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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, October 9, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

r 7" a 1l Hj ilk T KK1 IT T ax la U m rr 1 w lk rr HP Tr AlLr z ll AND GENERAL ADVERTISER; 'gywfwiHii? gitsiMiutivMKogitijaaryare&gjw'1 VOL. XVIII. muiu jAmm i 'jjgm nujytm.ti.tA.'wf)''.gi'!ww."iai im.K.l.m.t.' sziiLaanj5g5iifaJ3aaescaai.rf,afc; .u- .- the place whereon I now Jive, 450 acres well improved, and generally given up to he as liandfonie a place publiftied weekly, aThis rcaoer is any in Fayette countv the dwelling house itof brick, two (lories high, 46 sees long by 23 per annum, paid in two JVhedott in a neat plain manner, and emflcellary out houses: there lsllkewifc a Tliofe who write to the Editor, nuift Are grid mill with two pair ofilones,one pay the pottage of their letters. Teh arehurr the said null, dam, and all were built anew abodt twelve months ago the dam and all under works are lociitt timber, atleafl. fifty years Without he THE MILLINERY STORE. which will (landtliereisaboar 130 acres ot clear ingimpured ed land, springs andftockwater that was never I will sell the whole together, knowiifotail. orthe mill with foor 100 acres with it, ami give a considerable credit for half, the other ("From London) half being paid dov11. Forfurtlmr particulars return her fmcsre thank' to byapp))ingto the fubferiber, any pcrfon may AJEGS leave to Ihe a, generous I'ublic, for the be informed and Ihcwn. has axnenenced finer '.er commencement, Jobn Rogers. (he has removed from mr and inlormi them, Favctte county, Davy's ForVof ? Bogg's, to th- - house oppnfite to m'. H.adford's Elkhorn, April 16th, 1804. 5 Printing Office, where she continues to have rWO S ILLS I' OR SALE. an txtenfive and elegant afl'irtment of the most faminnatle'Viillinfy?,)0ds,i7 : ONE holds laT gallons, the other 60 Silk and Straw Scoops, Old Ladie-- ' KJiriefSjj gallons. I will sell them low for all Feathered Velvet Hit- - veivecapencei",oBi Oa'.h. ror trie, H!o, tin and Node Cloaks, Lice and Gauze: Veils, Tbe Noted Thorough Bred Horse, and Muilin Cap Oltnch Tea Turbans, Crape thers, & Artificial 1'lu.ters, stum, $ fcCra LAMPLIGHTER, which is equal in vits,Suipcnders,BlK-- srd KedAlorocco La-be- r blood and beauty to any horl'e in the Bonnetsior Children. Hate, and his colts the same is not fupei N. B- scojp.aad (5j mats made, and 6m rior. I will take one thousand dollars (hoiteft notics. covered itlhe lor him he is eight years old. J. K. Tale, j' dollars ' lf Mrs. White, T 1 Ujn-brell- - Banks & Owings, i wiwwi;itjitiii. Have imported from Philadelphia, and are opening for sale, on the lowed terhis, in the house lately occupied by Meffrs. John Jordan jun. & co. next door to Mr. Seitz's, JBritiflnndpinifhfu- - Saddle'y and hainefi furniture, perfine and common lip w PROPERTY VALUABLE Shoe makers' and cor. bfoad cloths, penters' tools, VonillCUlun aim wiij kmdi of y Allaflbrted, hard ware crdi, Corduroys (Jl Cotton cards, No. 8, A. civets, V & to. V elverets, Jaconet, tsmboreoVSc China, glass& queens ware, book mvulins, Imperial, Humhumt, Hyfon, Baitas, India shawls, silk and Young hyfon, it bohea cotton, India, silk and cotton Coffee, Sugars, handkerchiefs, Cbintxes and calicoes Wines, of the newest pat- Brandy, Nutmegs, terns, Irilhlinent, whol- - and .Hlpice, ' jl'eppir, half Ginger, Durants, Mace, Cali'iiaucoes, Cinnamon, Wildboris, &c &c. Men's and women's j Muttard, &c. cotton hose 3c locks, Cuperjs, madder, in jihto una jlluin Nankeen?, An allortmer t ot im Tuikey yar, ported Ihot oi the Tickings &c different numbers. A complete aiTorOhent FOR SALE. f :r. TUESDAY, rhoroak Love, . OCTOBER 9l 1804. 3 lfa 1.- DIRECT TAX A M authorifed, by power of attor FOR SALE. WHEREAS by an aft ot nt v, from Simon Gratz, of the citv AND pofTeflioti given immediate pafTed on the 3d ol March Ul, entitled, ly h ik acres of land, on the of Philadelphia t sell one moiety of a "An ad further to amend an ad, entiw4trof Cane Run, and immediatetled," n id to lay andcolled adiied ly olytha road leading From LexingConp-ref- yTract of Land, tax, within the United States," the coU ledors of said tax are direded to tranf nnt:to the Supervilor, corred tranlcripts of lists ot all lands or lots whiih they .1 U.. I" IJ I0r ij,e novt IU1U of said tax And it is further proided. that any person making payment to the Si pervilor ; ol the tax colls and interest ud on any trad of. land or lot lb sold, fhoitld be permitted to redeem the same. 110- vided such pament or tender of 1. v. ment-bmade within the period preferred" by law which Ih thrs (late will expire generally in January and Ftb uary puriu,nceot the provilions of the abovr rented ad. nnhli . herby giver, thdt I am in nnflVfi, ., ns all the colledors, ftsollapds ,,d lots, which have been sold for, non-p- a n cnt ot the said tax, nitliin'this flan', (J ,vr two which are exneded daily) and that any person wilhing to redeem lands or lots witicn haveoeen foldj may do so by applying to the subscribe inLexinpen.j JAMES MORRISON, Supervisor. Lexington, July 16th, 1904, There is tole- Containing two thonfand acres, tituate ton to Georgetown rable good improvementr, with about ontlie head waters of Fox run,abran.hof Bidlhears's ereek ; which ltnd was con 00 acies of the above land cleared, . l' Uk.l .,1.1 17".ll. vv uiiaiii it y, iu ivcycu-w- y i iniiiuci. encloled ,with a good fence, phia, to Joseph S iviiii p mons, 01 Lancaller, , o. pennfyVanla and by him to the aforc- -J "e icrinb l.,e l,u?, '"""I1""""-i'ale will be made known by aplica said Simon Gratz. Any person inclition to the fubferiber, living on the ning to purchase said lauds, may know premifea. the terms (which will- be moderate) by I will also sell all my stock, at applying to me in Lexington. reduced prices for calh or short cre- WILL. MORTON. Attorney in lest for S Gratz. ht Among my horles 1 have two " X tf thorough bred MareSj brought from June 4, 1804'. Virginia last spring, one was got by ADVERTISE MENT., the noted horse Quicksilver out of be sold to the highest bidder Pilgrim mare, three vears old Friday the, 19th days Oc thisfpring, now in Foal by Albert, tobef next, at the late dwelling house the other was got by Fitzchews no of Jacob Ryman dec. on South Elk- d,, ...... T ,' 1" - irjy, TO ef-tat- e car-pante- r's THE l, muslins, ,, Furniture dimities, Black gauee for:yeils,' .' silk gloves, afforted and coloured, Silk and cotton hosiery. Fancy and conflitution -India Nankeens, Complete cases plottinginftruments, Suspenders, Irifli linens, Kid, morocco and (luff (hos Englifii & Gertnan fcvtliL-Spanish fegara by the' box. Anvils, vices, White and red lead, Spanish brown, yellow oker, Vermillion and Pruffian blue, Indigo and fig blue, Coffee, loaf sugar, teas, Wines, &c. &c. &c. Which will be sold unusually lowfor Cadi in hand. Extra long pur-chafer- 9 a- ADMINISTRATORS. NOTICE. I will sell the remainder of that va . luable trad oT mflit'ary land, lying an Ohio, jult above the mouth of the Kp4k"ucky river, containing 431 acres at veiy reduced price for cash- - It con- luTs ol bottom ot the firlt quality, enn frntly calculated for farming Stc. com manding a view several miles above and below of the Ohio river, embracing a complete prospect of the Town at the mouth of the Kentucky river. Jas. Fisbbatk. P. S. Those who wouldv prefer a part of the traft may be accommodated A General warranty will te MACCOUN&TILFORD. Lexington-,-Jul- pur-chafi- be SUBSCRIBERS HAVE just received, in addition to their former aflortinent, Blue ground callico and chiuues, Cambrick, jacontt, and tamborcd othec-ftone- jt .. I ted running horle Old rreoenck, horn Fayette county, the personal out of a full blooded mare, and now of said dec. confilVmg of horses, in foal by Medley. cows, (heep, and swine, household Tbos. I. Garrett furniture, and a valuable set of Faj ette, July 9th, 1804. and joiner's tools. On the same day and place, will be rented TO BE SOLD, BY a power of attorney from the ex- - for a term of years, the Mills and ecutoit of Patrick Henry deceased, a plantation, confiftingot an excellent baw-lil- l and Grilt-Milwith two IACT OF LAND, pairof (tones, one of w.hich are burrs, On Mill creek, near Drennon's Lick, and cloths for merchant work, the about 18 miles from the mouth of Ken on a separate wheel for s tucky, and 40 mil'" from the Falls of cowMry ivork ; Also a new Fulling- Ohio, containing 1500 acres, by survey Mjflfi' complete order for business, made in 1784, and (s a moiety of 3000 oppofitc side of the creek ad; acres, patented to mr. May and mr. ioii)K a small hud and home for the Hunry, and accordinglv divided. jacomfft odatian of a fuller. Six Alio 500 acres on tne Rolling fork months credit will be given the of Salt river, by survey in '1784, patent on giving bond with aped to mr. Henry. I underltand these lands are valuable. proved security for all sums above but a rtirchafer would chufe to iudcre sour dollars, all sums under that for hinifclf. The terms may be known mount to be paid down, & the terms by applying to the fubfcribei, living in of rent to,be made known on the Fayette county. day ef sole by the 2-- i6,t8o4. NOTICE. - BY virtue of a decree, of the FayT give. ette Circuit Court, will, be foId,(at Fayette Circuit Court, September Term, 1804 public sale, on a credit .ofninV Ambrose Young, Abner Young and He months front the date, a tradl of LAND. zekiah Harmon and Jane his wise. vuAVlLL color cotton and linen late Jane Young, John Young, bwlna Containjng.i ip acres, lying on the with a hot dye, which I will warrant Glover his guardian, Polly Piodor East fork of Hickman Creek, where John.Prodor and Chas. Prodor, by James Hawkins now lives. ,rL'he to itand, or return the money, and on w M'Millin. 1000 acres Military land, on the wa an ab Vnce of neafly twelve ters of RufTell's creek, Green river. months from h.s old (Un in ezekiah Prodor their sruardian, sale to commence at 1 2 o'clock, on 325 acres, Jcflenou county, Kentuc- as reasonable uerms as any dyer in sort, near the Terry and Ware-liouC- -, lnplainants. his friends and the public ky, about sour miles froni Louisville, 40 Lexington. now informs the aoth day ofOclober next, on the I will dye wool a deep acres of this trad is cleared. against, ihlt hfthas refumcu his old place of prtmifes. Bond with spprqvedfe- blue at is. 6d. per pound. 116 acres, Fra nklin county, Kenicnaru 1 ayior executor, ana aaran HUGH CRAWFORD, mriiy, pnyaoie to jonn i rice, Beard, Robert Campbell, James tucky, on the North fork of Elkhorn, for Samuel Hawkins, will be requVy At the, fien of the Golden Boot & Charles Simms, Richard TayYhtre those that may please to call on about six milles from Frankfort f on thi Shoe, in the old court-houslor, W lliam Elliott, and Philip Ross, icu ui puii.iiaiers. arc coufiaerable'Tmprovemerits. him. mav relv on nieetinpr with every Uez. Harrison. T corner of Main & Cross-streetwell improved Lot ii and Charles Megowan and Elizabeth A House and attention, both as to theinfelves and Ed. Bullock. Lexington. his wise, late Elizabeth Beard, Joseph the town of Paris, on Main flreet, ant) will afford. Coin. horses, that this counny Wm. Shrieve. September 13th, 1803. Beard, Robt. Tohn Bcaid, and Wil Private parties may have roomi undif-turbe- d adjoining Mr. Hughes's tavern. Asa 1 bsmp'san. N. B. Is you want to have your liam Beard, heirs and devisees of An Inn and (Jut Lot in laid town. with the buflle of a Tavern ; and Sept. 29 1804. avr Also a House and well improved Lot cotton coloured-ireeiroipots, tye Jrhfl Camnbell, dec. def'ts. gentlemen disposed to have private IN CHANCERY. H. w. your cuts loose. boarding, can be accommodated to their in this place. THE PIT ! SBURRH defendant' James Millifan, Charles 1 he above defenbe d property will be willies. NOTICE. William Ell ott, Philip Ross U. and Tobac sold low for Kiini Frankfort, Feb. M, 1804. having fai'd toentertieir Uoht. John co, or on giving bond with good fecuri-ty- , L those indebted to the late aDtiFarance Beaid, agrceabla to law, and the herein HAVING been in fuccefstul operstr: a confidcrable credit may he hd & Lauman, rules of this Court, and it appearing to the firms of Scitz STATE OF KENTUCKY. For further particulars enquire of An Jon A. Seiz, Seitz 11 Johnflon fati'faflion of the Court, that they are not on for some time pxft ; tha proprietors fMpntgomcry circttit,Jiy term 1804 drew F. Price, attorney in t.icj ipr (01 On the are induced to inform their former ri of CJrChfirtian Keener, complainant, John A. Sciw & Co. John Jordan inhahitants the this Commonwealth. counsel, and others, that they kae now complainants bv their of to the fubferiber.) & Ca. and motion Jun. John Jordan Jun. Againtt i t is ordered that the said defendants do appear JOHN JORDAN Jun John St William Jordan, are request-e- d hereon the third day of our next March Court, on hand a large ailortment of WIN DOW GLASS and HOLLOW Lexington Kentucky, and tuat a to come forward immediately, and answer the complainants bill,the Kentnckv WARE of a superior quality to any hinvDupuy, hei.ry Payn, Henry January 13, 3.S copy of his order be inftrted in and pay off their tefpcclive accounts roune. lohn rowltr, aines Orav according therto manufadurod in country ; TAKEN tin by Damrl Wools, on to Avnp.nw F. Phice, who is here- Haiette or Independent Gaitttcar and thatthey hava determined to reduce Basil Holmis di iid.uus. to law. and road leading from Mount Sterling the Telle A Coir. tbe prices this season as follows; by duly author'i7ed to receive tin. IN toijtS: Slate Fnrnse, nnr TIOs, BO n LET. C. T. C, C. WINDOW GLASS, fanit. Those .who do not avail defendant-- , i!l !'olr!e;, THl' , BAT MAKE-7 by 9 at 11 dollars a box. Henry Yoiire, tamt-- urv 6! ichn IJupu , noM. theinfelves of this ifotic-j- , ma rest 'iCj- NOTICE TO DEB10RS. fo'ir years old, aboui th'recn ind by 10 12 hTv'ngeiiter d tl'iir ap; ararce herein ijreudo .illttred that fui's will be instituted yiTrlf-iiaudhigh, no brand ptrreivns able to law ind the ru'e'! ot this Com rand 10 by 12" LL those indebted to the fubrcriher, are do 13 ag,iinll them without tufcrimiuation. to t'le fatl fution of the Court, jble her lest "hind soot white ; appraised it ?ppe'-inreouefled to make payment by the firrt and larger sizes in proportion. John-JordaJun. of November, to JONATHAN HOLMES,that they are notinhahients ot this omtnon-wealt- to P- HOLLOW WARE, of the complainant on or (jive their notes. Those who do not enmLexhigtei, Sept- 4, 1804. Join Roberts. Gallon bottles 400 cents a dozen. bv h'j councl, it is ordeied that the fa'd de pW, may expect compullory meaiures to De t Half Gal. do 540 : do WHER FAS 1 purihjilcd a tiaft of taken. fendantsdo appear here on the third diy of our Atiguft 6th, loOl. nextOOob-- r term and answer t.'e complain do 160 : Bciiurl Moore, on the 16th of George l egarden. Quart do HAY MARE, taken up h) auts bill, that a copy of this order beinferttd do 120 . do Pint pry last, as i ' 's I now recolle&, and Augnl 7, i8o4- in one of the pnb'ic papers of this slate for PifU Teeter, living one mile bclo.v Porter & Claret da 133 5 do iiaTWV bond therefor, for the fuai ot I WI5H TO SELL MY eightweeks futceffively thr'the mouu; of Paint Lick, on April 27th, 1804. Ninety Dollars payable in Match nfu-- j 3m eftc, A Copy. a- Kentucky river, Garrard couptv, jiitr ; and a hrreas the laid trait is in dil- 21. Harrison. C. M. C. buiit 5 years old, 14 hands and a half pute, by wmen 1 nav ionic reaions-iN this place the price will be modente, WILL BE PUBLISHED NEXT iDrs. BROWN 6? WARFIELD, high, with a dent in the lest side of believe I may lpfe tha said trad upon and the oavmciits unite easy to the purcha . r r her head, from which proceeds a an ultnmre aeciuou luciciure, t fr, on be'uic fa'isfiAotaly secured, and the !. WEEK, THE j "T EG leave to inform the public that the running sore, some white on her lest forewarn all and every pet sans whatever tirtereft punctuallv paid. will practice WILL. AlUK 1 JiN hind soot, with a liar in her sot rhead, from taking an aflignment 01 the laid MEDICINE &? SURGERY, "f etinctorr, 4th- - utte, l8c4. In partncrlhip, in the townol Lexington and, and branded on the near 'loircer bond, as I afa refoNcd not to pay it un v For the year of our Lord r- the vic.mtv. my pyre hale. thus, HS ; appraifcd to 50 dollars, til I ar better secured in . j , Dr Brown rcqiietts tim'p wh a'e irdebted' Adjm A1 Q, Stertainment, - &nK&Ka 8nrrfrTrTiJir"TfT?1tTt'1l;"m',,y,''raCTg! - 700 acres Military Land, lying on Brush creek, N. W. T. where the road f crofles from Limeftonc to Chillicothe ; this trac contains about three hundred acres of rich bottom, the remainder is well timbered; has on it a good mill seat, and is an excellent stand for a public house. 500 acre ditto ditto, lyintf on Clover W. WARFIELD. Lick creek, a branch of the East fork of April 17, 1804. tf the Little Miami, Is. V. T. in a good ALEx. PARKER & Co. neighborhood, about three miles from Dunhams-- L own, leven irom Williams HAVE jult received from' Fhfladel phia, in addition to their former burg, and elevn to twelve from the O- aTOlrtment, hio river. 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Brush j Boolamuflin, plainind figured cam- creek, a sew miles from New Market, (tyoncK co. Chintzes and calicoes, afforted, N. W.T. 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, Bine hair plush, & brown Hollands Kentucky, part of two trafti, contain- Conuitutnn and fancy cords, ing 6000 acres, surveyed and patented Extra long lilk gloves, afforted, of for William Jones. Morocco slippers, afforted, They keep a constant supply of bar 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky, Loaf sugar, coffee and fresh teas, (hcet iron of the rdn. fleel. eaftinxs and part of a tiaft of eight tlioufand acres, Copper in sheets & still patterns. Lest qualities, afforted, and Dry Mann's, surveyed and patented for Richard Chin Which they will sell on the most mohck ialt. . nevortl. Millers can be iupplied with boulting 3332 3 acres, Mason county, Ken derate terms, for Cash. different nunibei-,- . sloths of the Lexington, July 14, 1804. tucky, part of 5000 acres, surveyed and tt Lexington, April 7th, 1804. patented for George Underwood. RED, GREEN, YELLOW 1200 acres, Malon county, Kentucky. sc BROWN DYING. Moody and lurveycd' and patented,-fo- r r r'iwvif."" BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. N 943. TERM'S OF THE GAZETTE. FOR vr Bi Jaua." agents.. -2 Mil-liga- tiat n, e, s, m THE Csn, GlassWorks, y f cuf-toine- ) 1 t'u "" C.IAS.'fHY. - jui - n v - j)K ty -- Tanyard o IS Jj 1 f tohiiUQpaytheiraccom ftoujorUcdraKnJ or gw i.ofas fsr the amount. 1 Jly '"C ?0tn, I8O4. Zacb. Rr Webtr. George Lex'.ugton, 3itK Sept. 1304 S Kentucky Almanac, Blank Deeds Fpr Sate at this Office. 13 0 5,

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