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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 26, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE POLIO FIGHT 'IS NOT OVER! -GIVE GENEROUSLY TO THE MARCH OF DIMES -- ' Volume No. 49 Whitesburg, Letcher County. Kentucky, Thursday Evening, ; ; Planting of Trees For Conservation And Reforestation Consol Honors 53 For 1955 Safety Record ; Lights To Guide The Mothers' March Tonight g,o Number 38. 26, 1956 J?- - ; ; Jan. 27, Deadline to Join Letcher Section Of Kentuckiana Co. Kentucky C. of C. Names Director of Second Semesv At Eees College Begins on Feb. 1 LocalRotarians Hear Youngsters On Reforestation Member Relations Thousands of porch-light- s As winter glides by and The deadline 'date for apply The second semester of the traditional symbol of the Mo spring approaches the time to ing to join the Letcher County 1955-5school year at Lees on Polio will set trees also gets closer each thers' March brighten Letcher County tonight, section of the second U. S. Na Junior College will begin with day. Last year farmers planted vy Kentuckiana Company" is registration of new students at For their achievements in saf more than 150,000 tree seed- when women in every part of January 27th, Chief B. E. Hicks, 8:00 a.m. on February 1. were treated to Rotarians ety during 1955, Consolidation lings on steep hill lands in Let- the county move into their an Navy some very fine Essay reading's Recruiter for this area A good selection Coal Company (Ky), Division of cher County. The need for re- nual crusade to raise of courses by Ralph Webb, of Premium, 7th said today. funds. available to beginning freshmen Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal forestation is great, and all grade; Billy Hall of Whitesburg, Fire and police sirens will "We are hoping that a large will be offered. Company, pays tribute to its farmers who plan to plant trees and Carol Conatser, of "Whiteblare as the distaff army goes number of qualified young men foremen. sburg, grade students who were are urged to place their orders Students who enroll the sec from this area will take advant to accept from winners over some 1700 con Consol annually gives recog- at an early date. contributions to aid the polio age of this opportunity to serve ond semester can, by attending testants on Reforestation, the Di- fight. nition to its foremen for conwith their friends and to rep- summer terms in 1956 and 1957, As usual, the Kentucky This gala contest being sponsored by The tinued improvement in the re- vision of Forestry has several event will start at 7:00 p.m. and resent their home-towand complete their two years of CourierJournal and University college and graduate in the sumpersonal injuries to kinds of tree seedlings for sale last for one hour. duction of state," Chief Hicks added. of Kentucky and supervised lomer of 1957. its employees. The program to- to landowners at low cost. The During the March, home-owThe name Kentuckiana applies cally by Cecil Hensley and night vas held at the Ridgefield price of short-lea- f Pine, White ers who wish to contribute will to the area served by the Main Applications and inquiries al Letcher County Board of SuCountry Club, Kingsport, Ten- Pine, Loblally Pine, Black Lo signify their desire by turning Navy Recruiting Station at Lou ready received indicate an unpervisors of Soil Conservation nessee. The foremen, invited cust, Yellow Poplar, Black Wal- on Jheir porch-light- s com- usually large or by leav- isville. The seventy-manumber of new District. guests, officials of the Company, nut, and White Oak seedlings is ing a candle or light in the front panies will be made up of sev- students. Mr. Herman Hale was award and other key employees were $7.00 a thousand delivered. Also window. Persons who live in eral sections from the recruit mig-no-n ed an honor citation for his ser e Dormitory facilities are limit filet served a available are Black Walnut seed apartments and hotels will hang ing Substations in the Louisville vices in behalf of Soil Conservadinner. Then followed a re- at $1.00 per 500 and Scotch Pine bit of ribbon or a handker District Six men' have already ed, so prospective new students Thomas N. Watkins tion movement being responsible sume of progress in 1955 by M. seedlings for Christmas tree chief over their doorknobs. applied for enlistment in the are urged to get their applicafor some 50,000 trees being E. Prunty, Safety Director, and products at $10.00 per thousand. Vhy They March Kentuckiana Company Number tions in quickly. The Kentucky Chamber of planted in 1955. Mr. N. R. Day, introduction of guests by G. 0. Farmers may obtain trees by "We march for those who can-l- Two" from the Letcher County may enroll under Veterans Tarleton. Mr. Tarleton is presi- sending their order, along with their G. I. educational benefits Commerce announced this week another guest of Mr. Hensley and walk," Mrs. S. E. Moncrief, area. dent of Consolidation Coal Com- a check or money order payable Jr., chairman of the Mothers' Men enlisting in the Letcher if they have graduated from the appointment of Thomas N. the club, spoke briefly on the pany (Ky.), and was toastmaster to the Kentucky Division of For March declared. County sections will remain to high school or can make satis Watkins as Director of Member work being done in the county for the occasion. estry, to District Forester, Box factory grades on G. E. D. tests. Relations for the State business and presented the award to Mr. Pointing out that Polio isn't gether through the Special provisions for counsel organization. Presently Watkins Hale, who accepted the honor yet, the March chairman period of recruit" training and licked Mr. J. L. Gilley of the U. S. 702, Hazard, Kentucky. said there were thousands of .come home on recruit leave to- - ing and guidance, training in is Executive Vice President of in behalf of the other directors The Agricultural ConservaBureau of Mines, Norton, Va., of The Bank of Whitesburg. A and Mr. A. D. Sisk, former Chief tion Program for Letcher Coun- men, women and children in gether. It is possible that indi- - improvement of study habits. the Henderson Chamber of Com' nice ovation was accorded Mr. s braces and who will viduals might be held up be- and attention to individual stu merce, and will assume his of Kentucky's Department of ty carries a permission for sharcause of illness or for academic dents' needs are to be given so duties with the State Chamber Hale in recognition of his efMines and Minerals, compliment- ing the cost of tree planting. need help for years to come. forts. ed the foremen on their efforts This program also carries a "At the end of 1955 the Na reasons, but the group as a that the veteran students and as of February 13, according to Other guests included high tional Foundation for Infantile whole will remain intact thru-o- others who have been out of Harper Gatton, Louisville, KCC and cooperation with their re- purchase order plan for obtainschool students from WhitesParalysis was the only source the entire period, Chief school for some time will more Executive Vice President. spective organizations. Mr. G. R. ing trees. burg and Stuart Robinson, also readily become adjusted to col of assistance in financing neces Hicks said, Smith of U. S. Bureau of Mines, Tree order blanks, and addiGatton pointed out that in the attorney Harry L. Moore. Chief Hicks explained that lege. Washington, D. C, presented tional information on tree plant- sary care for some 68,000 polio Rev. Clell B. Rodgers was past several months the Kenpatients in the country," Mrs. sending whole companies from Class schedules, veterans ap comparative frequency and se- ing, may be obtained from your Jloncrief continued. "Chapters a single area should build the plication blanks, and other in- tucky Chamber of Commerce sponsor of the Rotary program. verity figures, for the coal in- local Soil Conservation Service of the National Foundation re- - morale of the men during re- formation may be secured at the has undergone an extensive produstry. technician; supervisors of the ceive funds for this purpose emit training and encourage college office. gram to carry the results of Its Vets Need work into every community in Mr. Tarleton made individual Letcher County Soil Conserva through the March of Dimes. competition for awards in ath- Holds job, awards to the foremen as fol- tion District; County Agent; or "Few families in America are letics and drill given to out- - Singing the Convention will State. Watkins this he stated, With .the Hoover Commission representative of the Kentucky able to meet the enormous costs standing companies in training, operation be to extend lows: To thirteen foremen who e did not have a injury Division of Forestry. of polio unassisted," she explainThe Letcher County Singing in order that all members in the and other agencies and individN. R. Day, Vice-Chunder their supervision for one ed. "The care that is required Could Be Safer Convention will be held with State will have a closer contact uals taking intended to year; to seven foremen with a ' by those stricken with this disLetcher County Soil Our highways would be much Freewill Baptist Church at with the programs of the State sharply reduce benefits to vet record of two years; to four Conservation District ease runs, in many individual safer if fewer people insisted Payne Gap, Ky., Sunday, Feb. 5, Chamber, especially in the fileds erans and their dependents, the foremen with a record of three cases, into thousands upon thou- upon the pursuit of happiness 1956,. 1:30' p.m. All singers are of Industrial Development and Veterans of Foreign Wars is callyears; and to ten foremen with Tourist Promotion. at 75 miles an hour. sands of dollars." invited. ing upon the approximately a record of four years, he gave MAYOR OF unorganized veterans in Before working with the gold lapel buttons. Ten foremen HAZARD, DIES Henderson Chamber of Com- the country to "join up" and rewith a record of five years were "economis-ers- " merce, Watkins operated an au sist these presented with Hamilton enleast veterans are stripped May Gene Baker, tomobile dealership in Hendergraved wrist watches. An en- or Tuesday (Saturday, Jan. 28th at 1:00 p.m. It isn't a pleasant picture, is it? son, was District Manager of of all the equities they have graved watch fob and a suit of nightof inHazard, died Hospital a Lexington The "Membership Certificate The purpose of this meeting is Now let's look at the bright the Pontiac Division of General earned over the years through clothes were awarded to each of where he had been under treat Drive" is off to a good start, to elect the new board of direc- - side. We have 26 fine boys and Motors for four years, and serv- service to country in times of four foremen with a past two months. The following have purchased a tors that will serve under the girls that are leading a family ed as Special Agent of the Fed- peril. ment for record. A leather luggage set He was athe widely known auto $50.00 membership certificate. new program as has been set up. life as normal as is possible un- eral Bureau of Investigation for Commander Durward Banks, was awarded to one foreman mobile dealer, active in civic They are: To be eligible to become a der the existing conditions. seven years. He is a graduate of Whitesburg VFW Post 5829, with a seven year record. Zenith Hazard. and fraternal board director you must have They are being clothed, fed, and of the University of Kentucky said in a statement in connection Troy Francisco Pikeville portable radios went to three A Republican, affairs inwas deBaker Mrs. J. C. Faulkner Pikeville purchased a $50.00 Membership kept in school as well as the with an A. B. Degree; is the son with National VFW Week, Jan. foremen with a record of eight feated by M. B. "Tug" Fields that there are firmly enCertificate. average child in this section. of Mrs. George B. Watkins of Steve Adams Jeremiah years. One foreman with a rec- for forces at the 23rd District Senate We are very happy with the Many of our children have been Lexington, and the nephew of trenched, Adams Jeremiah Bill ord of twelve years was given seat in the November election. response to this drive. We saved from a life of crime, neg J. Stephen Watkins, former work to reduce the veteran to Roger Robinson Chicago $200:00 in U. S. Government Funeral services will be held at Highway Commissioner of the the status of the ordinary citi (Roger was raised in the know there are many people lect and poverty. Bonds. 2:00 p.m., Friday at the Bowanxious to purchase a certificate Home) A man remarked to us the State of Kentucky. His wife is zen with no special consideraThree employees at Mine 204 man Memorial Methodist E. P. Smith Hazard that haven't already purchased other day, "We feel that this the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. tion whatsover, regardless of the were given gold lapel buttons Church. one. The following people have Home should be all of bur re- W. T. Parrish of Louisville, Ky. sacrifices he made. Dewey Daniel Hazard inset with two diamonds and a been authorized to sell certifi- sponsibility, not the responsibili- He is a member of the Rotary Willie Dawahare Hazard ruby, each having worked more KM I AWARDS GO TO CADETS No pleasure is fully enjoyed cates: Dan Baker Neon ty of just a few." We feel that Club and a Deacon in the Prese byterian Church. unless it is earned. than forty years without a Rev. Charles Cornett Hazard more and more FROM LETCHER COUNTY Judge James Caudill Neon accident Manuel Cornett Lothair Wardie Craft Van citizens are awakening to this Cadet George E. Jordan, son Rev. Ray Collins Whitesburg great cause. Mrs. Wardie Craft Van The program concluded with of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Jordan, MAYOR'S PROCLAMATION Rev. T. R. Collier Farraday May God bless each and everya six act floor show under the Jenkins, Ky., and Cadet Otis N.J Bill Sparks Mayking Dan Baker Neon one of you who have helped in WHEREAS, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, direction of Hetzer's Theatrical Mohn, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. T. R. Collier Farraday Rev. Burley Combs Fairborn, anyway to make our work just Manuel Cornett Hazard comprised of 1,300,000 veterans of overseas wartime serAgency. Whitesburg, Ky., received Mohn, Ohio P'ville Reg. Bapt. Church vice, will observe its 57th aniversary in 1956, and a little lighter. We are sorry One hundred twenty employes awards at the Kentucky Military J, C. Faulkner Pikeville Enterprise Church Pike Co. that we failed to acknowledge WHEREAS, this congressionally chartered organization embraces were present Other guests were Institute. Cadet Jordan receiv- Shoulder Blade Church Juan E. P. Smith Hazard publicly all of you, both individed the Merit Bar and Cadet America's finest fighting men who in Freedom's cause, Raymond See, Willard Stanley Rev. Ballard Baker Pound, Redeemed Church Caney uals, and civic organizations, endured unusual hardships in every war or expedition Ellis Banks of Kentucky Mohn, the Good Conduct Bar, Elizabeth Church Millstone and Va. who gave our children such a n in which the nation has participated since the State Department of Mines and for their outstanding conduct Wardie Craft Van, Ky. There are probably other good Christmas. But we will get war, and Minerals; Joe Molesky, F. A. records during the fall season churches and individuals who We are more convinced than around to thanking you .personCress, Leslie Allen, George Co- at the school. have purchased certificates of ever that the people of our ally if we haven't already. We WHEREAS, the Veterans of Foreign Wars' long record of service lbert, R. F. Stevens, George Parto disabled comrades-in-armThe Kentucky Military Insti- which we have no record. These mountains will make a great feel that all of you who help the widows and orphans ry, and George Means of U. S. tute is now in its winter head will be published at a later date. success of this movement. This the less fortunate in any manof deceased veterans, as well as all our citizens, and its Bureau of Mines; A. M. Binkley, quarters at Venice, Florida, and efforts to keep America strong from within as well as Several people have asked the is the only Home of its kind in ner are like the man who Jr., and D. S. Sample of Kings-por- will return to Lyndon, Kentucky question, "Do we have to pay Eastern Kentucky. It was started brought the candy and nuts to from without, is glowing evidence of its love of fellow-ma-n G. W. Davis, Secretary, Big and country, and in April. all the $50.00 at one time or by mountain people and to a our Children on Christmas day. n Coal Operators may we buy a membership and great extent has been supported We asked him his name. He WHEREAS, this fraternity of combat veterans today serves its Association, J. H. Mosgrove, Secpay on it by installments?" The by mountain people. Our moun- said, "It doesn't matter what my country in peace as it did in war through carrying out Coai retary, Big to answer to that question is tain people however, are not name is, I just wanted to bring well over a community service projects anMining Institute; and E. A. Star Four-Year-Ocontent with the present buildld Child anyone that is interested in ings which are nothing but fire the children something. It isn't nually, thus proving its selflessness, and ling, secretary, mrian county purchasing a Certificate by the much as I am a poor man." May Coal Mining Institute. Diana Sexton, 4 - years-old- , installment plan will receive a traps. They are not satisfied God bless such people, who real- WHEREAS, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has repeatedly earned daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brad- receipt for each installment with crowding 26 children into ize that' it is more blessed t o Freedom's Foundation awards for its untiring and diligent Loyalty Day and similar Americanism programs, ford Sexton of Sandlick Road made, then when the $50.00 is quarters that formerly accom- give than to receive and who TO DELINQUENT TAXPAYERS was killed in an automobile ac- paid he will receive his certifi- modated one family. They are are not out for the praise of THEREFORE, I, Arthur T. Banks, Mayor of the City of Whitescident near the home of Harve cate. A few have already start- not satisfied not having space men. burg, in the State of Kentucky, do hereby proclaim and has come for all Hall on Sandlick Road last Sun- ed on this plan. and accommodations for more The time Correction designate the period January 22 to January 28, 1956, 1955 City Taxes and 1956 Occu- day. The car in which she was Frank Hopkins has authorized needy children. They are not In the paper two weeks ago as National VFW Week and respectfully ask all citizens to be paid. If riding, along with her parents, us to anounce that there will be satisfied that our Home is rated the names of the pational Licenses direcof this community to render special tribute to the Vetyou have either of these to pay and six brothers and sisters col- a meeting of all persons who at the bottom of the list by the tors who favored changing the erans of Foreign Wars. please see the City Clerk at lided with another car, resulting have purchased membership Kentucky Welfare for Children. name of the Home were listed. settle same and avoid in fatal injuries to Diane. She certificates and representatives Fire hazards are so great that Mr. Dock Webb"s name of Done at the City Hall of Whitesburg, this 20th day of Jan., 1956. once and is survived by her parents and of churches who have purchas- our Fire Marshall hesitates to ARTHUR T. BANKS (Signed) all extra costs and expense. should have been omitted; CITY COUNCIL OF six brothers and sisters. Funeral ed certificates at the Mountain pay his periodic visits, knowing He didn't vote in the matter. Mayor WHITESBURG Home next the report he will have to make. We are sorry for the error. services were held on Tuesday. Haven Children's 6 g polio-fightin- house-to-hous- e fund-raisin- g n n n four-cours- ot nine-wee- k iron-lung- ut Stronger Front, VFW lost-tim- r. pot-sho- ts 00 Mountain Haven Children's Home i six-ye- ar 22-2- 8, well-finance- lost-tim- public-minde- d d Spanish-America- s, t; Sandy-Elkhor- Sandy-Elkhor- n Injuries Are Fatal half-millio- NOTICE out-goin- g May-kin- 1 g, n

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