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Image 1 of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), April 14, 1866

Part of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862)

MEDICAL. .UTUifS CINCINNATI CARDS, THE LOUISVILLE DAILY BEMOCBAT OWN REMEDIES Congress Spring Water. VOLUME. XXII. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: SATURDAY MORNING, igailn Jlrmocrai citrr. ttr many teniorarT and chronic dti eaaea. a proved bj- tlie eanerieooe of many thousand w ho years, with the moat twsnin have drank them ciai effect. l.f'r lj.raiil th. l IU." po.Hiii o aiMt ki'iwiK, W ATt'R . LOCK STITCH In a cathartic and a va n l 1mi, ili"- tin. l.iv ri. of the i.enend lo... o' ther Kkiu mi.'ano ih' rl.tu an o iilrmiiiaiT for all Iljiou ll tuuiut unnva.ied. rmIWTIKI.lnnlr !. II,.- Irnvvtuul H..a.l.i rani! I!,.- m miurn n,n-f- i KVi i.y no te. For . roB iLi kk tiil ki:ii:titp.;iup:lts fam from III. 1:T.-Hi- t i i.y lU liav. fa.a.fu, aud J u ui l.,Iuii,l.,au vi Tlmrwatm ar bottled freeh and par, froro each ef tue above nan.ed Kprinpi. tn so careful and cnrea tliej- piwrtt a.) their medl dual ratu lor yaar. and a tU or fooud .qua:! effi raciow when drank taooiauid of nine. a.suuiL ar alien lakeii directly from the aprlii-ITVirVri, the Rswarr o r.i'rU. ,ni a4 in'r,rw Kmpir and f'olum-- ) all crmunr (uik-nw- . Waiora ara breuJ.-on the acle of the cork iciat (C'VttMlTlTH f f Fvrraw WTra. .o. I I C. A t. Kto OF Hiv. rrtl- inrraMd tta va'ur, and r.ndr U rapablo of informing many kindn of work that be din on any olh.r W. bine irkr .TUB. W ; Howe Manufacturing Parked safely and, in boie utllil for to any part of Ui worM. C'onr- - and Kmuir U tim in conunili( duwa Mute, or 2 oreii Uuart 1wuj'Ii. oliuntiiaa WatT in bole coniame 4 or &.2n Haif I'lnta, or 4 doren aliipmi-n- Pl.t MACHINES, SEWING aA, FOR Bot-.l- Tailors. Vrst Takeri, Eot snd Slincmakcrs, Caitrr I ittrrs. Sold bj- - I1 Ernlfts Hotels Vlnf Korchaott And first tlasi Croccn. I EOTCHKISS SONS, Propr's., I, l t u'tif. or i. -i ILL unng of No - 1 ,r " " HI l T ? ,: ,r . 'v; t.hkl'M. Kry. (,aa. f"'".v4 7 V. Ft.naatl--I'aiu- 4 iA LA, I - IlI i,v, nLJd raaiLT ri.ix Premicnt Seeing Mafhmcs WHY ill It the TITE O b k rave , ol toe rw i.i uark-- ,m eonalfRf-Iitall ft.brl.n. them and the Leavtest, tad with all kibd thread. Mik, otlon or liueo. 4 l mm ixoMnmit tud elastic that It never sreak. e an oa ILe b R. It faMeoa end of IL. aram ty iu t - Ci fl t ti.r:, W M Tip """ T. f..oa Niiu hnlinr eo?i,u leo a' mm la lii nrHKUl r.r,oi.i or br ii. am. thonrb rut at everv .irth MHrh, "rm, ana ouiW run ro..,i in wear. re-- more p'nixip and beamlfnl. and rIt -.earn pnuiit.nea.atjti bw,uly aftt-- aahbin bailor grooved In aitorlnr "" a tile oui. ae atwvH. for a.l form, ol tin, 1. ik1s. and no rewinding It'aew. with i or r.Apreaa. An. Ire i.y nrw.- .r oiui-is- i. It eewv from orrtnary fc. luv'"unu'r',1 , KVKR4 BAKEU MACHINE .ttriT'ie.. dnrable, and em liable to de- rum i iueui ft rnnta.nmp a Vl.nreTtani. wrw vv eaae.i, eve a leu.i.j l ord'narr J of aiii.ien ; to. a' 1 I.Tpe vikii. in morow-ro- , a wi and b,k m-e- . Rrm1- -. be tbeeaae or -- Trie boi. are pan anT US CF.I.ErRATEn i Kecn-lu- rlAl: v' il en.ars-- an.- & UAk-- ' ktaird 't I " Lli j iv.. ; : yWiXft'i n Temple, Loni.VUle. By l . n K H 4 & CO., In- - b .V m WM. SUMNER f - n AXD J oii t.- rnrposca. M E TllKf . HiirNtrvr ( fiwe o( all afrn OrATllUM'IX II ICS. ho. I.ctra t rrf l.. Conitwt .in, iDtlaniina- J tt oru- "1. " Ui, a J a , HOSKI w phoMrrrrs. Ilarurss lakers, Mannfactni-ing- - 92 Oeekmaa street, New York. - Cindfs, Mi;)f IMd only ai a'liolcaak. bf tbem "'s par- - ratlnr and 1. t the tenKionn njion the i in othor r.KA VWAHOJf. thread 1 ' e lenioon oiioe a.l.u.u-.- l ..a tl.a i In ii. . (.r..v.rA Kker amount of cua) t o.tnfc a lUloul uahKa. v.. Il mafcee braut fnl emtnlrteeT wtihr( oh YOU ITOTICED or n.Tt. Mnio.y bv uiwer: .rir rid nti'tr, lor this It the iterhH-liuiaciiini' that euiuroiuere and ATVOVT '0 and J. W. AH ?Nt.rn rle TIUS Hbt MTIUTE ihra yr a;atn call attf"Tto tojtrib raTI.,r'.lfueS!'i'bt 'r.teT"."'' "rTtiZm It in: t . u.i tif on of a hlrb Jl, l to. R HACl.tAIV c in. .no SaleaTocm, Iiruj uu Wboleaaie urie. het lti N. S Masoaic Temple, SINGEIt'S ivew xiarnovED 3J RFMrfT mdfTL.ltP'S Lcv!;'l'v?"l,w'r"J',.n,''', Try r,r. a TAR PTI.K f imiMiwii raire. rmri'n n HAP U It t cxi3ZLl.-y- m war- - i - mux-i- n FREED MEN'S BURE AU Xolscloss, Boreaa Ecfufeea. rreemen and Land. Kl or Ky.,1 I ieviia. y.t April 7, CtmUar Sn. I. Abn-aobc- 1T1 f.rrfi Jlr7ubi!!Z mm i.rn.i THrd. LiD(in Tears. Cotton. Ac. a full amort-- 7 Mnonic TcmpX aod Oflio tSisroom fr. ti ud fcnitwry ,hh lu W. H. UOLDERMAX, HtiMi)nini tut c v feiuhu muM-- uicvilj A frminicn In thi ntv rh Lar tin rfT- ' Ylt rw rwxl. ko; r..b no ' chlne Wtrrantod r orf-- V.frrTtn mi1 k i. io ii ETf'y fi.- - Mm M1 nrliM, ii. ii-.- ii vrnriI.MT,! (,.. of f lit1 Auiit ,,r.M:rrvf.,n,n ,mo Perftot. i. B M. A CO, Lcavitt Scwins Machine! - An Indispensable Family ItnhaftrT rrnT kuoi r fl, rw u.M 1. ntrniti bn-- rAn or of Kli u;er wwIa. wiil r,; in ii til iibVwtitiron K,.rd:inf tun 1 hi mm mtmiin MMrhiii and Umk1-w- racillj and Manufaetnrlng t,,ii,. Machines oirai 'r,y,rJ,'..'!re rrJ-ri- tt Mtv. l in. 1 rin'i'in of ih" lii uj- fiilT( 2, l u.rj m And in in i,)tiiii.i.un, of thi fmimr. iiid iueaAi Hundreds of Louis. Ille ramllles m ' ' erry rirn tint LAkTI th th mn)T't-s- M 1 Xt Jfc4 AI iti n or Inv "ts. aiKl' Lieu t. V bav Irmtanr k 4 11 II and mk.c Ru rtu rrevetBng.Ger.V;,-- at A. U1H ftn , a', a! ti. j t. Market and J. l Ml I Tfc HAVE JOHNHTOX Of the famon. Iearltt relent. Tnee Maoh'nea Imu toiii- - In ut. au'i Uioruchly tuateU. 'i h.y i toe ii ir.oi l..iweu ,,unh mod Hhiit. .ominii, ttw iiisTri.-- l weetof are now in l.eiu. . VoV RAI'WAY WLerv tbey bare for sale every spec!1 of a Lax '1 i,e t ilr ,.ir,HK. J.,uii A. f..r ert r.,,e-.-fcre r..sir,.-- t hind, lor the nairi1 eael of fraet.w eireel ir Intrum(iit. ip Jt.liu I'lmvrv: RIRTLm KN-r l t all und ex- - ( u. up flaira. I!I8 HirlllKE. (SI riCDER PATKXTH OF HOWK rhrnix rijfi from iu tshn." thong, a .V.rTh;T-a.V,,',;rrvaie. navlnc the r.iirt u oe the tTEdiwon; j et il ii 1 1 ACT that am or four n,..!;ou 1'ncer-- eei. -r lf heeler 4 WllA rente to mem. month, or allow nd afm'hlin- -. lobe tiaid larire t ommielO'iH. lor a ben pi tfl. For Orctiiare, 1 eraj, luc.oae ,Mviti,) U. .U. UOLLING, FRANKLIN COnNTY. For th. Loulnvllle Pemocrat, ir At a mpoting of the Conservative mptuliers of the Legislature, held at the hall of the LIoum of Representative., on thefith of February, fyj, on motion of W. R. Bradley, Esq., Representative from Hickman and Fulton, it w Etrnjlved, THAT IX OL'K JUDGMENT THEllE IS NOW NO NECESSITY FOR A CALL OF A CONVENTION OF TfIS PARTY, AND WE WOULD REfJPrfCT-FTLLURGE THE PARTY NOT TO CALL A CONVENTION, WHEN NO NECESSITY EXISTS FOR THE SAME. J. B. Bruer, Chairman. D. Robb, Jak. A. Dam'som 8cretaries. Atl. l.K.Mo. or i oi bt r appeauh. Dtrlftioa I pon the lropoiUou to Call a C'onvenliftn of (be CaarnH or I lie Conservative Democratic 5Iembera or the Legislature, Held la Frankfort February eiu, 166. num CI.r-l- remit f,,r all hold imrwUn tu M. when loiter, are n'Ki"tere.l. We are not rpoti..:b!e for lossee In the mails, should any . utiles, leiur are rweisluri;,L k 0 &ITLKI0R IAS and d'ueeO. To our Country l'alrous. ac to rojiner your I. Hen rontaiuliig Unm, a. w. SEWING MACHINE av'ra- f. a.n-.MKt-"iii- I itii al llM lli 0K I.IK & WILSON'S ViHEELER ITI'Ml Tlie above expresses the opinion of the Conservative members of the Legislature, by whom th matter was dismissed fully, and to whom interested and oilier parties presented every reason to induoe them to recommend a call. We hold that the judgment of thi. oauens is correct; that any effort to call a convention will tend to disintegrate and break np the party. The vote tx t!e ciuciit ttood the motion of Mr. BraiUey, fity-ti- x against a eonveiUxon and nineteen or it. SrifA. membsr of Congress must be a man of great endurance if he sits daily in his place and listens to the intermina ble sjioutings of houorables. It seems that all the dull mediocrities north of Mason and Dixon's line have got into Congress. There tbey meet and repeat eternally- - the about rebellion and slavery. Each ninnyham- mer has trotted about over his district at home and Fpo' off the same speech, and he goes to Washington, where he must speak his piece. A Republican straightens himself up Mr. Speaker. Well, what follows is about as original as "Mr. Speaker." One eternal rejetition of the same worn-ou- t story flows daily along, and a man must sit and endure it. It's no wonder that men are tempted to drink whisky, or even hemlock, if tied down to the stupid routine. No wonder that Thad. Stevens is a great man in that House. There is some life in him any how something sprightly and devilish in him ; and it is no i onder if hi original recklessness makes a rippleon the surface f such a uniform dull mediocrity. The tale lies and stupid misoonceptions about slavery and the negro are amusing when heard once; but the same mendacious twaddle rejeated ad infinitum Is worse than tartar-emetiWe have occasionally a little relief from the tedium of everlasting spouting about the reliell'.on and negroes; but even here comes in an interlude now and then in some fellow who must put iu a part of bis piece. What is shocking is the practice of devoting a day once in a while to the full display of dull 6jouting. That would Ik? awful, but honorable members are not compelled to attend. We think man might well afford to knock off fifty per cent, of his salary for the leave of absence from speeches. It is a question what punishment should be inflicted on reln-ls- . Pardon the cruelty of the suggestion ; but if these rebels were compelled to sit as a committee and hear the speeches of the dullarda who go to Congress for one term, we don't think they would ever commit treason again. Job came very near losing his patience under the infliction of sore boils. This was the most skillful invention of the evil one to wear Job out. If the devil had known rf such a body of spouting dullards as now sit at Washington, and had confined his victim to a scat and required hiui to listen, poor old Job, would have done worse than curse the day he was born. We hope the people of this State will recollect this, and when they that their members are sometimes absent, make due allowance. Human nature can't stand everything. The S nate is a little better, not much. So Davis ought to be excused, if he did say he would go to work to break up this Government. Such an eternal and in fernal strain of platitudes and false con ceptions and shallowness is enough to disgust a man with all the government in the world. They ought to thank a man to say something out of the way. A good secession speech, showing np the right of revolution and the solemn duty of breaking up all governments, and thus getting rid of stupid dullness, would be a relief. is to be the effect of the civil rights bill? Not any great matter practi I'tOI mii.-aAteltberol our aROTHFRl.rirulllllim niiaue.lli, i'a., loiedo cally. It is the assumption of power to or M U.ii. M, wuli oouOie or ainfle thread pass it that is startling. The design to make a white man out of a ne v Hl r l R and l l.orr and RK. BaHaaaHaaaBHaawaMaBi M gro by law will, of course, fail, (rod .w. and off. r to the pobhc ttie PAirmt rfj it VLllLllLLl.N ( NtMT DIMK1BLE Kuck LtRtilAT has fixed some things by His laws COMMISSION MERC1IAXTS whi.-- man has tried to change frequently by his little enactments, but has always cw York. fuili-d- . The colored Republicans at WashVETTERLEIN k CO., j ington think they will do a big exploit if they can make the negro a voter; but I'lillu.U liilila. the white man will hold the pow GOODS er, make the fashions, and do as he pleases. fel.r, eodim After all, these Republicans only show Fvee offered In thie niarket: woncbt when tVold waa w. eI.MAN ' H.aiia.ppu K- the tyrant; they show what they would al tie Milt IAT ribl RM.aud offered at . rati-tAdo if they could. They show that they BRarDiw atick, J otler an aaaortment of G0CDI?.JIS RIERRILL, l adiditioo to lPj areas unlit to manage a free government General ConnnLssion Merchants as the negro himself could lie. They have imbilx'd the idea that they can make iieo-pl- e N. 36 New t, New York City. suit the laws, instead of making .aws lo suit the Kople. They are delighted I PVASIF MATiF. fl (nxmXM FN with this unconstitutional, absurd civil Tbaa auid In Uilt K1KRI T HrRFTOrORr. rights lmi"bug. They got a crowd in the I'or- si Thi will be a krM ltUII in y LHiMnew,and boai ardent and rou; galleries to see them pass it, with a shoutaolirlt Uioae tn want of ing and stamping committee, and they HEWITT, NORTON & CO., have burned a qusntity of gunpowder to Mow off the steam of their exultation. Commission They men To tn ATI!, before New Orleans. out of think they have madeofwhiteThere hit atook aa negroes are very sure it. INircliaKing eiai Are;..- - t. is no more distinction of ..!. .r R, ATKINSON & CO., e.iial to l tirojie, aud we may expect (Bonoeaaof. to Hewlu Co.) GEO. B. ELANCHARD,. King Dahomey now in conference with New York. i:ng'and, France Co. over this Prussian COKXCR SECOND AND VLtlH STS. and A nstrian dispute. J'uc Ic humbug! JAilES HEVmT & CO., Sign f the Golden Cud. Liverpool, l.The editor of the Journal indorses Johnson, but Johnson doesn't indorse 0. W. THOMAS & CO., I teniocral. Liu) that's the trouble. a. a. t,.kkk. i.r.mvHiu. b. . Ah, hut he does though and that's IjOUlmvUle, Ky. your trouble. Journal. W. H. STOKES & CO., Ah, he will not trouble anybody long, liuporvr aud LteaWre in CASH ADVANCES 1IADK ON ALL bo above nrm i,y u. if he indorsee you; it will break him. o a. w o. wmi Mmo.inet SADDLERY HARDWARE anvamkf raaaaa. Jaa. u. a 1. auiuu 1KO, a. ntnuii, fcifln the House of Representatives at Washington only one R publican of the & MENEFEE, McFEKEAN COACH yiATKUIALS, free States voted to sustain the President's (Lai of Loaavllle Ky.) V.S Kali Street, beU Tifta and Slith, veto of the civil rights bill. It was Henry LOI KTILLE. K T. COMMISSION MEKCnANTS, J. Raymond, editor of the New York Ordet promptly tiled at Eastern prlcea. Times. 1.1LHVII1S. , ?SThe Legislature of New Y'ork inhTHAI MUi - HYM A. IN, And Kaanlacttirara' Arena for Lb aale of OrniM.y khihxavn structed their Senators not to sustain the In: porter and WtooLea.e Jjealeni lo BALK Ron AID BAVsISO. Only two President's nifiUWARC ASD (1TLERV, I S and IM w Oot.tau'a at., bei. Yin uj Eao. voted with veto. Democrats Republicansthe agaiust inIU MAIS TBEFT. bek Futuib and EullU. to. UAM jhji 4u&d arua slruciloiis. tBCLS5ATt Ann T" VT I f 1 riTi c, U., tD lems' rinxisiiixc I BOYS' CLOTHING 35oys' Clothing rlft SlerchautH. lHsa Cotton Factors A&aTIu another eohiiim will be found a siieerh of Chii f Justice Cbaso, delivered at St. I'atil'a Methodist Episcopal Church, New York, iu favor of negro sull'rago. It has been, in all times past, considered not only undignified butimproer for the Chief Justice to mingle in politics, much lm tn 1..1ivr nr.l;i..1 1.iniIlKllCN. 1U18 " '""i iiuiB tuai Mr. cuase lias violated good taste. It will be remembered that soon after the close of the war he made an excursion throughout the Southern States, in which he addressed congregations of colored persons. At the time this whs referred to as not only undignified, but dangerous. In the present instance the glaring impropriety of it becomes stronger from the sulject and the circumstances. The civil rights bill, whose unconstitutionality is scarcely a matter of doubt, iils been passed over a veto that clearly pointed out its departures from the great charter of the country. The question must ultimately como before a court of which Mr. Chase occupies the highest position. He lias virtuullj-- , in this Fjicech, declared, leforehand, his approval of the principle upon which that I'll 1 was passed, and has even gone further. What reliance can lie placed upon his impartiality should it come before him? To illustrate it from a lesser example, what opinion would Iks formed ol Judge Ballard, of the Federal Court in this StaU, if he was to deliver a public address indorsing the principle of the civil rights bill? If this would lie censurable, how much more unbecoming and wrong is it in Mr. Chase? It is only in these later days that a judge presumes to decide beforehand an 1 ex parte the questions to arise before him. We believe that Chaso is, perhaps, the only one who would violate the iuipnrtiulily belonging to his cilice in this way, but this only makes his doing so the more censurable. South Carolina the penalty for larceny is the lash, not the enitentiary. A white man was lately sentenced to thirty-nin- e in Charleston, but when the punishment was about to be inflicted, Maior General Sickles forbade it. The President has been n oil to tn nvormlo t , executed. anJ allow Uie stato j otherwise theft cannot be punished. We presume the President will not now allow this usurpation of power by the military, although South Carolina might have learned by this time to reform her laws. The punishment is milder than imprisonment, but it is degrading. The plea for it is, that it is the t preventive of crime, and that opinion seems to be confirmed by the fact that there is less theft in South Carolina than in any State of the Union in proportion to the population. The question is now, however, can the military, in time of jieace especially, thus set aside the criminal laws of the State? -- We are happy to announce that the organs here of the two conventions to be 1)elJ have al last founJ a Point of differ once, which will make a suitable basis of party action. Which is entitled to the jack-knif- e for the merit or demerit of superior or iulerior ugliness, Prentice of the Journal or Faxon of the Courier? We have no doubt this will be the main issue, and the success of the election will turn entirely upon it. We expect the subject will be referred to a committee, with power to send for persons, papers and ,r or. iotii iiihi i: Bl.loiwtvUi-pialnta- . Uif Kcv. in aanu c. preva.eiil Fapta nltMii TERMS OK TIIK IU 1 I.Y lF.MO KIT TO TIIK I OI .MKV. a eathamr. alt.rattve remedy lor ii.,,,. -. i.,,ih. l,r..iiii Iy I!HI.-- .I APRIL 14, 89 Blsua rV, Ciaciaaati. NU3IBEI. 254.1- - 1SGG. R. R SCooA. ap!2 In NoWATlRALOR ARTIFICIAL COMPOUND jW Te bewn 1i.r'verrlormaMi7ufd 111 at equal ju trajre a a prrvmtim. Ttlvf and anil CO., SADDLERY - ILARD WARE. HiraeES, Skirting & BricCa Leather 0 J3. SEVING MACHINES. W4Tm e !t porten aa.l draiian la And wboitMin aiajiufartoran at HIRAESS, C0LL1H 4r. Columbian Spring Water. rw.-BiF- I SADDLES, Empire Spring Water. Ip MOOIiKS CATLCHD, SOI & CO., TIIKOIIIO "J!AKTILE"OrEXED THE FEMAXS. CEXTEXAKY OF METHODISM. The Indiana CouNitiriitors Ite Opinion- - fthe Canadian Taper .Speeches of ChieT Justice Chase leased How Tliey Npent their on the Invasion by the Fenian anil ISiiuop Jane and Mlnip-aioTime in Prison, and How They The Campo Hello .Movement a e Mr. Chase Froposes lVere Set Free. Seriou. Matter A I'roelama-tioTor the egro, and Itishop of Neutrality Wiiipson Modestly Suggests the hicnnati Commercial.! or the United Ktaten, Demanded Claims or the Ladies. Coi.vm iifs, April 11, 1)0. Ae. n .Snf-fru-- n The release of Bowles, Milligan and THK SEWS OF THE IRISH ARMADA. Horsey, sentenced to imprisonment in . I From the Montreal Cazette, April fi. penitentiary for conspiracy There came two telegrams from New RsainRt the Government, discharges ork yesterday afternoon, w hich are of prisfrom that institution the last of the particular interest, if true. One contains oners held by order of courts-martifrom loyal States. Aliout thirty prison- a statement, on the authority of the New iork Herald of yesterday, th at two Feniers remain who were sentenceil by mili- an expeditions, consisting of live steamers tary courts, during the progress of the and r.,."i(iO men, had sailed for Bermuda war, for various crimes and misdemeanwith intent to seize it. Another ( newspaors, committed while in the military per) statement dwiudles that of its sensaor otherwise amenable to the laws tional contemporary to smaller proporof war. The throe criminals above named were tions, but. it still alleges that a Fenian island sentenced, the lirst two for life, and the expedition has sailed for the PaKsama-quodd- of y last for ten vears. ut hard labor, this 1k- - Campo Bello, at the entrance of bay, there to establ sh a ftothold, ing a comnfiitation by the President of the sentence of death passl ry me court. having for its object the capture of Now During their confinement Horsey was Brunswick. It is difficult to attach crethev employed in the file shop, Milligan in the dence to the reports, vet-- ii. ..."! are quite, H...T- hospital, and Dr. Bowles in the kitchen, circiinisbiTitinl ir. has been quite enough to show that until his health became so poor as to thereFenian organization has meant misrender him unlit for work. He is quite this aged, claiming to be upwards of eighty chief. If the United States authorities allowed such expeditions to sail, years old, and now very much broken have is to what be said of their responsibility? down bv disease, and ouite weak. What Ever since the newspaper accounts of heard of the promises of which we have of late? the decision ot the Supreme Court oi mo From Ihe Montreal Herald, April ii.) United States in their cases were publishAs there happeus, however, to be seved, thev have shown great uneasiness to the Ohio claiming that the warden eral British about those should take official notice of tho case and waters, which are likely to arrive as release them without awaiting a formal sjieedily as tho Fenian expedition, especially after notice so openly given, we are order. Recently, Milligan drew up a formal led to the opinion either that the story of paper, demanding his release on the this exp1ition has as little real foundation ground that the proceedings whereby he as Others which hurn nnumll II -- ... was tried, convicted, and sentenced, the belligerents are like some gentlemen not mere- n uu i'ioiios it, ugni aueis, nut take care were void, al initio, Htid t.. ly voidable that no order for his re- to inform tho tinlioo in ' need be expected in the premises, it kept out of harm's way. lease being the same as though they were held HINTS TO OKN. SWEENEY AND MR. KILLIAN. under the order of an irresponsible mob. From the Torouto Leader, April 1 his application was forwarded by Mr. ,.. , Kcnorts linvo ..i Prentice, the warden, to Attorney Gen- that tho British Vtrtoon i.m,., eral Speed, at Washington. Without towartls IlalifMTt est Indiau fleet had igone iI hut ii waiting for action in this direction, how ever, the attorney for Milligan, on yes even more readily available to piotect the terday, sued out a writ ol naoea enrjiut, had not moved ,i, enstu-nn-l nave - ueen ir it from the Probate Court of Franklin six thousand men to go to Campo Bello county, Judge Pugh presiding. The warden responded to the writ by Island would be to run into the very jaws of the lion. The British fleet from bringing the prisoner iuto court and producing the order of the President of the twenty-fou- r """iu oo auie to assault tnetn in hours; and the piratical United States, by authority of which he held them in confinement, and asked a vessels would stand a good chance of be- intr Slink, whiln nl ll. ,.l...l r..n continuance of one day to enable him to of Killian but few could hope to escape confer with counsel, copy the necessary papers and receive answers to dispatches "uu lurl1 unscraoie lives. This second to W ashington. This very proper appli- story went on to say that a number of in addition to those in the vessels, cation was denied, and the court made a jnen, gone to Maine, whence they were summary disposition of the case, without to trial, by releasing the prisoner. Steps and cross th once disputed frontier; when the united forces were then taken to obtain the discharge of of Bowles and Horsey in the same easy landsmen and seamen got to New Brunsmanner. In the meanwhile Mr. Prentice wick they were to amuse themselves by issuing proclamations nnd setting up the received from tho War Department the ,j, roiiianism on the following, in response to tho application ..... ..v... i ,i. previously sent to Attorney General banks of the Piiwmnnn.i,i. Pillbox Hall, in Union Speed, bf which it appears that, without meantime, reference to the action of the courts, the square, wonld, in its departed glories, reof President remits the sentence iu all three mind the visitorstt the disused palaces of jv Fontainblenn. iinrn.nm cases : sailles. Would it not be a good specula- ) "War Departmknt, i ra"ioiL ' ) letter of dis "Washington, . ('., April 10, lsfiil. missal jroiu tue cniteu Mates service for Warden of 1 ihio Peni"John A. "absence without leave?" If to this tentiary: wereaddeda few fifllu"fr,.,lini "The President, on consideration of an with a pair or two of patent leather application on liehalf of Milligan, Bowles boots, , nurchnseil . mith .uu buuwi 1IL1U11S ...... !. .,v and Horsey, for their release, has directed or serving maids, and some remains of the remission of their sentence, and that the ancient furniture of Fenian Hall the they be released from imprisonment. speculation could hardly fail to pay.' "Tho Adjutant General will transmit This is the ridiculous side of the picthe official order by telegraph and mail, ture. But, if any vessels have sailed, and you will discharge them from cus- innevtu uc a CTiotM side fo the matter. Einvi.v M. Stanton, tody. Khali tre then have a proclamation of neutrality But the whole ntnru "Secretary of War." t r,!- The dispatch from tho Adjutant Gen- confirmation. eral, referred to, was received, and the CAMPO BELLO ISLAND AS A PAYING STAND prisoners thereupon discharged, and proPOINT. ceeded to the Neil House, where they From the Toronto Olube, April took up their quarters for tho night, exUntil a fleet were gathered to cover the cept Dr. Bowles, who, being quite unwell, landing of troops, Killian and Rolierts did not leave the institution until might rule over this tiny spot of British the Irish Republic of Campo LtTTER FKO.H JIIDDLETOU'H. soil,establishletters Bello, issue of marque and reprisal ;Corrcpon.lence of the Louisville Democrat. and wage war on the commerce of Britain. It is true that in a few days the inMiddletown, April 13, lSljt). s. Messrs. Editors: The greater part of the vaders would be ousted ; that the island Ben Wade is anxious to know session was taken up yesterday by the re- atlords not the slightest advantage as a point of attack on the mainland of where Johnson got the power to make ports of pastors, stating the condition of and that the Finnegans States, to dictate to them Constitutions the churches. While tho reports gener- might just aa well seize any other small among the hundreds of thousands and laws. Now, Wado knows well ally of the condition of the religious feel- island own which th sway of Britain. But the enough where he got it from. He got it ing were favorable, yet; there were seizure would make a sensation in New from the Republican storehouse of arbiof coldness and apathy in some Y'ork; Pat and Biddy would not know whether Campo Bello was in Ireland or trary power, and Wade has no right now places, the fruit of the demoralization of New Brunswick, and might be disposed to start such questions. lie made a the war, and .schismatic and to make further investments in bonds of speech before in which he approved allj quarreling in the church. This, filling, I the Irish republic to carry on the great that Johnson had done. Wade is only regret to say, is exhibited even in tho war. On the whole, we are inclined to mad now liecause Johnson will not take Presbytery, and that harmony that think that the scheme would nav. looked at from the point of view of the leaders of the rest of the programme from the dom should be exhibited in all ecclesiastical the rinnegans. Their difficulty will be to find enough of fellows willing to inant party iu dealing with the Southern ! bodies is not shown. The case of Mr. McMillan, of Shiloh a haller to establish an Irish Republicrisk on States. and Olivet Churches, caused bv complaint an island in the Bay of Fundy. Even conduct, created countrymen of Sir i.Beu Wade, having said that Voor-hee- s of some niemliers of his The defense was the fancy, see the bull Boyle Roche will, some warm discussion. we in that idea, and was once keeper of the records of the objected to, and its reading stronglv dep- keep their necks out of the noose. Kuightsof the Golden Circle, retracted ttie recated by Dr. Wilson, as involving the COMPLIMENTS TO THE FRENCH CANADIANS. names of individuals with ex jiarte statement on the 'Jth, as he had learned charges against them. Upon From the Montreal Gazette, April .; the it was not the fact. It was honorable to however, tho reading was allowed,vote, We insert elsewhere a report of a meetMr. retracrtt; but not profitable to Voorhecs. McMillan having apolo- ing of French Canadians at Elmira, in of New York, which we copy Nobody but mean partisans ever believed gized for any intemperate language used the State Pays, from Le in the heat of discussion. The pa the chief Rouge organ iu asit, and they will still repeat it. severated that the objections to Mr. Mc- Montreal. It nourishes in hie tvne in the valuable Millan were on ItJ-A- n official statement respecting the and contained account of his Unionism eral" journal. columns of that very "libIt is, fortunately, seldom countless charges disspecial census of Nebraska, taken a year loyalty against tho complainants. of one is called upon to read sueti unmitiMr. Barret moved that all matter in gated rubbish, but in one sense there may ago, shows that the population of that minutes (the defense) immaterial to be sufficient of curiosity attaching to this territory was then over 4i ,Xo. The pres- the issue bo stricken specimen to induce people to do so. Ihe the out. ent number is estimated at least 50,0o0. objected to mutilating theMr. McMillan I'.ngusli-speakin- g population of this record. DorThis corrects the misunderstanding made ters McPhet rs and Mathewsstrongly ob- country can accent it as another addition jected, urging the right of tho minister at- to that stock of extreme for in the Senate on the Colorado question, tacked to make his defense in Ins own tho practice- and profession of which they that Nebraska had a population ol only language, and that if th" language was are sometimes asked to ally themselves 2'",ono. censurable, then let the Presbytery vole with the "advanced'' party called Bouires. a censure u pon it as a whole or upon Die The ncochfs were not, it may be answertcy"It is calculated, from dates deemed objectionable parts. After Homo further ed, iiiado in Canada, nor the resolu reliable, that in Georgia, Alabama and discussion, the matter went back to llm tions passed In Canada; but they find kind nil echo in Le Pais, and Mississippi, the number of negroes at committee, when llm session adjourned. n specimen of the kind of intellectualafford After supper there was mi able nml elod work is about what it was in quent discourse from Mr. Noiirse. Tothat "lilieral" journal furnishes to not, in fact, case tho Walnut-strevery Church its readers. They 10, while there are not as many whites day the takenofup, which promises to lie gross exaggeration aro thedootrines awhich of will be laboring as then. Iu three districts exciting. that journal itself, at times, tries to incul, where w hite labor has heretofore been cate. Tho seochis and resolutions which we insert aie utterly beneath criticism, For the Loni.vlMi Iietnoi-rutused, there will be tolerably full crops of and could certainly only influence the .Meet in;; iii Totlil Couuly. everything. most ignorant men. Pays, howAt a meeting held by the citizens of ever, should Ikof supposedLeto tQ?The directors of the Charleston and Todd county, irrespective of party, at the kind of food to suit its "liberal"know the readeis. Savannah railroad have held a meeting courthouse in Elkton, Ky., on tho llith of One point may lie noticed, namely, that and declared their corporation insolvent. March, ISriii, it being county court day, Mr. ( artier is denounced as a ''political monslcaV' and Mr. McGee as an "Irish The total indebtedness ol the road is more tho Hon. W. E. Kennedy was called to traitor," because they have than ?:2,2iX,0J, w hile the avails of the thechairand J. J. Hickman was appoint- good sense to perceive thatthe practical the political whole road, with depots and rolling ed Secretary. institutions which this country enjoys are among the freest in the world, ant), therestock, is only f l,:;0o,i00. Nearly half a The President appointed the following fore, work them out, in good faith, under million of dollars is required to put the gentlemen a committee to draft resolu- British rule, while they cultivate cordial road in repairs. tions expressive of the .sentiments of the relations ith men ol other national origin their own. They have this meeting, viz; Judge G. Terry, James T. than tho great body of the people reward: 1 is asserted that Priui, the Spanish that 8.1 of the insurgent general, had three millions of Clark, H. G. Petreo, J. G. Hallingworth, country see in this trueliberality, and a conlidence dollars in cash in his traveling carriage C. W. Ware, George Thornhill, S. P. governing power. which makes them the when he started on his wild euterprise.and Staudard, E. G. Silreo and Ben. T. PerBfJUA band of one hundred gipsies, that, when on his own lands at Vallarubia kins, who retired for a short time and, and Moilnillo, he ordered a general slaugh- after a consultation, returned tho follow- with a regularly appointed queen, who ing resolutions to said meeting, was appointed two years aeo to serve ter of his extensive herds and flocks, thus Heuilveit, That this meeting, with pride seven years, are located on the dividing supplying his men with food at his own and exultation, indorse the President of line between East Cambridge and Somer-villexpense. the United States in vetoing the recent Massachusetts. They get their livact of Congress, enlarging the powers of tryTen years ago one barrel of petro the freedmen's bureau. ing by horse trading and fortune telline. llesoheil. That we freely approve and They came from Canada six months ago. leum a weeK or nuy uarreis a year would overstock the market. Now, will give our cordial support lo the Presi- 1 he queen has a beautiful chariot lor travthe United States more than two million barrels a year are dent of the States lately in his efforts to eling, with apartments restore in reliellion to all for her husband au insufficient suppty. If the production their rights and privileges in the Union and child as well as for herself. were to fall short of that amount, it and under the Constitution, as expressed the I'resident does up some queer trans-tion- s would create a panic in the market and byJtesoticl, That in his lato veto message. wo freely indorse the in real estate, occasionally. The largely advance the price. sentiments enunciated bv'the President in his speech, delivered 'in Washington latest is indicated in the rejiort of the IfAnother hitch is stated to have oc- city on the 2:U February, lsili'. Uis bold, lieann Officer, who states that there has curred in the progress of the second vol uncompromising and patriotic posi ion been doiKisited in tho lake basin, at the maintained on that occasion ume of the "Life of Cesar," further can- assumed and the in behalf of whole people, entitles loot or Kanuolph street. waimn cels and alterations having lieen decided him to the conlidence and respect of all loads of ashes and cinders. The amount good and upon by the French Emperor. citizens; and particularly iu that portion of his speech of land made by this accumulation is a trine over A London correspondent of a Wet- - which calls on all to unroll the Constituof an aero, and, beeru paper says an idea has got abroad tion, read and oliey it, and in which he ing estimated at tho price of real estat urges the admission of all members who in that locality, shows an advantage to among the English people that the next have been duly elected and acknowlPresident ol the United Slates is lo bo edged their iiUeirianco to tho (rovern-tm-- the city to the amount of ?n,0Ki. of the United States, requiring no Charles Francis Adams. Pay of Sham kn. A month's sea-pa- y other oath than that prescrilied by the is States, and allowed to every officer in tho navy bv a BeliA vessel is to leave New York, this Constitution of the United blixvl-thirhis withering rebuke to the v passed Congress, "for month, to communicate with Captiin who are still crying tor more blood, and law, which h ts Hall, the Arctic explorer, at Repulse Bay, ami upon me dominant party or clothing lost during the war ot ls;i. and wil4 carry out letters and packages me present congress, who, i.y their plications may be made to the Fourth wicked and revolutionary acts, are en- Auditor, Inclosing addressed to him. affidavit that such deavoring to pervert and destroy this clothing was not lost by the nculigenee or EfiL,At a sale of coins, in Worcester, Government, the accomplishment of fault of the which they hope may enable them to claimant. A schedule of the Massachusetts, recently, an American perpetuate their own powers. articles lost is required. Said resolutions Mere discussed bv ent, of IT'1-!- brought fj 3, a nickel cent, Messrs. II. i;. I'etree. V.. G. Silreo, G. iHr'An American student, Francis A. $2, and silver dollar, of ITs.'i, f2 J". of Terry, 1J. Hallingworth and B. T. Per- ('banning, of Boston, has lately taken H is announced from Florence that kins, and were adopted by a largo major- the Arnold prize at Oxford, England, for ity i f said me;.t'.ir. Kiug Victor Emanuel has subscribed 'n motion of J. T. Clark, it was re- an English essay. The prize amounts to l,i w out) franc for the extinction of the solved by said meeting, that the Louis- 5210, and is open to all Oxford graduates ville pajiers, and all other papers friendly Italian national debt. to the Kilicy of the President, be requested of less than eight years' standing. 15,Mr. l'errin, of Woodstock, Con to publish the same. 2yGustave lKre, the finest of living K k"n Knv, W. necticut, wilh a nice eye for the fitness of J. J. Hickman, Secretary. Chairman. illustrators, is but thirty years of age. thiugs, hung himself iu his slaughterr SK Nashau (N. 11.) woman, who lost In lMiJ he had made forty-fou- work thousand house. drawings! He is now at illustrata very dear child, a few weeks ago, on A financial crisis is exjiected iu Tuesday last managed to procure (he key ing La Fontaine, Shakespeare, Milton, fact, all the great classics. Richmond, VirgiuU.' There are tK many of the tomb in which the body was laid, aud, in goods in the city, and n uts are exorbi- opened the coffin, took the child in her 6yA New Jersey lighthouse keeper tant. arms and bore it home. There she tended put out the lights at midnight, on the riTThe six English iron clads, w hich it as though still living, and defied all en- ground that he thought all vessels ought are not a success, cost John liull more deavors to take it from her for several to be in harbor before that time. than eight and a half millions of dollars. hours; and it was only from the effecta of hundred factories in the north an opiate administered to her that the efof France made 125,000,000 pounds of a,General Breckinridge is reported to forts were at last successful. sugar from beets last year. be in Canada, weary, careworn, gray, and Mr. Wade and Mr. Voorhees. Senaanxious to return home. JgTmmigrants are pouring into tor Wade, having received a note lately fcftThirteen thousand elephants are from Mr. Voorhees, publicly retracted the Texas,. yearly killed to supply Sheffield with charge he made against him, of being a A Mormn society exists In ivory. Kuight of the Golden Circle, beat , i..i. t jt ls, Sf Tho Ladies' Central Centenary Association held a public meet ing Monday evening last, at the St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, New Y'ork, in celebration of the Centenary of Methodism, and for the purpose of ndvaucing their efforts to build an appropriate niissionhouse for the Methodist Church in that city: Chief Justice Chaso preside! After singing and prayer, Mr. Chase gave the opening address, as follows: I am told that on taking the chair I ought to address a few words to the people here asMy engagements have been sembled. such, ami so arduous, that it has been impossible for me to prepare anything like a regular address, and you will not ex pect that. I shall accomplish all that is necessary, I hope, if I express the earnest sympathy I feel In the work which has called yon together It leads us to look back, and it bids us to look forward a hundred years ago, and a hundred years hence. The siieaker pro ceeded to dwell briefly upon tho work of the church, during the last hnndred years in the variousdepartmentsof human improvement, drawing the contrast between its position at that time and its present position, and noting its amazing progress in numliers, wealth, and influence during that time. Ho spoke of the Church as synonimous with lilierty and the regeneration of man, as having been coeval with the establishment of our Government, and as standing in the vanguard of all great movements of reform, and the loyal Church as aiding greatly in bringing our late conflict to a successful end. He to speak of the reforms wroticbt by the war. He continued: A slave Is represented npon the Roman Rtnge,-li- i a play written by a Roman, who was himself a slave, uttering eighteen hundred years ago these words, standing in front of a Roman audience: "I reckon nothingthat is human as alien to me." Think of the force of those words in that day! Roman citizenship embraced alt there was that waa considered valuable in the world; and here was a man outside the pale of Roman citizenship standing up to say, "I reckon nothing human aliun to me." And thunders of applause greeted that sentiment from Koutati lips. Applause. Then it was nothing in which men thoroughly believed, nothing tor which anv man was willing to die. But now that principle comes down from Heaven, comes down from Him who died to redeem mankind; and He who sheds his precious blood tor all men now has breathed upon the heart of this great nation, so that it has come to acknowledge nothing human alien to it, and that it is willing and ready to do all its duty to the humblest of mankind. I shall never forget with w hat sentiments I learned that one great act of justice was put forth, in the name of the American people, bv him who, through an assassin's hand, has been sent to his home, we trust, in Heaven, and to bo perpetually remembered among men for his kindness of heart, his con-- I scientiousness and his goodness.- He resolved, as he told me himself, one night lying in his bed meditating npon the state of the country, that if it should please God to drive the army of from Penn sylvania, that he would proclaim freedom to the slave. Applause. Iee was driven from Pennsylvania. Mr. Lincoln said to me: "I wish he had been driven further, but I have got to do it, and I will issue the proclamation." Applause. And the proclamation was issued, how cautiously guarded, yon know, at first; but the ninety or hundred days rolled on, and the first of Jaanary came, and the proclamation was made a great fact in American history. Every human being throughout the length and breadth of this land received from the Ameriean nation, through its honored head, a pledge that they should be maintained in their freedom. And now this proclamation has been consummated as part of the American Constitution, as part of the American system. But there is- more work to be done. Slaves emancipated are but half men. They must be educated. They must have the gospel preached to them, and we have missionaries going abroad through the longth and breadth of the land preaching to them: and every where noble women and noble men are concentrating their energies to work to their interests. But this is not all that is necessary. The faith that has been nled ed to them by tiie nation, that they shall be maintained in freedom, must be rewe have the intelli deemed, and y gence that the tinted States Congress, representing the heartfelt sentiments and the fixed resolves of the whole American loyal people, have declared that these emancipated slaves shall be equal in civil rights with all olher men. Applause. A step further, and m;iny steps further are necessary, for it is a long work, which is to raise a whole people; and one of these steps is, that they to whom you have given freedom must le permitted to deFeeble applause. fend it by the ballot. And speaking here, betweeu the two I should bo unfaithful to my own convictions if I refrained from uttering that word before you. Then let us look forward. This work is all to be done. Civil rights aie to bo secured; political rights are to be secured ; fraternity is to be established ; we are to feel that every man that wears tho iuiHire of God is entitled to all the rights which God has given to his people. Everything is to be left there for the operation of those natural laws by which mon raise themselves in society, each selecting those whom he prefers for his associates, and no man dreaming that aiiy other man has lesa right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and tho means by which life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed and defended, than he has himself. And now, my friends, so much for w hat the inlluences of the Church have done thus far. A hundred years to come when we look back and see what God hath wrought ; when we look back and see what He has accomplished through all these latter days, through all this work and disfranchisement what can we think of the hundred years to cwme? Who can tell what this nation is to become, if it is only faithful to itself? Who can measure tho work this Church has put forth in making this nation true to itself aud true to its God? I verily believe that, but for this Church, nothing of that which we have thns far realized could have been accomplished. I verily believe that God, in His providence, raised up this Church. I do not say that He did not give appropriate action to other Churches; but I do verily believe that Go i raised up this Church for the1 purpose of leading this nation to these grand results. And now this Clmrch is celebrating her centenary. She is calling upon members of other de--! nominations, and I am glad that others and their household are ready to come for- ward.recounizing what she has done.syin- pathizing withher.and ready toaid her in still greater measures ot usefulness. This Church is preparing, thus aided, to take her place not to take her place as she has taken it but to keep her place, and to move forward iu the van of Christianity and moral regeneration. And then I shall not undertake to portray the future as it rises dimly before me, and I see the great multitudes now tilling me land becoming doubled and quadrupled, and I see such churches as this rising aK over, and vessels profiled by steam, bearing the messengers of salvation to earth's remotest corners, and telegraph wires girdling the earth in every direction, and more numerous round the world than they are through New Y'ork, so that every pulsation of every heart is responded to throughout the world, and the church multiplied in her numliers, purified in her faith, standing iK'tween the worldand God, bearing aloft the standard oi regeneration and salvation. The powers of language fail, the powers of conception fail; no man knows what the centiry shall bring forth. It is iu the handi of God. He who has wrought thus far will work still. Only be it our part, however humbly, to do something while we jet live that these glorious hopes may lie real ized for those who are to come after ns. Bishop Janes then read a letter from Hon. William Lawrence, of Ohio, member of Congress, who had been announced to speak, who said he was obliged tore-mai- n in Washington, to vote iu favor of the civil rights bill. The audience then rose and joined in a hymn. Bishop Janes was then introduced, and explained the objects designed to I accomplished bv the ladies whose first meeting was held which was, to build a mission building for this church. He mentioned instances in which such buildings had len erected, and noticed the reasons inakiiigsuch a building necessary. He said the receipts of the church for missionary lator were one milliou a year, and it had doubled every two years, so that, and in the ratio in which it had increased in the past, there was ground to hope that in twelve years their annual receipts would be sixteen millions, and they might send out sixteen thousand missionaries. Ho said after this conflict through which the nation has passed th re is an other terrible conflict coming, which he hailed a conflict w ith intemperance. He spoke earnestly iu reference to this sub- jeet. The next speaker was Bishop Simpson, who spoke particularly for the ladies, and mentioned tha reasons why tho ladies should form the association they had. He spoke of other evils besides intemperance which must be couibutted, and expressed the profound conviction that those evils could never be cffvctually dealt with through legislation until the ballot was placed into the hands of women. Tho women of our country wo Ie intelligent enough aud pure enough to ma s.e no compromise wiln intemperance and vioiousness. The meeting then adjourned, after the singing or me tioxofogy and the pro- YESTERDAY'S 1.00.1 DISPATCHES. nouncing of the benediction. Manufacturers of TELEGEAPHIC: Cuban Slave Trade Alleged Kidnapping of Southern Kf Tb grot. Boiler, Sheet, Roanl anJ S.pare Iron, Boiler Rivets aad Zrea Cettea Ties. I. PLATIC I0RK. 1TAKK A BPKCHLrTV OW KOfIRh.v. y M in Hi r tmrty yara. ol our The Fenlaa Prisoner lo Canada .nal J" Excitement In Cornwall The quality. o'r.Tem -- .lcnt. Fenian Strictly itateheal. D. HARPER & SONS, 2w Y'ork, April It. C FEOM NEW I CI M 4 Tt. eH -- The following correspondence regardapi-ing the allegations of Senator Sumner aliout the selling of Southern negroes into Cuban slavery has Just been pubThe Herald's Toronto special contains the following: Murphy and tie associate lished : Merchants, are kept handcuffed and strongly gnard-eCommission TO MR. SEWARD. Mil. MINOR lynchSome of our No. 170. U. S. Consulate General, ) ing them. The eitizens advocated hostility against the prison.e lLA!tA, Feb. 1.), lscrj. j ers is intense. The Attorney General has Sir In reply to dispatches Nos. S7 and ordered the sheriffs to permit nobody but S'.i from the Cincinnati, Ohie. of State, the lat- otlicers of the law and the counsel to see ter accompanied by oppv of a letter from the prisoners. On the night of the arrest Mr. Matt. S. Collin to tlie Hon. Secretary the wildest exriterfent prevailed in CornflfVFST TO PTLI.IN" ATTFSJTTO-of the Interior, 1 have the honor to stale wall, and when the bugle sounded the foe Floor, i;r.n. Pn.vMMOtia. Ae. l.ioa-rathat, immediately oil the receipt of the call to arms the volunteers ran to the renfirst dispatch, I instituted inquirio?!, and dezvous, loading as they ran. WM. K. ( RANK. They A. M. THORNTON. up to this time have not been able to find doable-- . micked to the station, followed by CO., THORIUM. CRA.1E anything to warrant tha belief that color- au excited populwo. On arriving there ed jersous have been brought here from reports were circulated tbat two compathe southern coast of tho United Slates, nies of the h had ravolted C022IISSI0N MERCHANTS on vessels, large or small, laden with ami taken posseswion of the town in order cotton or other products, and left ou the to cut their way to Portland. ix island upon the departure of the vessel. Another report states that the Fenians Without doubt there are persons on had crossed at Ogdonsburg, and seized a &c. this island, as well as in the United States, train, and were advancing on Cornwall Flour, Grain, Pork, Lard, Seel3, bad enough to engage in this inhuman by steam. Three companies surrounded 10. j wrsrr rsvasjT business, if it could be safely ami profita- the train, as a guard, and Murphy and bly carried on; but by the Spanish law party surrendered without resistance. Cincinnati, Ohio. no colored person can be landed on the Much indignation is felt that apt Im island of t'nha unless a bond, with a suitGeneral MacIonald DC J. a, A coca. W. M. WILLIAM'S able penalty, be given that the negro them. Two companies of should defend JSO. .oi. infantry and a DUBOIS & AUGUR, shall be again removed from the island, battery of artillery have been ordered to and for obvious reasons the Spanish colo- Cornwall to prevent anv attempt at resnial authorities, not only in Havana, but cue. Mr. Speedy not Shea , the SecretaCommission Merchants, all over Cnba, are strict in requiring the ry of the llioerntitn Society, was arex. observance of this law; no colored per- raigned at the Police Court yesterday 7 ECO fTRIIT. son can therefore have lieen landed here morning, but no offlr-efrom Cornwall Cincinnati, Ohio. for the pnrjose of being kidnapped and having demanded him, he was disFll.r.r-S'.sold into slavery except in violation of charge,! on the original charge, and held, ATTKNTTOSJ ftTVFt T oelentfor K'.xir. Ura'n. Pro. luoua, Ac L.raerl this law, and, of course, at some unin- on information of Infective Spencer, habited place upon the coast, and if so charging him with conspiring with Murlanded must have been taken at once to phy and other traitors to invade the some plantation in the interior of the peace of the realm. The examination is island. The impression is quite general to take place on Saturday. An excited ct? "WVPsTIsT. hore that, by recent events in the United crowd MfiuffBrtarn of of sympathizers has swarmStates, even the most ignorant slave haa ed about the J'olice Court all day. been educated Into some idea of personal Speedy is confident of being acliberty, and that, consequently, even if quitted. magisThe stipendiary ni I s I o it again reduced to a state of sfavery, his trate of this district has been ordered by Com Wnolenal. Deader, in aal Aanta fhf example and teachings would be danger- the Government to condnct his trial. the a ous on the plantations; therefore, in the The authorities here are on the alert, but Of jUaniiaM st. Lieorw Part. PtotIs. absence of all proof, and even of rumors the Fenians have taken warning, and ion. Lar.l. Ac. "O. A r Wuu a extra .'amuy Lard." among the people here, and on account of are putting evidence out of the way as cm I si ftTi. eHie, the difficulties attending an attempt of fast as possible. Rallsrar. .npyllwl wun Oil., Tailow. Ore. Ac this character, I do not believe that neOttawa dispatches) of last evening anapTJoi groes have been kidnapped from the nounce that the (iov.rnment has received United States, brought here ami reduced Information to the effect that several comBISHOP, DICXiaSM, PRICE to slavery. panies of Fenians have left Chicago, osWooieaai. deatn in The investigations wih be continued, tensibly for Ogdensbnrg. and I shall also attempt to ascertain The next meeting of the executive 0-A.X- 0, whether there be any plan to carry on council at Ottawa will take- place next this nefarious business hereafter, and will Wednesday, when the day for the asHTIIAW GOODH, promptly report the result of those inves- sembling of Parliament will fixed, ASD tigations. and the delay so far is understood to have Mr. Coffin, in his letter hearing date been in consequence of awaiting the action LADLES' TREIXJIS9 HATS, New Orleans, January 'J, Wki, says: of the lower provinces in the matter of PEARL STREET. "Since my arrival here, some ten days confederation. The deputy heads of the 11 AND Nona .i le, aL Kac and Vina, ago, I have been informed that thousands several departments al Ottawa have met of negroes have been kidnapped and to organize a civil service battalion, eixris.i ATI. amou -transported to Cuba, and sold into slavery agreeably to recent orders in council. arc In Often wllrlteri. on the block to the highest bidder." Du A strict watch on Fenian movements ia ring the existence of the reliellion, I have I kept on all the main lines of communicaWM. GLENN & SONS, no doubt that refugees from New Orleans tion in the provinces. Speedy, the Fenian brought here some of their slaves. Du- secretary, has lieen sent to Cornwall as a ring the past year, seven of those have witness against the other prisoners. GROCERS, been reclaimed through this consulate It is said that all Fenian documents WHOLESALE four of whom have been sent to the here have been destroyed. United States, and three children are now here at the control of the consulate, The Strike on the City Railreatls awaiting a proper opportunity to go to Arrest efa F reach Bank RobNew Orleans, w hich will be about the ber Advices from yfexiea The first of March. One of the negroes above referred to, and who was returned to New Imperialists Defeated ia Coa-hui- la Orleans about the middle of January, American Invade SoneRAOS) 0OOO TO PRIMS IO COP- 135, had been Sold some time during the ra The Liberals Defeated la yoar previously thereto. It is possible om 'ii.1 Java Coffea; i. Morella. that the information given to Mr. Coffin fcK,i;,,n : ; ..I hr. . H.l Kline Nkw York, April IX may have originated from cases similar ... - KHn- UfV. ,iar: -l -. tr,. The strike continues on the city railto those above. I think, however, that lVtlu".! . Tas: I may safely assure the department that roads. The drivers of almost every line iii.n au'i I octM aiti.. goou. au eir the information given to Mr. Coffin, and in ttie city are now in it. and those wbo iowaTrwL ww. oLwars; a hox as stated in his letter, is without founda- have not as yet struck threaten to do so aoim at anv moment. The inconvenience to jaawaaMaaaaaaaai fact. tion in It is, however, always difficult to arrive the public is immense. No compromise at the truth from general statements; and has as yet been effected with the men by if Mr. Coffin will obtain from his inform- the directors, and, as the latter are deterants any particular case, it will afford mined to hold out, it is bard to tell how great assistance in the further investiga- tha m.Mor will .n,l Thmnnhnnt tha men have acted in a quiet, paceable tion of the matter. I have the honor to be, with sentiments manner, and no attempt whatever at a disturbance has been made. A larze of respect, your oledient servant, number of the people living up town j William T. Minor, were compelled to walk last evening and United States Consul General. Hon. William II. Seward, Secretary of this morning. eflshipe of the SnrriTi Ijimirsnil State, Washington, D. C. Poicters branch of the Hank of France, Translation. was arresieu in mis city on ionaay last, Havana, January 20, lSoo. on a charge of having robbed that insti- Your Excellent I have read with sur tion of about JJtu,tn. He Is now eonnned prise in the newspapers which havecome in jail, and application will be made be-- I by the last mail from New York, that fore U. 3. Commissioner I5etts,on Saturday during the session of the Senate, on the next, for his return under the extradi-- ! f'th instant, Mr. Senator Sumner said tion treaty. The Jury in the case of the Artie Inthat tho freed negroes of the Southern States are now kidnapped and taken off surance Company against the Albany to this island and to Brazil, to be held in and Canal Tow boat Line, which was a slavery, and that in this manner a new suit to recover the value of a carzo of; tratlic had been inaugurated on the shores corn destroyed by a collision.on the Hn.l- CRYSTAL PALACE B'JILCIXuS. son river, between the boats of the de-of the South. What was said bv Mr. Sumner with fendantu, yesterday brought in a verdict ,,.,.,,, 10J Jf..fn0a S.rfU "Hrf re.'erence to the Island of Cuba- is not, for the plaintifis for J.- f.KUhe full amount true; aud you may give assurance that a claimed. Ihe plaintitls are assignees or case cannot be made out, even of a soli- White, Itanks A Co., Buffalo. tary individual. Yesterday two men named Clark and RSwovRrt or"1 (ov tRrr al to in. thi .otj- ,14. .Mr. Our legislation relating to individuals Dennis were arrested on suspicion of hav- UK .if r1 arc. of color, free or slave, arriving from ing been concerned in the rob!ery perpe- room., an. I ai mm ha n1 harv a.m. .i,.m' w. - now abroad, which was published on the 1st trated on the night of the UThI u'.t. at the ly ...ti r.,rua ar. eonm,.! of April, IM'', is conclusive, and to the! residence of John P. Moore, in Madison mf MoowD'a. O.r a. an.1 -- a, of car raa oat t. o with. a end that you may place before that gov- - avenue, when flHo.KiOin bonds and two wviaww of m.n. We ft'enita bear eminent the inaccuracy iuto which Mr., curitiws were stolen. The officers suc- eon.enhop oarcouo-ien- will npoil wttd r.mova.. ao-t! our fallen, there is annexed a ceeded in securing $;i,4."o in bonds iden- ,i - w im-- rwcaol Sumner has -r ar. pueAti, of the tified as belonging to Mr. Moore, and aeon toe nntitntion .nl tewlow literal copy of article twenty-on- e haa t.n-in.m o nines, a. instruction above cited, which has never having been seen iu the possession of the imiQeK, w. ar deiaru.ueii to auA.ii.aai 0IU pr- a wora iv.mmlttu.1 been infringed, tiriaonr. 1, Thaw nna ,.t a ..'v,i. ,.r ,h, i :,.r.',k. God save you, itc, DoMINUO DCLCE. street bonded warehouse, named Jhim iThe Commercial Collfse His Excellency the Minister of her Cath- Fitzjohn, hs been arrested, and worth of silks recovered. olic Majesty at Washington. Advices from Mexico state that the i.orisviLxr-ir- r. Translation. Imperialists were defeated in Coahnila, Instructions retrulating the formalities in March 1st, losing one hundred and forty tnro'-V.T respect to the arrival, movements and killed. Other tights of a desultory char- - t ,.,,- - ,i th. .i oar .io.ini, ow rnui o.i-. departure of people of color coming acter had occurred in the interior. Max- - ,1J"p"rV,,inih'l,"'""-imilian'abroad to this island, and pubfrom organ states that about one lished on the 1st of April, in the year hundred Americans invaded Sonora oa- - a.auuuraoi.oyauup.rwerauc. tensibly in pursuit of Indians, but noth- . Aktuxe 21. The individual of color, ing positive is known of their intentions, UMT C0UTS9 01 JjStTSCtlOU free or slave, who may arrive, coming The French occupied Chihuahua, having Fnohrarw all TSat aneK n h. w rvnrt0e!Ol from a foreign country, shall be immedireturned from an expedition with over A IM. I ately placed in safe keeping, and with hundred sick. They brought as prison- an S 4.LK RiMlK KilriUM ,1 b. is. Kit: on C! ..t 1 ions that may be suitable, until ers Senors Casavartch and Manuel Puiz, to a Hw,.ti.'aoi.. an1 a. Crecaut abroad again. lamii'iiu . ii.i Juarex's . the house to whom be is consigned If t Another French command had returnkim.. ULI rv.. i give security for the payment of one thou- - ed to Chihuahua with sixteen prisoners, IUI.i..ow. LtTIH. u, aiMl ir mt'.oulnsand dollars in the case of his leaving the after having shot three of the enemy's tn. n'l".! w .HOI. Ptlla an. K1 L. vessel, he may live on board; but that! leaders, including one named Mendea. security shall not becanceled until his re-- ( .en. Castogy bad been ordered to leave uasurMi:.i(l. aui tuia-tuexportation is veriiiad by the report of Chihuahua, but the order was counterTKHMS I?T ADVANCE. the captain of the port. manded. The Liberal General Uecnilea was surprised and defeated in the State of . Preparinu for Trocbi.e in the St. Lawrence. We perceive by the foreign Leg. uf i news brought by the Belgian that the Plan for the Keeonstraetioa of C. of ehaiv of r,l English government is fitting out a fleet AriinjusiMft aoMia, ar ami the oothern Stales Removal Fw Pwnmi iuibthe lay n In of war vessels, whose destination is said .aof Pennsylvania Otlieehelders. Prsctar' attare, akontb. whan. to be the St. Lawrence. This movement r For tn. amf New York, April It, occasioned by the fears of a is no doubt Per tauarter uf th moalOM.. The World's Washington special says Fenian invasion in Canada, and to operHour of Instruction. ate as a preventive against the fitting ou. the Reconstruction Committee are said to of Fenian privateers on the St. Lawrence. have nearly completed a plan for the reGreat Britain is taking every precaution construction ot the Southern Suites. It Is to prevent a surprise by the Fenians. It in tha shape of a Constitutional amend- SPECIAL WHTTCfO CXASSXS AX. will also be handy for her to have a fleet ment in regard to representatives, and ia WATS IX SESSION. of war ships on the St, Lawrence in case believed to be satisfactory to both wings any difficulty should arise with the Amer- of the party, and they expect to get a CnUe. pen laroofhont th alir 7ar aos ao two-thirvacation. vote on it in both houses. ican fishermen on the banks of Newfoundeajt at Me rww r For rurtnar partl-n'aIt is intimated that the President rari.rM M W land. In any event the sending of so a S.S, P aut ,lit across the Atlantic at has commenced to remove some of the many Pennsylvania 1). C. this time is a movement that should not Johnson, it ia said, has been be overlooked bv our government. appointed collector of internal revenue New York Herald, 11th. HAS RECEIVED HIS) at Pittsburg. he Ietroit Fenians soueht to arouse the enthusiasm of the brerhren for Saeeenn ofthe Fenian Evped'tion The Two Factions to be I ailed the celebration of St. Patrick's day by posting up on the walls a proclamation The Trial .Tlartlal I .aw Not Terminated In the .Swath. ending with the invocation, "God save the Green." Sacrilegious wags had a Nkw York, April IS. corresjionding numler of slips printed The World says the I'nion Square with the word "horns," and pasted Fenians haverecwived dispatches from B. them on aa an amendment. The elle-'- t Dorsn Killian, reporting the complete Clotis, Cassimeres & Vesting I was that Divine interposition was largely success of his expedition. invoked in favor of the " t ireenhorns." The same paper asserts that negotiations j BOt tiHT LOW ADO for the union ot the two are in progress 5rgT"An honest Hibernian, trundling section, ot" t ha lmthrhooil for the nur- along a handcart containing all his valu- pose of an immediate cr ile main on ail C IXIA.I ' ables, was accosted thus: "Well, Pat- the British North Ameruaia provinces. rick, yon are moving again, I see?" The Tribune's lUleich correspondence ' I am," he replied, "for the savs the Gee trial will probably be dis-- t "Faith. times are so hard it's a dale cheaper continued at once, under the President's hiring handcarts thau paying rints." proclamation. The Horald's Washington special says D. C. HEISKILL, .A man in St. Louis, one night last the President is reported to have declared j police tbat he had to Judge PealKxly, counsel for T. C. A. I week, reported to the lieen robbed of a jack-kmfand a penny, Dexter, late treasury agent at Mobile, Main street, two seers ahavs Swcoad. and was afterwards kicked out on who was con vide. I of malfeasance in of--i of his poverty. fioe, that his late proclamation was simply a declaration of his policy, and did not Proposals Tor Bnllding a TurngtafA man, who was charged with ten terminate martial law in the late insurpike Road. gallons of whisky, which a grocer put in rectionary States. CWAL'Ootn.-aeROliatALa WILL bk RETIIVRH keg, said he "didn't mind an eight-gallo- u O atonr iii l t.ea. or tie tor n the money ot ereharged so much as he did Death or Hon. D. S. Dickinson. of April. or to to toe lowest aa.l t in. bi.l.l-ti.Mlr or n. i..v nu. ,m. the strain on the keg." New York, April IX aonin .ml owl-,lt, T,lPn p He Ki'kwi',1 to. .r tra.1,,-mn v. lOAn apparatus for the prevention of is The death of Hon. Dsn ltd S. Dickinson on. m, i.on. mi or in. ijr.l,iiif. i.vinnleaii.l ofn . announced of H.r 11m wtoi work or steam boiler explosions has been pretty a:ir fart UiT.f o..r on ne.a. Tn. ioaiis an. ,i , tn. .rwm. ran be a.. a aa.l aaiwolnil m oor thoroughly tested in New York, and in urn.-.FROM rillLADLLPIIlA. lu.l. Th. Im. tor. in I .n. to . "01 or rv'r-- t .nr or a.l h..H wuwt. tnw. pronounced efficient in every respect. Th. tiui. (i ahoveworn Arrest ofOne ol the Tt order ersj or Th. quarriesiafnw to met toin. n,o.iii,(.. for in. the mn f Apri,twi. fyThe sum of J JjO.OOTJ has been placed worc.iHi Lh. ,M.ri.' wi,i rfravi the Deering family. be nirnin-- .l,ri,l,.rir. in the hands of the superintendent of the Philadelphia, April IS. p.aiwi.l M rwawMl tor r.,,.-ri- Ar.1 i.lea IOC pro. ;wo l.o A man was arrestee at the corner of br'.lea. a l a..o v.ri cuiv.r'-poor in Drooklyn, New York, for distrifnr lunriM ,n.rnaiioa priow V the Ulh an- Twenty-thirand Market streets this ,ol,MJ. L. I1K1I1.... t ..y. u.n.v bution. .' . and k of in. Cmoanr at I uca. morning who confesses to having com- a th. JA w p -- cn, .1 .n, fqyThere are nearly thirty millions of mitted the murder of the Deering family. In. tit of th. t .moan. acres of public lands in the South, open He states that he was assisted by com- imria panion, whom he has described minutely to settle menU to the authorities. Search is now being m a r pact rax a or The prisoner is world is likely to lose one of made for his accomplice. at the Central police station. its greatest benefactors, Florence Night- wnt bt sTrr. tiiit, OIIi. T. O. OIL, LAKD Merchant, aiu HAT3, Cincinnati, Ohio. 0,000 h. nr, l'SJs vV rA of ,ntTars,lTi,r' l,mr III., aia iiinini.. t rimiiv siakiKtasilt aiiriiri .saiat nnitL pfkimht 'r?hZ"i?B .., HEISKILL SPKLNG STOCK Till fiXIiXH CI .,. 'l nl r. JOHN liEllA, ingale. FEOM CLEVELAND. jrjyForty missionaries died in Africa before a single conversion took place. Opening ed- itor I.e yationai his paper. -- FruItwlU be plentiful ia this year. Wlscon'-ai-a COIIARS, TRUNKS, &c l'p or Navigation. Cleveland, April IS. Indianapolis l,;i'J5 barrels of Navigation ia opened to Dunkirk. The Eire railway steamboat company's steambeer were manufactured last month. er Oleon arrived here from Dunkirk this All 8a7There are three hundred New Eng- morning. now the steamers of this company will run regularly lor the sealand pulpits wanting ministers. son. t 5l. Louis Napoleon wants to be an Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Jo. I Hir.ct ttrrrL Irt. Fint ind Srroml, LetlSTIlLCHT. XsJtl River and Weather. CkCIati, April 13. The river har fallen fiftesn Inches, with thirty feet six Inches water In tUs chancel. Weather clear. Thermometer 34. . . I.T.' Bao I ' ' oiviulb, Aprtirxn.isa. yLDKKS OP THK BASK OP IJC ar. a.r.l.T aatitwd taal aa eie- - fiTx-torto arv in. esM a Tear. ia ui.a .sty. ua at .a pfiv "f jel

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