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Image 9 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1916-1917

Part of Lexington City Directories

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| . nuke ¤••¤u•<‘»¤k i CONGLETON LUMBER C0. “°:..":.°' ¤··£.».¤»£...& 111.. suv ‘~ nn ams sen Line ny. YI i<. |i'I’<>l.K an nfs i.1ix1Nr;TON CITY DIRECTORY 9 R. L. POLK & CO.’S C I'I` Y G U I D E MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION STATE GOVERNMENT II<»\`Cl`II¤¤l'——.\llglI$IU$ II $I;mIey I.ieu1en;mi Iil)\`t’I`I`I¤>I`·—-.Il)IIII IEI I·ZI:1eI< SCCI-L‘I(lI'}i wl- $1:nIe4_I:11iies I) Lewis .\u·Ii1·»i‘——I{··I»e1‘t IC Mreeiie .III`C(I>lII'CI`r··SIICI`lIIZIII Iic IlI5Il'lICII<*Il~-·\I II t}iII>ei‘t L`··miiiissi¤»i1er uf .\§l`ICI.IIIIII`C—·AIZIII S Cohen .\·I_i11t:m1 IiL'IIL‘I`III"·#_I Tzmmly ICIIis Sizue I.iI¤1‘;1i‘i;ui——I*`i‘:1i1I< IS I\:1l\`ilI]£l\l§II Fire XI;ii·~I1;iI ->I`II4>IIIilS I‘;m1ieII FAYETTE COUNTY OFFICERS L_`¤~Ul`l II<»use_ \\' XI:Iii1, Iwiweeii Liiper uml L`Iie;ipsi¤Ie $ei1;m»i·—~—_I 'I` IIIIIIIIS Lhumy llepresemzuix·e—L`Ii:ii·Ies I-2 Nichols (`ity RU]II'•.’$CllIllII\'l‘—·AI2\II. S \\'1lIIOII Iuelge L`i1‘euit L`UI.`Il`I—L`IIIll`I(*S Kerr . LIIIlIIlIIt»lI\\`C(IIIII .\tt¤>i·ne)‘——_I0Ii11 R .-\IIcii (`Iei·I< L`ii‘eui1 (`·u1i‘l—_I¤»Im II (`:1i‘tei· SIieriI°1`—!I` { Ih·;i— Ilwgzm L Yancey (`uumy II

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