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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., January 31, 1908

Part of The Big Sandy news.

( ' ; ,1 ) V A yj ! invcniam viam, autfaciam. LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JAN 31 VOLUME XXEI NUMBER 21 Watson-Ta- ROMANCE. ner. n UP NATIVE TALENT M. F. CONLEY, Publisher I903-- - The Fifteenth Anniversary. SANDY. DEADLOCK Uniting The friends of John Gartin, and Tbe marriage ceremony Of items Gathered Prom The Coun they are many, wilf be interested in Watson. o Solved Bit; Problem Miss Martha Elliabeth The tte following from a Chicago paper Asland and Mr. Lawrence M. TanClcarinj Our Land Titles. of recent date. Dr. and Mrs. Funk ar ties Along The Valley. A ner, of thla city, wa quietly perof Mr. Gar-tisitter and brother-in-laformed at tbe residence of tbe bride's Tbe people of the Big Sandy Val On Saturday evening, Jan. 18. Dr. parents, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hall va Frlck Company, Floyd, signal victory over the affirmed In Court of Appeals. o'clock yesterday ley who snd Mrs. L. L. Funk entertained about J. C. C. May o Receives CompS- Occurred Last August Is Watson, at 1:30 6j of their friends at their new home. a(urnoon by the lie. W. C. Condlt, ' pastor of the First Presbyterian Land Grantors" was the occasion mentary Vote for L'nited Now Given to the 4116 Prairie avenne, in celebration great rejoicing should be. and John Poison has been appointed of of their fifteenth anniversary of their Church of Ashland. States Senator. Public doubtless are. proud of the fact that postmaster at Tadella, Pike county. marriage. During the evening enter Tbe bride wore a traveling suit of eswoo so readily lawyers furnished by Cbas. M. tainment was green broadcloth, with bat to match. tbe Morgan Gaybeart, 21, and Miss An Fahnestock, violinist; MU Edna Miss Bertha Watson was bride - poused their caube and who so val The Joint session for the elertioat of iantly fought the great battle to a nie Kinney, 21, both of Pike county, Dunlap, violinist; Mrs. Grace Ettin- Watson 'r- - Cheater The Tig Bandy Nes conelders ltitelf triunuihant close are natives of were married in Ironton on Wednes- - ger. In ber sweet manner and voice oT a United States Senator to sucIslington, was bent man. f rtunuta lu being able to give the day. ceed James B. McCreary again charmed all. Mlsaea Carta and The bride is a pretty and sltrae- - the soil. Every one of them Is knowledge of an In- every one of them world in Schramm, although only IS and suited In a deadlock and witnesses' ve daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm Uig Sandlan. and V John F. prof. Shaw, teacher ot expression 16 years of age, played not only the the second defection from the Beck event that occurred last Waison. Mr. Tsnner Is a son itt I' proud of his Mrth. JgUht. tn which a Pig Sandy girl and Mrs. J. M. Tanner, of 3G2 I lager. John W. M. Stewart. Taylor at the Palntsviile Seminary quietly most difficult piece ot old masters ham ranks In two days. It came s body. wended his way to Columbus. Ohio, but their own compositions as well a thunderclap to nearly all the mem l'!.ird one of the leading parts. South Mill Street Mr. Tanner has Vinson the Big TVce big la Early In life last week and got married to a hand Miss Pauline Funk did some fancy bers and spectators when tbe On August 11th. 1M7. Thomas C. been In the employ of the and brain. United hart mb I.! some young lady of that city. of Flnd!ar, Ohio, and Mis States Government aa railway potal these men chose the law tor dancing, wee of W. W. Hopkins, Democratic Rep The refreshments A:ire Peters, of near Louisa, were clerk for several years. For the lust profcMlon. and each rapidly went O. Shaw! served by Miss Pauline and Master resentative from the district tn iird In marriage at W'lndsor. Cau-a.l- two years be has been running on to the front, and tvday all three of Floyd, Knott and Letraer Paul Fnnk and their little Mends. la Uev. Robert Hicks, countles, wa Methodist Chesapeake ft Ohio trains No. 21 are eminent and reached on the rckl The Johnson Republican primary p.. ulster, ierfrrred the ceremony. ov. Honor, fame and caunot be beld earlier than calL Representative Hopkins. wha Paintsville Wants and 22, betweea Frankfort and Ash their vocation. This was the culmination of an land. bas on every preceding ballot Vote more substantial reward bare come 4. In the meantime the county coma. ijnalntance for Gov. Beckham, in a load voitc mittee la to be recognised and the that began at Immediately after the reremony to them and are Justly their. paintsville entertained so handsome east his vote for wUl have pleuty of lime vf. Va.. ten years ago, when the bappy couple departed on the A very Important feature In the candidate John C. Mayo, ca ly in honor ot the C. ft O. railroad Paintsville, young people were attending Chesapeake at Ohio train for Wash work of these men was the framing to figure out the edtuatlon. one ot the best ksowa that it is now reaching out for the Democrats in Eastern Kentscky. leaving ington a buMnesa college. After City and otber Eastern of the act psfsed by the Legislature Lodge of Odd Fellows In 1909. Sergent, Ky Jan. 2. The UUle Grand html they kept up a correspondence points. They win make their borne of Kentucky and which made It pos Tbe vote wa greeted with titer ' For that occasion It promises a 2S,- - from every section of the halL Rea- to lb vast son of Robert Combs of sible to clear tbe titles fit sit years. MIm Peters was In Ajtbland. Lexington Leadr. water works, electric lights resentative W. F. Rlair. of Leiing-to- n, near Wbilesburg. was fatally barned 000 hotel, Ctlifrnla much of th time, having Mrs. Tanner la a nelre of Mra. F. area of land In question. -grantera" would today by lu clothes catching fire and an the "trimmings". Well. LouiuT .Jgi-again voted for John R. Allen, Appeal by the there 19 Visit her sister, and Stewart and Dt M. O. Watson, of august or is It the Lexington lawyer, who also reaPerward taking rmployment there. this place, where she bas been a fre- be made and fought on ths graund from an open grale. It I not ex ha no bid for the really, we October? gathering, and. ceived the votes of Representatives e had developed Into a very com' quent guest. that these act were unconstitutional. pected to survive the day. should be glad to tave the big Three Llllard, McKnlght This point wa made before the Court pi Vnt stenographer and and Mueller. pow wow held tn this valley, Links Beckham and Bradley each receiv si.d good positions were always open of Appeals, but such was the learning ElUab Wright, well known in NEW BUILDING be glad to see Paintsville ing votes on tbe ballot ber. la the meantime Mr. Linger and skill shown In the framing cf Pike county, having been la consider and shall have the honor of having the Grand was also progressing la a buslm the acta that there was no leak, no able trouble there, shot and killed taken. It required 62 vote t elect. through Wm. Slpner in Dickinson county, Lodge of Kentucky for it guest loophole, no weak point way. lie bsd engaged In business for John R. Allen received seven votes, Next which they could be successfully at Virginia, near th Pike county line. fclmsrif and was o.teswfuL la Wi Will Be Erected tn Louisa the highest number yet received fey The Court tacked. an outsider. The vote of tlW joiat Saturday and Is tn Jail at ka opened a house la Flndlay. Ohio By Dr. Burgess. Sprioj And. by the way. It Is well enough ballot wa as follows: the bsbis of the Ohio Hay and last Beckham. Circuit' Court will probably o say that the people are greatly ln- 61. Juet previous to C:aln Company. to Senator M. G. Watson for On tbe morning of tbe ISth. Inst, through the term. Many civil cases Bradley t! Is M!m Peters bad returned from Dr. T. D. rturgess,of Matewan.W. Va buu- - hi able work In behalf of tbe measure ln gtore of D. C Polly at - e have been tried. The suit brought by John R. AUen . California for a visit to her parents bas decided to build a tiree-tor- y T. ijr.d other Louisa relative. Mr lneee bouse on tbe lot recently par when It wa before the Legislator. . . .. L Forks of theRlver, burned. The loss! tome of the heirs of Dr.' Murray J. C C Mayo Linger asked Mis The vote o1 the Senator renulteft: ' Peter If she chase from i. Q. Lackey. It will be Through their effort hundreds tf In good" waa nearly I4,9, besides to break hi will wa dismissed by would go to Flndlay and help hi The people In at least four counties are th building, which waa a gooc one.! the Court. The plaintiff ha leave Beckham IS; Bradley 15, Jobs K. constructed of concrete bkka t- -t t!K. new office started In ;ke building will be ZTxSA feeC Tbe secure In their homes, and these He bad no lasnrance oa either. Or-I- to Allen 3. ot fir a&kacwra, Two caces, Ben BlankensbJp vs. the Campbell, Charlton an Senator e'fnt he roald not secure a book first floor wlU be fitted tor merchan- people should never and will neC ft O., and Dave Uirenrn vs. the MeNutt voted for John R. ADra promptly. When she answer dising purposes, and will la tor rent verforget them. Representative ed favorably we auspert he did not It will be quite a aandaome ballding. And the people of Louisa should feel Victor, th nine year old son of same, were passed until Klair.' McKnigfif. v- le-eDavid Boggs, Jame Vinson and Llllard and Mueller also voted tar link further for a building now on tbe site will a pardonable pride la the tart that b Mr. and Vr. Warren Auxler. of Tbe be wired for ber to cotre at be meved to the rear of the lot'and tbe old Masonic Academy, forty years u Gin. near Paintsville. died on W. J. Vaughan were named aa Jury John R. Allen, tbe Lexington taw- -' once, fine went, and baa ever since put Into condition for nn. W'ork ago. these men. John Hager, John Thursday moraine after an Illness Commissioners and are now selecting yer. to will begin la tbe spring. ae-a en a most valuable assistant Stewart and Taylor Vinson, received of lees than a week. Another son Juries for the next term. The vote of the Representative foun I at th point of death. The boys , sulted: Beckham. 39; Bradley t':n. The business baa grown to Dr. Buryess will also Improve hie the Instruction which laid tbe Ufa. CADMUS. were rtrtcken with spinal trouble. volume of 'i0.txa per month. John & Allen. 4: J. C. C. Mayo, 1. residence on Lock" Avenue by build- dation for their orces la after We are Informed that Mr. Mavo wis- Brother Caasady preached an in. On tbe morning of August lUh ing a wide veranda entirely across The "boys" have not forgotten His friend throughout the district terestlng sermon here - Sunday to a ed Mr. Hopkins, Immediately vler which was Sunday, Mr. Linger an tbe front and along the east side. It. and often speak of It In terms of have started a movement to have large crowd. giateful appreciation. hearing ot bis action, and advrwd aisa Vm Peters quietly boarded a train John M. Sagravea, of Paintsville. e- - Bew Haws waa married to Miss to vote for Beckham. and went to Toledo. From there they urns Sick. lected a one of the delegates from Delia Belcher recently. weut at once to Windsor. Canala, Bid Was Accepted. OS1E. the Tenth Congressional District to Jlmmle Jordan wa n arried to the Vud vrere married. The same evening Th New regret to chronicle the Not the National Democratic Convention Widow Manerva Wood, recently. Geo. Shepard, of Webb vi lie,' caweft they we:w back at Flndlay. continued indisposition of Mr. R. T In July eren the office employees know The bid ot J. C. Tbomaa tor work whlrh meet In Denver. Col. Mis Rosa Ekers made a trip to through here recently, en route to hik Burns. He made a .roag speech tn Louisa dam re o. thl year to select a nominee tor Otle this week. day that they were out of Find saw mill on Blaine. this bed t be done on the Court last Thursday and wnt to Uy on that Sunday. ceived the endorsement of Major War President Sam Rose has gone to Paiutsviaw Pet Marcum was calling on Mr. very tired. Early the next morning b charge of the Ohio The secret of thst day baa been where be will take charge ct Irtuber family ren, Engineer In prayer ber daughter, Mr. Bertha Harmon. had a severe chill and the Something up to date. A to veil kc that Mrs, Linger Is know hyskiaa was called to bis Wilde j and Big Sandy Willis Roberts went to see his Job. the t- practically the acceptance social was held at la fact them as Miss Peters. This la daughter at Culberson thl week. The farmers in this locality are pre somewhat belter, remains J - Church. Saturday night, conducted yet ready to announce He became they are Chadwlck. and little paring to put In new ground and im of the bid of $fil.i0, and Mr. TnomMrs. Dor so until Tuesday morning, when be uev. R. B. Seal, at the close of which tLe marrlar at Flndlay. The New, Is now engaged la pushing bis pre? consisting Cf daughter Thelma, were calling on torn fnrm generally in an exteusive way. bad another chill. Today Mr. Burns b as beginning of .Winl refreshment, U priviliged to give ovt the first wa of Morgan sratlons for an early Attorney Jobe folks Sunday. b ticr. but It Is quite probable that be sandwiches, pickles, etc.. ere nerved! Information to relatives and friend work. It will give crap.loynieut Maud Crank, of Fallsburg, waa through here recently on buslm- Xeal certainly be able tt. attend court tb will not the ladiev Rev... . la this vicinity. . ,w. visiting Miss Rosa Eker the last pertaining to his profession. . . io many during Its present region. w In. knnvi now in fill LU1UK3. .l.tuw Vies Peters Is a young lady who aaln uses a mucn was Thomas Murphy, a good rituen Church will week. ladies of the Chriftlal bas teen mnch admired here for her can obtain. Laura Belcher I going to Ports Tatesville. passed through here first unRead A Paper. with him in his surely She has more li, any good qualities. mouth. of the week. dertaking. Pifceville Item. average ability and a grea th;n Claude Stewart has gone Irto the Mrs. Josie Roee was visiting S 0'Clock Dinner. A l of energy. She la attractive of the Kentucky last week. At tbe John MrDyer. of Ashland, one cf dry goods business. tvrm.n and msiner, and wins Covey Adams has moved his utove Tim Chadwlck is buying fur. Stale Horticultural Society held .'ao. Snyder ea- - the best known civil engineers n Mr. and Mr. Aupu'tus she goes. Hrr hunt and wlt Hcber Riffe Is going to school this frcm Midway to near his home. a S, Mr. W. T. Kace. of this count oj t.r'tinod handsomely wttn a ix Fastern Kentucky, waa here t te coiiKratuliiled for having winter at Louisa. rvr.d a paper. Ills subject was The the pcstofflce has leon moved I Tuesday fvenlng onr county officials to meet them o'clock dlnnor last helpmate. rtxci a Guess Who. Vrs. Purn Barton's. proposed new Outlook for Commercial Orciiardiiing The guest were Judge aud Mrs. Hanesterday. to locate the The very beat wish'- of all Louis The tiet'iliig ip Eastern Kentucky. Fred Jobe and wife were visiting F. William. bridge over the Big Sandy River at nah. Rev. and Mrs. Mends and relatives are extended KAVANAUGH. at Browning reccnllj. aa held at West Pclrt. Ky. Is now here, accomMr. and Mr. F. T. P Wallace. Sr.. this place. He to Mr. and Mrs. Linger. Mr. Kane is raild;y becoming John Howell was her last Week. (who, by the Rev. J. H. Moore and J. M. Hicks Mrs. J. J. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. A. panied by bis son. Cecil Linger Is a daughter of Mr. an Vrs. as a foremost firmer and M. Hughe and Mr. and Mrs. M. F. xy. wa named for the late Tncle preached at Kavaaaugh Chapel SunRobt Chaffins has moved to the by Mrs. John N. Peters, a highly respect horticulturalls-Jo recently vacated place Cob" Cetll), and by George T. Bur- day. t on'iey. a- -t ed couple who live four mllee Contract ft Cleveland Davis came home from Blankenshlp. . Stale ns, of the Tri Vr. Ifters Is a farmer a no ' H. H. Jobe, (newly married) ha This means we Louisa Sunday calling on friends. Bridge Company. Mavo For U S. Scnaior. Medical Society. "wan. want, i Mis Florence and Jame Plgg. of gone to housekeeping. have the long-feare to Morgan, bridge across the river. Piievllle Iten Cstietlsburg. spent Sunday with their Eno Derlfield, of bead ot informed by the Secre Schedule On roll call In the Joint Session A New was her eone day last week traillag The News is aunt Mrs. Russell Thompson. n. of toe Kentucny Liegisuiure tary. Dr. Frod Marcum. mat the Law-t William Remmele waa calling on some males. Sergent, Ky, Jan. 16. United .. a. . . Itopkius, the member from Floyd. rence County Medical body SuU, rputy Marshal W. B. Adlng tbe merchant of this place Saturday. Usha Jobe Is down with typhoH It Is aalj that a new schedule goes Knott and Letcher, cast bis vote for y Kade Its next meting In Louisa on me Mrs. Lafe Compton, of Ashland, fever. This Is now the only cas fw li to effect on the C. ft O. next Sun- C. C. Mayo, of Paintsville, for Monday in February. Several pa;rs fever In our midst an Important moonshine raid In the wa visiting home folk last week. r.y anl that teveral Importatit I'nlU-- States Senator. Toe Legis will be read and there I ome Imlr Adams and Willie and Vess Mr. James MrSorley went to Bur PonnJ Gap section of Wis county, cTanpes will be made. Among then lature might go further and isrt A portant business to attend to. above here yesterday, cutting up and gess to see her rts ughter. Mrs. Charley Jobe have returned from the aitaca of said to I the abolishment worse. Undsey Jobe was tand tmiuently full attendance 1 earnestly requesteo. destroying all pioneer mammoth Chadwlck. li e Sunday train on the Big Bandy Jordan mountain dew" stills with all tlxtures Mrs. Jame Plgg came up to see her Is) calling on MIbs Carrie done, so It b d:Uton. Thla will be four Spliced. prosperous farmer. Five ot the moonshiner were arrested father at Ft Gay. who I very sick recently. Jas. 1L Goble. a sr'-.- , because of the small paenget Catlettsburg Beckham Hughes, who unA'rvtvut public of Minnesota, who waa born and rear and Uken to the Wise JatL During the Sam Turman went to ti.ffic on that train. Th an operation some time ago. H about On the lint of this month, at the Sandy near Warfleld. and raid the offlivr were fired upon this morning. ed on the Isn understood all along that the home of Ly Fitxpatrick. thl counSeveral Buchanan people attended well again. this part preswmbly by the moonshiner. This f .ul.iy train was remunerative, but ty. Mis Myrtle Singer was married who has been absent from wa ImporUnt church at Kavanaugh Sunday. Silas Jobe' little boy Wtu country for more than a quar- wa one of the most of the seems to believe otherwise. t! c to Shclton Fitxpatrick and Miaa Viola ter of a century, passed through moonshine raids made In that ef Miss Bella McSorley was ths guest suffering with nervous spiiuj rr.-- r itleiit Stevens declared a abort Is also greatly Imy'jved. Singer Joined her fortunes with those this city on his way to visit his old tlon la year. of Miss Reba Prtrhard Sunday. t re sro. so the New is Informed, Kay Adams has'move.1 to MUdte ot Ben Maynard. Miss Bessie Turman spent Sun home place. t. lit he would pit a vextibuled train Kay Chaffins t A New Coat Clabtree. fork of Twin day with Mlsi to on t m this division. U be Las Naugh. Blaine. public school at A false Proplict. ' Th trustees of the t,.,!e the people of this section En Mr. Nancy' .rter and dauv.hw The trim Uttle steamer. Buaneyvllle have secured a building v.rulnly entitled to It The pass Hugh. a frw Mi de- qtilrer." owned by Capt J. C. HopWm. C Burton, of Lawrence coun- wer catling out with to take the pl.v ef th on a Mg one. and the Weather Guewter Marsh la r business I and Harmon ty, and Mrs. Allc Rice, ot Zelda. Ky.. day ago. Runvon FeNniary. It he stroyed by fire some weeks ago. Mrs. kins. Jame public should l mils as his protectee t Initial trip on wer married Tuesday at ths counMr. W. M. Watson, ot OverdH. was don't hit next month better than he Sam Plcklivlmer, the teacher, went Mnynard. has wade her pos'.'le. M i" a c ..'. In Catlettsburg, hrr lat week on buBiue.a. cfflc ber t! - water ot th Ohio and Big Fan- - ty Clork frtira the ,out lnt Tuiwday and resumed thl he shmild retli a Veitlbnl ; J. S T. Squire Jack Arthur officiating. Idntle Si teacher. prvihot Vi'.iia a. Cirst News of Continues Wedding n: w at Frankfort. Pa-Iu- ;irt ;:", ed t It Park-t-rlmr- g, two-year-- book-keep- t fifty-sev- unit tt , gl keir book-keepe- r, t5 nt u-- 1 1 . s i d.-e- r K-r-"rd a - t -- lt - nd dine. - 1 ,:! rr tr

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