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Image 5 of The Big Sandy news., January 31, 1908

Part of The Big Sandy news.

1 E10 U.LLl.J Watch This , personals. T Misa Emma riih grip. Carey has Q CPci From Grapes, i I Mias Malie Wallace from Cincinnati. EA J. boar, of Huntington, LouUa last Tuesday. I S nian.l-S- in Mis Edith Marcum, of Ceredo, the guest of Louisa relatives. I The 0I(y baking powder lij srrrS I ' made from Royal Crape Cream p ' vt I I . I lr StuTuTSut S3 5?5 t B. r. Conley, of East Point waa thai I guest of Louisa friend recently. (Except Stetson,) N at Fmb veRetabW ttery day. lv All fancy box Pick Winn-r's- . randy at eotst JP5 NASH at a. HERR, Successors to SHIPMAN & GENTRY. Monday. p; & 5 Judge and Mrs. Hannah spent Sun day in Ashland, returning to Louisa ja'ke is and work shirt at Ov-nX- . ONE WEEK ONLY. 5 Fred Moore, of Cincinnati, was the guest of Mrs. Hannah Lackey this week. at $1.40. Choice Choice I Mr. and Mrs. M. .8 Burns and Klzxle. were In CatletUburg last Sat urday. Ground coffee hat m mn 8 of Rural Retreat, found bis way to Louisa last week. L. Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wheeler, of Ashland, were at the Brunswick this week. 1 ANY 5? Ifiom Big Sandy News FRWAT. Janusrj 31. S3 Mis. James H. O'Brien has returned a visit to Paintsville ' ONE WEEK ONLY 83' 1 H. 11- - Waruock. of Greenup, was business caller last Saturday. J. 3 3i I : SPECIAL NO. 2. 35 1 wa 5 t5 r. and Mr. W. F. Sblptnaa were I in Lexington last Monday. r4v-- J Weekly Specials. Sivt ' A. 5 -- bas returned Hasklll. the Ashland business waa here Tuesday. rtnS : lf C. T. Rule and sife liave returned from Paiutsville. I V! the most healthful of fruits, comes the , chief Ingredient of y Space For sltk?5? been Miss Addle Gilkerson was shopping lu Louisa recently. V pacs nva hXVS. BANDT Kentucky. Louisa, Sine Cilker&on. of Gallup. was in Cr utt week looking after bi tdne matters. Uttsburr Fancy d:- -s shirts, collars auJ ijd I Mr. and Mrs. Frances Harrington, was lt.c'ii.g ' duugu.' si plcaloiujers'. of Albany, N. Y.. are i .itiug the f euro cr ou.&. A new girl has con to Mr. and! family of CoL Jay H. .Norttiup. TWIN BRANCH. Tit Mrs Jubn Wetlmax of La Mrs. Vlnnie McCllntk-kpan. Is d tte E'.lsba Job has typhoid lever. Gran ice. I'.l.. Is the bandwome and atCrusted tte Indian corn on LLittle Beckham Hughes who has D. Wednesday cttht was tte roidttit tractive guest of Mr. and .rs. tlMi(h. been sick so king Is still Improving. failing Pier- , the of the Several of the boys from here at- IX Ttiete waa roni4lerable Jre Life, Fire. l wKh Wallaee. Mlss Mary Kirk, of Louisa has been I tended church at Midway Saturday i U tb river yesterday. AfeJdent. etc. OrtVe twmr oVpoC the guert of her uncle. Judge A. J. I night. I Kirk, over Saturday and Sunday. the merchant at Tree Climber" of Buchanan, went Painuvllle Item. d at Sulllvaa'a. Fruits Of all 0erdand son passed through her faik-high we to rertgnUe him and must wail until be comes down Mis Jett May Compton. of Wal- - " Metre Cvt I1 wraps and skirts Henry Hughes bas gone to house-- , is' visilinc her sister, trtidee. Kv tfure we can tell who our keeping on Blaine. is. Mrs. Harve YaunU. of this pUce.- -1 ralvea. tVU PVklesiiLer your and I I Catlettsburg Tom Derifteld and Millard Tribune. The l'ikrllle Courier is the a Willie Carter were bere Sunday. Coat try bvory at PlcklesJmer". little Dr. Rice was at Henry Jobe's last Mrs. J. M. Turner and venture in the Sandy ta.- ky. It U a weekly, irab'.ed by daughter, who were here the auesU Wednesday. Rest aaat Bargains at Pierces li't G rover C. tVxxt. and is a good look I i f o' Mrs Cbas. Russell, have reir ru MUa Llzxie Johe is expected soon 0ter. ed to their home in Luiaa Dtssv sbeet. from Buchanan. Bring we ytw totur asi egga, W Sam Rose Is at home from Bear L SUliraa. Ftoyd YYellman Is building a hand Creek. FALLSBL'RG. some residence on North Most complete Play on the road. A big city attrac-- " Lindsey Job still makes frequent Winter school opened up at this A aev Hue of Ul'.y cards has Jost Main Crosr street. It is a frame, mod plat the 17th with a very good at- tvlit In Rnlwrt Jnnimn'a. rerHT4 at Cooley . la style, and will be a comfort gues( tendance. ITof. Darby, teacher. tionat small city prices. Highly endorse by the able home .. We.i MIsa Pearl Hughes was tbe Saturday wisn nim all me success possioie anu 0j Frank JB'evtns. tte popular conduc Watson EUena tor osnte C. 4 O . U again Tery sick tink there will be a good turn outnj,v, Press, Qergy and Public Store For Sale. in a few days, as it wasnt published Willie Jobe and Ora Adams were Tte mrrte4 oe'ln followiax people time to among I time to give the friends here Saturday even irrrbandUe. ciake preira:lon to start in at the tte Holiness ConvotkB at the M A stock of ing. comscale and other store futures; Ctarch Is still going oa beginning. Thomas Murphy, of Morgan was r paratively new; bought only five Charley Stmpfora of Potter, is atvs. Plackbarn. six ruonU-- ago; no remnants; Invoic case of at Esquire Hughe's Sunday night. ta the tending school here. suit for damage for false Imprison-sea- t, ed t::.ti Will sell cheap for ca&h Janiea Austin is on the sick list. Harvey Jobe has gone to house- with a good dUraunt, or lll swli oo the jury townd for the Austin waa visiting reUUvejkplng on Sam Reeves place. Edttar time; the latter preerred. Apply to Mlys Effle Lee Jobe was strapping I hire Sunday. Here you are! Headquarters for Best Galvanized Roofing. RoU. IMion. lxxilsa. Ky. Miss Jessie Cains visited at Buck at Osle Friday. Buttons made Postal Card and Mr. L. !TL FlUwater. of Madison Ckin's last Saturday. Mr. Eltena Watson, of Overda. direct from the person or old pictures. street, has been quite sick this eek. FOR SALE. The Sunday school and church com- - wu Drre Monday getting subscribers Carload of that high grade gal-- Negatives 10c apiece three for Zjc asking the wiwsw of Mr FiUwaier ,me papers. mitte of our town niet Sunday to we give mail orders Remember, 110 acres. In good state of cultl-st- jinn! ranised roofing that Is known to be prompt the question aa to where Be attention. We got the first Veasie Jobe and Elisha Elswick well feaxed. 40 acre la gra the moat desirable roofing material class Photo end button outfits to would have servicea held, as we Mia Fannie Coble, a paril of the K from Lanark. W. Va. f Ti apile trees are expecting a preacher soon, and are home 11 waa called to her home la snd youDg orcbard oa the market, has been, received by do the work and experienced gallery C. John Haghes and B. F. Carter are peach treea. Never-faillit was decided that the Eagle Hall rarretoasberg thla week by IV and the Snyder Hardware Co, Louisa, Ky. open for all kinds of work every Satoa the place. Pewtoffice, store would be usrd. so the question b at Louisa attending court. ster CTtms of her aother. urday. D. M. Jones old stand. Louis ground, land they are selling It at a peclal Smith Jobe U clearing new ill. school and chnrca bof about srttled and we would be glad to have - Ky. Give as a rail or mail as as or S cr weina. Good IVexl Hughes and Sopha prirw that Is very attractive to buyVlsse su'le a protracted meeting start np soon R. & Payne has bee made a rail-eder. with box al.lilk and John Watson attended church Call or writ tor price. O . cet!r4 hg C. Ik some good brother. ly polkeecax for the 14 Buil weM of Louba Mra H C. Austin, an aged lady of at Irish creek Sunday. aaV.Bg jwrtsdVtiow la every rowaty irtcd barw. Miss Clevn Carter passed np ear a wblic road. For price, call road runs. More of them and beat solid shoe this place, who haa been very eeble Jt'ock which the Jo Webb. lrsd. Ky, or M. F. Con-le- tot several months was made to creek Friday. at Pierce s Big Store. LooUa. Ky. Ella Rose was here Tuesday. Sunday while her children bid Poat rtil to are the astwt cotnpXe Two Lovers. singing tor her. gathered ta and were t feet of film Heavy underwear and rubbers Passion riay-v- er BKAR CREEK. Som of joa are paving more far as it waa her request A few of the Keaerve4 teats a sale at Conies cost at Plckleslmer a. yoar job printing than the Big Saa WEBBY1LLE. booi cr --d at this Place I M labors were there and all felt hap-The Jewelry Store. FrUay Jam. JL -dr News oSEc rbaiyew. and Friday. py. and It was a grand little meeting your All kinds of produce at Sullivan a. Tour scribe got back from work aad a tiag n poorer claw Fannin were I, tncs8 that witnessed It. Roll Q- - ecn d Alk splendid court with losing a Sir Kaigbta. J. C. A lms a??4 E. C. cheaper grade of sto k. It ts worth Sunday. One That Was Ther out of 17. Was greatly pleased with Sliced country kam at Picklesimer Jwks weat to Ash'and TeJay ta ra'l;ns at IVs Qseei'a roar wbU to iavetiate. Old ui Sbrpad di d the ISh. the Judge, and many others are attend It aanaal Jeeting and bsn o old sice. BIC1UNAN. speaking highly of him. aet of the Ab'aal Commsad.-rTmale a and bntb M.dce KK-n Ylrgll rre James Bennett and Mrs. Kitchen bas moved back from trip to Cat to stit friends. Rabber starnj are a great cenvew-iee- c tailing relatives here. Life of Chrta la Moving PUture. Huntington to Try fork. John Hen-sle-y Tbey home folk Cavsslc v'.?l! for crrtata ever Stump Is getting of pUv Mi A cormt rercwJ-JCtwhas also moved back to Pry ti-.for rr...n yonr s oni!vnUJ tbe tncasle. wvek and a: o..t OVramtuencsa. scouia Ve ) be given at fvrk. Neatly by bis brother l letter bra-- i a- d MrWriJe Kft for Cbar-:.-toXirs. ive.-area by parents and cfctUren at Mr. Butler and family have com b:cevs of lie;a'.J pr.Hel :foner f sn4 ww W. Va., where she iU go to frvm Portsmouth to Cherokee, to visAmA awnkl k M a Feb. 1M. C;Ta l'.ias IlisrUa tl is stl l.ea;-rc;ir- . r hu keeptug. Hanlwi. so iimi'W a ewttua tpvcu it bis mother. k b.!:-'! Sui'dav v lv-'- . is r ti!cel U r 'Jvv an imiMi lUnm-t- t as ca'.'.lng on 0 Yir-.vlslt-In- c Crfi14 ' re W. Nkholls, of Greenup, is it jo r v f. ad tnii-;i) Jun, rvuer .'tv wmUvm SKt lhl trwwrwItTMrT family Sunday. o Ust w k. i1 vu h St '..nip's at bonr a Uy or on Blaine. at ' t'n-rt In U ciwtwa 4 ihl t. tvrir d h Howver. 'f:--'jtJ. J. lh:n'We hss Wn very ti-li)Klr-- t. Slkrt Ufcnun. i. iri.rl wUk rVfcr-- l rci-- l ec.nten'.n Kinii;-- r Is on tbe si. k t. . Mr. Grace Rupert Is he;. Ws V1 f ra " tNl i h lwk l M s .xwtu to e'V. for the n.1 :1k is fTf!s are f'sd of the Hayes, fror. uiper ,. rr t r. )i Cr ut f . t S Lsse 4t l d wife a:vl enneipV ln;jwvl Kre:h U Vr. J. J. Ilumb!e has returned It'iRine, csnie-- to meet their sister from tul Hlhl vrt "l d C.t Mr. St. Ui! fc.i(viinfc wr. tt fc t KX rt'ia'-ivrQ c-Nva bcr hv s'..nd. rArtlai.h d u to ti li. Lea la county, Seals, Stock Ccrtlilcates, I,. ! trwih '.J m 'w MT""'. T rw : t;y. W. Va . Mrs. X.ike ts'.le of have re- Kloiira tmt kla.v L .uvt M and John Ke!l.-Frxnk .! :inn sihiatU kl, a srJ sat taw ber iwrents heie. !.t visiting turned from court. oiruiis anb noiuv stvis. Ijiyne Csrtnel I no better. r i. t '..! mut rrv. ow Henry bas returned 'rotu Dates IS: a trip to V.rv 1mw tvioll JI.SD to $2.00 riiU V.l.v llosote and SibU Stump Greenup Wl. Tt-f l.xiv. K.-lr.- . Yt VliKiu' tb! wtvk. here Mtlng rvUtlve ere The Mlssea Wsd.Ull and Reeve. a i;.vs d tvk. tle rvl loe w m U J.e Smih.I.av. bU bn.te rtu s o' Hell's TriA are In WebbvllUv Iks Wild Uw. 1" d'v.g-.;- s 'iM,t,!,o piescriptiou IClrk Thotjwn bought a car Kvd l;ice tre J.-1'all an.l W. CMTjBbcv of corn at i cent. Kentcr-kLouisa, .blitfi a Cvh) bitmw. Valentines and vsbiulns post For saU Vy t'i Louisa Pntg Co. Pij Nose. a rwvl.'Mim-- . t ! ' T. I!;an-li- ,!-- h jrfxe lva Louisa Opera House br.l A-- -t y linn u corres-pi'Dde- n. Saturday, Feb, ut tl aesi;er Passion Play or Life of Christ. ry two-sto- tp .. ) ... J 1 j t Sce General Admission, 25c s Reserved Seats, 35c. Pb-H- o r-- el hi. Job Printing -- re r--f a-- Rubber Stamps. j led rt ;;Uik tn.n vaj tirt k.-v- . IndigGstion Jeie te-- l nt mh li-- l'nn p.t ot, t.ts lthn ?tir'i arr. To a-- - Sry. rrMi, s coa-r!ere- .l. ' k Me . ni r"Te'i lw !;. - n. ij y w ii'' Kiit hll. ii tJ eJe bt tfd e r 41 tc. Dr. Shoop'o Restorative !' Big Sandy flews,

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