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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 27, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

THE JEFFERSONIAN JEFFERSONTOWN, SCHOOL SUFFRAGE KY. TELEPHONES: CaMBRRLAVD-3-- 3, effersontown Ex. HOME Pern Creek Exchang-eFHES CITT AtfD COCSTT SERVR'K. Artrr i n. c ilKRes. ) Cumhee INAUGURATED CAMPAIGN KENTUCKY FEDERATION WOMEN'S CLUBS. BIG ADDITION AND D SALE! OVERSTOC BY OF . Law Granting School Suffrage. to Kentucky Women Is Now in Effect Women Who Can Read and Write Now Eligible to Vote. Thursday, June 27, 1912. LONG RUN. Lexington, Ky. The Education Department of the Kentucky Federation June 21. Miss Martha Flood, of ot Women's Clubs has atarted, this Siinpsttaville, visited Miss Anna Maj week, a School Suffrage campaign which will continue throughout the Str.rgeon last week. months of July, August and Septem is riaittng Miss Bernice Grady ber. By means of the press, the printfriends in Louisville. ed circular letter, the pnlpit, Club and Airs. VV. M. L.yie visited Mrs. Ueo. School League meetings In fact, by Berkley at Eastwood Monday. every means possible, an effort wiil be Mr. and Mrs'. .1. R. Justice made to Influence the women of KenSunday with friends at St. M.itthews. tucky to show their In west In public of schools by expressing their legal opinMrs. J. C. Scot til was the Mrs. I. G. Morris Monday. ion on the subject. The greatest effort will be made to Miss Maud Safin iited her sisvater, Mrs. Jones Crosliy, at Vein lid.ile. have the subject presented at the letrious Teachers' Institutes, and a last week. by the Education Mrs Weiss lias returned to Louis- ter has been sent Department, of which Mrs. R. N. ville after a visit with her grand- Hoark, of Richmond, la Chairman, askdaughter, Mrs. Johusou. ing for a place on the Institute Miss Nell Wilson, of Simpsonville, for a School Suffrage speaker. visited friends here Sunday. Some of the most brilliant and capable Members of the Ladies' Aid of women of the state have volunteered Baptist church, who have undertak- to address the Institutes without any en to finance building of a bridge expense to the local teachers: Mrs, across the creek at the historic old Cora Wilson Stewart, of Morhead; church, are giving their annual lawn Mrs. Mason Maury, Mrs. Harry White fete on the evening of July 4. at the sides, Mrs. John Little, of Louisville; Bell Benschoolhouse here, Proceeds to be Mrs. R. N. Roark, and Miss J. Smith, nett, of Richmond; Mrs. T. added to the funds. FrankWt; A. M. Harrison, :OF THE' I $75,000 Worth of Mrs. and Mrs. Desha Breckenridge, of LexSMYRNA. ington. Get Out the Vote. June 24 Mrs. E. K.Miller is spendIt is the policy of the Education Deing this week in Bullitt county, with partment simply to work to get out a her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks. large vote for the most efficient school Mr. Dick Smith and nephew, of officials, and to furnish, through the Louisville, spent Sunday with C. C. public press, such brief and necessary Smith and family. information about election laws as Mrs. J. M. Saunder is in Louisville, will enable all women to use the school suffrage with intelligence and with this week with relatives. S. P. Reader, cf Louisville, was a dignity. No effort whatever will b recent guest of W. A. Smith and made to build up a woman's machine, nor j back any special candidate; on family. Milton and Melvina Bates, of Lou- the contrary, a continued and persist ent effort will be made to keep all isville, are with their school elections and school questions T. E. Bates and wife. "out of politics." Mrs. Eraucis Cumuiius, of Fern Letters of Commendation. Creek, is witn Mis. W. H. Petfram Many letters have been received this week. this week by the Department of Edu Jonastientry and family attended cation, of the K. F. W. C, from county the funeral ol their cousin at Bethel superintendents A and teachers. Sunday. superintendent from one of the Blue Mrs. W. ti. Bense and Miss Ella Grass counties writes as follows"! Rush speut Monday in the city. "The county school superintendents Mrs. Alice Jacksou, Miss Eulah and progressive teachen will appreBates and Master D. A.. Bates, Jr., ciate more than any other class of persons In Kentucky the granting of spent Monday in Jellersoutowu. school suffrage to women, for they Miss Lillian Cummins speut Satur- realize how much this step will mean day with Miss Marion Cooper at In the state's crusade for better educational conditions. I believe, moreOkoloua. Miss Mamie Cary recently visited over, that the teachers feel an especial refponsibility to help arouse all relatives in Louisville. the women, who are their school Mrs. McGarvey Kurfees and daughpp'rors, to this new privilege, and ter, Eleanor, ol .Louisville, speut Ehft they will In every way several days last week with Mrs possible w it'll the club women to get Harrison Rush. out a large school suffrage vote. "An earnest and continued interest The musical entertainment at on the part of the club women will Highview school house Monday night soon bring about a realization of some was well attended. of those educational Ideals which we Smyrna intends being well repre- have long possessed: more convenient sented at the M. W. A. picnic at buildings and more beautiful grounds, Fern Creek fair grounds Saturday better trained teachers and higher salafternoon and evening for all olu aries, longer school terms and a larger and young alike are preparing to at- per cent of attendance, courses In Domestic Science, Manual Training, and tend. the Science of Agriculture, a curricL. E. Bates and family, of ulum that shall consider the needs of were guests of relatives here the individual child, and shall conSaturday and Sunday. tribute something practical to his development." Suffrage Law Now In Effect. TUCKER. The law granting suffrage to KenJune 25. Mr. S. S. Coe, who was so tucky women went Into effect on the badly hurt a few weeks ago, is slowly 12th of June. Women who are able to read and write are now eligible to improving. Mr. John Tucker, Jr., of Louisville, vote in the August and November elecschool officials and upon is spending a few weeks with his tions for school questions, and are eligible to cousin, Tom Tucker, and family. hold any office pertaining to the man-- ' John's health has been bad for some agement of the schools, except those time and we hope his visit to the' otherwise prescribed by the constitutcountry will be an improvement. ion,. John T. Shelby, of Lexington, who Mrs. S. S. Coe entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Robb, participated in the framing of the of Smyrna, Mrs. Walker and Miss School Suffrage Bill, states that it was intention of those who prepared Sallie Cahill, of Louisville, Mr. and the bill the that It should give women the Mrs. Edgar Coe and daughter, of right to vote for county superintendent. His legal opinion follows: Mrs. Tom Ryan, who has been visit"Section 155 of the Constitution ing her father, Mr. Stewart, of Hend gives to the General Assembly the erson, was called home Saturday by power to regulate elections of school the illness of her husband. The at- trustees 'and other common school distending physician fears he has ty- trict elections.' The Act of March 24, IS 8, for the government and regulaphoid fever. Mrs. Louie Coe, of Jeffersontbwn, tion of common schools makes the spent Tuesday with her brother, Tom county the school district and proof this disvides for the Tucker, and family. trict into educational divisions and the Mr. and Mis. Everett Warford and educational divisions into boys. Stanley and Claud, have return- The office of county superintendent is ed after seyeral days visit in the not a constitutional office, and under the present system the county being city. Mrs. Albert Ryan and three little the district the superintendent is a girls are enjoying a visit to relatives school districtjDfflcer and the election at which he or she may be chosen is in Henderson. a 'Common School District Election.' Mr. Russell Gaines, the county sur- It would seem, therefore, l that the veyor, had a force of men out here Assembly had the constitutional Monday surveying a new road from power to confer upon women the right Tucker Station east to "Mt. Zion of suffrage, which wag attempted to be church. This would be quite an im- conferred by the Act of 1912. Whether provement to this part of the country this be so or not the intention of the as people have to drive around ai framers of the bill was certainly to conmost to Middletown or Fisherville to fer upon women, if it could be constitutionally done, the right to yote for get there from Tucker Station. the county superintendent and upon We all feel greatly encouraged school measures or questions submitafter such a fine rain. Our crops ted to a vote of the people. were beginning to look awfully bad, "Very respectfully yours, but now everything looks good. "JNO. T. SHELBY." . (Signed) Balbrlggan Mesh jrTfi 11C Underwear 50t: and 75c Underwear, in Mesh, Porosknit, B, QQ V. D. and Balbriggan OOC Mn's Union Suits, 7oc Grade Clothing 35c values Men's Caps Men's 10c. Hose for LTn1on-inad- e B, Stetson Hats All of our$4.00,$5.00 and Stetson Hats $t).00 $2.75 OOC And Furnishings Shop C DC All of our $2.00, 0-- Ae 1 $2.50 and $3 Hats M J WHY PAY MORE? C DC ! "V. 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