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Image 6 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), July 11, 1798

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

'Jlvvih' Pflibr. rrNITEUTTARY HOUSfi. SCCTf b i"' TROTTER i"V S.;!e, , ill TItE FOLIOVMhG TRACTS OF tO'Bl ca d to receded from Philadelphia, TT AVING oi all accoui tsi um t leireuinmeiic tiat lving in t ie coi ntv oi C11 c"'7j aujltiun to Ins forn,er ailo. tn.ent, OfNfc. thewaters oi Locust cic.T, m n? "- ment in Uuine' in tnis country until cue e,c--r Long Iulc ill ttu imicltc'lto 7' ;9 ' feitd tte, eirnu'lv n J ota J li and PcTrfterftiary Shcrrv and l'ort Screw angers, 3 ''Vx:m,cU:iirlivlioid, icquctet or no kl' aciunt, t) cie.., all inch(in 1''r ri,ltt. , ichnc trtv, oi v Wheel irons, Wirus, J oi... "i.e. eby"" rive notice that theyKnives and fork3 cone lorvv,.id in md-- immediate pavn it, us il tlcvciinii slrom iiai din Icttlement, W u- Fren h brandy, v .trend a. the lioufe ot Capt. m,t iv 2501 acies ;he n"" fpnns . flwub. SP. igb &. oaddler's longer do av" tlrv L"hne'J wl!hope, ; J"11 Pi ill e rh-ficer, in iiic town of Frankfort, on The pv e ui'U Aii'lbe d fo'e-- ' of on modethercioie tacks, be prevented fiom the unagreeable neceility oi rate terms; one h ' oi the juu' Ie nn cv to Monday, the 23d of this piefent Hylon Ik in & bo- - tHE iftDirertoisanaappointed to lupeiuiicEii" J. tor. Has con- - l: il i fctf's-me- i ut 1 c i T -- cxa-t- i. ) c I ! -- b l'ea teas. a. vucens aim j;i'3 month, to icceive propolals tor the war, aliorteu, ,..tnm finrl laving of a considerable Madder, of buck, ?nd for the raising White lead and Coarse ninflins, Spanish whitu.g. Stuff and Moioc- ') co flijrpers, &c. 1 building, and the wall Amik., whipsaws, " for the fa. &c. &c. .eee.., or jjic cojinecieu with it tlie wnoie to be ot the belt W llich lie will sell 011 Moderate terms matMinlc quality, with vefpeel; to strength and for CASH clurnliiHrv. ThAV Will at llie same Lexington, JTune lit. 1798. time beieadytoiceive propos h tor JUHN JUK.DAN Jllll. the execuron of fucicarPenter's al,dresmith's work, as the budipg may TJASjuIl armved from Philadelphia with a iTT laroe artd artnsivE as'Soktsknt oi qune. v andrnJiK-ofaHroequantitvofllan- e, 7 Daniel WeisicW John Logan, Harry Touimin, t J9 ? 3 tRCHANDlZEj Vhichhei noi opening and wiUiill whole sale, 1 "' r a cici ,t ri tv elvc cown, tor t1 gf gi lc r months will be(,uen! An) perlon be proved fecuntv IV o ui chase, mav know the tc ms by TOBnCCO MANUFACTORY. fpi'lju to C, q t. Ivobt Cr'ddock in D inville JOHNW HOLT.atto. iniaft subscriber informs hi., fi.ends and the 01, for THOs. HOLT in jcncral, that he coin lues to i2wtf carry oh the lanufa-xoroi tobacco, in all its NOl ILL vanous branches, eq izl to any in tins it.itc, lawyer Jfagncs 1, on Main "jj S hei eb) pivtn tlvat v e w iih to pur-ii- " "ea'Iy PP" ftrer. wheie be intend., t have t mmntitv ch.iie a negro lad lrge enuoh hole readv for faie, wiiqlenlc lud lor vvl ich we will give an exgentlemen who pieafc to favoi ,11 fi tlcir cellent brood niaic and one 01 two of custom mav be lupphed on the ihortc't oliee. hei colts, one of a year old the other i cuiuiuciauic cicciu win ue given, wntn Vlroleiale, by giving bond with appioved" a fprjpg coir (botlr of them are ve y Jikely) and one good leather bed ai'd iecunty. vy VI JACOB LAtJDEMAN. furnituie the balance we will pay in commencing iuits aga ntt any. Lexington, December 19, 797 lie paid 1 lit ' P""-'alc- , THE 1 1 1 money on or befoie Christmas For which pond security will be given : or we will pay the whole or any pirc X tl)R S4LE, Jujt ai ; ivui on thereof in masons work, as we have. imported, and now open St,a! Small Tnfc HiVEjiiil sale, a large an-- very geis vest Valuable XANDjf A quintuy ot hi&h proof 9 or 10 hands that understands that A. e ptopofe to vvOik. ior bulinefs irf ef tncMtefiihh Trtxi, int) A C A SPIRITS; neral alio, t.neiit of good young riegfoes, good horses &.c. MrRCHANDIZF, Miur v Lands in Tiftr Sta.te of ptNNr.sjiai Also a quantity, of wheat, hemp, nd tobacco, deiiVTEreJ. 63 t' ice tra.rt Veil cnlruhted to all seasons ; which SUGAR, at niaiket and. allow tue maiket price ach, fythey will sell on very low terms lor 2 acjes Nbtiouaejvn i r tlie tout! e'n b mi 3W JOi.LPH& JAs. 13EA1 Y. ol an ai to c tonnoit rVivilL, of will be fcld on lev trnr: Aoply to caih. tuecjilern b.kof t e uwr Cuii.beilar.d, with TROTTER SCOTT. A HOLMES. aimt 'priHffoi wate each of the iaid triUi Jifeph Burnetr. TIIK creditors of notiSed.that tLe 40 town lotC'anu out !o ;, being parr oi j6 Lexington M?y 26, 179?. "N.B. the fnbfcribers have iinpnrted u'eherebj tf town lotsand outVlpts in tie atoieirJ aJditioT 7i large quantity of vtll aborted lan ftibfciibers, cojnmii inneis appoint 'it z .. .1 J ,11.1,,... rnnDt fnnnlv to tne town ol Ua n l.L. bj law to fer'le the eftare or fa.-- U . i, un,a.U a. r. j lepaiated 011 lots JUSt i'1'?1" tC i, tf ing53partoiijoutloXs,! of tvo acies each, he- of calHncrs and fait. injontneeaft l.ceof And now opening, at the corner of Man and nctt, wi'l meet at Haidhi court hotife or) VVeilntfday the ift, d iv of Aii lit FOR SALE, a iriety oi artic c s act pted to the pre.'tnt rtxt, w heie iaid ci editors are requeit-e- d chalersol the town lets, to attend with their actotuits proForty thousand acres of months lrom Novemo... .li 3 the turn ol l3 and ipproaching Icaloi, viz. aft. ai.'hfMt;catad in cml-- r that tha Lnal", wlnte & brawn perly An illbrtment oi drv W Territory same mav be fittled and t'jujlecf. the Illinois grant. Sugars, toc 's, acres, beinrj pa- c '"a JlAhRlSON TAYl.OlV, c nnarron, acie fi in II m aie 3c cuttlery, Al'jiice, ON r,o 120, granted to omu s3 hoes gmg.r &c. HENRY BI'OADS, aitd ,,,injtittd ot d ai irt ficlcs, icy tncs Allum, copperas, ar-dit-on the wainlcfferfon countv, d 3,351, ait lleiy in the Ilnno ie0 n nit, by a STFPIION CLLVER. s ters of Bear tnetruilees Ciockeiv and glafi Frankfort, July, "VtfE SUBSCR1BKRS 2d 1 798. Lexington, Febrvary m Jan 15, Itlif I79S. . 1. v 119S ' " Nmu-Orkan- s, 1 T 1 da-n- 3 4 1 besthavannIiii . , 111 .,- d v LAND, 4 LICKING. lh DO -t s ofldidgrai Gr-f- 1030 acres oi a pre emption in Shelby county, rote' LYIKC NEAfe 11111 t THF V - acres on creek, Jetierroncoun- - 2 333 ly . n county, t 700? acres on Hough creek, 4,3iorcres m Malon county, on the Ohio. 45 aciesor Uicen river, Lincoln countv 753 acreson ( oe's creek, Nelion countv. loio do near the Kentucky river, Woodtord county. Thegieotcr pari- of the above hnds I will sell very low lor the next ciopoi toabeco, vhcit, flaur, hemp or mercbam ne b AMU EL F, LiUVALL. April 1st, 1798. tf 3 Ha-di- Doitof Samuel Bi own, leave to inform BEGS he will practice the puulic, MLDKINE :.. ... oni li v ... tbAlNUlUN .. UI1UH3HI Ullil JUUUL1V . . on 11 u,.c . ,j 1 it .,- -- nt-to,ether aikus, cp',,ltg said n- - tf Lexington, April 4, 1798. p- - SALES OF LOTS f . IN 7 HE TOWN OF TRANS YL ANI A , . k. ....a r ' uti.o, ZnVXi VmiLs aDove l.omlvi,iL. 0 routes. SupihW port common paper, School bibles and unctth,ir98 ex- l- -i s NOl , , i- and tef 311 Window jlaio, 7 by 9 febv 10, 9b) 11, 10 b 12, w. lts S41E, JL ST wes r, it have been commenced and judgments obtained againlt the :, managers. CASH is really wanted, d- it is honed this notice will he at- tended to. No further indulgence can be given. All those who have Tjurchafed tickets and are entitled to a credit on account of piizes, are re- quelled to forward their fortunate numbers as soon as poffible, that the true Hate of their accounts may be THOs BODLEY, known. for the Managers. ,,' - TO BE SOLD FOR CASH. eO A Likely Negro. Woman, nrr.lffiLL calculated for AW Vpp'y house bufmefs. flpoks, Washes, Sews and Knitts Well. to tlie printer hereof. BL4XK DEEDS for sale at this Office, AND TO EC IMPOrj-ED- , AT THE SIGN OP AND1EW M'CALLVs AI '07 H EC ART SLOP, Near the pen, Lex ngton, 1 variety of F'r.MI MLDICIIML, F ' TS. we. Anions wli ch "re, Wolf Eait, Gum EWfl.c, Lamp B'acl , N pple Glalles, bre A Ptpes, Steel Trulies, Sand C rucibles, Almonds, Tainannas Cunaii e, v, Ancnovies. A n.unb"i oi which he x ill sell much lover than ary that has hitheito been orfeied in tms Tebiuary 19, 1798. ilate. SO-J- sni rr Jj David Umiphieys, Ginger' CLOCK ir WATCH-MKE- I, Respfcti ui infoi ins his friei dj and the piiulic in genei al. that le cai -Uebfler's lies on his bullnels in all it vm 113 &f CorDeras blanches, in. Capt. Kenneth Ivl'Cuv s Ti'r.n Spelling house 011 Mill ftieet, the second hoi,e 1. Books. T ho'c? firitn Sho' t ltreet, Ljentort fXfc J6 && ftldPbnJer a grrfund' rent of Bibles "ix-- TeRa-mer.t- s. tvljo please to savor him with their a and a hail tit wheat, yearly,l to corn- - r nils alio ted. o.'ibin nny depend on hiving their JIlence in twu jt4ii nuiu LuCfUaic ui iuc rues unrrn oVH15 Folio Post and work done in the ntaiell and bell . Fine letter paper. manner and on the fhortefr notice. Twentv lots, free of rent fnr THE fub.feri'ier reqnefls all perioni wtl'b e giveh to the first ufeiul nieclunic?ihjo bv John Braolaid, and for f teJust lei tie on them, upon the conditions which indebted to him. to nav their efut-c- t st his ii , fud it the office of ,wl11 be madf known 0 fPp'ying to - balance,, as he sew weeks expecis in a John Biactuid & Son, I'rarkioit, l1Hrratf?rad,0rd'S1,KrinrmSO,fiCJe'h?re to send to Philadelphia, a neglect of may seen, Inn ZJ inrther th,s notice will be a conideiabe 11- EXTRACTS Oem the inform'auon had, rcfpeflins it. FME LAWS tf tie INITED Si MK-- , rAiitKjuN, stgenc jerjue iury to, W. WEST. i ,.,u, s - I I f'""wii "& ties, by immediately pavinjrto tne, ononeoi.mi; winch, a mill now wit.i- V then refpeclive ballances due the lot- - , two rall-- are amongisthedantag4 wMch made attend lKANSYLVANiA, and artordtpe most tery. Application is frequently for prizes but no money to difchai ge flattering profpectsoi its niing rapidly into con- them-s- uits ANDRV M'tnDDIN, Jnhe 6th, 1798. A variety of fai'dlerv, have a HI- MP THD fnbV- iaddies, lidole hats in town to bieilr, Tor whichquantity oi fcrviee they Wul ih ps and bridles of give 76 per 112 lb. every delcuptu n DAVID QODGE, & Co. Alio a ttw execber double ai iuijle Lexington, Jin 31, 1798 tni,er rifleguns hOLl fed of extremely low Timble servant, lmrdied and tertv sour acre? o FOUR tsAfHAiN bURKOWS. Iv.ngon the Munb anch oi ) ide in", pat'itid and fl.rvecd in tl.e year 178 Lexington, IVtarch 8, 1798. the title mdnputable Fortirnis ipplv to the? A generous price will be giver for coun-ti- y fubfenberat Cipt. Willi m A'Vn's, Lex nfi,n. lugai, ROBLUT BllADLE . tf W1,i - - -- &. uke place on toe pie, ts, on la't A T his store on Main flreer, be- Tuciday in July next, one t jrd ot Lie pm- V tvveen mr. Bradfnrd's prim ng chaii nioiiey to be paid ui anu, one t .1 u in iwcive inontiis, and tie balance m two )tais oiiice and mr. Marihall 4 tavci n, has 110m tue day oi the sales, ,t receive4 ,n a,lcuion to Ins former 1 lie two hundred acres, H WE been dirreTtcd by tb.e ma laid ort 'oitHieiit of Merchandize, the iol- m ha'.tacie lou, in Me moit elegit nagersofihe Lexington Lodge lot" aml commodious manner, is. a beauuiul l.taa- - lotting articles, which will be sold on tery, to order fuitstobe commenced tion, on tne lecond bank ui the Ohio, wheie a leafonable terms lor CASH, viz. against every peifon in an ears for ieny is now efUbhlhcU aoout tweiitj iour ,. Green & Glils & Queens from ihelbyville, and iuipolec to bj in the purchase of tieketts without dif- Bohea Teas. waie. molc dIrect rout irom taeace to i oit "e crimination: but think it proper to Vincenues. . roftee. 4d.6d 8d. & iod. jjive this fuither notice, under the Antxtenfive body of fitft rate land, in everv Chocolate. Cut Nails. , ' fulled confidence, that many of thole airection Horn the 'town, with coniia.iaole ie- - Pener Red, Green, & indebted will pi event the managers tlemuus - z,iL:' molt convenient haruor and land- Alfpice. Blue Morocco irom being forced to a measure fii ex- - "'B tor boars, the mouth oi Harrod's cieelv, I slippers. winch is naviitaole three ouartsrs of mile no. iliCiiirafiklp, rnA ,illl i f. Floiemine Shoes the neighborhood, ibouoa"imoi' lieve them lrom then prefei.t dimcul- - " M . 1C S salts. c.l.-bli-lh tanents, , 111 yv herebj piven, that 1 P alt apply per tei kettle?-to the (in nty court of t arr n Two large and ona Augiilt next, ior an o.dtr to final! II ill, a totvn agi eeable to law, on r.iy lard SI eet imn & ni rods, Nails flooring bi ads, l)irg 011 Bie IJarren nven a' the co fluence of lid river and Di.kes creek. to 2d Irum wlaul ei an . A ls 'I notto, fev hundred of cellent logwood. c Ui't's bak ver Kaflcalkias. Spelling books, 3880 ditfa, comprehenaing li "rmtsin ie "Dilnortli's aili tant year 784, lying togcer 01. the west .ieof M ur5 book keeping, the river Ka(kalkias,oove and near the rtllace Llank books, ' oltue same name. 1 ei ry bounce, 360 ditto, bounded on the rdrth by the afore- - Fmtcr, faij I0 grants. mi! Alfoono lot in the town of nlM. 1 e is. Cfltfce. and fantly situated near tb. bnk oi t.ic river. C k colate, For iuithermiormation apply to ippji, All of which will s dif. P. D JIOBEHT. yho bat for sale 450 lbs oi very good GUN tor caih, by the vii-iNir- . same Hog lap n.ictl un v of St Clair, A eei eial alTortmenl oi tin do i 'uurt o om- Puitcr baions, did es i,uu , in i"8? i4acres boiindedon t'ic trontbythe 1 A (1 He occupies the house 111 s wiiiui mi. Miciy nvcu.u .iiumc to Mr. btew art's pruning . He will undertake, on realonable terms, to inllruct one 01 two pujJs, viio can bi inggood recommendations. September J, 1797. " tnecaltiideoi' thei.vtrK ,the village oi the HCS, 'LL,C'S KASJ.ASXIAS. In the Illinois diitner, n 400 acres adj lining the pre emption. c N. W. Territory, 0 3000 acre on the Oh o, Jeffermn county. 2, 5 10 on the Ohio, Ma ion county. mandant ior theliLe 2 3 do do do. iaa3arre. uit. o?.-- i ,n k Nelson ooun- 4T& acres on the Beech Fork, 480 in 2 giants oi 2 p acre tv- n- -, i-- o ,re i,iiciuci, Allum. & it Slippers. ,. n,tw,r. n,,r l"-1- hl J- "ui" of the TrmMvtnh rujtees 2 SimtrM). N. B. A large quantity Oi firtr. rate land. 10 be rented contiguous to Transylvania, under long leales. XX '' riAKEN up by thefubfciiber, living 5 such pair- ol the evCif Hws, lx lrli ties on licenses (01 Jelhnf nines kt on r!dn y carnages, on pupeitv I. Id at andon llamps, as appears best calculaai rrn ted loi tl.e niioiination of fnch is have m t n cvpor' mrv 01 perusing the laws oi the ceneial governme'rit, rc"ip--eh-nd- s 1 on Big Benson, a small dark bav horse adjudged to be ti o or three 9 FOR SALE, years old lait ipring, aoont twelve A L the lands belonmncr to To! rujy hands hi jib, has a blaze face, and bis Also, (Prce 4! ) Cockey Owinjrs, in this ltdte two hind feet white, apprailed to two ' A rrvv corn j of he Also his (hare in the Ir on Works-fo- r pounds hfteen lhillinps. STAMP 'DUTIES, U'lliib apply to SAMUEL HUTTON,fen. Printed en thick paper, and caitulated to B. FANPRADELLES, attoy Franklin, December, 1 7c 3. ii'.tca a pocket 3s iu faA for John Cockey Owing 7 ' A eyj-.- , ibe , c

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