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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 7 of Museum Paper, no. 7, 1924 - including "The Genus Gyrotoma" by Calvin Goodrich.

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Image 7 of Museum Paper, no. 7, 1924 - including "The Genus Gyrotoma" by Calvin Goodrich

Part of Alabama Works Progress Administration Publications

!;l i 5 Tnii GENts Gvnoroxiix 5 . ll-Um Coosa at Ifort \\iilliam Shoals, \\iilsonville and '\\ietumpka. He distributed ' El _\\illl a great number of specimens, many of which I have had the opportunity I il` to examine. 5~ lll Hannibal (2. p. 179) recognized Gyrotoma as a genus and set down Z ***lli` Goniobasis as a subgenus. Linder the name Gyroroiiiiz. olitizla tv.iri`sa. (Lea) C3 wi he threw together all the forms that are mentioned in Tryon as being deep- /0 l*" fissured. eighteen species in all. Twenty-two. described as having short or shallow fissures. suffered telescoping under the designation Gymfonza [acm . I vainsozz iiicisa (Lea). Mr. Hannibal was bold, but not without a few misgivings. I i eve bel Preparatory to a prodigious scrambling of the Pleuroceridae he wrote, It f ;actualij is not anticipated that this treatment will HICCI with general approval h Nwlkt in every instance." { >S llbiif The Alabama Museum collection of Gyrotomae is, of course, unparalleled. A dC51`lt>i$ It contains thousands of specimens carefully labelled and so painstakingly k, I the l` cleaned that color and sculpture can be made out quickly and with certainty. ` Cl`lZU`7ll'iY Notes by Mr. Smith upon his labels and observations he made in his cor- I small. respondence with Dr. \\ialker have been invaluable in this study. te"; iiit ' , i (ICON" Tm; ENURONAUQNT _ Rel) mi The genus is contined to the Coosa River. It has not been found even l 2 Mww within the mouths of creeks flowing into the river. The nature of the H twew habitat suppliestlie explanation. Xlr. Smith repeatedly wrote of Gyrotomae E K \i.HHw 215-l1V1I1g 'in rapid heavy currents. Speaking ot the genus at \Vetumpka he l 5 said that it was "almost conhned to swift water. and those specimens in pools I mcs (lm`. do not lroolv health) and ate ppt to dcfoimed. A peimanent habitat 4 mg GW? of this lund is iaier among Ileuioceiidae than is generally supposed. Io L Of Cixi; and Anculosa do occupy the syvitter parts of rivers, the old as well as the hcug mi; young, but most species of lleuroceraare to be found in quiet water. W i U mp Pleurocem ziiicialc (Hald.), a characteristic east Tennessee species, is in , I j __ the mam part of streams only while partly grown. The adults seek the pools ' adil': if and banks. I have noticed the same thing of Gmiiiolirisfs Iizmscciis (Menke) l I l;;l;lO;"`_ in Ohio, Michigan. and Indiana. Colonies of Zivesrciis are found upon I g mm ihCVwavebeaten rocks in Lake Erie. but far larger colonies inhabit places much [Cr in ihmorg prqtetqted. The Rrclliiiapggtillnotis Qoign of Izzmscmpv lives plintifully in l rap1 s 0 ie upper i"a>asi iver. ; epauperate orm o tie s ecies _ was collected by Hinkley under stones in the lower part of the river. pSuch l mae ""lja site, corresponding to that in which Gyrotoma Hourishes. was an unhealthy I Slllgll ; one for a species probably the most adaptive of all Goniobases. i , glllet; . { IC Claw Drsrmncrrov . Ilia , U Eyt-mi Gyrotoma first appears in the Coosa at Lock 2. St, Clair County, The , nal ;ik.tQOnly species there and about as far down as the mouth of Yellowlea-f Creek l i were Ufof Shelby County is /~yrczmi`z{afioii. In the short distance between this point l I HTC, mytilllil the foot of Peckerwood Shoals, Talladega County. occur tive species I ;\h1cha1e confined to these reaches, namely, anzjvliinz, (`(H'l}1I.]C(`}'IlHZi, spi]/ziiczazii, E HmldL,,\.v~fuis1z and ]I[i.1(2It`}'SOI1I, The second and the last of these five are known , i 7 bfU,.\_ mm Fort \\lll1Z1ITl Shoals only. Alrilztiiiiciisilv is first met with sparingly 1 I

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