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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 7, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

f Lvatt 0 < e 0 I fl VOLUME DEATH OF JOHN t COLUMBIA 10 ADAIR r WILLISI McSCOTTASSASSINATED The subject of this notice died at his home in Russell Springs last Thurs ¬ day night He was born and reared in Adair county and was a son of the He Receives Fatal Wounds Saturday late Pascal Willis He was about forty Night at Helena Ark Dying six years old and was a victim of consumption The remains were inter Sunday Afternoon red at the old home place on Glens fork this county The deceased was a brother of Mr J A Willis and aneph ¬ ew of Mrs Jennie Mollie McClain of PARTICULARS CAN NOT BE LEARNED this place He leaves a wife and sev ¬ eral children Last Sunday morning about 8 oclock a dispatch from Helena Ark reached DEAD AT EIGHTY FOUR YEARS Columbia directed to Mr James Gar ¬ nett and signed J P Burks which Mrs Ellen Patteson one of the most readJ M Scott fatally shot come at beloved old ladies in Taylor county died in Campbellsville last Friday night onceMr Garnett was not at home being She was eightyfour years old and was the mother of the late Circuit Julge en route for Pineville and during the Charles Patteson anda grandmother day nothing else was discussed About of Mrs Jo Coffey Jr of this place five oclock in the afternoon the sec ¬ Funeral services were held Saturday ond message came stating that Mr and the interment was in Brookside Scott died at 230 oclock Monday Judge W W Jones for the Cemetery Mr and Mrs Coffey this family of the deceased wired Mr place attended the last sad rites f Burks to have the body shipped to this place and it will probably reach Camp ¬ DIED bellsville this Tuesday night Mr Scott was a wellknown news ¬ Friday morning Herschel Jef paper man and at the time of his assas fries aged 13 years died at the home ination was City Editor of the Helena of his mother Mrs Omeria Jeffries Ark World He was also wellknown near Joppa He was a victim of ty ¬ in this section of Kentucky having been phoid fever and was sick but a few a writer on the Columbia Spectator and days He was a dutiful son the pride the Mountainer which was published of a loving mother anda favorite of at Somerset Like all the flesh he had his brothers and sisters He was a son his faults but he was a kindhearted of the late Cook Jeffries and a nephew man ever ready to lend his assistance of W F Jeffries this place The in ¬ to those in distress He was honest in terment was in the family burying all his transactions meeting his obliga ¬ ground many friends being present tions promptly His untimely and man ¬ ner of death was generally regretted JUDGE GARNETT AT PINEVILLE here where he had a large number of friends He leaves a wife and one Several weeks ago Governor Beck child a sonabout five years old All the information we have is con ¬ ham commisioned Hon James Garnett tained in the following dispatch of this place to hold a special term of spe ¬ Circuit Court lasting four weeks if Little Rock Ark Aug cial to the Gazette from Helena Ark necessary at Pineville Bell county Monday August 5 was fixedo begin says J M Scott city editor of the the term and it is now in session Mr Helena World was found on the side ¬ Garnett is a lawyer of recognized abil ¬ walk this morning at 2 oclock Two ity and there is not a doubt but he will bullets had entered his head and al ¬ be just to all parties who may have though he lived a few hours after being found he was unable to make a state- ¬ business before him ment So far no clue to the assassin Companions J D Lowe Horace Jef ¬ existsA ago an attempt was made to kill Mr Scott He was attracted to P Smith Sam Lewis and R H Durham went to Campbellsville last Fri the rear of his office by a noise and on day and in the afternoon and evening approaching to ascertain the cause two conferred the Chapter degrees on two shots were fired at him He began teams After the work was concluded firing in return and his assailants fled an elaborate banquet was spread in He was not able to identify them Jt is generally believed that the kill honor of the visiting Companions Those who are on the inside understand ng was due to a personal quarrel and that the degrees were imprassively con ¬ that it had no connection with the cru- ¬ ferred and we predict that Pitman sade of the World on the police depart-¬ Chapter and those who went over the ment some months ago which forced road were well pleased with the work the resignation of the chief of police who afterward attempted to commit Mr and Mrs J A Young entertained suicide the Columbia band and a few special BURNING TRUTHS friends last Thursday evening Re ¬ freshments were served and several hours delightfully spent Besides ti band there were present Mr and Mrs The large congregation at the Christ ¬ W F Hancock Misses Laura and Ma ian church last Sunday forenoon cer¬ ry Stephens Ola Wilson and Annie tainly heard a sermon worth listening Faulkner Messrs Volina Sullivan to The Rev A R Kasey of the Cameron Dunbar and Oscar Steele the Methodist church was the speaker latter being from New Albany and tor almost three quarters of an hour he held the attention of his au ¬ It looks very much like Miss Lorena dience in a way that was almost mar ¬ Pile of this place will bea winner from velous It may be an astounding fact the Twentyfifth District in the Louis- to a great many persons but according ville Heralds popularity contest Up to the Bible there are a large per cent to Sunday morning there were recorded of liars in the world to day who have in her favor over 28000 votes Her not the truth in them and these liars next compeditor has a few votes over are not all outside the church either S000 John puts in this meaning Any man who saith he knows God and keepeth Mr Robert Gabriel Frazer the young not Jiis commandments is a liar and est son of Mrs Flora Frazer and a the truth is not in him It is indeed brother of Mrs W B Patteson this a strange thing to see some meh live a place was married to Miss Elizabeth lie and act a lie every day on the out ¬ among their fellowmen when with ¬ Grace Bowmen Windsor Mo July side in their very souls they know that Gods 17th The couple will make their home word tells them very plainly that such J at Tallulah Lais the case v Rev Kaseys comparison of a worth- ¬ The Ladies Aid Society of the Christ ¬ less hound dog to a great many men ian Church will give a social during the was very appropriate and a better illweek of the Institute with refresh ¬ ustration of the subject could not have ments Time and place mentioned next been portrayed The old lazy hound 6 that would not run or let any of the week rest of the pack get ahead of himbe ¬ The residence on Burksville street cause he would jump on them and fight them back can be applied to men every known as the J N Page property was where and a great many xight herein 9ldby the Master Commissioner last Columbia as for that matter There Monday to W T McFard for 1090 sure lots jpf two legged hoimotyin the ¬ 1 t I 7 LI 0 I I o y 1If j 1 0 t UNIQUE SOCIAL 7 1907 FARMERS 0 Ednr welg Wren Married in Louisville Wednesday July 31 I 39 NUMBER MEETING As the season of the year has a come when the farmers can take a days lay off occasionally I think it would be well to have a meeting of the Farmers Insti ¬ tute and reorganize and take a QUITE A NUMBER OF FRIENDS PRESENT new start The State is spend ¬ ing a good sum of money in send ¬ ing out practical farmers to ev-¬ The CourierJournal of last Thursday contains the following announcement of ery county in the State to hold Institutes to instruct the farm- ¬ here ers along agricultural lines AsThe parlor of the Willard Hotel wa s some of these men will be in Cothe scene of a unique wedding at b lumbia October 3rd and 4th to wen I ¬ oclock last night The principals were Elzie Feese a wellknown young ma of Columbia Adair county and Miss Edna May Wren a ward of the Ken- ¬ tucky Childrens Home Society The marriage was a culmination of court ¬ ship begun when both the bride and groom were mere children Miss Wren who was taken in chargby the society when she was an infant ought to try to get our farmers interested so as to give them a good hearing and thus help to advance the agricultural inter ¬ ests of Adair county ofe Newbs LY herr to Institute the Adair The Ladies Aid Society of the Presmeet at the Court House Satur ¬ byterian Church conceived a novel wa day August 10 1907 of raising church funds and Tuesda Y night of last week at the home of Mis H B Garnett Minnie Triptett a large number of the residents of Columbia were made ac ¬ occurred a few months ago At tha time the family was broken up an quainted with the idea At 8 oclock the home and yard wer Miss Wren was again taken in charge brilliantly illuminated and one hou rWhereas we the teachers of Russe I later there had assembled fully on wife she became county having spent a pleasant week hundred young people and many older followed her to Louisville and after in the capacity of an Institute Assem ¬ persons of the community proving to the society his worthiness bled at Jamestown do resolve As the guests arrived they entered gained the institutions consent to the 1st That we render our heartfelt the parlor where hey were met union committee of itftdiesllrs Geo thanks to the citizens of Jamestown Thomas Mrs W E Bradshaw an Miss Minnie Triplett who inspectehave entertained us in their homes their wearing apparel taxing each ac ¬ and especially her high regard for 2nd That we render our thanks to cording to the value of their garments George L Sehon State superintendent the organist and others who assisted in The fines varied from one cent to five of the society occurred just at the close the devotional exercises cents and the average to a person w e 3rd That we thank the many visitors about twenty cents In that way an pro ¬ for their presence and many instruct ¬ the amount the fortune teller who nouncing the couple husband and wife ive suggestions looked hideous and who was located in had been brought to a close the young 4th That we compliment Superin ¬ a tent a few yards from the residence woman hurriedly left the side of her tendent Smith for his prudence in the received the ladies raised over thirty husband and impressed a fervent kiss execution of the duties of his office and dollars After every body had been ¬ the very energetic way in which be has taxed and had been made acquainteo tried to raise the standard of education was a with their future prospects Mrs Geor- ¬ groom among in this county and for his foresight in gia Shelton being endowed at that time friends of the bride and whom were a score of guests of the securing the services of Prof Phelps with the faculty of knowing what ishotel Mr and Mrs Feese will make as instructor of our Institute coming in the lives of each their home in Louisville 5th That we considering Prof Phelps Miss Margaret Todd rendered a piano as a member of our teaching fraternity solo faultlessly Misses Martha Han- ¬ RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT do compliment him for his high educa ¬ cock and Lina Rosenfield sang beauti ¬ tional attainments and thank him for fully and Misses Katie Murrell and Ni ¬ the many new progressive measures na Marcum recited admirably At the meeting of the Gradyville Misses Nellie Follis Elizabeth Coy juvenille missionary society the fol ¬ that he has introduced in our Institute 6th That we realizing that children Mollie Flowers and Mary Triplett did lowing resolutions were adopted do not receive the full value of the themselves proud at the lemonade and Whereas that Pearl Carrie Irene common schools on account of non at ¬ punch bowl stand and Dewey Moss and Paul Wilson tendance do petition the next General Taking it altogether it was the most were all devoted members of our society enjoyable entertainment given in Co- the former being treasurer also Alfrelumbia for years Lee Moss Henry Raymond Hilt and 7th That Higher Educational and The members of the Columbia Brass Mary Beauchamp were members of the Moral Standard shall be our watch ¬ Band volunteered their services and at Buds and Blossoms lost their lives in intervals rendered some of their very the recent flood that visited our little word8th That the above resolutions be best selections To them the ladies of town on the night of the 7th of June printed in one or two of our local pathe society desire to express their bringing sorrow to the whole commu ¬ pers also in the Southern School Jour- ¬ j 0 o AUGUST 7 County I te theyY provind societd RESOLUTIONSa Gi i WEDNESDAY em nFEESEWREN = 4A q KENTUCKY world in the form of men who whe they see their fellowmen attain unto little success or portion in life they will jump on him and fight him down and do every thing in their power this hurt Such men know not thei Christ they are hypocrites and liars and the truth is not in them Such able expositions of the burning truths contained in the Bible as the one delivered by Rev Kasey upon this oc ¬ casion should cause men to examine their own hearts and see whether or not they are living in accordance with Johns view of the matter The dis- ¬ course was powerful logical and con ¬ wincing and the depths of its meanin is unfathomable It is not my purpose to make meritorious mention of any person unless I believe he or she to be deserving of such but when a man has power and force of character sufficient to say what he believes is true and right then I think he deserves credit and praise F McL A > J COUNTY 0 tLast I unt bL thd mard I cornd grateful thanks nity be it 1st Resolved That in the deathof these members of said socities that w have sustained an irreparable loss an the cause some zealous Christian work ¬ UG MH nal HATFIELD BERNARD ANTLEd N M Tutt Plff against Rachel Hughes etc Deft Persons having claims against the es ¬ tate of John C Hughes deceased are ers hereby notified to present them before 2nd That we admonish our members me properly proven as required by law to emulate their true Christian charac- ¬ on or before the 15th day September ters and prepare to meet them where 1907 Failure to complywiththis order parting will will be no more will forever bar your claim against 3rd That these resolutions be placed HERSCHEL T BAKER said estate in the record books of the societies and Master Commissioner A CC a cepy sent to the Little Worker 393t Columbia Spectator and Adair County News for publication Mr J 0 Russell will add anothe I 4th That we as a society extend our convenience to his residence Last heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved par ¬ week he decided to put in water works ents and friends of said children and He purchased an engine and all the pray Gods blessings upon them in this necessary fixtures which will be in ¬ their hour of deep sorrow and trouble stalled in the next few days ANNIE HUNTER i NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS I have made and filled appointments in each magisterial district of Adair county as required by law for the purpose of receiving taxes for the year 1907 and from this time I am supposed to have it paid to me at my office in Co ¬ lumbia Ky and I do not intend to keep up this thing of visiting and beg ¬ ging people to pay me These taxes are due the county and State and all that I get out of it is a small commis ¬ sion for collecting out of which 1 have to live and pay the expenses of the office and I do not purpose to spend it MARY WILMORE traveling over this county If you owe In last weeks issue we stated tha S it come and pay up and save the cost Mrs Bettie Bennetts motHer was a Committee of a forcible collection This is intend ¬ Tupman We were mistaken She counter indebted to me by note or edfor every tax payer in Adair was a Holladay a sister of Za hand who has not already settled y account are requested to call and settle Waller Holladay W B PATTESON S A C leave Gradyville the last at once as I July 30 1907 ReV J C Cook on his return from of August Dr S A TAYLOR his appointment at Hartsville Tenn 392t Gradyville Ky FOR SALE stopped over in Hart county and preach ¬ Judge Junius Hancock is having a sermon of the ed the annual opening Liberty Baptist Association at Zio One heavy workmule one top bUggy his hotel which will addgreatly to the Church appearance of the building newly painted W L WALKER In this issue of the News Mr H B vMessrs J F Triplett and J C GarIeU f > publishes an address to th com¬ Strange caught last Wednesday morn ¬ fanneiSftand suggests a meeting for remember that the Institute will next Saturday afternoon The hour of mence next Monday Iff is desirous ing thirtyfive pounds of catfish and three large turtles meeting will rbej oclock that they report promptly FLOWERt Alls 4 I ofn shoulde r L11 00 11 lot rI f w

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