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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., December 31, 1915

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLDS FIIWT PAIM THIS V frt ' UUw 01 Always Shua Inferior Substitute mim AltATiW m imt .. . r J. v Sandy ; famatM i kkntimky $ Number BURGE8S, COUNTY SURVEYOR, WEDS FAIR WAYNE GIRL. LAWRENCE TO BE NAMED MONDAY AND COMMISSIONER TRUSTEE OF JURY FUND SELECTED BY JUDGE. MASTER W. U. Savage will be appointed Mas-- Commissioner of Lawrence Circuit Court and T. 8. Thompson Trunteo ot the Jury fund when Judge Cisco takes fcarge of Judicial affairs nuxt Monday, Mr, Savage, was formerly County Attorney. He Uvea at Fallsburg, but haa mated olfloea on (he aecond Door of the Louisa National Hunk building and will In Louisa regularly. Judge Tohmpaon haa aerved aa ftnuntv Atltirnftv and Cmintv JudirS. Theae gentlemen will aucceed F. L. Stewart and A. O. Carter, who have served aa commissioner and trustee of the Jury fund, respectively, fur a number of yeara. Th following la the Hat of the grand and petit Jurura drawn for the January term of the Lawrence Circuit Court. The regular panela for the term will aapear next week: Grand Jurors. J F.L.KItchen John HturglU Bay Jonea I J.W.Splllmun H. D. lllnkle J. W. Akera 8 John iMmron K. P. Webb T A. A. Klse Luther Vinson Alford Ynung.Sr. 12 W.N. Sullivan 1 George Koun J no, 1. Rifle 5 I. cv1 Welib. Sr. J no. W. MtHro 11 W. (i. Hays J. O. McNenl 4 Tol-Mil J. French Petit Jurors. 5 Al Cnrnutte John iltiKhea Chris Diamond IS J. K. V. Itordera 16 K. Sliiinnoti Henry Ruimey Andy Webb Joe Humphrey Jerry lirge Ella George (I. Thompson Tlvla Wright Kloyd Wellmim Itobt. llurchelt J. I Skagga Ham Hromley Milt McKlunter Frank Young Mart Johns, Jr. 9 C. H. Prler 4 C.C.Wheeler 8. K. Ifonnah 1. Y. Bradley Itobt, Diamond 11 2 Chaa. Hughes Jeff Splllman IS O. V. Hurtiin John Large 10 Hay Wslter Tboa. Cuburn Joseph Kltrhen IS Albert Daniel 4 Weeley Jordnn John Hteele J. H. Compton IT Millard Wallace . T. J. Leslie Thomas Ash LAWRENCE COUNTY BOND I88UE COMPLETED. The Issue and sale of 140,000 fund-la- g bonds for Lawrence county has been completed and the money will be In the hands of the county treasurer within a day or two. He will at once pay off all the Judgments and old bondii and also all past due warrants of yean; previous to the present. The bonds draw 6Vi per cent Inter- est and run 20 yeurs. A certain percentage of the bunds will be retired ; each year. THE LOUISA BAKING COMPANY. The following facts nod flioires make a brief summitry of the 1915 huslneiw-othe only manufacturing plant In the city of )uIkh, The public should feel glad to know Ihut there In a cmcern doing such trade here, and further, that Uie firm has such a reputation for and square dealing with its f turn-eat- y "The Ijoulaa, Baking company has Just completed Its second cur In bus-laes- i During tha year 1915 It made gains mt 90 per cent In business, It made over Ift.OOO baskets of bread. It employed Ina men and paid out for labor over $7000.00. The Louisa Making company baked over 1.543.00O loaves of bread, 60,000 rakes. The Iiulsa Itaklng onmpany has forged ahead regardless mt business conditions until It haa gained the confidence of the large consumer of bread and during the year 1915 ft lot only four customers, none of wtilch was from complaints against the ejeallty. The policy la to Keep custom-erThe baking end of the business is conducted by two expert bakers who hare had over ten years experience in the best bakeries In the country. Dur-la- g the year 1915 but a very few customers were disappointed In not renewing their goods on time, the policy mt tha company being to deliver the goods regardless of cost. The company sans nothing but tha best of Hour, and other materials In the baking of everything, maintaining the highest stand-aof quality at all times." a. 4 A wedding, news of w.hlch will interest a wide circle In Southern West Virginia, waa that at Catlettsburg yesterday afternoon at one o'clock of llasl! Burgess, county surveyor of Wayne county, and Mlaa Mona Virginia Terrell, daughter of Hon, and Mrs. Frank W. Terrell,' pf Wayne. The ceremony waa performed at the residence of Mrs. Norman Curray, sister of the groom, by the ttev. Mr. Keith, pastor of the Methodist Kplscopal church In Catlettsburg, and was witnessed by Mrs, John Meek, of Huntington, also a sister of the groom, Mr. Curry, mother of Mrs. Norman Curry, and Piiul Curry,, a brother, Curtis McComaa, of Huntington, was beat man. Mr. Uurgess la well known In society and business circles In Huntington. He Is a son of Dr, and Mrs. George K. Uurgess, of Wayne, and haa been county surveyor for the past two years, one of hla recent works being the new road from Huntington to Ceredo. Mr. Terrell, father of the bride, waa formerly a member of the state legislature. The bride, a beautiful and accomplished girl, Is a member of one of the beat families or the county, as Is her husband, and for this reason their romance, begun a year or more ago, culminating In the wedding of yesterday, is a matter. of general Interest and congratulation, Mr. and Mrs. Uurgess left yesterday on Chesapeake ti Ohio Train Number Three, for Cincinnati on. their honeymoon Journey, and will return to make their hume at Wayne. . KENTUCKY. MEWS. RHEUMATISM ia ckufimf mimi ht lUtriatee kf cmm Scott's Emulsion It Bakes r Moea fa bIom' wjt. " inveniam viam, aut faciam. FUNDS PAID TO THE TREASURER BY THE AUDITOR. ROAD COUNTY pro-fli- cross-sectio- Hernld-Uis-patc- frli-ni- West Virginia ia making the greatest fight ever known against the Importation of liquor Into tho State. Such restrictions have been placed on the caron rying of liquor that passengers trains find It very difficult to get by the officers with any quantity worth while. Almost every day the West Virginia papers tell of arresta. The Huntington Herald Dispatch or yesterduy says: e Three men were taken from a Ohio railroad passenger train chnrged here early yesterday morning with violating the Yost lnw by having unlabeled whlHkey In their possession. The men were registered as: Jacob Max, 32, merchant Charleston; Anco Tepal, 45, merchant Charleston; Will Ilalley, negro, luborer, Charleston. The first man arrested as the result Ohio of the Chesapeake baggage order, Willlnm ttreen, a negro, waa convicted by a Jury In Magistrate J. T. Stuart's Court yesterday and sentenced to sixty days In Jail with a Hue of $100 and costs According to the evidence Green had four quarts of gin. The package was Improperly labeled, "Two Quarts" and the label waa concealed, according to evidence. Detective Curry, of Fred O. lllue's force, exnmined the packogo on a train between Catlettsburg and Hunt Ingtnn and put the negro under arrest. Oreen said he lived at Mnbscott, a coal mining town. Ches-apeuk- anU-llqu- " PERIL IN GAS OF AUTOMOBILES. Chicago. Eugene M. Bumphrey, CETS STATE MONEY lawyer, died at hla home here 577 Christinas presents valued at $40 were stolen Sunday night from the residence ofC. C. Remniele, 1016 Fifth-uv- ., according to a police report made public yesterday. The report did not disclose how the thieves had entered the Hemmele residence, but the thert occurred between seven and eight o'clock Sunday night, the duy after Christmas. Handkerchiers, ties and candy were stolen, the chief item In the loot of the burglars, however, being a gold mesh bag valued at $35. Herald-Dispatc- BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Beginning next Monday the County Board of Equalization will begin the work of supervising or equalising the reports of the County Assesor. It will hold daily sessions In the County Clerk's olllce until the lists have been examined and passed upon. Then the board will adjourn for a time to allow those having complaints to make to get ready for the second and first meeting. The present board consists of Robert Meade, F. R. Webb, Rice McClure, J. C. Holbrook, Green Berry and County Clerk M. A. Hay. COUNTY KILLED IN A MINE. Milliard Curnutte, married, aged S6 years, was Instantly killed Wednesday morning by a full of slate In the mines of the North Fast Coal Co., at Auxler. On receipt of the news of the fatality Mr. and Mra. Henry Young, of this place went to Auxler and accompan-e- d the body to Louisa, the victim of the casualty having been Mrs. Young's brother. On Thursday the remuins were taken to Cordell, Mr. Curnutte's former home, for burial. He was a of Lube Grlfllth and leaves a widow and four children. a of what physicians term "petromortis," or automobile gaa poisoning. According to physicians it Is the first fatal case In Chicago from that cause. An idea of the violence with which petromortis" attacks Its victims was given by Dr. John D, KIIIh, head of the department of occupational dis eases of Rush Medical College. "The thing Is hew to science In some of Its aspects," said Dr. Ellis. "Persons who are subject to vertigo may be attacked when In a close, small garage. The danger lies In a failure of certain elements In the gasoline to oxidize. In any event there Is a quick suf fusion of a violent gas that renders the victim faint. Thus If the exhaust of an automobile continues, the result la almost Instant death. showings are "The those of brain and lung congestion." Bumphrey went to his garage last night to get his automobile In which he intended to deliver a number of Christmas gifts to poor families. An hour later his body waa found on the door of the garage, the engine of the auto mobile was running and the small room filled with gaa fumes. to-d- FINIS WRITTEN IN WILLIAMSON CHARTER FIGHT. Finis has been written In the celebrated Williamson charter cuse. According to a message received here yesterday from Washington, D. C. by Douglass W. Brown, counsel for democrats seeking to retain olllce In Williamson, the supreme court of the United States has denied a petition for a writ of error from the decision of the WeHt Virginia supreme court upholding the constitutionality of the legisla tive enactment which provided a new form of government for Williamson, as the sequence of which was the appoint ment of u Republican muyor. As far us he knew, no further legal steps would be taken In the cade was the statement yesterduy of Mr. Brown, who has taken the case from the circuit court to the highest In the land. It is expected the following commissioners will take olllce January 3: O. H. Booten, muyor; O. T. Dudgeon, and J. M. Studebaker, Republicans; J. H. Greene and Charles E;.Cooper, Dem ocrnts. The retiring council consists of: A- - C. Pinson, Democrat mayor; John 8. Hall. Tunis Nunnemaker, Alex Bish ajn, B. M. Fleming, C. C. Scott, C. Cur loss and W. J. Vaughan. .The commission was named by Gov ernor Hatfield to take otllce July 1, but did not do so pending final decision as to the constitutionality of the enact ment authorizing their appointment. by the After appeal and supreme court of this state, a petition for a writ of error was filed in the United States supreme court by Senator Bailey, of Texas, and Senator Chilton, of West Virginia. Mr. Brown and Attorney G. R. C. Wiles, of Williamson, went to Washington In the Interest of the case. . , PRESS ASSOCIATION TO MEET AT ASHLAND KENTUCKY'S NEWSPAPER PEO PLE WILL HOLD SUMMER MEETING THERE. The Kentucky Press Association held meeting at Lexington on its Monday and Tuesday of this week. The executive committee decided while there to hold the summer meeting nt Ashland next June, late In the month. The exact dute was not fixed, but It Is to be after the Democratic national convention adjourns. The Association will find Ashland an attractive and interesting city, and we of the Eastern Kentucky press are de lighted at the decision to meet In our section of the State. Ashland is promised additional hotel accommodations In the early summer. This Is the city's greatest need. There need be no fear on the part of the As soclatlon, however, us to being prop erly taken care of. Ashland citizens will look after the matter in llrst cIusb style. The press association Is composed or leading newspaper men from all parts of Kentucky. Their wives and daughters attend the summer meetings, mak ing a large and Jolly gathering. Ashland Is the best paved city In Kentucky. The streets are wide, build Ings fine, residences handsome and lawns beautiful. The iron and steel and coke works are the largest In the State. The lumber Industry is Immense. A very large tannery Is In suc cessful operation. As an industrial center Ashland ranks with cities of much lurger population. mid-wint- BIG GAS WELL IN VICTOR FIELD. First development In the large acre age of the Victor Gas Company, of Huntington, has resulted in si tm well w producing 2,000,000 feet per day n the Bereu grit sand according I. Informajiesterday. tion received by ol'li-lalThey were optimist over tho volume NEW BRIDGE SPANS BLAINE. of the Initial well, 'i !m company conThe new bridge across Blnlne Creek sists of L. S. Wiles. U. W. Kullnr, W. nenr tho mouth Is completed and will K. Klrtley. J. K, Scott, G. D. Miller, bo ready for trntllc as soon as the ap- Mason Matthews, of Lewlsburg, Dr. J. proaches are llllcd. It cost a little over I. Miller and Henry Simms. $SO(0, and Is six feet higher than the The compuny plans extensive devel pld bridge, which washed away about opment, Its members being well known three years ago. The piers ore of Con- In other fields ol flnnnce, as they arc crete and the bridge la of stoel, except pleased tho well came In from Berea the floor. It Is said to be an excellent grit sand, noted , for Its longevity. structure. Jloruld-Dlspatc- M. F. CON LEY, Publisher. 31, 1915. NEW DEATH COUNTY The State of Kentucky haa paid to Lawrence county $577(3.00 out of the road fund created by the new state aid law. This waa the full amount apportioned to this county. County Judge Clayton, County Attorney See and County Itoad Knglneer on the Calloway went to Frankfort 22nd and made final settlement with R. C. Terrell, Commissioner of Roads. We are Informed that Lawrence Is the only mountain county that haa received anything from this fund, because It la the only one that haa complied with the law. All necessary maps, of Inter county and seo,t roads have been made and an ltemixed account kept of all money spent on these roads. The extra labor hired by the County Knglneer In order to get this work Into proper condition amounted to $!(!. 80. All accounts and mups were approved by "the; Fiscal Court, County Judge and State Commissioner of l'ubllc Knads. Lawrence county is paying into the Plate Treasury about $1600 collected under this luw. If we can continue to get buck annually more than three times, what we pay In, tho State aid i law will I'wk exceedingly good, and our olllrers will deserve continued com8KUNK SITS ON 8HOULDER OF . MAN AS HE WALKS STREET. mendation. THOUSAND DOLLAR PLANT I .aw retire McClure, a well known TEN ESTABLISHED AT WILLIAMSON young attorney, returned Sunday from Wayne, where he. sent his Christmas Mr. C. S. Kirk, Secretary and' Gener story vacation with his parents, with a of what he terms the most rertiark-abl- o al Manager of the Maysville Syrup Co He says thai a has Just returned from Williamson. W. pel on record. l of his In the classic settlement Va., where he organized and establishhaa a pet skunk, reduced to a state of ed a $10.1)00 Mint Cola Bottling Co. The new company Is chartered unthat Is lameness and InofTenslveness most remarkable. Not only Is the crea- der the laws of West Virginia and of ture docile but It is Intelligent and ficered by leading business men of obedient aa well, Mr. McClure says. Its Williamson and vicinity and aro as owner carries It with him about the follows: President, C. R Hodges, heud streexs, the animal riding tranquilly on of the Williamson Wholesale Grocery his shoulder. Sometimes the pet leaves Co.; Vice I'resldent, Kvuh Thomas, a Ita place but promptly returns at the large cwJ operator; Secretary, Wm. Porter, Chief of Police of Williamson: master's call. Treasurer, Alex Bishop, Cas.hler First Mr. McClure said he stood and talked to this master .trainer while the pet National Bunk. The new company will begin business skunk was In Its "accustomed place. the 15th of January, as they are buying Huntington Herald, out an old established business which has been run for years under the name APPERSON LODGE No. 195 Bottling Co. F. A A. M. ELECTS OFFICERS. of the Citizens Ice and Maysville Ledger. On Monday night last Appcrsoh Lodge No. 195 Free and Accepted Ma- KENTUCKY SHEEP AND sons, held Its annual election of officers CATTLE ASSOCIATION. with the following result: Will K. Queen, W. M.; H. C. Sullivan. The annual meeting of the Kentucky H. W.; Dock Jordnn, J. W.; Charley Beef Cattle Association and the KenSecty.; Augustus Snyder. Treas.;' tucky Sheep Breeders Association will Vork, L. Augustus be held In Lexington on Tuesdny, JanThomas llranhum. H. Snyder, Hubert Dixon and Thomas uary 4th, and Friday, January 27th, res spectively. Hrunhsm Trustees. Gov. Henry C. Stuart, of Virginia, a large farmer and feeder of beef cattle, will address the meeting. Also, W. H. WEST VIRGINIA FIGHTS Mclaughlin, n noted authority on sheep breeding and marketing lambs, will January 7lh. IMPORTATION OF LIQUOR speak on will lie other prominent speakThere ers on various phases of these subjects and It will be well worth the time of EFFORTS all stock raisers to attend those meet MAKING OFFICERS lugs. THAT ARE SURE TO CHRISTMAS GIFTS WIN OUT. LOOT OF ROBBERS. H0U8E FELL ON HIM. Ky Dec. it. Injuries when a log house collapsed and foil on him caused the death of "Uncle" John Baker, the oldest lnwyer of the Basard bar and tho city postmaster. During a recent Hood of tfte North Fork river he went to help a neighbor drlva out hogs from under a house, BROKE HIS LEG. which waa set on posts at tho northOn Monday Inst, while descending east end of the Huauird bridge. The house collapsed. Mr. Maker lived only the slnlra at tho Alger House, Catlettsthis city a short time. Ho was one of the best burg, Dr. Ira Wollman, of made misstep and fell, breaking tho known Democrats of IVrry-co- . small bone of his right leg and badly spraining the ankle. The doctor came J. W. MAYO DEAD. by his Wealoy Mayo, ago 73, dledTues-da- y home Tuesday, accompanied John gone to Catlettsburg on and waa bulled Thursday In fam- wife, who had accident. Dr. ily burial grounds near Dawklns. sta- receipt of news of the physlclan.The He Hromley la the attending tion, two miles above raintsvllle. Dr. Wellmnn to was a brother of Mr. T. J. Mayo, of accident will confine the house for a considerable time. raintsvllle. TRAGEDY AT WAYLAND. Misses Maude and Muriel Houglnnd A report says one mnn wna killed at returned Monday from Chllllcothe, O., nr near Wnvlnml during the holidays and Miss Muriel left Tuesday for I'll where she Ih bookkeeper for I ho land nnother was wounded. Wo could not leurn numvs and particulars. Stngar Sewing Muchlnv Company, Haxard, IN TORMENTING LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 18. NEW COURT OFFICERS ' WIIKLY ; A wt XXXI. MT.MI - . TWO HUNDRED PATIENTS IN TWO HOURS TIME. NEW CHURCH EDIFICE Miss Ella Hoxie, missionary of TO BE ERECTED HERE the AmericanC.Board of aIndia, tells this Interesting and striking Incident: "One day I went out to a native vil LAUNCHED BY THE lage, with Dr, Elennr Stephenson and MOVEMENT her native nurse, to one of her dispenM.'E. CHURCH 80UTH saries. A schoolhouse was her distrib uting center, and the people flocked OF LOUI8A. around It by scores. We visited the sick In their humes, going first to the home of a high caste Brahman. In a Rev. A. A. HoltlBter, presiding elder. dark room we found a man half parcame up from Ashland Wednesday and alyzed and Dr. Stephenson told him to held the first quarterly conference of come to the hospital. There were peothe year at the local M. E. Church ple with every Imaginable disease, and South. as the doctor went from one house to The most Important action taken was another, followed by dozens of pltiab j the appointment of a committee to natives, bearing their tales of hardship take up the work of building a new and giving them medicine, It seemed church. a mission such aa ChrlBt performed. Rev. L. E. McEldowney, the pastor, Babies drugged with opium swung in hod Just returned from Louisville, baskets from the ceilings, while the where he went to confer with the sec- unsanitary surroundings of the place retary of the Board of Church Exten- seemed a veritable breeding place for sion In regard to assistance on the disease. There were two hundred panew church. He secured both a dona- tients in two hours' time, and the grat tion and loan. itude of the people was very touching. The committee appointed will pro When they learn to know the Chrisceed at once to procure plans and take tians and through the' doctors learn subscriptions, with a view to starting that the missionaries are their friends, work next spring. The structure Is to it is much easier to reach them. How occupy the site of the present build much their women need to be taught Ing, using the entire lot. A basement that their women have souls." under the entire building la contemplated. CHAPERONS FOR GIRLS TO BE FURNISHED BY B. A O. RY. DEATHS FROM EPIDEMIC OF THE GRIP ALARM OFFICIALS Announcement made by the Baltimore & Ohio railroad that it has apPhiladelphia. The death rate from pointed women chaperones to look af- the epidemicf the grip now sweeping ter the company's lines, leaves but one the State has been so high thut Sum- - impression, says the Charleston Gauel G. Dixon, State Health Commie zette. sioner, issued a statement ot Harris- Our own experience with the coy, calling attention to the young things that look like the cover burg seriousness of the situation and cau pages of magazines, as they had droptioned the public that If the is ped from the picture frames or are must be reminiscent of the ideal of some beauto be avoided "sucrltlces made." tiful dream of ours, is thut they are "Keep out of crowded places," Ir. able to take care of themselves. We says, "as one person having the have yet to find one that is not able to Dixon grip may give it to a carloud of rout rude men by the shrug of the shoulders or a look, so frigid that deliIn this city the Bureau of Vital cate men are turned Into congealed ' issued 650 burial permits dur- water. . ing the tirBt three days of thi:j week, As to those who are not young and majority of the deaths being due beautiful we entertain the Idea that tho directly or Indirectly to the grip. This they will not be molested, and if they is more than double the ordinary deatn are they will also be able to care for rate. It is estimated that nearly 15,000 themselvea, for, did not Kipling say persons in Philadelphia alone are suf "the female of the species 1b more ferlng from . the diseuse, which has deadly than the male." been purticulurly fatal to the very old company, ' however, The railroad and the very young. Attendunce at all probably has made no arrangements the public schools has been greatly re for chaperones for the chaperones. duced and In several sections of the One can never forget that there are State schools and colleges have feeen torpedo boat destroyers. Sfime day the forced to close. road will probably have chaperones Reports from Camden, N. J., and a railroad journey will be one long were to the effect that there are at walk through an art gallery, tho mute least 1,000 cases in that city, with fifty objects of our admiration serving aa deaths during the past week. an optical feast. The next step then The foregoing article is timely and be for the railroad company to suggestive. There are many cases of will catalogues to Identify the porgrippe in tola city, so far without any sell . traits. fatality but unless warnings are heeded i and followed no one can say what will Mrs. F. H.' Yates and Homer Yates be the result. huve both been quite sick with grippe. COUNTY AGENT KEGLEY ht . ht SAYS GOOD BY, Starting home for Christmas. I have Just returned rrom Foster, Ky., where I went to select some Holsteln cattle I also Tor some of the Blaine farmers. went to Mt. Sterling to select Short horn cuttle for breeding herds on Luur el and Hood. I spent one day on the famous Wing Alfalfa Farm near Mechantcsburg, O. I learned many of the Ins and outs of fertilization, seeding, hundltng. We are learning to grow alfalfa in this valley. If any one thinks not see Mr. Philip Preece. Please thunk the good people of Luwrence county for their many cour testes extended me during 1915 and wish them a prosperous crop year. There 1b a general awakening toward the newer methods. Yours truly, E. S. KEGLEY. RHYMES INSTEAD OF MEDICINE IS GRIPPE REMEDY, New York, Dec. 27. Rhyme, as a means of educating the public In the prevention of grippe, now epidemic In some parts of the city, was used by the health department today by thousands of curds which It distributed through out the city. The couplet of preventntlvo is: "Cover up each cough and v sneeze; If you' don't, you'll spread disease." Dr. Chus. F. Boldaun, of the Bureau of Health education, says there Is no specific cure for grippe and prevention is the only means of checking ' its spread. MARRIAGE LICENSES C. C. Hensley, 35, to Myrtle Caines. 18. Felix Ferguson, 23, to Iuka Martin, 17. Burgess Compton, 21, to Erie Bowe, 19. Ransom Mullins, 21, to Eva Boggs, 17.- - James Fraaler, cock, 21. 20, to Mary Hitch GREAT PROSPERITY FOR 1916 THE YEAR STATEMENT OF FACTS SENT OUT BY MANUFACTURERS ' ASSOCIATION. The National Cloak and Skirt Manufacturers Association has sent out a bulletin to 20,000 retailers in the United States asserting thnt the new year will be the most prosperous in the history of the country. The bulletin says In part: The following facts, based upon Information obtained from the highest authorities and dealing with factors fundumentul to the. condition of general business. Indicate that, the coming year will be one of unusufil prosperity: At the present time the amount of money In circulation nearly Is the greatest our country haa ever known. The total resources of 7,613 National banks are estimated the at $13,000,000,000. These facts indicate that the average consumer has ample money and that retail sales should be heavy. The balance of trade for rtte present year far eclipses all previous records. For 10 months in 1915 it haa been as compared with $113,960,-76- 5 for 1914. Only the fact that ves- sels are not available prevents this remarkable showing from being even more favorable. The business activity of the country exceeds all former records, estimates being made thut 95 per cent of the g businesses are operating bn a basis. Building operations' continue to increase. are experiencing a The railroads great Increase In traffic and In earnings, and are spending vast sums In expanding their capacities. ' The percentage of employed labor Is larger than ever before, with wages ht their highest record. . The crops are the lurgesf In our history: the value or the yield Is the highest yet known, being placed by Federal authorities at approximately $10,000,- $4,000,-000,0- , profit-payin- Wallace Skoggs, 22, to Alka Wheel er, 16, Louisa, Ky. Joseph K. Step, 24, to Gertrude Well- man, 20. Martin Wellman, 31, to Corrilda Bates, 30. The amuzlng progress of the Iron and E. B. Williams, 23, to Mollle Hurd, steel Industry, one of the most reliable 21, Stone Gup, Va, Thomas Cruwford, 22, to Ella Hal- - business barometers, has led the City Bonk, of New York, tu, ton, 16. state, "Before the war Is over, our caMissionary Society of pacity for tho production of steel and The Woman's the M. 14. Church South met with Mrs. iron will probably be greater than that of all Jhe rest of tho world." R. C. McClure Tuesday afternoon. De licious refreshments were served until The foregoing facts clearly prove that much enjoyed nfter the business of the 1916 will be the nation's Jublleo your nt I prosperity. meeting bad beon transacted. . --

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