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Item 7 of GLSO News, August 2002

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

Unitarian Universalist response to the offensive patriotic rally at Applebees park in June, this event ChurCh Americas Strength: A Celebration of Interdependence. will encourage tolerance,, . acceptance and goodwill. Join us between 4 p We are proud to be We month's spon- and 6 at Woodland Park, exact location to be 0 sor of the GLSO News. There are a lot of announced. _ groups and activities at the UU Church, On Wed, Aug 14 from 7 to 8:30, The .e something for everyone. Our big news is a Humanist Forum will be meeting to discuss a 9 change from one Sunday service to two on presentation on Humanism in Dangerous I8 August 25. (Service starts at 10:45 before Times." Many UUs are humanists; they in the 25th) At 9:30 there will be a shorter emphasis science and reason as guides for r- more meditative service and at 11 :15 a one ethical standards and decision making. ,y hour service. There will be a coffee hour Our local CUUPS chapter (pagans) ,u between the services for socializing. meets after church every sunday at about 5 Services in August include Ethics and 12:15. Another group meets on the rst and ' the Environment on the 4th and Sing third Sundays each month from 1 to 2:30 to Sing, Sing! in which VIctoria Hammel will study and discuss A Course in Miracles. encourage us to explore the connection There is also a Buddhist Meditation from 5 to between body and spirit on Sunday 11th. 6:30 on some Sundays. Y Interweave, the LBGTQS group, will go out How can all these groups exist under one d to lunch after that service. religious umbrella? We believe in diversity a On August 25 our minister, Rev. Cynthia and in each person's responsible search for :e Cain, and others will be participating in an truth and meaning. We also play bridge on e event organized by the Interfaith Alliance of the rst Friday at 7 - agnostic humanists and J the Bluegrass to which we belong. Partly in pagans make good partners! )r _ _ .8 Real Estate SerVIce WIth Iy _ I" at, P ROFESSIONALISM a RESULTS of ,i C- 3 .. 3' - INTEGRITY .. (=3 [E s DEDICATION mm m. ot u_ Scott Ackerman E an Mobile: 859-338-8483 THUS'ASM VOice Ma": 859'294'2055 Serving Lexington Ofce: 859-269-7331 & e5 E-Mail: A" of Central Kentucky 5 Call me wrth all your Real Estate Needs GLSO Page 7

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