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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 27, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

bnit 0 bt VOLUME COLUMBIA 7 POST OFFICE DIRECTORY Dr HlYi Barg I Is Coming a I NUMBER L L HUGHES o SASH DOORS BLINDS iiiI 123 BuildingLouisville Ii m but J W C Clemens BURKESVILIE STRECTRev pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool at 0 m every Sab bath Prayermectins every Wednesday night egates represent their respective dis- ¬ tricts and are not subject to the conS MX MX VIX PState recognizedI it- SOUTH SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE betwfjenFuker E 7a = HE ofI SheI ans drawni maine allrthr IShells recoveredi JastI sicks < > reverencelfoe the 0It 4 ts ICh inJ dMrs Conovera hashe tbd forr demone standlat I I Stone on goe 0 0 i counties j rdLee Commty goodn rrl > t j J JIy J spa r N r r r z receivingng r 9 1 COLUMBIA LIVERYMEN Entraiice Water Street OC EJli1IBU Bi IE 1 a H 9 IKIEN1IUJtDIK1Y o I We Keep a Full and Complete Line of Fresh Groceries WILL DELIVER Them to Any Home Inside the Corpo- ¬ rate Limits of PIIOXK 40 GIVE Us A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS PLACE Columbiar BUSIKEES OB CORSER os SQUARE JAMESTOWN AND t STREET y R Pickett Tobacco Warehouse INDEPENDENT CA Bridges Co PROPRIETORS Cor Eighth and Main Streets L0VJS1lJIIE CHAS A BRIDGES W Q BRIDGES Four Monlhs Storage Free DR JAMES OFFICE MENZIES JEFFRIES BLDG KYI j ROOM 6 Columbia Ky OjEOp1JJ1Y n Consultation and Examination Free at Office 000000000000000000 0 00 THE MARCH HOTEL I COLUMBIA KY 0 0 IS A BRICK BUILDING OF MODERN X Q Architecture containing 35 new neat and well ven V tilated rooms It is nicely furnished conveniently Q4 located and is the best hotel in Southern Kentucky S Accommodations equal to the best city hotels Three > 0 0 good sample I s rooms for commercial men M H MARCUM sw < < Propr 1 W P BRANDBNBUBG Jeweler 8S8 W Market LOUISVILLE KY 0 Full line of Watches Spectacles Etc Silverware DRESSED 0 Clocks Diamonds and Jewelry Fine Watch Repairing e All Work Warranted LUMBERT- he undersigned proprietor of the Planing Mill located on Sulphur Fork desire to say that we are very T ROUGH LUMBER We also keep upon the yard a large supply of undressed lumber which we will deliver upon the same terms Aliwe ask is to examine our material 2nd get our prices John W Morrison 1o f 1- jTRANGiByr- s I 1 New outfits for all purposes I p f off threehe anda Summernd BROWNING Splendid Vehicles first class teams safe drivers Our Stable at all times is well stocked with provender Your trade so ¬ licited werei3UBI countyI jjthe ain JackofallTrades P BROS xi- vix cultivatingthe obt COY BROWXISGR BROWNING J0 comI DC QA <5 SaysWe writerC v GoodsGive m States KY Will Sell as Cheap as Any Man J 7tn edthe nightv IBAPTIST LOUISVILLE I keep a Fresh and Complete Stock of Groceries The New York convention of Demo crats bas lecided that Judge Alton B- Sfil5fi5figKt g B cSg MtM at aifjtt jE Mag arker not only possesses the strength 0 character and the force of ability the validity of tUe unit rule has often necessary to carry METHODIST their state at theFACTS ABOUT TOBACCO been comingeJection but that he has in STBECTRev F E Lewis pastor BURKESYILIJ3 The old couplet that tobacco is an It may be said on the other sIdeI abundant measure those qualities of Services firSt and third Sundays in each month Indian weed twasthedevil that sow southof here the other day and on SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer tbat the delegates in the natioi al con Thursday meeting the seed it seems contained as ven lion represent the State Each State is entitled to as many delegates and to a successful appeal to the deter- much of truth as of rhyme Here are ing millet in another field and his wife some facts figured out from the tobac as it has electoral votes The Terrlw mining class of Independent voters driving a team harrowing in the seed GREENSBunc STBECTRev J P Scruggs pastor ries admitted as a matter of courtesy with whom ress the balance of pow- co statistics of this country by a New oneijaughter was at the woodpile chopFirst and third Sundays in each month Sunday and part policy York Sun but they represent no er School every Sabbath at 9 a m Praycrmecting ping wood with which to prepare din- ¬ votes and no voters They have no Tuesday night ciIf our annual output of domestic ner another daughter was at congressional districts so that they gars were to be made into onelong cl the yard and two small children CHRISTIAN may be leftout in a consideration of the iloor of the convention which was jar of the usual diameter there would carrying drinking water to the PIKE CAMrBELlSVlLIE the principles which ought to govern be produced a weed that would go 18 in the field If the people of the Blue pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in The party authorities In esch State heralded as a certainty developed no times around the world at the c qua grass worked that way they would all each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 provide further than a conflict of opinion as for the selection of the deles tor a m Praycrmceting Wednesday night become millionaires gates subject only to the terms of the to the best method of compassing a ¬ If to one man there were assigned till for the national cjnvention As LODGES fhe task of smoking this affair the Messrs Parish and Lewis Marcum the State conventions have a gooddealf factions Tbe vote of 301 to 149 Is stump would be thrown away only Of Russell county brothers of the late MASONIC of discretion the question F and A M Rcgnlar tiuns and the manner of casting the therefore not an indication that not after about 400000 years of persistent M H Marcum and Mr Tom Marcum COLUMBIA LODGE No more than twothirds of the delegates putting day and night meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night vote may be regulated by them a son of the former were here the first were agreed on Judge Parker but that on or before the full moon in each month Only by a division of the labor that of the week When there is a close contest for a M Gordon Montgomery W not more than that proportion fet we are able to consume the 700000000 nomination It is obvious that the James Garnett Jr Secretary hat his best chances for success were cigars annually manufactured in the Mr Charley Ferryman who lived servance of the unit rule in some states dependent upon COLUMBIA CIIAITER R A M No 7 meets Friday au immediate declar- United States rejection In others might work and its Horace JelTriesIIPnight after full moon in his favor ation W W Bradshaw Secretary serious injustice to some ol the candi Our cigarette crop would make a It has seldom happened tbat the dIN single cigarette 130000 miles in length dates If the unit rule were enforc ed in all the Stetes where one CJtodi 10 cigarettes be taken as the aver THE date bas a majority and rejected In e daily consumption of each cigar l Mrs Namp Bryant was found dead the States with nnjritie > for a s cte smoker in the country it is eviod it is obvious that the former with so little remaining bitterness dent that some 800000 Americans ha would get more votes In the national The action of the convention Is therebitually use tobacco in that form convention than he Is fairly en i led fore not only significant in itself by We smoke and chew about reason of the weight attached to tte McGaha this county to receive HOOCOI The minority would be powerless in- inauguration of any movement by the tons of tobacco a year and 500 pounds of snuff is disposed Eld J H Hardin many years ago come St tee whle In others it would unltfcO Democrats of the pivotal State the nose a wellknown minister here will preachhaw the full strength to which it is of New York but it presages In the ther byone rarely or sees the North CTiMMert Thus i mir ht easily hap East the South and the Central West IndulgenceII at the Christian church this Wednes- ¬ day night pn that the sccentric working of tb asolidifi ation of the Parker support in rappee and rraccaboy wilt rue might rive a msj irity to one and undoubtedly points the way to his South and Southwest the brush are yet the constant companions Deputy Collector W S of not really favorr by the majority of nomination at St Luis of thousands young and old white and Jamestown reached the delegates A majority does not With the nomination made the o d black male and female nominate hi a Democratic national division of free silver and gold Demo ¬ Mr W R convention bvt when a candidate gets The Held value of our annual tobacd co crop is about 80000000 a majority he can often got twothSrds Its value sick last week has The party in its various manufactured forms aps as opposition is likely to be then with conscious of the inherent strength of proximate 8500000001 ts renewed union thoroughly alive to Grinds Feed Saws Wood This is a big lump of a bill but whatI sirability of some definite rule as to the dangers of autocracy public cor ¬ a vast amount of comfort and Runs Cider Mills the manner of casting the vote in na- ¬ ruption and corporate oppression Churns Butter tional conventions If the unit rule threatened by a continued tenure of faction it represents Runs Ice Cream Freezers The deepest snow we have had this prevail in some States it should pre ¬ Republican rule with no apology to Runs Cream Separators THE MULE OUTLOOK r winter fell last Wednesday van in all in wblch a majority of th and the laws of re delegates can agree as to how the vote Runs Printing Presses Mules of good size and shape have Smitli d Nell passed through here should he cast solo well this spring bringing from Where there is uo spent for existing treaties of sound and other machinery national and commercial policies ot 8125 to 8225 and it is certain that the y last week buying cattle and sheep such majority the natural recourse Press would be to allow each Delegate to honesty in public expendItures of rea will not be cheaper tor many year He Is Running months is improving slow vote as he p eased If the unit rul In the far Southern Slates they are ly of the State an dused almost exclusively For This Paper were abolished this would be he tenance is work ant e mats by contractors and on the sugar L B Willis who left for MaComb costs nothing to keep when not method of voting in all cases Elthe success and the power and cotton plantations to It has been Ill several weeks ago is well pleased working It costs from 1 to 2 cents pe to command it were found that the horse in the hot coun- with that country For particulars The possibility of injustice lies in the hour when working New Yorks Democracy has done tries does not stand the heat as well H P Barger sold a cow and calf for enforcement of the rule in some cases wellshall the Democracy of Ken nor last as long as the mule When 25 call on or addreand the neglect of it In otters Cour tacky be found wanting Louisville work commences on the Panama canal Co lerJournal ssFairbanksMorse Mrs Fannie Willis sold Smith Nell the mule will be the only work animal Times that will be able to stand the tropical one sheep for 100 519 W Main Street LOUISVILLE RACES E B Willis bought of Mr Paschal The preachers of Louisville have heat This will create a large and KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE Nearly 1000 horses are quartered at taken up the subject of hell and are steady demand that will continue for Willis a colt for 50 SON Agts WF JEFFRIES Louisville waiting for the saddling handling It many different ways Some many years and the supply on Kan F G Willis is visiting her bell to ring on Derby day Monday of them would have you believe taat will not be found sufficient to suppl Now sister Mrs Jennie Naylor May 2 Among those entered in the hell is the real article when it comes the demand in this quarter C E Willis is teaching a six weeks 1stakes are included The Picket win to fire and brimstone while others that the seat of the JapaneseRussian ner ot the American Derby English want you to understand that your con- war has been transferred to the lane Normal at Glensfork is likely that both sides will wan CANESII Lad Proceeds Canjurer Jack Rath n science will be given an eternal black it FURS L Bardolpb Proof Reader Santon Au eye Hell Is not only being dl supply dlence Memories White Plume Res- ¬ cussed by the white pastors but the Is ervation Judge Himes Wain amol colored bretherine have also dive CANE VALLEY nen Olefiant Hands Across Brancas into the subject headforemost Du all HENRY W EDDLEMAN to work and when Bad News Talpa Fonsocula Port log a sermon by the Rev Wm John Uncle James Page who has been 4DSVl MARKET STLOUISVILLE a Royal Silk Maid Bourban Japan and son of the Ninth street colored Ba work commences on the great canal seriously ill for several months is bet d others All of the prominent stables tlst church last Sunday matters SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS ter In the West have applied for stable came so warm In demonstrating SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS th a eve ryMiss Cora Hutchinson left last Mon room and will race there Twentysix hell is tire that an alarm Of fire was COSIPLETE LINE JOHN B STETSON HATS day for Illinois have made the final payment in the turned in In driving a point throng up e Kentucky Derby and It is expected the understanding of his snoozy audI- mares Bomgarner who has been living of throwing a racehorse theyve to ence the Rev Johnson bad incidentraise good mules In view of t ally referred to hell as fire fire fir and a man who was passing ran to Geo Cundiff who has been making The Connecticut Mutual Life Insur- ¬ fireahlrm irrl gave It a turn AltorneysAtLaw Louis his home at Muncie Ind years a m ance Company has made a very des ra ville IleraQ for several JAMESTOWN KENTUCKY by a good jack will be worth more months is at home on a visit bb change in its policies Heretoon fore a holder could surrender his policy Mrs Jake Bault is on the sick list Miss Ree Williams of Flakier ro at the expiration of the first ten years is a young lady who makes poult ¬ to raise The Dudgeon Tin Stove Co o Will practice in the and at the end of every five years re- ¬ this place is building a fine business I ceiving cash value for the same herp pay During the month of courts in this and ad ¬ house at St Marys change made gives the holder the right March she sold eightyone dozen A good farm for sale cheap Mrs S A Murrelr is on the sick list to surrender at the end of every five eggs and used twenty dozen at joining S A CRENSIIAW years receiving cash value The Co The new engine for the Mill Co has Columbia Ky 2m necticut Mutual is the best divide been put down and is one of the best in Special attention given collections paying company in the United States legislature of Iowa this country They are running day = and conducts its business upon economi addition MISS Williams baa et g ht The republicanantipass bill so as toand night For further informa ¬ ewes that had sixteen lambs inhas amended its I want 30 buggies to paint in t hecal principles of Jno McFarland has completed his see February and they are all doMay month of 1new residence and will remove to it J E MURRELL 4t W R Sexton iwellE Town News pass next week a MainSt 0 7t <5 Louisville Ky 1 GROOERIESl VIX MX New Farmers Home Hotel Above Preston 125 E J itn iii iiCit VPRES 60 All Kinds of Building Material WRITEtFORfESTIMATES BEST GOODS LOWEST PRICES T 21 ANDI arious traps and automobiles that BUGGIESSURREYS This wellknown optician will be at sped bythe Marcum Hotel Columbia Ky Their attention was suddenly switchj Monday May 2 and will remain several ed fronva tour Inbaodon which they CIRcUIT CouRTThrce sessions a yearThird HARNESS May and days If you need glasses be sure and had bestowed some scathing commentsMonday in January third Monday in call He does firstclass work guaran third Monday in September to the automobile of Samuel Randolph teeing a fit Circuit JudKCIL C Baker O borne tbat was wheeling along slow ¬ Send for Catalogue Commonwealths AttorneyA A Iluddlcrton ly In the automobile which was THE UNIT RULE Sheriff I F Y Miller hardly big enough to seat two med ¬ Circuit ClerkJ F Neat The unit rule in national conventions um sized persons comfortably were a month means that a majority of a State dele stout man and stilt stouter woman COUNTY CoUKT First Monday in each gation may determine how the whole The aluminum tag on the rear axle Judge A Murrell MX W MX MX MX MX MX MX vote to which the State entitled bore the initials of the owner S R MX t SIX MX MX VIX County Attorney Jos Garnett Jr shall be cast The individual dele- 0 ClerkT R Stults gate if he is in a minority has hIs THEO RECTANUS The youngsters on the benches had vi 5A M EMLER PRESIDENT JailerJ K P Conover vote cast for him for men and Teas given a variety of opinions as to the Assessor E W Burton C W COLE MANAGER iii urcs that he does not favor mcanln of the letters when one shrill SurrcyorR T McCaffrce One objection made to the rule is voice p- iped out School SuptW D Jones CoronerC oL Russell that the delegates of a State except The whole hunch of youse is off the those at large do not represent the track I kcow what those letters Resular court second Monday in COUKT CITY State congressional districts ni ear That fat guy and hIs lady v each month They arc really chosen by the delega 400 422 EAST MARKET STREET aint Jot room enough for themselves vi 5 Juuse Jas G Eubanktious from the counties composing the so they bung out that sign in case AttorneyGonIon Montgomery district or by caucuses or conventions their friends woud brace em up for a- 3 E MarshaUG T Flowers Jr held for that purpose according to the r ide It means standing room only 7E method prescribed by the party au I seen it In front of McVickers CHURCH DIRECTORY fficst Equipt 5100 per H > as IDotcl in tbc TlnitcD vjx thorities in the State However cho ¬ sun it is claimed that the districts delPRESIDENT PARKER PRESBYTERIAN v DIRECTORY COURT E WEDNESDAY APRIL 27 1904 P H BALD WIIA T THEY STOOD FOR A veritable snarl of street urchins took possession of several benches in JLlncoln Park Chicago one afternoon last summer and commented on the- 0v J M RUSSELL POSTMASTER H T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER m to 930 pm Office hours week days 730 ADAm COUNTY KENTUCKY unlnNtW w S r

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