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Image 4 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

it iilisiaii l ` , 4 KENTUCKY ALUMNUS I The College of Engineering · · »· New Percy H. Johnston Solar Laboratory Is Most Important Addition to ; University’s Technical School; Interesting and Valuable Expe- V L · g riments Are Being Carried on by College Authorities K { By Dean F. Paul Anderson The College of Engineering is just now a Very Study is a delightful and useful room. An open Q Q ; active colony on the campus of the Univer- fireplace taking four-foot logs adds to the cheery i ‘· sity of Kentucky. During the present collegiate atmosphere. The tables consist of tops made from ‘ _ . _ year over 600 students have matriculated in this sections of the old sycamore tree on the Richmond ,1 ` _ ¥ particular college. road, over which there was so much local contro- Ti Joseph Musselman Scholarship versy. These tree sections are mounted on sub- i so Mrs- Susan Motooifo Mnssoimon hos given o_ stantial andoartistic wrought iron stands made in i i scholarship in memory of her deceased husband, the Umverslty Shops- ; _ i Joseph Franklin Musselman, class of 1900. The A Laboratory of New Approaches Q { j _ Q following is a statement of the provisions of this Dr. E. V. Hill, the eminent scientific and health Y ` T scholarship; authority of Chicago, has this to say about the I ¢¢Th€ junio!. oiigihio for this sohoismship shaii Kentucky ·‘Laboratory·of Life and Light" after i i i shm is ostohhshod in memory of Joseph Frank- recent visit to the University for the purpose of s j · im Mnssoimon by his Widow, Mis Susan Moo inspecting the Johnston Solar Laboratory: , i calfe Musselman. "Here is an interesting phenomenon/’ remark- i ~This sohoionshin of $100 in goid is to be ed the Dean as he stroked the head of a little Ca- i ewei-ded annually to e student in the College of nuthin monkey thot lor hooking in tho light from . ji i Engineering or the University or Kentneky at tho big ultro—violot lamp over his hood- 4 the completion of his junior year upon the rec- We Were seated in the Recording Room of the _ ; i l ommendation of the Dean of the College of En- new Percy H. Johnston Solar Laboratory at the V i gineering. The basis of award to be scholar- University of Kentucky, and Dean F. Paul Ander- i . ‘ l ship, character, and the need of financial as- son, the director, was discussing the design, con- ’ i sistance in defraying the expenses of the course struction, and possibilities of this new develop- · _1 i in engineering at the University of Kentucky. ment at the institution. » i ‘The junior eligible for this soholorshiio shall "When I bring this little lady into the Labora- . . _ ’ T be htlm€€l by tht?

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