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Page 4 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.21 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

with others in objecting to any plan which would accept segregation, and thus offset the gains made elsewhere. At this writing, the matter is before the Legislature of our Commonwealth. An article, preseiit ing clearly the attitude of Negro leaders on the qu stion, is presented elsewhere in this issue of the Journal. Announcements Plans for the Seventy-fourth Annual Convention of the K. N. E. A., April 12-14, are completed, and another interesting and in- spiring meeting is assured. Top flight orators whose- thinking matches their eloquence have been secured for the public meetings, and every departmental chairman has arranged a live topic for the consideration of his department. The convention theme, "Exploring New Frontiers in Vocational Training and Vocational Opportunities" will be well introduced at the opening meeting on Wednesday evening, April 13, by J. A. Thomas, Industrial Relations Secretary of the National Urban League, who will speak on the subject, "New Fron- tiers in Vocational Opportunities." Dr. Felton G. Clark, Jr., President of Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Attorney James M. Nabrit, Secretary of How1ard University, Washington, D. C., will address the public meeting on Thursday evening, April 13. The annual Principals' Banquet will be held at the Brock Building on Thursday, April 13, at 5:00 P.M. The annual election of officers will be held on Friday, April 14. Social events include the annual K. N. E. A. dance, Wednesday evening, April 12, at the Brock Building, and the Kentucky State College Alumni Dance on Thursday evening, April 13. R. L. Dowery Announces Candidacy for Presidency of K. N. E. A. (see article on page 17). 4

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