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Image 3 of The Breckenridge news, March 19, 1884

Part of The Breckenridge news

1 Creckenridge News ADVERTISING 1RATES 1 00 One Inch ftnt Insertion 40 second Insertion Morrlnjre birth and denth notices free Ob ituary notices end tributes of respect t cents t line Uiiilneii locals 10 cenli per lino and for such additional Insertion 5 oonti Calls unn persona tojbocamo CAndldMes 10 per lino Tilberat contracts en bo made for largo ad vertliemenls to be Iniertcd wore than once Tor further Information addren ent J I Lusty 35 m AtUy Convention DAlllIAOt fubllsber Editor Drctkenrldgs Kawti In order to have unanimity of opinion and action in the matter of enndidates for tho positions of mayor nnd councllmeii in order tu telect tbo belt men In our cliv for those olficoi will you not hi the lib rence of any formal comrliitieo or organi sation for tho nurposo annnunco a mass convention of the citizpitstf Clovcrport to be held nt Fishers Hull on Thursday night March 27 Instant for the purposo of so Icollng and nutting forward n ticket for tho support of the better elements of our popu lation irrespective of part 7 And oblige MaNT CITI7KNS Tho nbovo suggestion comes from a re Is worthy of consid sponsible source eration The history nf charter elections undrr the old town orgnnirntion should leach ns that the way to avoid tho election of nbjecllonabh porsons lo responsible municipal positions is for tho law and of der loving portion ol tho population to meet orgnnlrn put out a ticket and more important still support that ticket at the poll Wo must have no rmre law makers who themselves violato tho law by rofuslng Wo must en to pay their lown taxes deavor to avoid tho election of n city council who conceive the multlDlication of dramshops the only duty and mission of lhatbndy Rut wo must elect men who willatake earnest interest in tho affairs of the municipality who will see that all tho laws are slrittly and Impartially enforced who will in obedienco to the gencril law make publication at least once a year of tho financial condition of the corporation something tho boards of trustees have donp but once in five years for the infor rantinn ot the people who by honest payment of their taxes support tho city government As matters now stand we doubt if there is a member of the present hoard of trustees can tell tho financial condition of the town the amount of its indebtedness how rxuch of that indebtedness was liquidated during the past year how tho money raised by taxation was expended etc A new lent must be turned over and the advent of our town into tho rank und file of cities presents the best opportunity in the world fiir turning that leaf For oursclf wo have no favorites to put forward no Any ticket selected by the axe to grind proposed meeting will suit us no matter whether it be composed of democrats or re publicans or both The object to bn attained is above any mere political considAll that wo ask is n ticket comeration posed of good men true men honest men men who have capacity to understand tho duties demanded of them and the cour age lo perform those duties In order that such a ticket may be formed and formulat ed let every man who has the good and prosperity of our young city nt heart attend this mass meeting or convention at Fishers Hull nn Thursday evening at 715 oclock March 27th and assist in its for- mation 1 WKDNKSDAY MARCH 19 IHHl ANNOUNCEMENTS trrji August Election Wo aro authorised to annottnoo A M Pf JKRNETTK as a candidate fur tbo ofllco of BheriCTof Triikenrldga ronnty with D It M Smith anl 1 It Severs as deputies Subjoct t the doelitnn of tho democratic party W ANNOUNCEMENTS Clty Election Tor Ularor We aro autborlted to annonnco DR W II WHITH as acandldato subject to tbo dwls Inn of a convention should ono bo held for Mayor of tho City of Clovcrport at the oniulug May election I V iocai iuiiviTiis Tho river is fairly booming nRiiin Look out for Ycnjcr A Cod big ad next week The attendnnco nt county court last Monday whs iiruall Look out for the bigcest wind storm oi the Benson next Fridny J L Miller has the largest stock of Hardware in Clovcrport IIurdinsburR boasts tho best photograph Go and see hint er in Kentucky You can find any kind of n plow jnu wnnt nt J C Yeager fc Cos tery cheap Rabies taken as quickly as ou can wink at Fahrenheits ill Hardinsburj J C Ycager Co hare just received a billot of plows which thvy are anxious to dispose of Judge Mercers quarterly court convenes next Monday His docket shows sixty seven cases Mr Chas A Fisher of this city a few dry a ao refused 500 cash for his younir pacer Ual S J One good Dwelling House Fon IUnt Terms reaStables and largo Garden Apply to A R Fisitrn sonable Mrs John W Raitt has bought tho Cicero Dlain property on Second street between Alain and tho river Price 250 Try Dr Whiteols German Liniment for Rheumatism Price 50c per bottle For sale by V G Short Cloverport Ky After several days of beautiful spring weather of which tho farmers took advnn tngo to burn plantbcds a rainy spell sot in Again Monday Mr II M Logsdon of Rockport Ind pent several days in town visiting well ao wont tell on emreturning home i vV v A maaairiretliir I Opposition Hew County Project Co the At a mass meeting of citizens of Rrcck- enridin county held in the courthouse nt Hardinsburgon Monday the 17th inst Robert IS Mlllerta Suicide We copy the lollowlng account of the suicide of Robert E Miller an account of which wo gave last week from the Buffalo Courier A well dressed stranger arrived at Dr Pierces Invalids lintel on tho 4th of lis Miller month and registered as Robert Ho said a former patient of tho institution had recommended him there for treatment The man was apparently tn good health physically but was sulferlng from nervous which hnd developed Into prostration melanholin Ho was assigned a room on the fourth floor which was constantly occupied by him until yesterday when he took his own lite About 9 oclock yesterday morning Mr Miller called upon Dr Wade who is ono pf the medicnl staff ol the sniiitariuln and expressed himself ns feeling very badly 11 appeared greatly depressed in spirit Tho doctor tried to cheer him and to a certain extent succeeded the deceased leaving him in n much better frame of mind Unfortunately however the better statu Instcd but a few minutes for from what can be learned tho rash deed which sent him into eternity must have been committed very toon nftomnrd Itappenn that upon Icaying Dr Wades offico he A few miniitis went directly to his room Inter one of the servants In tho house heard n fall which was thought to ho in tho vicinity of Millers room but owing to carpenters being at work on tho premises some one said tbey wcro probably the causoof tho noise nnd no more attention was given it About eleven oclock n chambermaid upon going intotho bed room discovered the unfortunate man in what Doctors Smith she thought was a faint and Wado were summoned but upon their arrival he was quite dead and had probaby been to for nt least an hour nnd n halt Tho body when found wns lying with the hend towards the dressing case while an ordinary sized revolver clenched in one baud explained the ghastly wound in the right side of tho head just back of the temple Coroner Scott was Immediately notified and took charge nf tho dead man and his effects From papers found upon him it was learned that be had been in tho army ten years and was a clerk in Iho quartermasters office at Fort Assinaboine Montana and that his parents lived at Pcllville A memoHancock county Kentucky randum was written on n small piece of napor which rend If anything should happen to me while here it is my desire that my effects should bosent to my fathor James A Miller Pcllville Hancock county Kentucky A certificate wns also found which showed the deceased hnd deposited 11000 with tho Truit and Safe Deposit company of this city Ho bad some very good jewelry 1 stores the original color if faded or gray Besides it is a great addition to the toilet tablo simply as a dressing Capt Boyd Gaugh nn old river man dropped dead nt his homo in Newport jesterday His age was eighty years Friday evening Jno Akeridgcfarmcr living near Hodgensvillejcft his two sons aged 11 and IC alone and failing to come at dark the cider son wont to a neighbors In houso to get company for tho night returning home with a boy named Side bottom be proposed to scare bis younger brother by playing Jesse James Arriving at tho house they began kicking and knocking at tho door Alter repeated head up blows Akeridge put bis to tho window and received n charge from an old Miotgun in the hands of the eloven year old boy The load entered the mouth und ranging through the cheek tore the right car entirely off It will prove fatal Remember a complete cure for nehes THE STATE NEWS pains sores pimples urinary sediments aisiurbinV drenms nervousness desponRed foxes are reported as numerous in dency indigestion nnd gencralweakness of mind and body brouulit on tf improper Bourbon county oherwise is found in two or three habits Carters Little Liver Pillt are free from bottles or Dr Guysotls Yollow Dock nnd of Concenall crude and irritating matter Sursnnarilla as has been proven by the trated medicine only very small very experience of many who long suffered no griping no but now feel well and strong in all parts of easy to take no pain Purging tho body Scott county is taking first rank as a News has just reached West Liberty of tobacco growing county another affray in Elliott countv in which breath and Frank Cann Watt Cnnn and Daniel Jen unplensnnt Bad taste when resulting from kins were encoced unon the ono side and impaired hearing Catarrh are overcome by tho use of Elys Clay Mayberry on tho other The latter Crcum Balm It is not a liquid or snuff was struck on tho head by a stone thrown Wtt Cann is by Frank Cann and killed and is easily applied and the other wj have fled t a Barren county emi under arrest Forty cilircnsof country grated recently to Knnms Provender is reported as gelling very FiU Cured Six yea Aro Bourbon nnd adjoining counties has been 6 years since I wns cured nf scarce is in It selling nt per barrel in Bath Corn fits savs Mr W Ford Wirt Jefferson nnd Montgomery counties Ind Co Samaritan Nerrinc did it 150 at And it always will reader Qunck doctors electric holt and other druggists swindlers who live by frightening our A Somerset man has in his library a young men nnd young women by nnsty circulars will find their occupations gone Welsh Bible published in 1717 when it becomes generally Known mat ut A gentlemen from Orwell Pa called my Onj sous Yellow Dock and Sarsapanlla is attention loElya Crcum IJnlm as a remedv a certain cure for all weakness of the Ho was so urinary organs nervousness Obey for Catarrh Hay Fryer etc etc earnest in nsseriing it to bo a positive cure Ihe laws ol henlih take 5 few bottles of himself having been cured by it that I this simple remedy and yon will soon bo purchased a stock Tho Balm has ulrcadv restored o perfect rannhond ind woman P F Uvatt M D effected cures hood free from all worriment of mind and Bordentown NJ distress of body Matt Rsincy of dark County captured DRY VALLEY 113 muskrats one day last week Col Alfred Allen was called to tho chair nnd Mr John D Babbage appointed sec retary Judge Mercer stated that the object of the meeting was to lake concerted action against the movement iu the legislature to crcato a new county out of portions of Rrrckcnridge Grayson and Ohio counties yesterday nnrnirg upinion that unless the The farmers will snve money by buying Ho was of the Tinware Hnrdwars Plows Hoes opposition to this attempt to dismember Stoves county on Trace Chains Humes Axes tc Ac our population behnlfof fully nine tenths of its was made distinctly mnni from J L Mimkr fest lo the legislature there was grnve Mr N Fongcrase a druirjiit of eiirht danger that tho bill creating the proposed cen ye irs experience in the business at new connty would pass that body Mr James G Hasweli thereupon pre Louisville was hero Inst week trjing to get a suitable house to open up a drug sented the following resolution which ctoro after considerable and animated discussion was adopted by an almost unanimous vote Tho protracted meflini is still going on Be it resolved Hint Messrs O W in tho Ulm street Methodist church No Beard V 13 Uurton B F Rcsrd C W conversions or additions to the church Moorman Milton Hoard and all other have jet been made but the interest is in creasing and u big revival is anticipated citizens of Rrcckenridgo county who would no be appointed n committee to proceed Mr Henry Hiildnnf one of our former to Frankfort nnd submit tn the legislature citizens and business men but now n citi our unqualified opposition to any disturb zon of Henderson and doing a prospermia ance or alteration of the lines of thit ihiiBlness there is in the city fur a few dnyi county and tn use all honorablo means Ho is looking well and hearty and is the in their power to defrnt any measure bouncing hoys happy father of fuur Iroking to that end And further thai There will beservicesat the Presbyterian the county judge bo requested to use all Church next Sabbath tho 21rd iust as the lawful powers he posesies to provide 9 follows Sahhath School a m the means to pay the expenses of said Hiicklcti Arnica Salve iirenching at 1010 a m and at 715 p tn committee TlIK Bfst Suvk in the Whrld for Cuts and lecture every Wednes An additional resolution was adopted Salt Ilhouin Fever day at 7 p m pmviding that none save those who went Bruises Sorc Utters Hands Chilblains M Mat Pustor in Charge to Frankfort expressly to carry out the Sores Tetter ChappedEruptions nnd posiobject of the foregoing resolution should Corns and nil Skin Read Dcnt liiissctt A Cos advertise It tively cures Piles or no pay required They aro live mer have their expenses paid by the county went in this issue is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction 1 he meeting then adjourned chants ol Lpitchfleld and will npprccintc 25 cents per box Monday night Messrs G W aud B P or money returned Price all the Urcckenridgo county trade that call For sale by W G Short on them and give them good bnrgnitiR Beard C W Moorman and V B Burton left this city on the Guthrie for Frapkforl A sow in Allen county gave birth to betides Smith Adkisson Webster have secured to carry out the Instructions of the meet sixteen living pigs Inst Monday all tho lunher necessary to const met their mg To euro an ordinary couch or cold lake lion Voynnc new storehouse and the carpenters will one doso of Dr Wistars Balsam of Wild Mr Edwin Bacon of the firm of J Bn Cherry before goinirln bed nt night It mil It right away begin work on Ihev have con Sons Louisville Ky tho most cause a suspension of nervous excitability set their megs lo put up the handsomest Morohouso in the county uud the will do wide awake and cntorprising mercantile allow you sweet repose aiid by morning association that has developed in the west the couth will be gone It is the best and it or southwest during tho last decade sails therefore cheapest cure for coughs colds We aro pleated to learn that Ronnd to day from New York on the steamer is told by druggists and consumption fimitli has ng iln bpcutcI the mail routes Gallia of tho Cunard lire He goes in ought to be found in every from this city ta IlnrdiusburnHnrdinsburg the interest of their bouco will be gone for generally and intelligent household and tu Stephenspuri llnriHtislinrc to apcriod of at least five months and will Wu will venture the assertion Lcitcblield Dr L Herr of Fayette county recently visit all tho manufacturing centers in Euithat no contractor in tho entire country rope This is tho second year that this sold six yearling trotting colts fur 5200 performs satislaclory work in firm has been represented abroad II a v moroi I Patent Medicines carrying and delivering mails Our only ing ample means to make cash purchases but am a non believer iumarked relief from having experienced regret is that ho has not the contract from from manufacturers direct they aro ena Nasal Catarrh und hoarseness by tho use Hardin burg to Muldraugh bled to offer unusual Inducements to buy of Elys Cream Halm I can recommend It Mr O L Fnhrenherg late of Texas has ers They do entirely awvy with Ihe pom to tbote suffering from this loathsome rented Mrs T M Millers storehouse in mission men Wo ore credibly informed complaint and to those afflicted with Hnrdinsburg and is roraiiing and putting that the leadinc western nnd southern hoarseness or stoppage of the throat so t in condition far a photograph and mc houses with this one exception purchnte annoying to tingura una clergymen vl a a m nil itivii - f fln KUWU4 111 uun uutll IIJIPIJIJII IhI- lyirifcil Anla Mr F is a fine workman turo gallery Louts E Phillips 1428 N Y Ave N having been raised tip in the business from agents who charge from 7J to 10 per cent W Washington D O Price CO ceuts infancy His specimens indicate that ho for selling Ihe goods and attending to the A male in Jessamine county three 1a a good artist and the people of Hardins custom details up to the time they aro bure and vicinity may rest assured that hia placed in the market in which they are years old Is eighteen and three quarter hands high work wil bo first class in every particular told Give the young man a call In connection with this evidence of Ihe A Lawyer Opinion of Intercut to Alt President D IC Mason of the Peoples nerve and push displayed by hit firm thoy J A Tawney Esq a leading attorney Tobacco Warehouse Louisvillo is in jail are now engnged in making extensive adof Wiona Minn writes After using it on charges of forgery and General swind- dition to their already spacious stores ling and tbo bouse is In the hams of an which when completed will give ihemone for more than three years I tako great Assignee Somonin k Co of the Pike Tn thousand aud weuty square feet more than pleasure in slating that I regard Dr Kings New Discovery for Consumption as the kcco Warehouse made on assignment they now occupy best remedy In the world for Coughs and last Friday morning and Paler Somonin A Primary Election Colds Unas never fulled to cure the tho president and his son Will who was Editor Drsckenrldge Newii for Sheriff most severe colds I havo bad and incashier have fled it Is surposed tn Cana HanniNSBURn Ky March 17 At a variably relieves the pain in the chest da Th Louisville tobacco trade is terriTrial Bottles of this sure cure for all bly exercisoi over thcto failures and many called meeting of ihe democratic district dealers and several banks are stld to be committee of Breckenridge ccuutr held at Throat and Lung Diseases may be had Free Ihe courthouse this day iho following at W G Shorts Drug Store Large size large losers members were present 100 the circuit court business up to the In B F Beard chairman Jas Bishop sec present time has not developed much vol- retary Henry Head Clifton Mills McII Uuder the provisions of the Willis ed ume and the prospect is very good for a Mealor Big Spring W L Turpin Hud ucational hill Kentucky will be entered light docket Thero have been filed up tn sonvllle T B Hendersin Bewleyville to 3500000 the first year mis time iniriy nve equity and ordinary Robert Robertson Planters Hall EIIDeiin An Answer Wutited cases six or which ire broucht bv Mr 1 Rock Vale Ruck Adkisson Clifton Mills Can any one bring us a case of Kidney xj jxingston inrougn ins attorneys Mn James Spencer Forks of Rough W G or Liver Complaint that Eclectric Bitters Eskridge on attachment bonds Smart Cloverport choice We can Mrs Sua II McQary through her atlor It was unanimously agreed that a Pri will not speedily cure cases say they per already noys D R Murray and F Dellaven files rrary Election be held In each precinct nn not as Ihoutnnds of a suit against her husband W T McGnry the 5th day of April to select a sheriffs manently cured nnd who nro daily recom mending Electric Bitters will prove for divorce on the ground nf cruel and in ticket and that the chairman ofencbdls human treatment toward her as n husband llict order an electon to bo held In each Uiighli Disease Diabetes Weak Back or any urinary complaint quickly cured that such treatment has practically de precinct for that purpose on the 5th They purify iho blood regulate the bowels stroyed her peace and happiness and I F BEARD Chrm and act directly on the diseased pnrts prays judgment lor a divorce Jas Bisitor Seo Evety bottle guaranteed For sale at 50c a bottle by W G Short Ii Your Llle Worth a Dollar I When You Wniit Perhaps that seems ton high a price for A Self Binder Reaping or Mowing 8 II Calloway of Henry county had It considering how poor your blood Is and Machine Bulky Plow or tho Oliver Chill linwyour whole system is prostrated de- Plow or the best made of Wagons I keep nineteen head ol Southdown sheep killed bilitated and enfeebled People have been them in tiock Or If you want Hoes of by worthless curt last Wednesday night beard to ray they would not give the loss any kind Traco Chains Homes CrossSaiuaoiis Ickh stud Locla nf a copper for the choice between lilo and cut Saws Forks Shovels Spades Harrow When Dolilah clipped off Samsons locks Now my friends If you feel that Teeth Axes Log Chains Farm Hells death that mighty athlete at onco beenmo as wsy go to your drucglst nnd buy a bottle Post hole Diggers Sugar Kettles Grind II it could be proved that other men f Dr WhlttsePs Dlnod Speeifio nnd you stones Door Locks Strap Hinges Bolts tho possession of luxurlnnt hair would enwill feel Ilka living It purifies and vital In fact anything In Ihe Hardware Files able men to tear open lions Jaws Hiscox ires tbo blond tones the nerves and hullds Stove or Tin line also agent for the ii Co would be driven wild In the effort lo up tbe whole system Invost one dollar Champion Machines for less mom y than supply enough ol Parkers Hair BuNnm to nd ba convinced For rale by A any other place n Jyvvn call nit meet the demand it Is the Balsam W fi Siiour CloverporJ Kjr J 1 Miutn PTi rents your balr front falling out and re- -- w 1 kr J ff i r- 1 A YOUNG MAN WHO DESIItES TO HAVE PLENTY OF SPENDING MONEY should bo very particular in tho selection of hia Pnrcnt else ito may bo obliged to work for a living So should those young men who wish to droas v ell and not pay a fancy price for J this luxury hti judicious in iho selection of their Outfitter WINTER it CO for thirty one years catablishcml on tho corner of Third and Mnrkct Streets and considered tho most reliable of Louis villes Merchant Tailors inform the readers of Tin Hurckksiuduk Nnwa that they aro in receipt of the entire line of Spring Goods for Mens Wear from the finest Dress Suiting through the Medium GradcH These goods aro displayed in the to tho substantial for business wear large and light room of tho second story of their building Corner Third and Market Streets arranged in systematic order colors to harmonize and standing on tho counters in such manner that by walking through tho aisle you bco at a glance the products of tho looms of England France Germany and America It will givo you pleasure to see this display most all our own importations bought from first hands and iu such quantities that the purchase was effected at the lowest price No house in Louisvillo can alibi tl to sell as low as we do J WINTER CO Corner of Third and Market Streets warrant a fit and satisfaction give good trimmings excellent workmanship and will dress you in a style equal to that given by the best Broadway New York mcrchaut tailors Sco their stock and variety and learn THEIR prices before you leave your measure for a suit of Spring Clothes elsewhere BQT 1 Dry Vallej has got to be ono of tho wet test places I know of Mr Editor we heard a young man re Tho Niwa surely has besn drink mntk He had been redding ing rarer soup Tell some more those Pony Dashes like them They aro good ones The men are all busy burning plantbed I believe most of them aro canvaising their it is bed which is n good idea late So Is doing fine The new county road Tbo church will do fine nro tho people about next church meeting day Mias Nannie Jollvs school closed at Ar- gahrights Schoolbouso list Friday with a There wns largo attendance of visitors Ho Wnsh ed one snd heart when slio lelt Como back to see us his fuco with tears Miss Nannie whar Is jou Young Smart Aleck Wo didnt know Dry Valley could aflord two Smart Alecks and Nortons School house one and Bobbins Schoolhome one The people arc all getting very smart indeed Thats nn nccount of this t ew rosd We II nil bo smarter than ev we suppose er when the railroad conies Wo should like lo know what a young man means when he comes ritht in Ike middle of tho week nnd stays nil night nnd Can jou not tell ui till late next day Miss Ruth u CLOVERPORT MARKET REPORT CLOVEuruRT Kv March 19 18P 1 Tbcie prices are onrcfully rev loiJ every week anil are wlmt the lncrtilirntj lull tbelr goudl at fur cnh or Its equlvulcnt AllMIS DrloJ 6c per lb Green 101 2i per busbri por IW OANMES 1 4U per barrel CEMHXT CHEKK Ftctory lie per lb Cream iOc COAI OIL 2023o per gallon COFFEE Choice Rio ami Uguyra 1416Jic Old aovernment Java 28300 C011N MEL 5SgC0e per bushel FE11TIMZKPS 4 15 lur ton FLOUR Patent 8 Umlly 6 mciilum 5 low grades J4 per bnrrcl HOMIXY 3o per pound IIM1 65o per barrel l20o 21t KollperkltXo2l80ooc MACKEUni No 3 76c MILL PRODUCTS Bran and hlpituir 75c S per wt eaeb Prime N 0 o0o9o per roIIod MOLASSES new erup Syrups I045o Sorghum 40Uc NAILS per pound IHAClirS IUhei no per lb quarters 45e PEPPER Ground 3Cc Grain 25o per pound POWDER 4Uc por pound RICE He per pound ROPE Manilla ISo per lb Slnsl 12Jfej Cot- ton 20c 1 25 per barrel SALT DACOX llama 12Kc Sides 10c Shoulders 8o per pound 0 JO per buhctj Timothy SEEDS Clover 1 752 00 Red TupOSc2 lllue Uraii 1 60 2 00 Orchard Uratt 21 8110 1 bIOo per Found SOAP SQj8o per pound SODA So per pound 6c per uound STARCH NO per lb N O rennod SUGAR 9c granulated and powdered 10c 1 l TUA Gunpowdor per lb Japan Oolong 75c VINEGAR 2025o per gallon t6e rDEl-A-IjIEDIR- A Undertakers Goo ds New Advertisements One Thousand 3A yCLlSU WE HAVE COME TO STAY Buv tho BUST AND ONLY COM PLETB PUMP MADK Wo mean the STONE PUMP manufactured and suld by Kbermnn A Co Hawos villo Ky Every pump sold by them is put In your well or cistern free of cost and If it does not prove satisfactory no pay is required Being made of STONE they will not HOT contaminate thn wator UUbT FHEES513 or WEAR OUT are cheaper considering their durability than ropo und bucket or any other pump Send them your order and you will nev er regri til r send them your name and nearest steamboat larding and one of their agents will call on ypu and show you the WK SELL ON before ordering T8 MERITS GIVE VALUE IvECEIV EI HAVE COME TO STAY nnd nre 8ELLINO MOIIK 8TONE PUMPS TO DAY where we have Introduced them than all other kinds wood chain or elevating bucket combined Send your name and P O address on a card nnd receive a set of handsome Chronio Cards Address 1803 WHOLESALE DEALERS in any of the above lines call on me and KGliELOE DR BRADLEYS THE BEST TONIC Curos Complotoly nj spepiia IudlKftlon Mnlnrla Liter UlUnpy Complaint suid BLOGETTO OIL tiurt Driitstim Rheumatism Neuralgia Bronchitis Colic or Cramps Bruises or Sprains Piles Burns fec JHIS SPACE BELONGS TO J L M LLE R I br siJLre C UX - Iliyalclims oudorsio It Use only Drovms Iron Diners made by Crown Chemical Co liililmore Crotied ted lines and trade mark on wrapper Price 50c ind JlOd Mandfacrurod and fur sale by J A WITT llardlnsburg Ky FOR ONE YEAR In which he proposes to tell our readers all about his big stock of STOVES DISTRIBUTION of IMPLEMENTS FARM TINWARE ETC ETC- TO AGENTS Champion Machines prices with any other mans Usad throughout tbe counlrr JTOrt OV3DR llO YTlfiTIS And thus proved IWhM Hotclr trifyirmttio cm I TtirL A CnnMlinflou nnrt nil VI rnr irfrt Worth jom One Magic Feed Mill made by Whitrjan Agricultural Works bt Louis Worth 4 00 9 One Combined Riding and Walking Lull 111 Plow Co valor made by Molme Worth jS od Marsh Cyllndtr so On root Lathe aiade by Ilatll Creek Mich Machinery Company Worth 3004 Competition begins NOW and ends March 1 J these ifoods are fumishd by the manufacturer who will ship lliera as we may direct and will publish a lilt of Ihe winners of priss in In Msnlt number of the Midland Jaman In addition we ofler as a 1 Id TWLN1V DOLLARS IN GOLD to the agnt sending us th largest list of nw subscribers betweii lbs itili DAY of OClOllrK and Ih 15th DAY oi DKCLMUKK Ih sam names and same mousy 10 count for any prise iu the list above STRONGS SANATIVE PiLLS KoGrfploir PolononIruptbi vafdAruiriliablQ r Mtrlbii m rt poi euro or Ilrrr Complaint following list t Capacity I One Farmers Krlend Hay Press ten Ions per day Made by Ceo bttel Co Oiuncy III JiyiM a One u loot Wind EnglnS made by Iow1 WauVeegan 111 Worth Douglass 115 00 Manufacturers pries One Oram Drill toot try 4 One CorniogIlodr Rosd Cart mad theMollne fill Road Cart Company 75 00 J On Farmers friend Corn Ilanter mad by Farmers Friend Manufacturing Co Dayton O Worth 4J oa made by II P Soil Pulveriser 0 One Dcuscher Hamilton O Worth SI oo One Victoria ing choice ot sex from Midland FAaiiSVa Clue stock farm Publlshors Swoopstakos NO NEW THKVO tlo We WE OFFrR tlie IIIGOhSr CASH COMMIT SIGNS paid by RUbPONSIIILU publiihert offer them bcsiJes soma valuable farm mptemeou and other attractive lKIZLb Theie we etfsr as incentives to hard work To the agent who sends us the tarfest number ot subscribers with the money frr them ttis his own for retting them we glvcpriie No I a s oo lAYllALlNU IRHSS lo the next priis No a To aCHAMlMUN WIND MILL worth tujoo the third a GRAIN DRILL and so on through the A1SI The Best Liver Usdlclr9 In - Watt Thkm V Dad want AGlNIS loo to get tht sub strikers and to sfet both we make It iNisnasTIKG in both AOLN1S and SUllSCtUDfRS We want SURSCUIUKttS Reliable v If you warit bargains BITTERS WUITF NOTIONS Etc BROWSE IRON Watch out for what he will have to say A Splendid Assort- and thn go and comment of Good and pare his stock and his OverShirts Under tw III I C ahirtfi Drawers and As for CUBE3TQ Neck wear prices they speak for vIlElt I We havo the advan themselves tage of all competitors Wo mako GROCERIES Hardinsburg Ky JOHN D BABBAGE We aro prepared na we never wcro beforo to nerve old men young men nnd very particular men in what tlioy want to wear in the lino of CAPS BOOTS AND SHOES AX TIN ROOFSNG Gents Furnishing Goods HATS IN HARDWARE OF 0 CK DRY GOODS CLOTHING No OIT TVeat Main Street XXDTXXSTrXIXJ 3CT mZPm LATEST NOVELTIES FULL SHOES BOOTS 1I T SYLES IfEW get them SAMcCLUNGCO nit JDDX T CnEEU ESTABLISHED J6o Wo wish Mr Stout would hurry back to the snw mlll and saw the logs that aro lying at random around tho mill There nre about two hundred and fifty ready for the saw We dont know what your name is that asked nhout that goose but tho last we 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well as a loss Ieoplo aro largely too careless or too stupid to defend their own Interests the most proctous of which Is health Tbnt gone all Is gone Disease Is simple but to recklcssnoes or Iguorance the smplot things might as welt be complex ui a proposition In Conic rieotlons As tho huge Western rlrers which to often flood tbo oltlos along their shores arise In a fen mountain springs sn all our aliments can be trnced to ltspur eblood and a small group of disordered organs Tho most effcetlro and Inclusive remedy for dlscaso Is PAltKKKS TONIC It goes to the sources of pain and weakness In response to Its action tbo lirer kidneys stomach and heart begin tholr work afresh and dlseaso Is driven out The Tonic however Is not ab Intoxicant Have you but cures a desire for strong drink dyspepsia rheumatism or troubles which have refused to yield to other agonts T Here Is your help ll ptp Acres of Land and Smart of Bears Country lroduro llo Into the Stream Swept 40if 85cl I3ST y FURNITUR t id 7kSe The following nre the prices alio corrected weekly paid by our morcaants for tboproducti namod 25 per buihel APPLES Oreen 1 11KANS DRIED Rest White 752 25 por bushel por pound BEESWAX 1820e RUTTEl- l- 1520o per pound CABHAOE None on tho mirkct per lb roach- DRIED rilUIT Apploi en halves 55Kc quarters 4c 5o per doien EGG In good demand at FEATHERS New 1550c per lb old and mixed 25 15c 25 per pound GINSENG ORAIN Wheal No 2 95c per bushel Corn 404ta from wagon retails at 50c Oatl 40c II AY Timothy bated GOo per owt loose 60c HIDES Dry flint 12o per ll Salt 10c Oreen alted 7c Sheepskins 2575o apiece LARD Prlmo leaf 1012Jio I or pound ONIONS per bushel PELTRIES Raccoon No 1 50o No 2 40o No 3 20c No 4 6IOorMak No 1 50c No 2 40c No 3 23c Opossum 510c 4 Musk rat 5l0c Red Fox No 1 76c No 2 30o No 3 23c Grey Iox No 1 50c No 2 40c No 3 25c Kkunk No 1 black 00c No 2 40c No 3 25c Ottor No 1 5 No i No 3 2 2 Irlidi 50c per buihel In itore POTATOES from wagon 3S40o POULTRY Chickens In good demind at 2 2 per dosenTur- 2 25 per dozen Ducks keva r0Tu75a ouch RAGS per pound Oo per pound TALLOW WOOL Nominal DeHAVEil FRED DONT DELAY Weil Ilcgtn at once and male ll win Snd pons card for lampl copy agents clubbing terms and IIlUSl KAlFD ntLMIUtf Jbl showing moil of lha prlics Iu the above list AdJresst THE MIDLAND FARMER r Ihjr l UiiLtlc ltitft i It r r ti r 1 Loli Uf THEBTONEPUMPCO IlaweNvillft Ky P S Orders left with Miller k Hoylnus or at J L Millers Hardware Store Clo Ytrpon will rtcvivt cor piorapt attention GENTS FURNISING a specialty and btrivn to plcaso men and women too who do the buy ing for their husbands and tons Now gentlemen wont you hon- or lib with a call and seo what you uoliAvc and how cheap they ure JOHN D BABBAGE 33 WALL STREET CLOVERPORT KY Wanted Workmen Wanted at Clifton Mills Ky a tuod black liUcksniltb prefer smith or wood workman red Call on or address JO WHKKIKH Clifton Mills Ky For Sale It known as Iho I wish o sell a House and Cox property In Union t thr Ky It Is suit ably located fur business and a residence Terms easy WJI MIINElt Uulon tittr Ky Teb 21 IttU Will La mailed VfttrrtO till anDlicatltl a d Customer of last STIUW TU KllllUUlll UTI IT I It rnntln illuilratlons Mtcea descriptions anA directions for planting all Vegetable ar4 Seeds 1 lants etc Fkntr iUVIsluuOjsj 10 n WIIIUII tu I fiO w il tou TIH IUKIl rnljiuutliljewrtsnf ru one Year 5c i

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