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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 8 of Museum Paper, no. 7, 1924 - including "The Genus Gyrotoma" by Calvin Goodrich.

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Image 8 of Museum Paper, no. 7, 1924 - including "The Genus Gyrotoma" by Calvin Goodrich

Part of Alabama Works Progress Administration Publications

1 tw iii il rl t . l 1 - i 1 it tl s g P lt 1 ~ l tg y ll { 6 CAr.v1x Goootzreu C i . ` on |et:lterwootl Shoals and disappears below DLIIICHITS Rittle, Chilton t`o;;;i. _,~,,;;{ con; - ty, [Vu//.t:ri`i has a somewhat shorter range, \Veduska Shoals, Shelby tV;~u;;. 1 pmt pla S ` ,g ty, to llutting Ram Shoals, Coosa County. Five species occur at \Vetiii11plu, ` ttgmigtii J ill 'l`heir up-river range from this point isi E.tf1iSHH1,, to Tl1fI5lZ1lltl Shoals, tlyrotoin _. Talladega County; Iuoitziatzmz, to Fort \Villiam Shoals; {vzriszmz and jvzmsiluti; { 1_elltixei . A 1 to Weduska Shoals; pagotlai, to The Bar, Chilton County. ibut they J; The localities for Gyrototna mentioned in this paper are. here set tlou,-I Mpiiiiol);15 lat their order, ttpStrC;tm to (lO\\'11Sll'l1U, tll COLtIlty (l5lgl121lE1C>tlS being ` groups, . given as upon Mr, Sinitlfs labels, though the river in most of these place; The , Q i is the border between counties: to tiuesti Q A . { . l T ` awk 2, st. titan county. W l"l Q V fi Ten-Island Shoals, St. Clair County. Ll' liv illll 4; l Lock 4, St. Clair County. and omft { y l{ix;rside, St. Clair County. ipimiyygi I E { ! Truss Shoals, St. Clair County. M,\Sib]\, ; I Clarence Shoals, St. Clair County. _l\_'n l llall's Island, Talladega County. L _; }= I Yellowleaf Creek (upper), Shelby County. lliitx ` I 1 /l`lll`t(lSl[\ll(_l Shoals, Talladega County. ntae, O1 ll 5 i Fort \Villian1 Shoals, Talladega County. wil {boy { V * ; Pccltertvotul Shoals, Talladega County. iS_ Q I , ` \\=e who ts l it hc separated from that genus. These mollusks are characterized by large _ " *1 *<1> l ll l shclls and large opcrcula. They have the same wide aperture of Gyr1~'>tll1 lil __;11tiZt E ` and the saute inicroscopic sculpture. The group has not been cartt`till Y.: i.,i uncut l` ~ studied. hut thcsc species unouestionahly belong to it: Goitiolaasis i;1tlet`5&Y . 1 i~ s lor tl E J Lea. lttvtu lay, .v}so:tt1lz*rrt`i l,ea (t8(io), lcrtiiirii Lea, btvllztla. Lea and tizuvlfii t apply E l l 1 l.c.1. lil`4lltLl.l*l}' otlicrs are tmzfiovti l.ea and /or/1r_v;nn Anthony, which ';`ij.ii 2~J~1:.1rl11an C y i io, pp, gig, gtgl assigned to Eurycaelon. Occasionally all these sg=l* l ~ itlict dcxclop incipient lissurcs. Mr. Suiith collected several specimens will Iii- Zio llrttn. l surcs llt.ll'l}` las lztrelc as in ,iwtt1t:ttittiit;ii. and inticum. and yet, in othir lii1l.:tte caros. zctauunc their usual Goniolwastc tcntures, Every one has a

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