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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3. To scrape and shellac and varnish window sills will cost $112. To paint them will cost $44.80. All woodwork in the building is shellac and varnish finish. Alumni Hall ar.d Gymnasium. Downspouting has been repaired. Old vent pipe has been removed. The 'eaks in the Armory roof come where the flashing from the main part of the gymnasium runs up under the slate on the armory. this has been patched, but will gave trouble from time to time until a new flashing is put ins The cost of a new flashing would be 4200. Cost of cleaning a-id varnishing all interior woodwork would be $240. Pointing up of briuk t7or- would cost $10. White Fell. New e metal belt cornices at second ard third floors would require 7p5 fees of cornioe at 60 cents per foot, ;450. The main cornice Can bD repaired at a cost of about $30). In addition to this it is nec'essa.y .o renew quite a bit of the roof sheeting and re- new the old oomposatioa roof in places. The cost would be 4230. . Administration I . All entrance doors have been renewe&. Basement hall has been painted, iron steps will be oast at the Univer- sity foundry for step pair-. This will be done within the next two weeks. Rubbish has been removed. Old Chemistrv Building. Indirect ventilators have been stopped. Galvanized root over basement entrance can be changed to a comparatively flat i4 of and wire netting placed on either si.e and vines planted to hide it. The oost would not exceed $'35. Rubbish has been removed from hall and baserment. rooms. A new fixture has been installed in the basement toilet room. The present toilet room is, ho-wever, inadequate, has not outside veatilation and light and. is n-t properly vented. The cost of painting walls and woodwork on the first and second floors is as follows: Paint, 56 gallons at $3.25.. $182.00 Size, 45 gallons at $2.60 ......................... 117.00 Labor.... .. ..... ....,.... 216.0 0 Total. 515.00 If the basement is finished off and painted it would add $250. Estimate for finishing off rooms on south side of basement is as follows:

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