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Page 508 of Compromises of life : and other lectures and addresses, including some observations on certain downward tendencies of modern society / by Henry Watterson.

Appendix but prolix, a trifle groggy, and a good deal unthoughted, we quote the following: "What are we going to do with our Smart Set, particu- larly that conspicuous portion of it which moves and has its being in the metropolis and Newport Naturally, this is not the whole Smart Set. There is a Smart Set not only in New York but also in Kalamazoo. Who that has been in Sque- dunk has not been impressed by the Squedunk 'Four Hun- dred' But it is of the New York Smart Set that Mr. Andrew Carnegie, and Dr. Peabody, of Boston, and Edward Everett Hale, all of whom would have been supposed to be eligible to the Smart Sct of any locality, despair. They may not all express their concern in the manner of Henry Wat- terson, who would probably challenge to a duel anyone who mistook him for a 'fashionable.' But they unite in deploring the tendencies and the aims and the influence of the people who are by common consent regarded as the leaders of the most fashionable 'society' of the country." The reference here to the editor of the Courier-Jour- nal, which is a little forced-also nearly out of date- represents what Charles Lamb would have called "a case of imperfect sympathy." The editor of the Cou- rier-Journal is nothing if not a "fashionable," though there might be a difference of opinion as to terms. At least the Courier-Journal, for whose contents he may be held accountable, has never yet been accused of fall- ing behind the procession, either at home or abroad. In London, in Paris, in the Borough of Manhattan- sometimes in the sacred precincts of the Borough of Brooklyn, and often amid the picturesque fastnesses of the Borough of the Bronx-the Smart Set call for it, the Four Hundred cry for it. In Kentucky it is the guide, philosopher, and friend of those Democrats who believe in Democracy unterrified and undefiled, and 508

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