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Image 10 of The Hickman courier, April 17, 1908

Part of The Hickman courier

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MTOM i ttIne f ball N as i aaao I ilntek out Ute T awl Iloiortod y The ohaaice ploa ed T the death of Senator William ray taM awl Ive ooaUmed It over riaekaay Whyte of MaryUad Sea sites The Maryland senator lailitod on ator Stephenson ot Wtoeeaitta beoones the aeeosd oldest member of the len being sailed Wllmw riaokaoy Whyto FRBSII MEATS- 11 C rUtnaRe fl t CURDING than his Senators Volta and Mor can of Alabama died last fall and Senator Whyte who waa bora August 29 18S4 became the oldest aoaalor Beaatora A1UMB Stephenson and Cul tom were born In 1339 Mr Alllaon In March Mr Stephenson In June aad Mr Cullora In November Mr AINomi I a now tbe oldest senator In point of l yenta aa well an In senatorial aorrloo Tho late Senator Whyte was a stick lor for the propor spoiling of his name Only a few weokaagohaoxptalned to ono ot his oolloagues how It ante about that he spelled his name with a My He aald that his father who was deceased WORK of all IRON FENCING HICKfUN Ki rucKIl 1 Beware of Imitations Made br Tietherei Jc mien TilE bet laid plans nt and BOand It aft Rang ngley was with tho gust lIt of a high offi del who recently planned a dinner In honor ot President and Mrs Hooseelt Jackson Columbas Ky Better than seems Necessary Ark your dealer for Star Flour RuaraoltMtl livery pound of It U poUtr Made from seleot winter wheat lj o Most Barkett Agt I Hickman Ky notwithstanding that his homo was In llaltlmoro and he made tho oraey to and from Washington every day Ho made a virtue at punctuality and was rarely MIReS time oilber at Ma Ate or elsewhere and this Broreot their wreaking mighty yen goanee upon the delinquent To make n bad matter WORe they saw In next l mH Star Flour W1 MeJbrra r roomings piper that their wouldbe Rueata had been members ot a the ator party the night before What happened next nose but the principal know but fMhera noted that within a week Mr Blank and Senator flo uid ao wore not on speaking terms and n few days later the former came out with an Interview stating his prefer even for some one else aa HepubllirAn candidate for the presidency That was the last straw ttxpUaatlona were asked for and rooolvwl to the effect that Mr lts BMretary after lag the dinner Invitation oroualoR tINt wrong date and he and his wife had gone at the last mlnuto to the every Invited ono accepted and covers foro laid for a score and ten Rtioata but only 28 nrlTCd What oauld be the matter Minutes seemed like hmm white the hoetoafl was torn between two thoughts would It be worse tokeep honor Ruesta walling whllo the table was reset or let thorn see va cant place around the festal board The forrnor way was deeldod upon nwioat of IntMUcmal wronmlolnn fIt IkftrtIMid byIng tablelust In Krettod ti t h that DollUoU reosona votOd I = n Davidson s Stub- 1t 1t McMurray 1a LAWYERS 1t PraMto ta ail D elk sects la the UM iMrc ia acct ail ary PWSInCls hit bsDENTISTS i al kiss or KY HICKMAN oats ever IMmmVt dreg store 4lytch- MIttas ICJOww Cat iAt ily 1 B T DAVIS Attorney at Law tJ opened out la litter addroMed to kin HICKMAM KKKTUCKf NotwItbatandtRg his adTaaoed an Will practice In all the courts In the the Maryland aowttor was more alta CXSoe on sail side Davis husk tiro to bto duties than many of his Slat yottagor colleagues Kroqvoatly be was the only member ot the senate who was present when the gavel tell and tho senate was called to order i Careless Secretary Causes Much Trouble STONE kinds + e I Marble and Granite Monuments t at oK 1d a prominent Merobaat la haithure was defraiMoil of Ma HUle fortoae by of the awo ot BOOM of bto rolatlT I took up tbo quarrel that While followed said the senator sad be name somewhat bitter toward the ORe tiny wboa I was Wblto fawlly MawlaiC My rSTAHLISHKD 1865 TOM DILLON Sr Prop veitor to i Roney aapMhed bsraaaa Stephenson Now the Second Oldest Senator I HICKMAN MARBLE WORKS I < Heads I tot Ledf ord Randle oIHt1eel WIIIlam L eectrd1IRK Su Letter rsdtlua > I Anything and trerythlnc In the way of highgrade commercial printing Our assortment of job typo U complete our press facili ties of the best and our workmen true typographical artists This tells all the story of our facilities f er doing job printing of too right kind at the right ra 3 Deliveries JIo Envelopes mar ask for Ute lie War la Ute patty ware Mw Taft ami Mr A fw- and Mrs Cbarloa Taft tam Taft he has aebt d FavorMo was have olmva named atli his portly pvnon wss IartHCI to busdeede aM budesds ii after sad set Stye soused flip wkteh will K8 to oak MH a pts s sS la ssrwedea bit ttlrlt show pfmatiittoii of a review of there to Mtbtavic to It but tease what It a Ute eavalrr and arUn nr at Myer roacboa the MOVWK ptetM o siege p to KolUwr tbo MwrotMr Mr OWL loll Tbooe MaM win be shows said they- wield 1 who aoiOMpaiilwi MM psed aamnc Otaatratod aoac Jsat aMMo4 till slid down banes ta all parts of Ute ewmtry Otto tbtac J W Hwwr ilRi of artlttorr powder awl IOJMM It will prow awl that to tbe loetotary aoapHo tbo faot tbat bo to Me b t MATTER the future Nohold In storewhat Secretary of for Coffees and Teas on or telephone us whoa In need of GltOCKIlIGS or FKKDSTUPPS StatementsBill MlMkW i Millionaire Canned Goods Heinzs Varieties of Pure Food Products cU UMTB will be Mat M beat tboofb Ute MOHOT coaalMratMn hi well known sot to bo a factor m Ibis proanoaUra assists she will take t Italy It abe MM lbs baailiaMi for the of alx mllUooa Near MUttooa tbs a Absolutely THE BEST Sanborns 0 away Davis to sppad to bavo a forts a of MMMM Ike porttoii tress boy fatbofa oatato win hi chest two MllMoM soil truss her nraa4fa > pn Chase 111N1sad seater tonawr iwttalMd Ita tall a coMora rMekorf Tbo sae char of satires the aolHtod wwlHK of tbo aqoaotoa M O Mss ail tbo Mara ha oa of orooaoeo presented a pas oraaM alooo worth the prlao af a4- I carry the only ooanlete line of buildlnr material bolMora bard ware nib and doura to be Sound In the oily My are ricbt Yeu be the Judge cell and see W DODDS ooooooooooooooooosooooow 11 Letter Heads tine the aoorotaira bono o QUill STOCK IS COMPLETE AND I TO LOCAL MANAGER CoCOAHA CUMBERLAND Taft Is Depicted in Moving Pictures 1 i 1 LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE u coneooooieoosooooolI 1 18 I I Underwood Typewriter Company Inc i 1 r J BYf F > f f S I V ii I I J < JW 1 M TRANSFER MONEY > nludulsi J Cashier TNT SAFEST AND QUICKEST WAYf0 err I t A THOHPSON WRUCTOKS t i U Threlkeld J J C ISuadurant II llwhanan I It M Mer I> r J T A Urifwnl 1 ¬ 1 i J President II UUCIIANAN u I I Upon this Guarantee we Solicit Your Patronage I WIII onrs il Thnt we oiler to depositors Other inilutomonts are of scconilnry Importance ElIdns Wedding Rumor Stirs Capital this arrouot U very cowtry he hat IS THE BASIS te TIn Is iwlldlagDont Meet Your Friends A- TLauderdales Tonsorial Parlors as nut la nickman Hot and sold laths eleetrle lights and tnt nerl1blctor Clinton Street IHckman Ky Next door to Jones Cafe Cash1 Book Store Splendid Selection New Books Preach About nome Trade srrdand at the some tirw your 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