual & Estimated 1927-19287Budget Book (old)2Budget 1940-19412Budget 19462Budget 19503Budget 1935-194539Budget 1958-19613Budget 1959-196510Budget 196210Budget 196310Budget 196410Budget 19653Budget 1965-196910Budget 196717Budget 1967-197310Budget 196810Budget 1969 Folder #110Budget 1969 Folder #210Budget 1970 Folder #110Budget 1970 Folder #215Budget 1971 January - June15Budget 1971 July - December15Budget 1972 January - June15Budget 1972 July - December15Budget 197315Budget 197414Budget 197514Budget 197614Budget 197744Budget West End Recap. 197344Budget West End Recap. 197544Budget West End Recap. 197644Budget West End Recap. 197744Budget West End Recap. 19782Budget Manuals 194744Budget Recapitulation 197817Budgets & Contract Materials Jeff. Co. YWCA n.d.35Cash Book Club Suppers 1939-19402Estimates, Budget - Monthly 19513Estimates, Budget - (Community Chest Corres)3Estimates, Budget - 19533Estimates, Budget - 19542Finance 19472Finance 19502Finance Budget 19482Finance Budget 194922Salaries for staff 1959 - 19653Salaries & Wages 1951-1956Financial Correspondence37Adult Bills 1973-19749Budget Process & Chart 196414Budget Information for National Quota 1948-196244Budget Presentation 197629Building Fund Statements 1914-191729Cash Statements 1915-191625Capital Drive Remodeling-Finance 197125Capital Drive Remodeling-Finance 197325Capital Drive Remodeling-Finance 197425Capital Drive Remodeling-Finance 197514Community Development 1972-197315Day Camp Gift - Financing 1972-197425Exploring Foundations 1971-197714Finance - General Correspondence 1971-197425Grantsmanship - Finance 1975-197744Income Tax 1942-195444Income Tax 1971-197244Income Tax Reports & Correspondence 1966-197229Inventory Lists 1916-191717Job Corps - Budget Material & Contract27Kentucky Minimum Wage Law 194229Miscellaneous Camp Financial Statements 1913-191529Miscellaneous Receipt Books 191429Operating Revenue & Expense Statements 1915-191717Painting Estimates 1957-196022Phyllis Wheatley Branch, Special Fund 195544Reports & Correspondence 1966-197222Residence Rent Past Due 1973-197629Traveler's Aid Corres. & Reports 1914-191510United Appeal Campaign - n.d.10United Appeal Campaign 1963-196710United Appeal Campaign 1968-1970Financial Reports3Budget Manual Revision (Community Chest) 19553Budget-Revisions 19533Budget-Revisions 19542Centennial Campaign 1954-19552Centennial Campaign 19553Finance (Notes) 19444First Annual Report Statement - 191217Job Corps-Audit 1970 - 197527Kentucky Minimum Wage Law 19423List of Requisitions for Finance Committee 195328Report-Budget 1925 - 19342Report-Budget 1949 - Monthly2Report-Budget 1950 - Monthly2Report-Budget 1951 - Monthly2Report-Budget 1952 - Monthly3Report-Budget 1953 - Monthly3Budget Report-Central YWCA 19543Budget Report-Phyllis Wheatley YWCA 19543Statements & Audits 1953-19553Statements & Audits 1957-196117Ways and Means Committee - Gifts 195634World Reconstruction Fund - Financial Reports 1947-194819YWCA Request to United Way for Fund Drive 1974III. LEGAL RECORDSContracts, Grants & Correspondence18Agreement - Ballroom 197622Associates Discount Corporation Lease 1968-197222Baker & Baker Employment Service Lease 1969-197340Ballroom Rental Agreements & Price Quotes 1970s22Beneficial Finance Lease 1964-19759Brown Foundation Grant Application 1968-197822Brown School - 197213Cigar Stand-Bill of Sale 196422Computer Service Contract 1969-197012Contract for Deed - Henry Clay Hotel 196313Courier Journal Contracts 1957-196012Deed of Assignment (6th St. Property) 196222Department of Child Welfare, Lease, 1972-197639Elevator Proposal 196322Hancock Surgical Appliances 1963-197345International Women's Year - Lease 197714Kentucky Colonels Grants 1971-197222Kentucky State Bd. of Cosmetology Examiners, 1967-197112Law Suit: Bessie McConough v. YWCA 1959-196119Lease, Mary E. Crumes Charm School 197422Leases, General & Correspondence 1970-197529Legal Documents 191719Lodging Contract, U.S. Army 197122Louisville Board of Education Lease 197244Louisville Gas & Electric- Contracts with 197919Negro Art Promotion (Christian Open Door Act.) 197419Nicheren Shoshu of America 1971-197212O. G. Wilson Company 1963-196445Residence - Eviction Case 197544Riggs Beauty Shop-Lease Contracts 196915Sale of Camp Chelan, Corres. 1966-19701Sewer Contracts 1935, 194512"Stocking Box" Contract 197144Ward, Dresham & Reinhardt, Inc. Contract 1962 (Capital Funds Campaign)44Ward, Dresham & Reinhardt, Inc. Corres. 1960-196344Western Union Contracts 1976-197919Work Study Students, Agreements and Student Work Records (Sullivan Business College) 1974-197544Woodward, Hobson, Fulton - Legal Corres. 1963-1973Insurance Records44Accident Reports 1976-197844Accident Reports 1978-197944Aetna Casualty-Inspections & Recomm. 194444Aetna-Liability Reports 1947-195144Camp - (C. D. Harris & Sons) 195713Camp At Ski-Hi; Phyllis Wheatley Branch 1944-195244Community Chest Questionnaire & Corres. 195344Edward J. Miller & Sons 195644Employer's Report of Injury (Forms) n.d.44Fire - Insurance 1950-197744First Appraisal Company 195644First Appraisal Company 1966 #144First Appraisal Company 1966 #244Henning, William & VanZandt 1957 - Insurance44Insurance 1951-195544Insurance Policies - List of 195744Liberty Insurance Agency 1955-195644Meena's Insurance Protection Serv. Inc. 1978-197944Nevin & Morgan Architects 195544Unemployment Compensation Insurance 1972-197944VanZandt, Emrich & Cary Inc. Corres. 1963-197945West End Branch Day Care Insurance 1979-1980IV. PRINTED MATERIALS, BROCHURES, PAMPHLETS19Alumnae News, April 18, 1975 & August 5, 197535Announcements of Fall Schedules 1917-19284Brochures, n.d.20Brochures 1955-196834Brochures 195811Brochures 196034Calendar of Activities 1960 - 196119Camp Chelan-Old Papers (Camp Staff Manual, 1963; "Camp Chelan News," 1922)2Camp Newsletters & News Releases 1935-194527Camp-Open House 195040Camp Publications 1930s-1960s36Camp Service Sheets 195136Camps 1940s36Camping Magazine 194437Camping Magazine 196227Cardinal Flash 1936-193927Cardinal Flash 1939-194029Centennial Fund Publicity Pamphlets 195529Centennial Fund Raising Pamphlets 195529Centennial Membership Development Programs-Guide To30Centennial Pamphlet "A New Century To Go"30Centennial Pamphlets & Contribu. Forms17Certificates n.d.19Classes 19759Club Lists from Chamber of Commerce 196222Commendation, City of Louisville, Office of Mayor 196316"Community YWCA & Its Community Chest Relations" 195230Entertainment 1930s & 1940s34Family Program 195836Girl Reserve Club n.d.27Handbooks for YWCA13Hanging of the Greens Program 1950s46Individual Board Members ca. 1922-1972, Individual Louisville Community Chorus 197416Information re: Red Feather Agencies 195634Kentucky Society for Crippled Children 1954-19609"Let's Share the Profits-And The Risks" Reprint 194836Maps9Meditation and Worship 1957-195927Meeting Announcements14Membership Dinner April 23, 195834Membership Form Letters 1932-195246Memo to Members & Friends, 195322National Public Information Material 1956-195717Newsletter - YWCA n.d.20Newsletter 1954-197120Newsletter 1961-196534ODO News Letters 196030Open House Program 19369"Our Unique Services" Request/Conduct Fund Campaign 196229Pamphlets - Miscellaneous 1932-195230Pamphlets & Programs #1 1940s - Miscellaneous30Pamphlets & Programs #2 1940s - Miscellaneous27Pamphlets & Publications - Miscellaneous36Pamphlets & Newsletters 1940s46Proclamation-YWCA Week March 23-29, 1980 Mayor Wm. B. Stansbury?46Program Brochures, Newsletters, ca. 1930s-1980s16Program - YWCA 195127Programs for Dinners & Meetings 1930-193934Program Pamphlets-Nationwide-Miscellaneous 1961-19624Programs - Printed 1957, 196214Public Affairs Newsletters: National Board 1969-197225Public Affairs Newsletters: National Board 1974-197822Public Information Material - National 1956-19575Publications - YWCA 1920-192236Publications - YWCA 195034Publications - YWCA 1955-195930Resource Material on India & World Fellowship13Rules for Residents n.d.20Schedule Programs 1961-196220Schedule Programs 1963-196420Schedule Programs 1965-197234Signs - Mouitex3016th National Convention Bulletin 194036Social Statistics Bulletin 194734Song Sheets 196136Songs - Industrial Girls Dept.10Staff to Staff Newsletters from National YWCA9Standards for The Triennium 1958-196133The Association Monthly 1907-1922 by Nat'1 Bd. YWCA27The Cardinal Flash x 2 1936-19404The News (Louis. YWCA) 1914-19164The News (Louis. YWCA) 1917-19195The News 1920-19215The News 1922-192733The News 1920, 1928 (Louisville YWCA)4The News & Misc. Pamphlets 1928-19304The News & Other Periodicals 1935, 1949-195030The Program, Volunteer 193731 & 32The Woman's Press (Magazines) 1924-1938 published by National Board YWCA34USO 196017USO Bulletins & Information Publications 1941-194236Various Plays & Announcements 1930s34Vesper Service 196011Volunteers' Bureau 1951-195627"W" Magazine from Chicago YWCA 1935-194034World Fellowship 196036World Fellowship Material 1940-195034World Fellowship Pamphlets 195537Y-Singles South 197334Y-Teen Conference 196036YMCA National Convention 194636YWCA News 195020YWCA School 1919-192034YWCA Week - National 196034YWCA Week - National 196134Young Adult Conference 1960VI. SCRAPBOOKS, NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS, MEMORABILIA & PUBLICITY14Announcement & Publicity 1969-19745Brewer Scrapbooks 1911 (3)40Camp Chelan Newspaper Clippings 1930s-1960s30Camp Chelan Newspaper Clippings 1930s45"Camp Chelan Revisited" 1979 Courier Journal5Capital Fund Program Scrapbook 19645Certificate from Louisville Central Area, Inc. 196435Christmas Programs, Scripts & Stencils 193730Christmas Cards19Dedication of Bldgs. 1916, 1956, 1965 & Branch Bldg.191720Dedication West End Branch 196235Festival of Nations6Guest Register for Open House Sept. 10, 11, 196725Gun Control Newsletter Clipping 1972-197349Job Corps Scrapbook35Invitation Lists 1934-194727Louisville Banquets & Parties46Louisville Service Club (in building) 1963-197625Louisville Summer Camps 197427Meeting Announcements30Membership Publicity Material 193716Music Book - Songs 1941-194234National Publicity Council for Hea. & Welfare Ser.5Newspaper Clippings n.d.4Newspaper Clippings n.d.7Newspaper Clippings ca. 19275Newspaper Clippings 19243Newspaper Clippings 1925-19263Newspaper Clippings 1955-19564Newspaper Clippings 1956-19573Newspaper Clippings 1956-19593Newspaper Clippings 1956-19663Newspaper Clippings 1962-19673Newspaper Clippings 1960-19685Newspaper Clippings 1961-19623Newspaper Clippings 19635Newspaper Clippings 1965-19665Newspaper Clippings 1967-19686Newspaper Clippings 1967-19753Newspaper Clippings 1958-19743Newspaper Clippings 1944-197539Newspaper Clippings 19675Newspaper Clippings 19704Newspaper Clippings - Greensboro, N.C. 19533Newspaper Clippings from Publicity Drawer3Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 19123Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 19143Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 1914 #23Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 1915-19174Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 1926-19276Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 1952-19556Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook 1954-195735Open House 1925, 1929, 193635Plays & Skits 194635Poster Material 194236Posters - Publicity 1930s & 1940s46Program Folders-Publicity Material (Local)34Program Publicity 195525Program Schedules - Publicity 1972-197846Public Relations - Newspaper Clippings ca. 198113Publicity - Defense Workers 1941-194334Publicity from Louisville YWVA 195736Publicity Kit 1946-194730Publicity Kit-National 1945-194630Publicity Kit-National 194936Publicity Materials - National 193827Publicity Materials-Letter Forms25Publicity - Miscellaneous 1974-197830Publicity Newspaper Clippings 1930s & 1940s34Publicity Newspaper Clippings 195634Publicity Newspaper Clippings 196025Publicity Newspaper Clippings 1973-197821Publicity Newspaper Clippings 1974-197530Publicity-National Board 194435Publicity Other Y-s 1947-194836Publicity Samples 193035Recognition Services 1924-192935Recording & Reporting 19409Regional Maps June 195827Sketches29Sketches-Publicity36Sketches-Publicity 192836Sketches & Plays-Program Ideas n.d.35Sketches for Publicity & Programs 1940s36Stencils4Undated Clippings35World Fellowship & Annual Meetings 193828World Fellowship Publicity Kit 194734World Fellowship Publicity Kit 195934World Fellowship Publicity Kit 196035USO Posters-World War II2Y-Teen Publicity 195534Y-Teen Publicity Aids 196125YWCA's Outside Louisville - Publicity 1974-1978VI. PHOTOGRAPHS47Brewer Scrapbook (1911?)47Brewer Scrapbook (1911?) #248Building Facilities48Camp Chelan I48Camp Chelan II48Camp Chelan III48Camp Chelan 1930s30Camp Chelan Newspaper Photographs48Camp Taylor Hostess House (WWI)48Capital Fund Campaign Packet 196448Christmas Luncheon Seelbach Hotel48Founders 1920s47Governor Ford Signs Law Outlawing Sexism 197448Health Fair ca. 192248International48International Festival 19676Job Corps Album II Small Photographs of Corpswomen49Job Corps Loose Photos 197047Miscellaneous #147Miscellaneous #248Model Room 196748Negatives (Nitrate)471910s471920s471930s471940s471950s471960s471970s47197947Photographs 1970s48Photographs & Negatives ca. 197223Puerto Rico Picture 196948Staff47Undated48Water Activities48Wheatley Branch48World Fellowship 196648YWCA Building (Wheatley Branch?) n.d.

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