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Image 1 of The Hickman courier, April 17, 1908

Part of The Hickman courier

THE LARGEST N LJ VIIW Will iaiI ww iNld- uew h- wIMrIM taa + ArN tma t i I tit 9f volOUl IU1 ATBI t If PAPER IN FULTON COUNTY AND THE OLDEST PAPER IN WESTERN KENTUCKY eURIER THE HieKMHN VO WMTBKK Pull tte CoamveW that TMIB Wigon up the flit of Succesa 44IJICKMAN Tht Cwirtr Af a SpanJtia Grtan At Good Twin FULTON COUNTY KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL + wrrea fa 17 lltltt tf IL III zpIrhtIiw pnavr to rmnp wiMt lair in ran niter IM rnoni 1908WHOLE r L Ir A L q ur tlMt your m Mia and Ltts Xch Old Your Itfafoo r A BLUE MARK MEKK T 80 MM IN THE TEAK UpI 5 I L L iI I Ii t Place to Select Easter Clothes Where Varieties are Greatest Where Qualities are Dependable Where Styles are Right Where Prices are the Lowest I 1 > I Hart Schaffner Marx Suits I New M E Church South HICKMAN ll eell1itl II tart times won Ir KV making a large EASTER of these matchless suits andwhen you come in we want you to note the difference in the makeup the pockets lapels buttons cuffs in fact every point that goes to make style WE are now showing Odd Fat pttrdsaaed170000oo Youll be satisfied Easter morning with results and with yourself if you get one of these suits PRICES rAt mes tbas was a the United States tint pbystaiaa say It Ie said that buzzards sad vial i the than overdrinking Astlah tan oaa eeaat their food at a dis prtnan tailors have taaoeof forty miles K their time sad joea Ike they don tIMlr ranve Shallow wells giving cot a good wear ceps adorned with rib qaaUty of oil have hiss disco Bred went h teach to the grauad and around hiexteoClty = u 1850 s25oo to > uses also ornamented with Because the schools in France were doted m Angst ghrtag the time at Henry Vn pepper lays a chance to devote their Haw to smofcmg it II said that the rean outreceipts of UM French toMcat mono- ¬ i u a IMtie village at the poly increased IKOftOO for that the Lrtchiield mounOutts tool rm m month Waterbury Conn l is to be Been U i Readywritten eefmpoeally all Ithe residents are old itione and traaelatioae la any lan who have been bon and goals are bong atpited to stsdmtsht up in the little village and of Budapest bjr a bsr as at ei nev r ben farther away then cents a pap The govfrnmesrt rrtury twentyfive mike The beea aafsaJed to ampfree M1111 of this quaint atauVabaa ii Vleaaa lilt aisle s Its uaniabn number I less than seven 01the Once upon a tine it was a larger and pfoapercua com Europe m UM record of Its stal la the newt which hu just cities but like nuay New left to Wee rare ended US persoosJU men 112 it has been I whale commuted satakk I while the farmers moved to- women 707 man sad women attempted m rhy cities to eater basins to do ao Curiously i i of devoting their easrgies to succesafully enough sofa salfmnrders occurred r the IOU The average ago l residents now I iving there U in the summer thaa to the wiatei twenty r oeighborhood of the fear fortyeight m Maya TIM victims eight in November mark were all ages ranging from an old Htoes are found to prefer mall of 17 to a little girl of eight to whites a black bag to a years I Sickness WM the motive al ne std a dark colored resting leged in 56 cases unhappy love Careful tests have been ex affairs in 6J family strife 73 satie to a great number of ano ty of life 33 and poverty Jl showing that they choose Twelve women and 119 tows shot n the order of dark blue themselves 19 mss and J2 women i hrown red black gray took poison while 10 see and 38 let and that azure ochre women throw taemealvee from top ute are distasteful and yellow story windows I ly so Confirming these reo The reveawe from the frog iadua Swiss malaria expert has of 150 mosquitoes three try in Louktaaa la something over that muss The frogs settle oa dark colon m batrlspackedIr4 t expiation makes the rids of n moss Over 1000000 barrelsmile railway J40 yards long of this living freight are shipped + iimner than winter tar at yearly some pang west Of course they are no Nrw York zoological garden California out for the art with which the ordinary frogs bat are carefully ii environment of tile various raised sad fattooed being fed on mimalk has been reproduced bread meal and cracklings the mot pioturesoue sights The worlds am sal drink bill is ark is Mountain Sheep hilt over 000000000 the wild sheep ire housed Wbaliag U a growiag industry lowed to run ia a spacious et tr It was found at first U at ia the South AwWte oanteriag every effort to supply the around UM Falklaad Islands d the sheep they did not age Twenty slums dollars is UM esU tppy and several died for ao mated value of too debris left by the rntt cause The sheep oocuf San Fraacisco dhwaterI tutiful rustic ham which f Oaly one man in 110000 takes IIiI by a staen roof and taut shingles A heavy fluA smooth woman needs aa hoers more way has betel placed in such ann that the sheep may climb sleep than a man r roof The opportunity was Bromide of poUeawm often pre- ¬ y send by the sheep who are vents seasickness urse surefooled animals gaiter the leek spent tile great utt of us time on the steep roof is The shingles are barn th affording WIry little foot Every part of the roof slopes iirectkm or another at very mj perilous angles but the r seems to attract thehnimals scamper up the steep runaway KY HICKMAN n the effort while a slip likely prove fatal So far have been NO fatalties The Rooms and Board of the nook of snowwhite Bilhoutted anInK the dark- by the day or week Large cost s exceedingly attractive The fortable rooms bath in connection tique root line snort to oom the sheep aUwiutely tar the loss Reasonable Rates H Sr c e 4 ¬ Popular Priced Suits i dcIrhil1 says You never saw more stylish better fit ¬ I ting or better quality suits than we are showing this year at popular prices They come in stripes checks and plaideffects in all the new shapes Youll be surprised when you see the values at iu i i lesI gland i ¬ ¬ 1500II Popular NockwourI Eastgr oI beaadfml showing the very Went aowsltiea in mv bows and usual value at A I lelWd 26o to Boys Clothes for Easter 50a 50c 100 and 100 BOYS NOBJOLK SUITS with long blUed cools tracers oufull bloomer style i patterns m UM latest new fabrics Prior range from 175 to 750 Wo have exactly what you are looHaf fnr m rear laater IIrl II JI I JI Cottage I I e t I Hotel let n04Kyc 1 h1 1- LI 11 vataec AtI 25c 50c and 100 I Oar FtOSSHJBM sad otofirrrr OXFORD Hat wbeUMf yaa eat a feK passes style service sad aanspaft A tais set rw trays and browns in either derby TIleI AH the NOW shapes in tan and blank Prices or crush shapes leathers Price from II IIblOWo 150 to EATO ia UMM aw 400 350 to 500 telescope and crush shape ta MMfc I12S WaSO Prices SMITH K JI 500t- Easter Hats Easter Oxfords I I I la balbriggaa nainsook sad Jersey seam in plain and fancy colors extra good tlast u JI II indcrwcur PnoeIGO I lIIL I L6 4 I I A long established belief now se¬ riously questioned if not disproved tc that the various senses have each a special center in the grain Near ly half a century ago Broca decided that the faculty of articulate speech is localized in the foot of the third cerebral convolution on the brains left side and it has been understood that the removal of this part of the brain would cause loss of speech or that the brain of a person attacked by aphasia would show a lesion m A like investigation by this plane Dr Pierre Mark of Barfs does nut confirm thli theory More than ¬ forty autopsies of aphasic subjects have shown no case in which this part of the brain has been attacked but an extensive cerebral hetnor shag has ben noted in most cases i Further than this loss of speech is usually attended by a diminution of the general intelligence indicating that speech can not be assigned to any special partthat demonstrate Experiments tub are not easily susceptible to sounds if indeed they are not en ¬ tirely deaf When a rod Immersed m a bowl of water in which Ask are plaootl SJjieU tine Jib make no taintf h hors Oxfords ia tan and patent 250 to 3511 leathers AR9 lid movement but they are most easily startled by any object brought with ¬ On the in range of their eyes other hand the fish dart away the moment that the rod U brought C 411 P 5d 5t leaves and in the day when they descend to burrow in the sand and pass to the pupa stage The champion living skeleton was Claude Seurat who died in 1840 Though live foot eight inches in height h he writhed only fortysix pounds Abroad doawrt measw raw fruit Plee mad pudilhiga art malted only sweets It is womlarfirt to thfak a man can within sight of them Certain moth larvae living in pines in parts of France ban bleD seen marching in single file the leader spinning a thread to wilds mask follower adds aad one of those singular proceesioas noticed last April near Arachm included 114 la The preosoaioas arm dhriduals formed at sight ae UM larvae 1 leave their nosTs ta fled ON young Mm when he pUcIlthnt 1 WIll a baby t f I r r- f N I- Y M j 1 > l a VestsI 150 to BREASTED SUITSThe styles are the lat ¬ est the fabrics art especially selected grads of sorest ehcvwts aIM to 600 caaairoeres the wodcamnahip the very best neatly figured sod plain effects alto soft collar styles I Stunning fabrios rightly tailored at from assortmentsBOYS 1100000r JI Fancy s In selecting the Boys Easter Outfit youll find it much oasier to find just what you want in our greater Mans Shirts A wry attractive lot of plain tad cost styles to t W PricesI I I ii1 fJJI i M

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