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Image 8 of The Big Sandy news., January 31, 1908

Part of The Big Sandy news.

I in rtr.rrr Eld 5 4 Save Yourself -- i 25 Per Cent, n r, s 2 4 on any Suit, Overcoat or Odd Pants We have excluded nothing in Men's Suit O ercoats & extra pants from this va inclnde We le; neither in boys' clothes. selling brisk at SJ per cent prof- Boys Suits, $6 Values for $4.50. o One rack men's coats half price. o o o One table Boys' c cats half price. o o All the clothes we are offering at 35 per cent, d isconnt being this seasons good's and not carried over as is sometimes the caM with o re- o o duction sales, makes this sale worth your consideration. c t we offer at lent 2 1 -- IS TRUE. trtfk place at bad explosion the Marling Iron and S:ce! cu:.i;aio Saturday morning. The ezplosiun men eauced by dynamite and ere Injarled John Wheelersbari: had both arms Llaan off while Stevenson was badly hurt. burg is deao. A ' y3 ' b Ihcy Say That Coughs, Colis. Good fof Bronchitis ana Mtarrn. Pe-ni- na Ness was rwelved of the c'eclb of Mrs. Mary Powe'J. of which onurred at Atlanta Ga. and has brought sorrow to a number of relatives and others la that city, who krew her well when she formerly was a resident of that place. Mrs. Powell was the widow of J. B. Powell, who 1.1 his lifetime wss connected with the old Academy In that city, later engaging fa business with his father- D. D. Geiger. In Ashland. A.-h.- boji' craveuetrt & all axe Men's Suits, $20 Values for $15. fell GRANDPA SAY AMD Three quarter length than their Talne Don't let this sale come to an end without iting by it! advantages. o o o c o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o WHAT GRA'.DMA. our neighbors. ; WWo Um O O ' to Man or boy. Ths over price are last season's bat differ little Sc are excel, o o values o g (moj r. I Prince. s'7 f iy 7 v ! 1 3 Fire caused by the ex;!oion of an oil lamp consumed the dwelling house of If. A. Craft in Central City. It was a two story structure at srd Adams avenue and was totally mined. Only a portion of the eon- were saved. st C4 tlesltkIMwsnl J. Sevrwty-Seve- V ' -- ' ' ' , A . AVtRY. A. s. Vnioo City, writes BDdrv dal of Nov. I, Mrs. S. m Tena isn't, tbefullowins: Hht the Tth dsy of February, l'"S, If I live.l willbevrntyvven years of sgs. I eaj.y tl brt of hfs.ili, thanks to reruns, and have n 4 had a.prllof toknewtineel brgaa osiag I Logan. W. Vs., has gone "wet' Merz.. x It five or Mix years eo. No more will the thirsty May thirsty "I eonsidrr II the grandest millet as until they reach an oasis In some os earth, and wbenevrr I fuel a little There was aothlsf waos sssmcd as as other country. It was almost a fight badly a few ilowsitf t'evuna pat m. rig h u Sk marh good. tt a finish In the town of Logan, "I ran do as much work as I maid "I tried other resndlae,bal Ami soS ago. I tbiak all old forty gaia any Bk seal I aaaaawaead lakiag when five hundred people, whetted who frrl the efferu of sc'. ahovid beav yoor IVroaa, which bwtll bm right as. tt. the highest pitch of eathuMasm. fit thrtr health by Botng IVnin.." vots1 bottlea, hwt Bars I have Uk.s for and against battled sol Ukra any sow w aboatsts works. II the Best Part sf tils Life. the liquor question: but the wets won laaiorTraty-threeTearsolImw Mr. J. R. Prlaee. R. R. 2, ratUrattrs. There were speeches for and speeches lo ntLnif woll tiwl bal beaal thaassl fee or yoa; wrttea t i a:n not v.ry well against liquor, and red light turned 7t. agaia. I waai rw with tl pi- - rare that I am eradiac raaa has dose for the atmosphere murky. Be yoo. but when tit readrr at thi reels Tssj teswtar. pictar If he eoahl only realise that the Emma Farley, aged 22 years, ef original ranVred tor forty-fiv- e ymrs ta Mr. n.ary Mors, :M West FraakrUI Ceredo. a domestic in the home o btwtof hts life, until yoor kind advir SL.Evaa.vtUe, lad, wrthwt Wbeaf and prMrripnoa enred him. he wosld flrst wrote to yos 1 had saosehlal Iroa ta W. R. Sands, at Huntington, will kaow from whaneelkMewrtaklMoaaM. for fuar years, aad sad Wtoa areotal probably die as1 s result of burns sus yean doetora, bat they solid de bm se Srxt mooth I shall be atsty-sitained Saturday. id." I had pmim sad rsi lag la the esori, The young woman had been enMsrvsws frsstrstlss. aspoaally at roach, etpeeaoraUiS gaged in cleaalng up the kitchen. Mrs. Martha Avery, S Graham Su, BlCtt. snd in some manner had dropped Ixvcniulrr, Maaawrttas: I look rVrasa, aal ess sew say that some oil on her apron. In parsing "Four years ace I bad Serross I am ratlrvly wU. I foal tos years by an open fire place her apron was I employed several doetura. yoascer sIbos Botag Paraaa. I rosea, One would say I had catarrh of the stand Plraas to l Biy trlaali, lor caught by the flames and in an Instomach aad bowvla, saother imtum I was Is bad eosdltka. stant the woman was entirely seas sad aoetairr enlargoaMat of the l am as eld eoUbs aad aa sorooty In s mass of fire. hi y asmaeh was la a bad shape. serva y oan old." People v. too Object to Liquid Medicines Should But Pemna Ta&icts "Bqulre W. P. MrGlone of Olive Hill who was recently Indicted for alleged Ask your drnggeet for free Pernns Almanac for lniaram-- e funds, and lh yr pp!. d Hotel Frederick Block BUSSETVILLE. James Compton and Bill Holt have traded farms and each will soon take possession of their new heme. We are sorry to lose such neighbors as Mr. Compton and family.but wer are glad to have Mr. Holt and bis wife in our Tillage. After a vacation of several weeks Ob account of having no school. Mrs. 8. J. Picklesimer, of Louisa, will her duUes s teacher. School will be taught In the house recently vacated by J. P. Hughes. Jr. Misses Alva and Ruby Pigg attended Sunday school at Evergreen HUNTINGTON, W Va. George Faulkner attended church at Lick Creek Sunday. Johnnie Hays will soon leave for Richmond where he will enter srhooL MrBurgess of George's Creek, visited Miss Alva Pigg Sunday. Miss Rosa Hays passed through here Wednesday en ronte for Louisa. Miss Nannie Hays made a trip to Little Blaine Saturday. Irene and Pauline Carter of South Buseeyville are visiting their grandparents. Mrs. J. P. Hughes. Sr. spent Wednesday with Mrs. B. P. Holt Patsy Bollver. , , MADGE. Misses Nannie and Cora Hayes and Chicken pox Is still la this neigho paipw oh was "TH borhood. Pigg Snnday. Quite s number of people from Mr. and Mrs. Bert Carter and son Clyde have gone to Tatesrille to this place went to Deephole branch see Mr. Carter's father, who la very sick. Mrs. Carrie Wellman and son who have been visiting relatives here for some time have returned to their home in Arkansas. Miss Opal Holt is visiting relatives st i er . - e NEWS SANDY mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Olive MIL Saturday night to hear Brother Sosrd preach, but for some reason he didn't fill his appointment Mrs. Uattie Meets received s letter last week that her grand daughter. Miss Ruby Heaberlin. has typhoid fever. The people were much surprised Ik E. Pigg made s business trip to by the hard thunder storm Sunday. The Misses Roberts delightfully en-Louisa Saturday. Rumor says there will be s wed- Urtained a crowd of young folks last Friday night ding re re soon. Store closes at six O Jeff Meek has been on the sick list for some weeks. Mrs. Rosa Haws has returned after a week's visit with relatives lo Ashland. Grant Roberta relatives here. baa bees visiting Millard Wellman had the misfortune to cut his foot hut week. Farmers have begun cleaning an corn ground. Vendetta. H OUR customers are unanimously satisfied witfi our goods and prices. U I J h vi .We are now ready to serve many more customers. It would be to your advantage to get after us, but we can't u r : st Third avenue and Jfth street. Huntington, at 10 a. m. Monday, wrecked the largeot store Huntington, of the kind In Ka-.- t causing s loos that has bees variously eetimsted from to tXMx. The explosion was one of the not thoroughly deetroctit that has ocgrocery store The finest coffee substitute ever made has recently bees prodaced by Dr. Sboop of Barine. Wis Ton doal have to boil It taer.ty or thirty missies Made Is a minute sa;s the Cr Health coffee la really the ctooat coffee Imitation ever et produced. curred In that city In several years, Sot a grata iA taX coffw la It either. and the scene presented In the ruin Health coffee Imitation la made freea pure toasted cereals or grains, silk of the place la excellent evidence of malt. nuts. etc. Really tt would fool the fact aa expert, were he to C J off the price of all Clothing si to drink tt for cwTee. Sold by Spencer. Pierce's Big Store. If U Is aa suit or Teddy bears and dolls at Conley s. yos want, go to Loar A Burks. tl) a m&:? The depositors of the Bank o Vorehead which has been rinsed tor several weeks, hare decided to give the officers of the Bank until March 1st to make good the this Is not done warrants will te Air all the Bank of.lrlal. F C. Button. Is a Christian ciinliiter and president of the Morfcead Normal School. Procter K. Mailn. in evavs;lrr for a cellar under bis dweilinc In Ashland, a days aaro. found a a'.eVtcn r.i.nian skeleton. The to be that of an Indian bur-ktiere several hundred years o. w d Owlngsvllle. Ky, Jan. II. One 4. v. hundrej shots were exrhsnrel i.i fight between s band or Night Riders and Tom and Munn Krerman. north cf here, late yesterday. The Kverman brothers bad teen warned not to ll or deliver, their rrt ps of tobacco. They defied tr.e threats of trouble and loaded five wagons yesterday. They secured the services of three neighbors and started for Mt. Ster ling. They were met by the Night Riders, who began firing on them Kverman and his friends returned the fire. After the eichange of 1( shots or more the assailants retreated. A trail of blood along the road showed, that some of the riders had been Injured. s-- M We know that in the g end you will thank us for it. LOARS OLD STAND KENTUCKY l.A . 'i . flr ft srcnmulHel of Vlrttl ft Warrsi's .r.Uc cerl Not to very rnr.ny jrsr s- -o r.!!no; ar.! lou j 'rvl w'.l for ten !a-- .i !o!!an sn acre. Jl 'ic :r.f:.v Nobra .!J at t!.at prict. Lot i ar t!wn row. WWt nulcn t!m o s TH? bnj is oa better tvj-- i :: wjs thca Wl.a: u jvj tiic price te ;i ? rfrp!e ii'rthinj hut fCfxie, an J Uts ii ura. II: :.ry v.;!! rer-a- t i:rlf in r. ' tile w Uvz. the Soin!iet 'f 1 S?u;!.wc-- t U trror. ing very fot; mixh fatrr of t!.e I'ritrd a.iy cthrr Sta;. Tic -J in t'c ?..:h'.ot h u ?U i IIU 'i, Iowa or Nibraila W.J. T- -t there U more latii tlua tlirre are' otily rran it's so chny How !or; i'.q e tL'i.t it wHI tale t!:c SoiitinreNt to ?t a pcT!; to t'.e (arn acre as Illinoft or Iowa fiave? Jut about fi year ten at t' e very oiiM.le. When that ti:w oon yo. will have to pjy math ttr lanj in the Southwest a? you tvouIJ par in Il'.inoi or Icwa. Why not buy your farm in the Southwest now when you cheap cno'sh for ynu to pet a h! o:ie? A can Tt it cheap for years hence you w ill he looled" upon juvt at the iranho own bsy sa w in Illinoi b looVrJ urxn bxiay at a iuhstantial, leading member of your community. W lU , Tk. Im rat. kWs.Fro LIm. (V. Xm- mWk MMk, " SMkM . i..lti.a bm Smmmimmtmn K--!- tm ru t-- rr-r- .y jrt - red m. aent yna mntn w v.rr lheM ee l t tltei. ju want, The Rxek l!n. i. i,.M,-- V' ' " I v v J . are f lU.rsmr. .Knvt IS. .ir K ki Mi.M.ri h cf pl..i,r.;,fc, rliii:.,. n,.n tl.iMki.e nf ..itln,- - i. Ti I ll Mr,4 iwi sbMluw,. fio ejT, !lj Ftli.M . ,(nl' till . Fte ..I.tnea hr. .nervine r....m .,...l..til(rit line Inl nxle.1 In J Intrrr-tln- evruine ! S As eivlnalns unrttr the i Fanners in iL Soniliwest are ndi yzIcz cf licL-- fcnns. ca the increasing i. of Ward, aged rmlllver Wayne county, T. Vs., and Miss Stella Patrick, aged 1. of Johnson county Ky., were married at Iron-to- n last Monday by Rev. Kcott, In Spencer parsonage, They were accompanied by the yonng lady's Loar 8l Burke, VLOUIGA, 11 m wait. We intend to get after you. S-- es cooooooooooooooooooooooo 5 We" Want .Your Business. IS v pvos-Watvi- 0 ' Suits an d Overcoats 1 r4. x Can you believe your senses? When embetzlement of $4-and rfl two of them taste and smell, having who Jamped bis bond of for parts nnknows is thought to be been impaired if not utterly destroyin Portsmouth, snd the sutboritiee of ed, by Nasal Catarrh, are fully re- that plaee have been asked to keep a stored by Ely's Cream BBalm. ran you sbarp lookout for him. doubt that this remedy deserves all that has been said by the thousands The Ashland Merchants Association who nave used It? It is applied dir- has Joet appointed s committee to art and ectly to the affected la conjunction with one appointed healing work at once. Why begins its some two weeks sgo by the t au not get it trday.? All druggists " r lettsburg Chamber of Commerce to go mailed by Ely Bros.. 5C Warren St to Frankfort snd press the passage o New York, on receipt of 50 cents. the bill which has been introduced to repeal the prevent eiemption law Baled Bay For Sale. This Joint committee Is to go to the Capitol at the request of Senator No. 1, 90 cents per 100 pounds. No Watson, who is heartily In sympathy and l 60c, delivered In barns, railroad with the measure,the tipwill give the local gentlemen as anon aa station or river. Leave orders st the time arrives for them to be hesru Jay H. Northup. office. upon the subject, and then they will Louisa's Popular Outfitters for Mah and Boy. f Ik !. h i x.i,..tT f.r ,,(. Ur li,. fvrlil,. ),l,t, J0MN SF.B ASTIAN. Taes TrafTic Porh lUnd Kriwe line and Chiraie A la.lera ll'.noia R. R. 1350 la SOI. S:ret Si.lioa. CIKte 13:,a lii UuiU.i.f, Su touia. , (.,rlLj tr.-,,- .. A- ! V "- '' :t

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