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Image 1 of The Kentucky tribune, June 18, 1852

Part of The Kentucky tribune

nnir TT71 JlALiTJl $oo ftA Weekly ""MvTTu Mat .v.wi.u. 11 M CM Whig" Chronicler of the Times, the P5.J FeTTe'aT I Au'lTwuT PUl L " J 8, adva.vckT i TOGETHER!" DANVILLE, KY., FRIDAY MORKIKG, JUNE VOL. IX NO. 45. PUBLISHERS., the Ccuntry WHOLE SO. 1853. 4G2. J. Bl CD40C. TBM. either tha Marshal of said town, or hi shall be entitled to receive oj cenis ior ; II. r.. Hall. Glavow. deputy, the night watch, or the keeper of each and every ("ay aiy tree f erson ' may be kept in ihe said Jail under or fur ntrnii said cemetery. Tt - ...nil AtA.r. ttiirT Comer Ualri anJ SlitJi Streets; I "".ii lll BfllluuiuiJ r sue .or y.cnsiNfl, AT TIIK Sec 15. Each and every person ri- a violation of any of the ordiuauce of Mais, But it is especially so thai ia improper. OF THE oincc os TKitwrrmtT, north of Cheapness, with a very large class of t ding or driving a horse beast within the said town. . before chi dren. And here parents, as . DANVILLE, KY. TOWN OF DANVILLE. Sec. 26. Every fr?o p?isn foini limits of said town as fast as in a gtllop, BY nre olhers....... i often in fault. Chil- 'r V n artip u rr l h a il PPK V ft rPfl said town,' til f iMnrtHiN V 11 An II A I.I. r. riEaA. . , dren have as many ears a3 grown per- - lie it ordained by the Board of Trus- except in case of necessity, or who shall giiliy of being drunk wiihin BLEDSOE t A TT St SUN. pcnnr .1 n.iriicular anent to. i son Inr sh or wheel car- or who shall be guilty of profane cursing . o " lists, X. TtwrwTTJlfl SOns, and they arc generally more atten tees of the Town ot IinviUe, as ride or driva a horso be?t periorm a service, cutii rnrciy cmaiuu; turn i iihil ib cnni lwfiro them. What riage upon any cf iho rido walks in said or swearing . therein, shaii for each of-- i follows: EDITORS AND rRorRlETOKS. s 1: 21 ii k, 111 speaking of what ihey have bought, or biing Hrutik, or rrr.far.H cursing very apt to repeat Sec. 1. If any free person shall shoot town, chc.ll. for each offence, ba fined fence of or good: they hear they arc had done, of the good quality -not less than Two nor more than Five or swearing, bj fin! Tvo dollars. load14 . . J3 'and as they have not discretion anu any gun, pistol, cr other instrument OO low price Sec. 27. Ths Marshal of said town is M,t?,'. Ver annum, in r Jvmicc, ; :S : : ; $2 SO work t.btained. but on ihe has been secu-at knowledge of the world enough to dis- - ed with powder, within ihe limits of said Dollars. S dire;"tf:d It to take up and sl-i- each nnd kfc.AVES Cincinnati for Frank-- which the one or the other f Sec. 1G. Each anJ every person . 2jS Within i months : : : S guise anything, it is generally found that town, such offender shall ha hned for fort every Sunday, -- T, : 3 00 red. As a general thing, they do not get B vd- everv ho found ruiinin? at larrnn the the peac or quiet of any Two Dollars, . nrr7 end. of tlic year, : : "At the offeiici not less than 'children and fools speak tho truth. vitiiMday for Frankfort nuin,....' r, ,u rtV, 1 any more than they bargain for; and, in a See that little boy's eyes glisten while each Il VI i'Utl .,;!.. OI III J II' 'IIIC, cr lawful assemblage of persons J' I It,'" I. I L'J l.r'a Oreeon for Cifceinnati Terr Taaraday! nor more than Fivo Honors. lew cases, they receive rather less. within said town", shall, for each offence had for cash in han i, end after retaining and f rm.frt y Monday and Friday 1.: r ,.,,;!, I., perAny slave upon EC. 2. gl.CC each be fined not less than Two nor more than 25 centi for each on I fve'ry !:cj r.o so'd. j " it'hree ccpie fr $5.'0, only 1,60 " or in whose pos'j,.gunge you would not wish to have repeat son, within stud town, j. . t.0, " send account U C. r ive .lilUltlUliaiSlJUtlUllllilll, nillkil UIUIU - led. - lie does not fully understand what session any spirituous liquor roay be Twenty Dollars. Any Slave guilty of as a cnir.icnrction fur hij services, thai"! Tribuui insert . " 15.00, .a n I, a I Lp.I 1 uimln IV n y' 01" colore! rir'fnsinn fur lh I?ay to the owner ihrj iiar?e, 11 known,' ' i! ),0 , " 1.35 mean, but he will rerr.ernbe.r. every found, shall receive therefor, a number distui bing a lawful assemb'.ig you !'ift-e, ... , se vices of a dentis', wlio was something , l town shall receive nr.d if not" 1.26 25.1J. iha iaio the Tieas Twenty nwiU uiiti 11 n 111 uu siiangc .r of lashes on his or her back, not exceed- persons within sai more than 29 stripes ot in? town. 1,01) " of a humorist. 50,00, " for each offence not (SaccntoM ta Taylor Ramond.) "fy not cause you to blush by its repetition. ing thirty nine, to be administered by the What do you ask for pulling a tooih.'' Sec 23 The several offence end j eto be given by either the Marshal or his . A gentleman was in the habit of call 'I.3f si a Street, Marshal of said town, at his discretion, JTAypmoi procures "vp he a.'ked of Forceps, cm entering his ofwithput trial. fines mentioned iri the foregoing sections, ing at a neighbor' house, and the lady without trial; -- prodded, bowever, that if deputy, or the night watch, fice. A swollen and inflamed cheek rtUI tM IX tmr DESCXISTlO o Sec 17. No person on Main street in and which may be heieafter imposed ty had always expressed to him great pleasthe said slave produce tho written au... . of tlie Tribune", showed that he stood in need of profes-o- l I.APIFS AXD CrXTT.FVPVM , tve after thority of his or her master, or of the said town, nor on any of ihe cross street virtue of anv ordinance hereafter enac-- ! ure from his calls. One day, just o.ley's", or j s';0--- .tUr GraUm'i, ted, shall be tried and iii.licied either be Furnishing and Fancy Goods, she had expressed to him, as usual, her person rightfully controlling hint or her there of between Broa Iway and Wa!nt:i. fore the Police. Fifty cents. was replied. Judpe of the town of DanitarUia' Magazine, oue ytrft tor 4. .rreara-io- a happiness from his visit, her little by en- at the time, authorizing the said slave to shall Lu:ld or cause to be built a cellar door ville, or discontinued until all Justice ofihe Peace for ih? Shirts, Hosiery, Underwear, Glove J 5j-.Never gave but a quarter, caid the some r. The gentleman took have tho aid liquors, then the said slave above the iVvsl of the pavement where the the Cravat-- , Scarf? Handkerchiefs, are pSii cept at the option of sufferer, in as decided voice as'piin would tered his room. and asked, the same is erected, and fin each offence County of Boyle, and where by the profto. knee, him on shall not bo punished. penders Trmfc,; allow him to assume. visions of any of the foregoing section or Bags '.Are you .not Jjlad, to see me, George?"' Sec. 3. Any free person who shall oe ho or she or ihey shall be fined not less by tho provisions of iny section of an v. Cane, Perfumery, e. My charge is fifty cents, replied the AlSvtRTISlMi". j "No, sir?'' replied the Day. guilty of hindering, delaying or disturb- than Two nor more than bit) lor every ordinance enacted, a fine of as VlnrhesrS IfPatent Linen and Muslin Skirta , operator, in quite as decided a manner. jar , "Why not. my Utile man" he contin- ing the night watch of said town, or the week the same may hi to re- grtat a sumhereafter of 12 lines or W, trvl inr-t. e 00 a3 Twenty dollira. (c any Uan t pay so mucn. is e- - ued, Marshal thereof, or his deputy, in ihe main. on. therein specified may be inliicied, Yon have only to put on 'o'ir S5jnouga. Sec 1C !n evey dwelling in saiJ the Marshal 'Because mother don't want you to due discharge of his duty", cr counselling Eaca aJJitional insertion, ' J irons and it's out in three seconds. Wi&h or iher offi-- er executing f..t ... I Procession Notice ich, 0(1 come,, said George. or advising others to do so, shall for each town there shall bo kept two Fire Buckets tho warrants, s',vl at the instance of ihe 1 had as much as 1 could do at pulling tines, or less.torS mcr.t'.., forli lines, or les, for 6 inontlis. And Dealer In "Indeed? how do you know that offence be fined in a sum not less ihan and if there are more than 3 persons in defendant, Vcr l i or JefenJanis, summon and teeth at a quarter a piece. Come now, 1 0 0(i George!" Five Dollars, not more than Twenty the lamilv. lor eacb live persons more emuar i.el a j :ry to appear at the time and f" 12 Paints OilS. sind Window Glass; For 12 lit- - or 50 00 friend, money is money these times. - - IO .nnntilS. than the first, one in addition. Each .v Here the mother was crimson, and Dollars. dace set fur trial. aid by whom the JIain Street, opposite the Daak, apothecary fUl'f acolumn for 12 .nonlh-- . or c1ma fr Don't you never pull teeth for a quarter! looked daggers at ihe liule son. But he Sec 4. Each and every person guil-t- v store house, grocery and than Two, shop charg-- shell be tried. And when any vY:osc Sometimes, revlied the dentist, and momim, or shall krep not less saw nothing, and therefore replied, of a riot, or breach of the peace, fine shall be imposed ixz aforesaid, ii shall may 3v, ' j larterof a column for 12 month or acojniijin sense of the ridiculous love for a pracii- "Because she said, yesierday, that she guilty of using any violent, abusive, and each Tavern not le:s than Fivs. Ar.d te tor 3 1110 ut ui. Vo diiiy of ihe Police Judge or Justice - j cal joke had become excited. charwished old bore would not call here menacing language towards another, or each person offending herein shall be Advertisement of a persona l character rendering juJgm?nt, 10 issue a capin 'Then you'll pull mine for that price,' again." that .! double. shall make an indecent or rude exposure fined not less than Five dollars nor more 00 gajj office, $1 for ihe amount of said fine and paijent. A una no ill? a ran di.late for any Msave'. 1 00 That was enough. The gentleman's of his person within the limits of said than Ten dollars, annual hj. The owner fro fine, j 0 yes, if you wish trie to do so,' was hat was soon in requisition, ad he left,' Con tiuuiiipam' until the elation, DA.WILI.E, KY. of said house shall be required to fur- cosi, and the defendant or defendants town, or shMl therein be guilty of any nceineiii Kee? to be paid in advs WitL attend to ill Auuou answered. t. them nish sail buckets; providtd, however, therein, may, if he or ihey rhooses, relioyl and the adjoinis iou'cllea l)jwn sat the patient, and the dentist with that impression that "great ii truth , other conduct, action or thing which that no person shall be required to fur- plevy the same for three rnunths by exeJOU WOltK. and it will prevail." apriiy,'52tf any citizen of said shall or may disturb was soon cutting away at his gutr.s in the cuting a bond payable u ihe Trustees of Another liule child, looking sharply in town in the quiet and peaceable pursuit nish more than four bucket?. Cook niiliobi Vt' rt.i.g, of coolest and niest deliberate way imaginarUin ti& I sai l town ihe town of Danville, fir ihe amount of Sec 19. No person wiihin the face of it visitor, and being fcsfced of his or her business, lawful recreation eery description, nuch r.s: said fine and costs, with good security, ble. ATTOKMES AT LAW, rout. or pleasure, shall be fined any sum noi shall erect or cause to be erected a Privy bearing interest from date, which shall My gracious! exdaimcd the fufTerer, what she meant by it, replied, TOs'TI B'i rMrm.i:T5, ha J a less than Two Dollars, nor more than wiihin 3J feet of anv street in sail town, "I wanted to see whether you VAI.C as soon ns the guti cutting operation was CtaCCLARS, inLLconthiur to Practice Lawia partpo and eery or.c so offending shall bo fined be taken by tho Marshal or other officer drop in your eyes; I heard mother say Twenty Dollars. hoiixk urti.s, ship in Boyle and adjoining counties. , fine in hi having ihe said capias over. ?'ijt you do hurt mo dreadfully. you had frequently." slave guilty not less than 55, nor more ihan $20. And hands, and upon which, pro Sec. 5 Each and every B41.I- - TICK'Tli. The dentist novV .nlied a pair of opposita tha Triban when due.Ta I OiHcoon Third-stree- t, .. BLANKS, I'.T" ire. every person now having such privy on nrvm. Ahoy onco asked one of his father's, cf e:ih'er of ihe forgegoing offences, enunntin j Orlice. '. "'n2.,43 may issue, if not paid. And if iho defento the cifiending tooih, end gave il a witii uet nefS lid dipat'-guests who lived next doer to him; and merated in Section 4, shall receive on his his premises within ihe prohibited dis- dant shall fail 10 pay. or replevy the same wrench which fairlv brought the Valient when he heard lus name, he asked if hs Tribune Oilier. i.s a tr:a'. SPEaSD S. PRY, 39 lashes, to tance, who sha'I not remove the same an or her back not more than above, it shall then be the duly of the to his eel. was not a fool M said wiihin GO days after the publication of : h it out, doctor!' was eagerly nsked. "No, my little friend," replied the be administered by the rindirshal oftrial. ihis ordinance in the 'Kentucky Tribune,' officer having said capias pro fine 10 con. i 0 without his discretion, j vey and safely put in tho watch-hous- e the V V ' ILL practice in the Coarts of BWjTe Notyet, coolly replied the dentist, guest, "ho is not a fool, but a very sensi- town, at and the adjoining counties. Any Anv free person who shall shall, for each week, the same may be the defendart there to bo safely kept unw Siic A make anothei Sit down ngsin, and I' confided to him, still be promptly attend-e- d ble man. But why did you ask that within the limits of said town, sell any suffered to remain, be lined not "ess than out niiLDiiooD. t0- til a period of time sh i'l expire which, at itrialf Feb 27. '521; nucs,ti(nl" sort of spirituous liquors in a quantity Five, nor more than Ten Dollars. tv ;fo r. So the man 5!tt down once more, and B cause." replied the boy, "inoiher Sec 2J. Any free person guilty of ihe rate ot Two dollars per day. will pay iV.e forceps were sgain applied. There said, the other day. that you were next less than three gallons at any one lime, injuring or defacing any pump within offand discharge the said fine and costs.. .1-- . : without first obtaining a licence from ihe T yt ?we-t- to Wen By order of the Board of Trustees, (was cn.uhor severe rciich: but the tooth Attorney at Law, 1'utlieVoft winoV gentle ewc'.l door to a fool, and 1 wanted to know who proper authorities to do so, shall for each said town, or property belonging to said rcfu.'-eCLIFTON RODES, Cn';i. to EW ORLEAX .LA.;. And tliiuk we lieartlie n.w-itown, or the Trustees thereof, shall be lived next door to you." offence be fined not less than Ten Dolj V. H. Smith, Sec. '.Mercy on uo. doctor? Is thVs the rvay (iur cliilcliood loved to well; Will attend with, strict, fidelity to all bnsinsta fined not less than Two nor more than lars nor more than Fifty Dollars. you pull teeih? screamed the patient, as T faz- - O'lt 011 entrusted to hi cart, ., The Natural Boundarv of the UniSES. 7, Each and every person guil- Twenty Dollars. Any slavo guilty of ,Ani the loundleMs lirU!f of sir, he seized the detitist's hand with a ner- 0OA Dutchman relating hi. troubles. Refer Jo Ecru ANonsoif, Daa rills, Ky. wi.-either of sai l offences shall be whipped jftnd fiel ajrain our Loliood' ted Statks, A story in print wants the ty of keeping a Tippling Housa within n23, 1850 f une nigra ven 1 comes noma 1 jVou PriP- To roam ange: there. shall for each and by the Marshal or his deputy, or night-watc- says: humor ol and j 'It's the way I pull tce:;i for a qtiartpr,' manner, tone y'et, and lifelikeof injustice ihe limits of said town, same may be so finds te door vasht sleep, and all the F. T. FOX. in any number of lashes in hi3 at the rit-TI.Tf:.r many (3re?m cf irladnetn every 21 hours thai the J. B. .YACGHA j replied the demist, with a twinkle in his ihe narrator, neighbors bunkin9 vos in mine hock T5ut flinparuund the punt to Lieutenant M. we Venture to publish fined not less than Ten Dollars, discretion, not exceeding thirty-ninFOX ryes, nhich the other, even in his pain, that which he told at the 'dinner of tVie 11 ii 11 1. And from tin' tomb of ferling Each arid every person suf- patch. I goes cut and takes a hock and Sec nor more tnan une tiun ireu ionurs . did iuit fail to see. OIJ tliouf M come :l.roicinj filth to breaks it over every rail's pack in te Atloftfr3 li at LaW Chamber ofCommerce. and every person who sha'I, within th3 fering or permitting any trash or Tbe torms ( loved fo cVariy Ufor fifty cents, then,' quickTull mine in fielt, and ley runs dur tifil as to te verv bo and remain upon tho wiih-i- n of"Soon after Teai was annexed, an limits of said town, in any house or In the liappy cajsnowgoje. ii.i 1 i attend w,to all business k. ly returned the wriihing victim. fence vo alter tcm. T717"1LT. sntrusted ! The lmitilul nd lovely, ficer named Boyle', commanding an any enclosed grounds of said town, front of their house, or who shail suffer TIihi's i!.e way 's Hone,' aid Forceps, Vr in the Lincoln Circuit and Cea-t- y o to oik. upon. in tlVa Mediterranean, sell any spirituous liquors to any person any boxes, wood, barrels or other thing vessel Courts. after, as. with a dexterous moa mum-rjn6,'51 . touched at Gibralter and was invited to in quantity less than 3 gallons, at any lo remain thereon, shall, for every 24 Tboe Iripl.t und penile inau'enp, tion of his practiced hand he removed, V1oe ,Ted to Termed for Llis, dine with S oflotd, commander of an one tirne, without a license to do so, hours he or t'icy may suffer or permit the DR. T. DOSEkiiV, wiih comparatively p'iuht pain, the tooth Too plonous and '00 heavenly English vessel at that place.. When din- from the lawful authorities, shall be held same to remain, be fine ! not less than 10,000 pounds Wanted at the Fur meli a world as tliis! from its socket, end held it up 10 the T 1 AVlNfJ permanently settled1 in Danville! Two nor more than Five Dollars. This ner was over and the wine flowed freely, and decreed guilty of keeping a Tippling respectfully tenders his services to the Whoseiark oft (yeFFeemcd swimming patient's view. Tribune Printing Office! ordinance shall take effect 3J days after citizens of Danville and the surrounding counIn a tea of liquid lilit; the sul ject of the annexa. ion was intro- House. , T.ia half I !!ar wu piil.ailtlia man duced. try in the various branches of hi profession. the 'And whose lo(ke cf gold were rtrcamicg Sec o. A slave guilty of ihe offence publication thereof in free Tribune. not l7"OF"r'ICE en Main street, immediately departed wnh a drawing perception in his O'er brows runny bright. negro, at the highe? market prire in over Sec 22. If any And so,' says Spofiord, I see you of as sei forth, in section 7, shall bo whipped the Pot Office, mind, that cheap things are, sometimes, anv fiuar.tiiv of LLEAX LiV tbe briglitert buds f summer feb 13, '52 tf the United States have annexed Texas.' on his, bare back by tho Marshal of said this lime a citizen of the town of Dan- LIXEX A.VD COTTON RAGS that mav dearet-- a man can buy. stun; the 18;h day of They have fallen frcm tle Yes, we have,' said Boyle. be brought us. fiags will also bo received in town, 39 stripes, well laid on, without ville, (that is, on Friday, the Yet oli. it ie a lovely deata June, 182.) shall remove to said town, paymit of sutscriptionr, or any debts due Well, you are a peculiar people. trial. .IOIl. L. S.TIITI1;. . KING'S El II., mi TWO IX A BED. from earth them! To f!e a fineol this otT.oe. Brlnjr them on. Yes, we do everything in a peculiar &aVdi23?4V Sec 0. Every person guilty of sell- he or she so offending shall pay jnel.p'eaier la ForGood stories arc naw so scarce, none And yet the thought is saddening Danville, may 21, '12 c 5 for each and every day he or she eign pud Cifars, ing or giving spirituous liquurs to 6 miTo'iuuteou suih as'hey, should be lost, and the following, told by way.' may remain in said town. If any free ihform hie eld eastocier..a53 Do you intend to go on annexing?' nor, wiihin said town, without authority And f?el that ell the beautiful Mr. J. II. McYicker, the Yankee comeof said Lexington & Danville Railroad. WOULD now a resident citizen generally, that ha hu oa . Are pacing fat away! 'Certainly. to do so from his parents or guardian, negro, not dian, is among the best we have heard: hand a lar; lot of Pure 9panih ij'iis! r within That the fair ones w hom we love. And when do you intend tostopl shall bo fined not less than Two Dollars, town, shall work for anv person Also, a jocd !?t.of llalf Spa.nSAhj together At a smalt village, not a thousand Grow to each loving breast. said town, he or she so offending shall for Why, when we get the natural nor more than Ten Dollars. Stop! with a gcuera3ortm"e'a't 0 Ch5,'yii Like tendril of the clinging vin'f Tt miles, a number of stages arrived, TVoticc to Contractors. of the test inahty. Cs.l and examias Every person who shall each and every day, or part of a day tha perish where they rest. boundaries of the United States. Sec. 10 Then filled w;i"h "passengers, who were obliged t, Danville. for yourselves. a slave he or she rhay so work, be f,ned not less The natural boundaries of the United sell or give spirituous liquors to proposals for the construction of to stop at a srnill tavern, in which there aPr 23, '52 tf they?' says Spoflord. without the written conseniofhis or her than Fivo nor more ihari Ten Dollars. SEALED will be received as follows: was no great supply of beds. The land Sia:e! and what are hiring, or permit At tne Office in Lexington, from sjt to J3th ctft. r 6Loi'i': The Equator and Aurora borealis,' re- master, or person having at the time the And every free person I812--15- : lord said tna the snoulu be oblige'! to put work for him or of July, for the grading and masonry of 12 right to control said slave, shall be fined ting such free negro to Such a very proud fema'e was Nancy KerdifY; two or three gentlemen (who were, by the plied Boyle. Jjljfij'iag tta,ctst f r4cn I" was slit them, shall for each and every day said miles of the road between Lexington and A very proud female The narrator saiih not whether the not less than Five Dollars, nor more way, nearly all strangers to one another) for 40, EO and. ISO Acre Lend War-ran- t. I I J! With jewels so fine, and her manners so stiff, J necro may work for him or At tho OiTice in Lexington and at the OtT.c All who have Warrants te eel together, and requested they would Matte a,a,Bue ?noea nere. cut tne nearer uo than Tweniy Dollars. girl coildn't much prcider be. A fined not lees than Five nor more than in Dauviih, from the 1st lothe 1 5ih of August, Sec. 11. Every person keeping a will find a ready sale by. eaUin.g Qivms. ancy Kerdi'fT wa adverse to a kiss, ICow Stage coaches are filled with consider 11 a good stopping place, and so partners. ' and bridges of the Dollars. for the grading', masonry, U. Standard. JLand Wai rants always far sa'.'e. But why, nary lover could see; house wiihin the limits ot the town ol Fen all soris olpeojue, and should do we. 5. Each itinerant merchant. remainder of tho road (2-- miles) from Sec. 23. JNO. B. AKIN. But one simple fact will account for all this Danville to which idle, disorderly, noisy be selected wiih care. Everybody seemto D tnville. oT goods, wares, A gal what liked cngens was ehe. Danville, may 7, '52 tf or badly behaved parsons are permitted pedlar and auctioneer within the limiis c, miv be Plans, profiles, speci Mentions, Going to Law. Lawing'3is pretty ed to hesiiate. Mr McVicker, who was merchandise and books, imes one of the passengers, had made tip his well shown up in the following anecdote to resort, or who shall within said town. of the town of Danville, who shall sell at seen at either of tha otlkes within tbe FALL, OH, FALL, specified. tho houses to snooze n nis cnair, or nave a of two Dutchmen, who built and used in or on the grounds attached to mina BT CHARLES MACK AT. public auction or outcry, for any lime less bed 10 himself. He saw ihat his only common a small bridge over a stream, therein, suffer and permit noisy rude or Cw. Ec. Lrx. Jc Dan. R. R. Fall, th. fall, e words of anger. shall boisterous conduct, or language which lhan three months consecutively, Danville, Ky.. May 23, 1652. to get a Led to hi'rnself was by his which ran through their farms. It seems Like the leaves when autumn blows; citizens in pay o per cent, on the amDunt of saes so in the liver, Like the wits and walking up to the register enter- they had a dispute concerning certain re does or may disturb peaceable Marshal for the use of ihe Formerly ot the lIarrod$.hurs Sprias on the snows. Like the moon-iifPUBLIC NOTICE! the quiet pursuit of their lawful business made, to ihe ed his name, and remarked: 'I am will- pairs whicn it required, alter a time. failure to do so, shall be Water Cure, ' ?FaII like seed in barren places, "jVT OT I C E ia hreby givr or pleasure, or shall permit slaves to as town, and on i,,' p7 rr ing to sleep wiih any gentleman, but I One of them declined to bear any portion iu the sea; removed to ysTs;:,A,yoere he hae Fall like lyj en, that a meeting of guilty ot fined an amount equal to said 5 per cent, tt HAS arrangemeats to treat Patient eato perish. have ihe king3 'evil, and it is contagious.' ol the expenses necessary to ihe pur. semble therein shall be deemed Idle words tho Stockholders of the Lexington and Dan and an additional sum of Ten Dollars. and for each . ,, Lost between my tiVe fad me. The King's evil!' said every one; and chato of two or three new planks. ri keeping a disorderly house gFC 24. The manager of each and ville Railroad Company will bo held at the Ot ring tho season. ihe landlord looking thunderstiuck, re nally, t'.Ve aggrieved party went to the offence and for every 24 hours ihat the every Circus, and each and every Mena fire of the Company, IN DANVILLE, en Every variety of Bath may be had But, ye words of loving kindness, Tufsday. June 52., Ie52, at 2 o'clock,.?.- Fall like grateful sumVAer tain; marked, as he eyed Maj rather closely, neighboring lawyer, and placing ten dol- same may be kept or permitted, the own gerie exhibited wiihin the limiis of the to take into consideration the propoi:ioa of IL, Necessary to a full and thrgh course ef the Like Hi e heat on frozen waters. Hydropathic treatment., hand, 'I'll give you all dish er or keeper thereof for tho time, shall be own of Danville, shall, before exhibiting Board to extend this Road from Danville to the . 'I'll see, sir, what I can do for you by lars in his finej not less than Five Dollars, nor Like sweet music heard in pain; Dollabs per week, yourself.' In a short tme M?.3 was en moneys, if you. will make Hans do jus ihe Marshal ot ibe said Tennessee line, in the direction of McMinn weekly. Patients will .ha Kqnired 9 jpayabla the same, pay to Like the dew 011 openin g rotes, n4 two, more than Twcniv Dollars ville, anJ the whole subject of extension, and sconced in the landlord's bed, who slept lice mil te pnge. sums, viz: bach Uir Like the acorn from the tree, cotton sheets, one caarse, liaea sneet, to take definite aud final action, so far as this coarse Sec. 12. Anv slave found boistering town the following How much will it cost to repair the of affection, on the floor 10 accommodate strangers Fall, ye accents Night Watch shall cus the sum ol 1 wenty-- r ivc dollars, and f'nmiKinv is concerned A full attendance two heavy comforts, two blankete, end sis Fruitful to my love and me. towels. In the morning, while all were pieparing bridge?' asked the honest Counsellor of In KAid town after the is dlred. his usual round 5n the each Menagerie ihe sum of len dollars anj representationthe Co.'rd of Directors, Danville, may 4, '53 Ct have commenced r for breakfast, a accostod the determined litigant. ly order of pass irom nis or for every day the same may be exhibited. Well, den, hot more ash five tollar,' niht limp, not havinc a We cut the following advertisement the comedian with, 'Pray, sir, what is the BALEOl K, Vres I Anrl nn fnilure to nav. the same mav be! her master for that occasions shall be . i.,.r..-Office L.& D. R. R. Co., .i, from the Herald: i.. complaint of which you spoke last night?' replied the Dutchman. j. Denville, May 2S 1552. the said Watch with hot Lost on Wedhesday last a brindle pup Very well. said the lawyer, pocket punished by he nature! drawled out Mac, a litI Police Judge, or any. Justice of the Peace Fresh Heats at the Market Hoaie siripes. iih a switch tail belonging to I'ai- - tle nonplussed for an answer. ing ons of the notes and giving him the more tnan and, further, the MarKLtiVLARLYtt Sec 13 Each free person gunty ci of Boyle county, payment is made as lick McMeil got his ears slit is net stated. Yes sir; I never head of such a dis- other, 'take this and go and get the bridge shall, unless explo- - shall Office Lex. & Dan. Railroad Co., repaired; it is the best course you can firing off crackers, rockets or other ease before. for subecribej rrsp?ctfjUy an a eu aces to above prohibit such exhibitions, and rpIIE 1IAMILLE, SU 22, 12. sive mixtures or missiles wiihin the limX ths citizeusof Danville aad vicinity, that When you go 'out to drown yourself, 'Why, said Mac; brightening tip, 1 take. may summon to his aid the its of aid town, shall be lined not less that purpose, n the agreeable to the wishes and solicitations of sevthat a call be rod Yess said the Dutchman, slowly, 4y-- a always pull off your clothes, they may fit thought every one knew. It is a disease snows, ORDERED, lor 10 per rent, of tiie sub- eral families, lie will hereafter regularly supply Two Dollars nor more than power of the town. All other said dat ish more belter as to quarrel mil less than of long standing. Its first appearance your wife's second hu&band. town, aiid concerts within by the 1st of ecery be rietTy eaJ deta-rtfeTen Dollars. Each parent giving leave shall nav a Talt of Ten dollars, when the scriptions, to sumpaid 5e paU quarterlyJuly nest, this marketwith in AmcricaVas during the Revolutionary Hans.' to . nniu.i.ieand for that Morning, to, or knowingly permitting a child or like the War, when it took off some of ihe best As he went along home, he shook hi Why are Mrs. Ellis writings thereto is fifty cents, whole subscription is paid payable to C.Koem, I rcsh Dccf, Murton, Slc. do so, snail bo lined in tne urice of admission Col- muddy condition of streets? Because they men our country contained. At the bat- head inquiringly, as if unable, after all servant to when the price of ad- - Tren,urer , at Danville, or P. E. tisr.a. And every slave guilty mere-o- f and Five Dollars, Having been enjsfed is the business ia ether ' ' tend to elevate female habits. tle of New t)rleans it amounted to art ep- to see how ho gained anything by going like sum. cents. mission thereto is twenty-liv- e J. BAKCOF17, Prcs't. marVetf he thinks he will be able te please a I) shall receive not more than 39 lashes idemic; and since the arrival of Kossuth 10 law. upon an sumscoiiectea uy me Sec. 25 who may patroni: bim, both with the quality mav 2, '52 td night watbh, without trial, and at by the A Dutchman remarked the other day in this country it has broken out afresh in of h: Meats nd his style of bnlcherin j. )J Marshal for finest and taxes on shows con-- j Lexintoii Observer and Statemnan copy . An Irish Joke. A shoemaker with nis discretion. will sell asfew as it is possible for him to do," that he 'cood write as well with a pig pen many places. Ski'-Lig- ht and will treat all alike, withoqt shewing iela- Sec. 14. Every free person guitly of a&h a little pen.' I confess one eye who works in this neighborhood Indeed' saiJ the stranger. hands 10 re rccnt.asn compensation for his lJallaV lllCsivc favors to any one. As kt Usiastakiaf complained the other evening that one of injuring defacing or disiurbing ihe grounds 11 t I have never heard milch' of it. permanent hji Vll all lines :..n;.,l f... niu- DAGUERREAN SALOON. (his hisfavor of the plaee of busiaese, be salie-it- s No his lamps did not burn. One of his shop of the Cemetery of Uanvnie, or any services CutTee, is that the second bell?' citizen ftaerajl. Perhaps hot, said Mac, 'for it gener the j -V shrubbery, work or railing therein, or lat.oi. u, ks. 110 MINIATURES taken at all times, reg.rd w. mates, who is a genuine son of the bins dai's the second ringin obde fuss ally goes by another name. Terms Cash, positlrsly. la all easee. inassa; suau receive , or or J.iMic, .ya lw8 of aud Mti.f.cuop given JOHN STODGILL. who shall refuse 10 retire tnereirom upon Judge raid Isle wuh astonishment exclaimed. bell. We, havn t got no kecond bell in And what may that be?' t percent, to De paia to mm may 21, '50tf Faith, and what do you want of two the direction of the keeper thereof, shall compensaitoncosts, and collectedfrom the jn dil caes. dig ere hotel!' &. CAIDRIDGE. WHITE Republicanism, laughingly replied' .1 ihw bill of . be fined not less than Two, nor more in 'e nav nl o"one eye. apr23,'52 tf Mac. as he turned awav to arrange his!,amPs He may also receive 40 . .1 being called upon for a toilet for breakfast.' than five Dollars. And any slave guilty defendant. A Dutchman Goes 111 una re'eusinjj nnj ALARHE supply of rereive Crrk who said offences shall be whipped cents ior piming Plough-plate- s. ja.t Why are seeds, when sown, like gate of either of Strcl toast, said, 'Hero is to de heroes And fieaatis. person from Jail or Worl Souse sie pt meiit ano j by in any number of lashes not more than A cheerlul lace is nearly as good for posts: 1 hey are planted in the earth IT.W just fight, plcet and tic rr.ii ihe puttie of I'unker 1. o or KCcr 01 saiu Work-housh RUSiCtr r. A RU31BE. 39, to bo administered, without trial by ihe.'' I am von.' an invalid as healthy weather. Ji 1', of whom propagate prop agate. . II U M 0 Ii 0 U S rl(i i n rrnntti THE WEEKLY TRIUUNE, jo MIND WHAT . " JLJLL Lllli YOU SAY. j A." ' ' I T-- 1? .thi: .at i Triple tt, j j :: to n I ' 'J bV-trtts- 7 . ;';. . er-r- -- - ! a i I a'ssvaitaa I v cr-or- , . sit. lt pub-tishe- 1 1 . "t,, C I tlttorities nt 11 btri 11 a-- , for-cc- rx-riit- ed rr r ? ai j bus-ne- j i .nj:o it3i a c k J j I , j h, fl 1 Col!brS 1 side-wal- i;hu. l : I SAVE YOUK HAGS. J. i lo-c;sti- Mkia-stree- e. SoMicrdf I I bed-fello- rich-ola-vil- le WATER bttfcE May-bloo- rain-dro- d . fc Tr.?MS.-f-Ku:- J 1 fellow-travele- Xcw Butcher: a -; I - r.- -. .. 11 j wthf SallSnlll e rec-iv- ei ir ?il.

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